I'll be home soon you two


I received two of the same Rachel Pop! Figures for my birthday.
I was told to sell one and buy the Lab Coat Rachel instead.
But I’m lazy.

So here’s a giveaway!

Winner will get one brand new, unopened Rachel Duncan Martini Figure.

I’ll ship worldwide.
Give away ends on Tuesday (18th August) and I’ll pick the winner as soon as I get home.


  • Reblog as much as you want
  • Likes will be counted
  • Must be willing to send me your address/details
  • Winner will be chosen using random number generator
  • If you’re not interested in the figure and are just signal boosting for your followers please tag it as so so I know not to count you

Any questions just send me a message.
And I think that’s it, good luck


Cleaned my room for the first time in two months.

Depression isn’t just not going out, crying alone, sleeping for weeks, not showering. It can also mean hoarding, not caring about your home environment, having no motivation to clean things, put things away and then being too deep to do anything.

Do something nice for yourself - Day 1


Day of Dragons: Part One | Part Two

Hiccup : The Gridler | Astrid: Echoing Artemis | Photog: Fahye

Went on an adventure with Hiccup yesterday! Built a Toothless, saw HTTYD2 and popped into the Dreamworks exhibition - IT WAS AWESOME.

words inside a bowl of ramen

You pressed your back against mine
I loved how it felt to feel the movement when you were breathing
But this sparkling street between the two of us was ephemeral
You would forget this, indeed, soon
But I had made a bowl of this hot ramen
Hoping if we were separated by the sea,
this would be the way you felt home