I'll Bring You Flowers

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Expanding upon my previous suggestion of Illidari courting, they're also known for one other thing; they don't bring the fel of their eye flowers, heavens no. That's too easy. No, they bring their courted one a demon heart, because what better to say "I'll protect you" than that. (However, if a non illidari brings them flowers, they love it anyway because it's appreciated gesture. Not everyone can kill a demon. Other illidari, however, usually respond with a horn lock or a heart in return.)

Confirmed. Illidari courting is hardcore! >:D 

  • ALASKA: Someone bet me that I wouldn't ask you out on a date
  • ALASKA: And that probably sounds really bad like the start of one of those fanfics written on tumblr that I used to read BUT to be fair, it's not the only reason I'm asking you out!!
  • ALASKA: I just think we could have a lot of fun together
  • ALASKA: So, are you in?
  • ALASKA: Please say yes. I'll bring you flowers.
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I’ll bring you floweeeerrrrrrss in the pouring raiiiin.