1020. Snape was quite distraught over Lily's death- a little too distraught, in fact, over someone who he supposedly hadn't spoken to in nearly 3 years. A great deal of his anguish actually stemmed from him and Lily having been engaged in an affair, and Lily having been pregnant with his child.

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YOI x Harry Potter AU: Yuuri Katsuki // Hufflepuff

“Don’t try to bind me
Just love me without any greed
And I’ll give you the world and my heart
And the air that I breathe"

paineinflicta replied to your post: Ser Donall - in case you need help remembering him…

Hang on…. I thought Ser Donnall was one of the Redcliffe knights, not a Templar.

Hmmm, it’s unclear.  When I think “Knight” in DA, I think of Templar Knights, but I guess that’s not to say their aren’t regular Knights as well.  He wasn’t dressed as a Templar either, but his traveling companion he was searching for the Ashes with was a Templar.  He knew Alistair, but that could be from the Templars or from his time in Redcliffe Castle.  Well, Templar Knight or just plain Knight, I still wouldn’t be apposed to banging him.


Well that would explain why Diamond City Radio is always on, even at 4AM in the morning…

Poor Travis. Someone get him a blanket. Or a beer. Or just a hug.

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Making my educhums-approved ragu for Han Solo Saturday...

Also, cleaning allllll the things

I matched with my coworker, who I’ve a slight crush on since September, on Tinder last Friday, and we’ve been chatting it up, and now we have plans on Friday after work, and I get to work with him tomorrow too!

Some Mianite doodles of Alyssa and Mot <333


LOL I really need to stop drawing so fast and just take my time, but my brain moves faster than my hand.

(LOL I am cracking up over baby Harry. He is absolutely darling to me.)

Oh gosh people I just saw I still have the request about the chair thing … and I still have the draft that as well. The thing is that really means a big Barba, and I’m sure now to treat the ground there…


Any more discussion about [a Veronica Mars miniseries]?

“We want to make sure that the audience wants it ‘cause that’s what fuels us. And this time around we’re not gonna ask the audience to pony up for anything. I mean, we are INCREDIBLY appreciative that that happened, but I think the most respectful thing to do this time is say: Guess what, all networks and internet platforms? We’ve proven our worth. Let’s not ask them to pre-sale all of their tickets. Let’s just give them something that you know they’re hungry for.” (watch the interview here.)

Mike’s turn! In no particular order:

Mike impressed Harvey from day one.
Mike chose Harvey over Trevor.
Mike followed Harvey around everywhere, like a puppy.
Mike idolized Harvey so much he tried to imitate him.
Mike told Louis he “answers to Harvey.”
“It’s important.” “It’s always important.” “It’s for Harvey.” “It’s always for Harvey!”
Mike literally begged Harvey for his trust.
Mike defended Harvey to Trevor.
Mike stood up to Donna for Harvey (“What isn’t fair is Harvey taking the blame for your mistake.”)
Mike told Clifford Danner “a story about what [Harvey] did for me.”
Mike told Donna he “can’t talk right now” because Harvey told him he was proud.
Mike told Jimmy that Harvey’s done “more for me than you know.”
Mike said he can’t leave Harvey.
Mike told Rachel that Harvey’s one of the people he loves.
Mike lied to Jessica about where Harvey was because Harvey told him to.
Mike told Jessica he trusts Harvey and she should too. 
Mike wore a vest to see if Harvey would notice.
Mike put himself between Harvey and Louis went they were fighting.
Mike also put himself between Harvey and Tanner when they were throwing punches.
Mike helped Harvey through a panic attack.
Mike told Robert Zane, “when you come after Harvey, you come after me.”
Mike signed a case over to Katrina when he knew it was too much for Harvey to handle.
Mike told Harvey he was worried about his state of mind.
Mike told Rachel that Harvey put everything on the line for him “and then he did it again.”
Mike asked for Harvey’s permission to leave because he was “tired of putting the people I care about in jeopardy.”
Mike told Harvey he made a mistake and he wanted to stay.
Mike told Jessica he was back where he belonged after coming back to Harvey.
Mike asked Harvey if they could go out to lunch together.
Mike called him and Harvey “Butch and Sundance” which was literally a movie about two “friends” who spent all their time together and moved out of the country to avoid jail for their crimes.
Mike closed his eyes in relief when Harvey chose him over Logan, his own client.
Mike cried in front of Harvey at least three times now.
Mike asked if Harvey wanted to go out and celebrate.
Mike asked Donna what to get Harvey as a gift.
Mike told Harvey that, “You didn’t just give me a job. You gave me a family.”
Mike asked if Harvey was disappointed in him.
Mike said he didn’t care if Harvey gave him permission, he still wasn’t giving him up.
Mike said he wasn’t gonna roll on Harvey (and didn’t.)
Mike told Rachel the idea of turning on Harvey was “disgusting.”
Mike begged Harvey to stop provoking him into hitting him. 
Mike was scared of prison but still didn’t let Harvey take the fall, (“I am not letting you go to prison for a crime I committed!”)


Probably my favorite scene of Shadowhunters so far.