Why am I doing this to myself…?

[Fairyland sculpts - Luna/Chloe/Ante/Pong/Lewi/El]
[Clothes - TTYA/Sunflowerdoll]


Well that would explain why Diamond City Radio is always on, even at 4AM in the morning…

Poor Travis. Someone get him a blanket. Or a beer. Or just a hug.

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David Tennant and Billie Piper in their first photoshoot together for Doctor Who Series Two.

This was also David’s first time in the full costume, David’s first time wielding the sonic screwdriver, and David’s first time exploring the exterior of the TARDIS.

From David Tennant’s video diary (with thanks to director James Hawes for filming with David’s camera during the photoshoot)

Link to first photos images [here]


Any more discussion about [a Veronica Mars miniseries]?

“We want to make sure that the audience wants it ‘cause that’s what fuels us. And this time around we’re not gonna ask the audience to pony up for anything. I mean, we are INCREDIBLY appreciative that that happened, but I think the most respectful thing to do this time is say: Guess what, all networks and internet platforms? We’ve proven our worth. Let’s not ask them to pre-sale all of their tickets. Let’s just give them something that you know they’re hungry for.” (watch the interview here.)


LOL I really need to stop drawing so fast and just take my time, but my brain moves faster than my hand.

(LOL I am cracking up over baby Harry. He is absolutely darling to me.)

Some Mianite doodles of Alyssa and Mot <333

Some sketches of Naruto’s new designs. This shorter hair of his is actually easier to draw than his current hair pfffft


The Last by Ramen-shuriken

In January 2013 Ed Sheeran said that Harry owned two houses in London, but he’d still been living with him for the past few months (this last part is inaccurate, as Harry barely spent any time in London in the months before this interview). On top of that, Harry also owns (or used to own) a flat there.

We know for a fact that he owned at least two houses in London in early 2014 because just weeks after filing an injunction to prevent pap pictures 50 metres away from his house, he was photographed going out with his mum and sister to The Spaniards Inn, which is literally next door to Erskine, his Hampstead house. So the injunction had to be filed to another address, and his name had to be in this address’ deed.

The house he sold ‘at a loss’ in LA (was it a few weeks ago?) was an investment. Stalker fans have assured time and again that he’d never been to that house. What I was told in late 2014 was that he and Louis owned two houses in California, one in Calabasas and one in Malibu. One was bigger, and they usually had friends and family over there, one was smaller just for them.

I’m not sure why the possibility of them owning more than one house in a major city results in such a big controversial conversation. I’m not talking about those who are digging and trying to figure things out, it’s human nature to want to know more about a situation when it’s only partially presented. I’m talking people discussing what it means for HarryandLouis. Nothing. It means nothing. Like it meant nothing when they had three houses between both of them in London in 2013/2014 or two private houses, a public one, and Louis constantly renting in LA in 2014/2015/2016. When me and y friends were told about the two LA houses back in 2014 nobody went ‘oh but what does that mean??’ we just went ‘oh, cool, I wonder how they’re decorated’ and moved on.

I follow Mashima’s Twitter and I honestly wish fans would stop pestering him about “making NaLu canon” on EVERY SINGLE TWEET.
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Jack Whelan (John Simm)

                               in Intruders S01E01: She Was Provisional