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Hamilton and Burr on tumblr
  • Burr:What do you need?
  • Hamilton:Burr, you're a better blogger than me.
  • Burr:Okay.
  • Hamilton:I know I reblog too much, I'm abrasive. You're incredible online. You're succinct, persuasive. My client needs a strong defense all of a sudden.
  • Burr:Who's your client?
  • Hamilton:The beloved reply button.

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do you like, not know or do you just not care that tyler segu*n and jamie b*nn are massive homophobes? because you post kinda a lot of both of them...

I’m aware of the shitty stuff tyler has done in the past. I mean, personally, I think he was being a Typical Young White Straight guy about it all. is it shitty? absolutely. and no one has to forgive him for it or overlook it. but ya know….I’ve said terrible and awful stuff in the past (it sometimes pops up on my timehop from my facebook from 9 years ago and I want to punch myself in the face). but like…if everyone had access to stupid and ignorant things I said/did when I was 18-20, I’d be dragged for it forever too. I don’t forget about it, and I low-key worry about him Fucking Up again, but also it’s been literal years since the bulk of his problematic receipts behavior has happened.

I’m not aware of homophobic stuff jamie has done? I know the “joke” he made about the sedins, which was real shitty.

You know what’s so awesome? Today I saw tweets and posts from people who don’t really like Nikki (as an in ring performer) saying the nicest things. Wishing her well and hoping she’ll get better and be able to come back. I love seeing this shit. Regardless of how you feel about someone as a wrestler it’s nice to see people come together like this.

Gakuen Alice Skype Chat!

Hey, fandom! So, I saw there are people who are interested in the skype chat, so I’m like, why not? But before anyone joins, I just have one rule, though I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Please respect and be kind towards everyone!! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Once you join, I will be asking for some information, but you’re not obligated to answer them. :)


I feel bad bc I’m the only person in the universe who doesn’t care about star wars


An Undertale AU where everyone’s personalities are roughly the same, but the main cast’s roles are drastically different. For example…

• Instead of Toriel guiding you through the Ruins, it’s Papyrus! Who has made it his sworn duty to prtotect the children who fall into the Underground. I think his relentless encouragement would make a nice substitute to Toriel’s motherly-ness.

• Instead of running into Napstablook in the ruins, you meet Mettablook! Yeah, I know MT being a ghost is only conjecturally canon, but hush. I’ll get to Blooky in a bit. Anyway, maybe Mettablook is enraptured with his reflection and you need to get past him. OR possibly he’s holding a talent show or something like that in order to help the Spiders with their bake sale!

• After leaving the ruins (and after a tear-jerking farewell from a very, VERY upset Skelebro), you wander out into the Underground to meet… Asgore! And instead of making puns, he makes bad Dad jokes! And he’s trying to slowly introduce you to Toriel (who is in Papyrus’ role here) who is obsessed with humans and always tries to make sure they get to New Home safely (even if it means kidnapping them and carrying them there herself). This interpretation of Toriel is a little more scatter brained than she is normally, but I think it still adorably suits her. Also, I think Asgore having reality/spacetime warping powers like Sans and not knowing quite how to use them (like, they work exactly like he wants them to, he just has no idea what controls it) would be hilarious.

• Instead of getting chased by Undyne through Waterfall, it’s Alphys! Shy, but determined captain of the Royal Guard! She still loves anime and is head-over-heels for Undyne, who I’ll get to in a sec. It is her sworn duty to defeat and capture any humans she finds and bring either them or their souls to New Home. It’s just a pity she clams up and gets nervous when she fights them.

• Undyne is the new royal scientist! Her experiments lean more towards epic-looking weapons and machines and puzzles for humans to face (even if 90% of them are harmless; most of them only *look* epic). I think she would come off more as a “mad scientist” in this AU, and her crowning creation is Napstaton.

• Napstaton is a monster soul contained in a robotic, weaponized body. He has little will to fight himself, but his body does most of that work for him. He spends most of the fight meekly apologizing for his attacks. If Frisk insults his cousin, however, he gets angry and enters his EX form, and his attacks have a lot more weight behind them.

• Then we have the King of the Underground: Sans. Of course it’s Sans. Still loves ketchup, still crazy laid-back. Probably fights you while lazing around on a futon or something like that. His fight isn’t as difficult as his Genocide run fight, but still hard. I can’t think up a good reason for him to smash the Mercy button at this moment.

I’ll be coming back to this post to make edits as they occur to me!


  • This gets more difficult to explain the further into the game I go, but I think shuffling Gaster into Asriel’s place makes some sense. I know Gaster is only tangentially canon, but I can’t think of a third skeleton-like person to go with Sans and Papyrus. Anyway, Gaster was a scientist who wanted to experiment with humans and their determination and ended up getting through the barrier alone. Since he was stuck on the other side, he couldn’t get back to tell the Underground of his discovery until he found a Human soul. Something went wrong in the process (sorry, I haven’t thought all of this through, feel free to think of your own stuff) and he ended up sort of… trapped within the barrier I guess?

Thought of some interesting ones for side-characters, too!

  • Swap Gerson and the Mad Dummy with each other! You have a really strange fight against Gerson where his attacks are generally very slow-moving (geddit? ‘cause he’s a turtle?) but have that property that most of Sans’ attacks do where they ignore invuln frames, so screwing up can really cost you on a pacifist run. And then the Mad Dummy is just the biggest prick of a vendor in the whole game; trying to talk to him and calm him down is the only way to get his ridiculous prices to somewhere in the ballpark of reasonable. He might even have interesting interactions with things like the Mystery Key or the MT Steak.

@gentleorcagiant {starter call}

     “So, have you ever like, dated anyone?” She asks it casually, though admittedly out of nowhere, crimson eyes glancing up towards the taller male. “I mean, I can’t remember you ever really going out with anyone..”

What did I lose really? A liar, a cheater, someone who quite frankly doesn’t know what love is. Its you I feel sorry for. You lost someone who would’ve done anything you wanted and would give their life to make you happy. You lost love and I only lost a half assed lover, so who really loses?

You know what I’m the most happy about regarding Key to the Future’s Fate? I genuinely am starting to feel like I’ll be ready for it once I begin. 

I don’t think it’ll be an artistic masterpiece, but I feel it’ll be competent. 

I don’t have every detail planned out, but I’m confident enough in what I have that it’ll work out.

The story is going to be a chance for me to bring in all of the things I love and want to see more of in science fiction (neon, solarpunk, cool aliens, some neat ideas, and a little campy-ness). It’s gonna be my chance to (hopefully) impart a powerful message that I really believe in in a smart way. 

And I legitimately think that I can do it. I literally can’t express how much that means to me. I’m actually tearing up a bit thinking about this

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hey! I really need to talk to someone so here I am in your inbox :) I recently started university (I'm in semester two) with two of my high school friends at the same uni, though not the same dorm/hall. and ever since I got here, I've had a hard time making close friends. I see people around, I know their names, and there are like 1 or 2 I don't mind hanging around with, but I spend the majority of my socializing time with my 2 high school friends and most nights I spend alone. it's not that I'm

unhappy, it’s just that I’m a little lonely. I just don’t know if there’s something wrong with me, like why can’t I make close friends outside of high school? I want to be less lonely and make more friends, but at the same time I haven’t really clicked with anyone - it’s upsetting, but most of the time I’m content as well? It’s strange. and I can’t really tell anyone close to me because I’m scared they’ll think its kind of pathetic :/ thanks for listening <3

okay nonnie, here’s the thing: i totally understand you. i really do. you know why? because i am the exact same way. i have one friend from high school that i’m really close to, another friend i only see a couple of times a year on holidays, and a few more friends that are more like acquaintances because i see them so rarely. on a good day, i say i have one friend. even now that i’m back at school, i have a couple of classmates i’m sort of close to, in that we chat before and after class, but i don’t really hang out with them or contact them any other time, so they’re not so much friends as just…friendly classmates.

and sometimes it kind of sucks. because most of the time that’s okay, but then other time you just get so goddamn lonely, and you look around at all your classmates who have a bunch of friends and go out all the time and then there’s you who’s sitting by yourself all alone and it just sucks, and you think there must be something wrong with you.

but the truth, nonnie? i don’t think there’s anything wrong with you, or me, or anybody like us. i think that some people are just wired to have a small, close group of friends and no more. some of us just aren’t made for socializing in big groups or dividing our attention between more than one or two friends at a time. that’s just kind of the way we are.

if you want to make friends, go for it. but if you’re okay with having just a couple of close friends, then that’s fine too. there’s nothing wrong with that, and there’s nothing wrong with you for wanting that, nonnie. 

oh yeah hey!!!!! i just found out i have over 100 followers!!!! im really happy actually!!! thanks you guys for supporting me!! honestly i feel bad for people who don’t know like half the things i post but thank you very much for sticking with me anyway :))))))))

Remember that discussion on the post-porn thing from yesterday?

Today I was told the guy who came up with it is a polyamorous dude. Which is cool. Would he not use it to apparently be a fuckboy.

How, you ask.

One of his girlfriends is: a) a lesbian, b) asexual, c) aromantic. And is in a relationship with him.

I get baffled by fucking white men sabotaging good things like activism for their own gain and I really wish I could have a talk with this fella because apparently nobody can stand up for him. Bring the bitch on.

You know what is weird to me? Wanting to know all the petty stuff about someone, whether they are a celebrity or not (although in this current case I am talking more about a celebrity). Like, I want to know your favorite color and what your favorite song is. Do you like to draw, and if so what do you like to draw? What makes you insanely happy even if it is weird? What kind of books do you read and who is your favorite artist? I don’t know, it just seems weird to me. Like, do I love you or am I just a creepy obsessed person?

Ok ok hear me out on this.

You know the whole Pixar Theory? (I don’t believe it but it’s a fun theory to look at)

What if Pixar does a movie where the main character is aware of all these multiple dimensions and universes of every Pixar movie and he happens to travel and visit all of them, and some fun things happen to make a story and all that.

And who has been in every Pixar movie who would be perfect for this role?

John Ratzenberger

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3. Who are you looking forward to seeing?
I’m seeing Marianas Trench on Monday, and I’m very excited to see them haha

4. Are you easy to get along with?
Yes, I think so. I’m pretty easy going haha

6. What kind of people are you attracted to?
I’m not really sure. If someone comes along and I like them, then that’s the kind of person I’m attracted to. I’m really open and don’t have a particular style or type

8. Who from the opposite gender is on your mind?
A guy from work atm lol

Thanks for asking! :)

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✐ - fave types of movies?

i really like fantasy but also sci-fi movies!

‼ - real name?

i dont know if that exclamation mark was meant to be this question but in case it was.. my real name is cecilia but i dont like it at all (the person who i loved and betrayed me is called like that lmao) and i prefer people to call me yuki. since you’re my mutual you can call me with my real name if you’d like, but yeah 

Changed theme for now

I liked how the other one kept track of role plays like a big fan fiction, but that also sort of made it difficult to keep track of who said what.  I may switch back to that or another theme soon enough. BUT I’M STEALING THE THEME YOU USE TY, I’M SORRY ;;  I just really like it and how organized it is.

XD even if it makes the rp look a lot more crazy than my last theme did