G/t OT3 Drabble: Together

((Ship warning: Contains Lewvithur (Lewis x Arthur x Vivi)

Small content warning: contains a small amount of blood and mention of a hand injury.

Hhhhh, greetings friends, sorry about my lack of consistent activity. Commencement is this weekend, and family stuff keeps happening on top of that/other things, so I’m not quite as active as I should be.

Anyway, this started off as a little idea I wanted to do for fun, and, in typical fashion, I ended up making it wayyyyy too long.

Anyway, here’s a drabble where two borrowers, Arthur and Vivi, scope out a restaurant named Pepper Paradiso, and end up getting discovered by a man working there named Lewis…

And things end up a lot better and lovey-dovey than any of them could have expected.

Anyway, have a self-indulgent thing, and apologies if this is a little awkward/different from my usual writing: this is my first time writing about the Peppers at great length/writing a more canon-ish Lewis/I have very little experience writing OT3 stuff/I’m rambling now, ignore me…

Have a thing.))

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