the world that we live in today is so sick, i have no words to describe my feelings about the terrorist attack in st. petersburg. so many people are saying horrible things about our country, our government, and our president. but you know what? 10 people are dead and more than 50 are injured and that is no joke. i have no hope for the future of our planet where people are more concerned about politics than human lives. we are supposed to be here for each other and yet we’re divided more than ever before. if you’re reading this, please, be kind to the people around you, i’m begging you, stay strong


Just a reminder that @enviousoddy is dubbing my first, long r76 comic Powerless and he’s doing an amazing job!  Here it comes one of my favourite parts! Enjoy!!! <3


enjoy this.

Of all the years I’ve been a clique member, this still remains one of my favourite covers they’ve done.

Just listen to the crowd (use headphones)


You’re welcome!