hey guys,  so as you all know i’ve not really been that active here for like.  ever.  and part of that has been because life has been super crazy  (  i won’t go into detail but i’ve just been working my butt off  ) but a lot of it is just.  i’ve let drafts and asks build up to the point where it’s just daunting and i can’t really handle it???  so i’ve done the annoying thing and wiped  all my drafts and asks  because i need a clean slate on here,  you know?? so please  like this post  if you wanna do a thing and i’ll either bug you on ims or discord to discuss a potential plot!!

        hello hi i’m mint and i want to make a tiny psa?? teeny tiny. just a small thing. it’s not meant to attack/offend anyone, either, and if you do feel attacked or offended, i’m sorry. that’s not what i’m trying to do.
        anyway, there’s this thing that sometimes happens, you know, when you write in one tense and your partner replies in another? that thing. i can’t handle it. i have no issue adjusting, not at all. as much as i prefer writing in present tense, i don’t mind switching to past for people. but! (and here comes the but) i’d really really love it if people could… adjust to me, too? like, when i write a starter in present tense and someone replies to it in past it just… makes me feel all queasy? i don’t even know how to describe it. to me personally it looks messy when one person uses present tense and the other uses past asdfghjkl
        so what i’m trying to say is: if you write me a starter, i’ll gladly use whatever tense you prefer, but if i write you one, i’d love to get the same treatment in return. thank you ♥