In my fantasy land, Hux is actually 80% Domhnall Gleeson and 20% spite and cats. he’s a spy for the republic and he’s flamboyantly gay; somehow he’s best friends with Bodhi Rook and maybe they have a cute hobby like knitting or fixing up old clocks or something idk. Don’t ask me how that timeline works, it just somehow does. also in this world all his friends call him armchair. i’d die for him

Guys I'm pretty freaking high

But what if Adrien and Marinette figure out their identities by saying something only their alter egos would say.

Like what if Adrien makes a cat pun, and Marinette automatically responds the same way Ladybug would respond to Chat Noir’s. They jump and stare at one another as they realize that they were the other alter egos.

They’re just like floored that the other is the alter ego that they fought alongside with, and even kissed at one episode. They’re so embarrassed and secretly relieved as they get closer than before.

Bonus: Alya and Nino know but don’t know what’s going on at the same time.

u kno how in china they have their firewall internet thing going on? so like i kno a lot of people have proxies and can access the regular internet but i wanna kno about the memes in that secret firewalled internet. what is everyone laughing about there??