Now that I have your attention, just imagine you wake up to the feeling of something brushing against your pajama short-covered hip and you crack open one eye to see Jack staring at you with bright blue eyes and you manage to open both of your eyes and smile sleepily and you look down to see Jack’s hand on your hip and you sigh a little before you feel his hand move over until it’s right above the waistband of your shorts and you bite your lip to keep yourself from whining at Jack’s fingertips gliding slowly across your skin and after a lot of teasing and you shuddering a couple of times, he finally grips your shorts and slowly slides them down your legs, never breaking eye contact with you once, and you see his pupils slowly growing with each second as he moves his other hand up your thigh before letting his hand rest on top of your panties and you lightly gasp and attempt to seal your legs closed and trying to hold Jack’s hand in place there until Jack climbs on top of you, your hands trapped in one of his above your head, the other hand spreading your legs open slowly and moving your underwear to one side and he bites his lip and murmurs, “Look at you all spread out for me like a good girl. If you stay good, I’ll give you exactly what you want. Understand, princess?”

I am so gonna die because of this. I’m sorry, Johnson girls.


Sorry for the bad audio on my end—this was my first time streaming from the PS4 and the microphone kept picking up the fan in the living room. I have since fixed my settings, but bear with them on this video! :(

But here you go! I surprised the stream yesterday with the thing everyone has wanted to see me do since they first announced me as the voice of Josephine!

…sort of. >:D


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AU in which a sea-loving cerulean-blood has departed from her quiet life on the shore to join the ranks of the naval fleet, leaving her jade-blooded lover lamenting her absence and desperately yearning for her return

aka When Will My Vriska Come Back From The War