Pain is recognized in creativity.
That’s why we have artists, writers, photographers, explorers…

Sadness gives people a reason to look for something more.
—  Nicole Torres

No one asked for this* but I’ll be posting it anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ huehueheasdfghkdlej
This was my look for my graduation ball a few days ago 💜✨💃🏽✨💜

(💖*edit: except for @kimtahyung and @runawayaslongasyoucan MY LOVES💖)

Back in 1999 I got to meet the best person in my world.  Do you know who that fella is?  Does the name John Lasseter (of Pixar) mean anything to you?  A’yup, that’s him.  What a fantastic guy and we could have chatted all night. He is looking at photographs of my room back when I lived in Ohio as it was all literally Toy Story.  I got quite a few photos of us that night and he signed the book I’m clutching.  He was honored to meet ME, a true fan as he called me.

Jealous? ;)

OMGGG YOU GUYSSSS!!! The Photographer and the Lonely Artist was nominated for best angst fic and I’m feeling exactly like Caroline is looking in this GIF! I did not expect such a wonderful surprise at all <3 Thank you all so so much for your support. You guys keep pushing me forward. And I hope that I can finish the last part and upload it soon!

Congrats for all the nominees and, once again, thank you so so much!

Scouters United II Caleb and Margo

The brunette’s mind always looked for a way to turn ideas into reality and the talk about photobomb photographers with Margo did just the trick to light the light bulb in his brain.It seemed that his best friend always had the mastermind ideas behind his many side projects, many that everyone around him considered dumb and non-practical but he didn’t care. His hardworking personality never let ‘I give up’ enter into his long list of vocabulary and even if it was just meant to be for fun, Caleb would make it worth their while in the end. 

Caleb predicted that he looked stupid wearing the necklace that Margo practically made him wear. Didn’t give him an option and it was nothing new for Caleb, he was used it. As for what she was wearing, he’d give her the option to choose even though she said upfront that she wouldn’t be dressing up for the occasion. He made his way outside onto the pathway and once in sight, he tapped his friend on the shoulder with his index finger gently. “Boo,” He said smiling at her with his most friendliest of all smiles.