sorry for the delay on requests, i’ve been in kind of a slump as far as fanart goes— then this asshole shows up with that helmet of his/hers* and so i have to try to draw it because damn it’s sweet looking and holy shit i don’t understand the structure of this thing at all

more screen time for mysterious creeper pls i need references


Ah…. the hate continues on MMB, because by saying Caryl Carol looks like a man….  that is saying MMB looks like a man.  

All I can say is no.

And throw out these….

Is it because she has short hair (never mind the no makeup, which most of us look more plain with no damn makeup)?  If it is the hair that drives your comment, then please, let me point you to another short haired beauty….

I took my nip piercing out!!!!!
What an absolute relief. For almost the entirety of the year I had it, my body constantly was rejecting it so my nipple was always irritated and Steven and I were sad especially me because it made every day routine harder
I took it out with him and we both wooed after it was over
And it closed up within hours and I woke up this morning and it looks brand new and adorable and cute
It was fun havin my nip pierced especially since it was my first piercing ever but now I think I’ll move on to the big leagues and get my ears pierced but I’m scared honestly hahahaha
Ok bye