@chainedintimacy a réagi à votre billet “i wanna do one last drawing for the night to destroy my wrist nice and…”

Some gayness possibly? Though don’t hurt your wrist too much! If it does hurt, you should ice it after! ;w;

My hand is beyond the icing point rn

[translation] Character Interview Vol.7 HARUKA X MAKOTO

Scanned by sunyshore

- We are honored to have Nanase Haruka and Tachibana Makoto with us today.

Haruka + Makoto: Thank you for having us.

- Well then, first thing first, please tell us how you met each other.

Makoto: Well… Haru and I are childhood friends, and our homes are really close to each other, so it’s like we’ve been together since the very beginning.

Haruka: I can’t remember something that long ago.

Makoto: But if you must know, I think our first encounter was when we were 0 years old.  We have photos from that time in our family albums.

Haruka: …like I’d remember.

Makoto: That’s true lol.

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For Him

In odd things that come to me while I’m getting ready….

Even though she couldn’t really kill any of them, Jemma shot Fitz’s main tormentors this season.

  • AIDA
  • Alistair

Originally posted by rosamund-pike

This is just one of those things I’m putting a pin in as we head into next season.  No matter where Fitzsimmons land I feel we could see a very protective Jemma with Fitz next season.  Not only physically but emotionally

Make Up Sex - Castiel x Candy NSFW

Okay, I’m worried that this one might seem a little repetitive considering the that the last drabble was a request for almost the exact same thing but with Armin instead of Castiel. I hope you’re all pleased with it anyway though.

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Apocalyptocrankiplier : Drabble Prompt

Suggested by @buttercream-phan36
14. “I’m with you, okay? Always.”

When Ethan got home, he knew something wasn’t right. The house was completely quiet, save for the hum of air conditioning. The front door creaked into the empty silence as he shut it behind him. Either both of his boyfriends weren’t home (which was rare), or they were both upstairs in the bedroom without him. Which meant one thing.

They were arguing.

Ethan slid off his bag, dropping it to the floor. “Hello?” He called out, not raising his voice enough for them to hear if they were upstairs. “I’m…home,” Ethan’s voice trailed off as he walked around the ground floor, each room empty as he expected. In his mind, he began to debate the consequences of going upstairs.

For one, if they were arguing, Ethan didn’t want to get roped into either side. Or if it was especially heated, he didn’t want to further upset his boyfriends by interrupting. However, Ethan thought, a grin sliding up his lips, maybe they’re not arguing.

There was a chance he could just walk in and be fine, and get to talk with them about his day like usual. Blindly optimistic about this, Ethan bolted up the stairs as fast as he could. Two knocks on the bedroom door, which was shut. The muffled voices coming from behind it stopped, as the lock turned and it slowly opened.

Mark was standing behind it, mustering up a smile for Ethan, though he looked incredibly stressed. “Hey, bluebird,” Mark greeted, “Come on in.” Ethan complied, affectionately kissing Mark on the cheek on his way in. Tyler was sitting hunched over on the edge of the bed, head in hands.

That wasn’t good news.

Ethan slowly approached, gently settling onto the bed beside Tyler. “Hi there, cuddle bear,” Ethan chirped with a smile. He knew that Tyler would get flustered at the nickname, as always. Or…not. Tyler remained silent and emotionless as he turned to face his youngest boyfriend.

“What’s going on?” Ethan looked up at Mark with concern, Mark having just approached the two. “We…” Mark cleared his throat, looking at Tyler, “Tyler was just diagnosed today.” Ethan felt his heart drop, not missing a beat to ask, “Diagnosed? With what?”

“Depression,” Mark and Tyler responded in unison.

Ethan stared blankly at Tyler, then at Mark. “D-depression?” Tyler nodded, already looking like he’d done something wrong. “That’s it?” Ethan breathed a sigh of relief, practically pouncing forward to embrace Ty. “What- you’re not-” Tyler stuttered in surprise, returning Eth’s embrace. “You’re not mad?” He finished.

Ethan pulled away, staring Tyler directly in the eyes. “Why the hell would I be mad?” Mark smiled knowingly at Tyler, joining Ethan on the bed. “He thought you would be scared because of what happened to your dad,” Mark explained, “He thought you would leave. I told him that was dumb.” Ethan scoffed, nearly laughing, “You really think I’d leave you?” Ethan gently picked up Tyler’s hands in his, “Over something like this?”

Tyler shrugged, though a relieved smile was finally adorning his features. Mark and Ethan could’ve said a lot then, but instead Ethan just quietly said, almost whispering, “There’s not a chance. I’m with you, okay? Always.”

Mark nodded in affirmation at this, and the three shared a few moments of peaceful comfort. “We’ll get through this,” Ethan added, squeezing Tyler’s hands tightly before letting go, “No big deal.” And it wasn’t. Though, they shouldn’t known the sad/relieved tone was way too heavy to last very long in this household.

Within one minute, Ethan had snatched Tyler’s hat from his head and jumped up from the bed. “Don’t you dare,” Tyler growled, though it was obvious he was fighting a smile. “Catch me if you can,” Ethan laughed before sprinting down the hall. Tyler quickly shot up, excitement filling him, and bolted after the younger man. Mark followed suit soon after, ever Ty’s reliable back-up.


revised glory! part two of a seven(ish) part series of @amearu ‘s revised dragon tribes.

revisions include:

1) thin, fragile wings made mainly for absorbing and bending light, complete with more hooks at the ends in order to grab onto trees and such

2) 68% more fang, thus making glory have either a very prominent lisp or not being able to talk at all

and finally, 110% of the queenliness she had before. 

though, that last one isn’t much more of a revision than it is a statement.


Maybe I’ll let in some natural light,
Crack the windows
To dissipate the darkness
And the artificial light
I tend to drown in.
I’m not all here, though.
I’m thinking of you,
Broken and piecemeal like
Stained glass windows,
So beautiful.
Maybe there’s hope for me yet.
Maybe we don’t need
Mothers or fathers,
Or seamless expanses of
Clear glass protecting us
From harm. Maybe
We can find beauty
In the way we shatter.
Maybe then the pieces of you and I
Can create somebody new entirely.

Self Care

(ooc: H-hello everyone, I’m terribly sorry if I concerned you all. I am…ok, I have closed the ask box for now…I will be taking another break from the internet, I really do need to take better care of myself…I am not good, health wise, and emotionally…I’m tired and sick constantly. I don’t eat like I should, I don’t sleep well, and…I have no motivation for anything, including art, which terrifies me. I tried drawing and I could not stop shaking, it’s my only release yet I can not do it…I’m losing my hair again, which is a bummer, it took forever to regrow the first time, and it’s not easy when people give you looks because you are bald and have cleft lip pallet…I already get enough from people calling me manly. I’ve also have a ton of personal issues that I can not get into. It just made everything worse, everything went wrong so fast, there was so much I am dealing with at once, and I am still apologizing if I hurt you, I really did not mean it at all, I never want to cause anyone pain… I’m going to be honest with you all…I was considering quitting this blog, because of how stressed I’ve felt and guilt for hurting people, but…people still are here, so I won’t leave, not as long as I can help inspire someone else, or make their day brighter for just a second. I’m off topic again, sorry…Yeah, so I will be leaving for a short time, but I will return, don’t know when yet but I won’t leave you all, so please do not worry none! I hope to get my motivation to draw back, it really is my life and scares me that I can’t do it…I will try to post artwork if I do get any done though, I just won’t be answering, I would like to share what I make though, if that is ok?…I still care for you guys. I love you all, hope the best for you and have wonderful days. Sweet dreams and good night, k? Oh! One last thing, sorry I know this is long, but I wanted to let you all know I have seen your kind words that you have sent, thank you for them, dears… they have helped me quite a bit even though I can not bring myself to believe them yet, it’s…really hard to do so, I do appreciate it all very much..so thank you!~)

anonymous asked:

i'm sorry about your tablet!! ;(( but I mean hey your art is still amazing regardless omggg. can i request smol pink baekhyunnie calling jongin "nini-hyung" for the first time? I'm still not over that ;3;

“Papa Byun took in a new apprentice and 12-year-old Baekhyun is very eager to learn from him.”

that was the very first and last time Baekhyun called Jongin that

s-e-kwan  asked:

Yuma-kun~! You're my most favourite out of the Mukami's! Even though you're violent and aggressive, I think you have some inner cuteness! Azusa, you're my second, Kou, my third, and I'm sorry Ruki, you're the last though I simply cannot deny the fact that you're extremely handsome!

Yuma: Me? Cute? I’ll show you how cute I am once I’ll give you your righteous punishment, dirty sow.

Yuma: Be grateful, I’ll be giving you one more reason to call me violent. And aggressive.

Azusa: Am I… …worthy your… favouritism

Azusa: Aah… thank you! I like you… too

Azusa’s surprisingly very happy about defeating two of his older brothers

Kou: … … … …third… … … …

…while Kou isn’t

Ruki: …

Ruki, every fangirls’ worst nightmare, fainted.


And now the nerd room! That’s our ‘comfy corner’ so of course you’ll find Sterek there, of all places. And above the desk, so it’s seen right as you enter the room and as I’m working those two dorks can help keep me motivated. (;

Thank you to the artists who drew these lovely works of art!! THANK YOU!! 

The top piece in the last two pictures, 'Always on my Mind’ was done by the talented Finduilas on society6, but I can’t seem to find a tumblr account. If anyone who sees this knows if they have one, let me know so I can tag properly! Thank you!!


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now let’s all agree to never be creative again

*throws crappy made-in-a-day-cosplay at you then runs away* Everyone else was joining the DHMIS bandwagon so I had to hop on to^^ Here’s my cosplay of Nancy the Notebook very roughly based off of this design. It was incredibly fun to do! even though the video scared the living crap out of me

P.S. the last ones so small and not in the photoset because tumblr wouldn’t let me upload it normally :/ sorry about that

David Tennant on Huff Post Live, 16/11/15, #3
  • Interviewer: Congratulations, you've just had another baby, so marvelous stuff
  • David: Thank you, thank you
  • Interviewer: You did say that your children have seen you play the Doctor now, and one of them - I think it was your third child? Second or third child - you've got so many I'm sorry!
  • David: There's hundreds of them! Thousands of them!
  • Interviewer: One of them - you were their favourite, and now you're no longer their favourite
  • David: They're very fickle though, aren't they, children
  • Interviewer: So with baby number four, are you just going to not let her watch anyone else but your Doctor?
  • David: [Laughs} Yes I'll maybe do some kind of social experiment and pretend there were no others. I don't know how long that will last, though; it's quite ubiquitous, particularly in the UK, it's quite hard to ignore the fact there were more than one...especially as her grandfather used to be one as well. Little bit complicated.

softedetectives-deactivated2016  asked:

how do you think The Kiss is gonna go. like how would you write it

It’s probably a bit much, but I think it’d go a bit like this

Sherlock and John are just..Talking. But I mean really talking. Man to man. They’re at 221B Baker Street (as they should be) Mrs.Hudson was out so no-one was there to disturb them. The conversation though, is what actually mattered.

“Sherlock, listen, I’ve been thinking about this a lot..now, you know with…her..added to the addition of everything I’ve been through. Why..hm..why did you do it? Why did you bother to do all of that just for Mary’s sake?” Sherlock tensed up at that last bit. What was he supposed to say? “Oh yeah I did it because I’m in love you and want you to be happy”? Sherlock didn’t answer, instead he got up and walked to the sofa, laying in his sulking position. John of course, was persistent this time.

“No. No we’re not playing this game Sherlock. Not now. Why did you do it?” With still no reply, John marched to the sofa and stood at close distance to Sherlock and stood there until he would turn. Sherlock still wouldn’t though. “Oh for god’s-” John turned Sherlock to lay on his back and before Sherlock had time to react he quickly sat on his lap and held his arms above his head to pin him down. Sherlock still wasn’t looking at John though.

John was getting rather annoyed at this now. “Sherlock. Look at me.” He said in his Captain Watson voice. Now he had Sherlock’s attention. He gradually turned his head to face John. He was…crying..Sherlock’s eyes were red and puffy, tear marks along his cheeks and still falling. John has never felt such a strong feeling of worry, heartbreak, and love for this man than he did now.

“Y-y'know, John. After all these years I wo-would have expected that you realize that I would do any-anything for you..” was Sherlock’s reply in short sobs. There was now a lump in John’s throat. Sherlock’s voice sounded so broken. So..defeated..

“You-you…hm…you what..?” Sherlock started sobbing again, but these were angry, frustrated sobs. He started squirming to get out of John’s grasp.

“I DID IT FOR YOU, JOHN!!” Sherlock’s chest was heaving with rage “EVERYTHING, ALL OF IT! IT WAS FOR YOU!! WHY CAN’T YOU JUST SEE IT?! WILLING TO BLOW UP THE POOL? FOR YOU. MY SUICIDE? FOR YOU. SHOOTING MAGNUSSEN? FOR. YOU. GOD, I EVEN CAME BACK TO LIFE FOR YOU, ALRIGHT?!? WHY-WHY CAN’T YOU JUST…See…why..? Why can’t you realize how much I..” Sherlock’s broken, heart wrecking sobs stopped him.  John let go of Sherlock’s hands and brought them down to cup Sherlock’s face. He didn’t pull away, just settled his cheek into his palm. John started wiping away the tears that were coming down, not realizing his own tears running down his face.

“How-How much you…what..?” Sherlock looked up into John’s eyes with the gentlest expression. His mask had fallen and showed everything and anything he was feeling in his eyes.

“How much I…love you..You can’t imagine how much I have loved you for. So. Long…” John licked his lips and swallowed down the other lump that had formed in his throat “Enlighten me.”

Sherlock slowly sat up and wrapped his arms around John’s neck. He slowly leaned forward towards John. After what felt like years to them, Sherlock kissed him. It was just a brush of lips though, as if asking for permission. “Idiot..” John murmured against his lips, then slot their mouths together. The kiss started out so soft, so very gentle. They moved in perfect unison. Soon though, the kiss turn into a passionate one. They let every emotion they’ve pent up over the years. Anger, sadness, jealousy, lust. And love. So much love. They’re finally one. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson, together at last. As they should be.


…in fact no other than the great Thorin Oakenshield himself, who was not at all pleased at falling flat on Bilbo’s mat with Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur on top of him….Thorin indeed was very haughty, and said nothing about *service*; but poor Mr. Baggins said he was sorry so many times, that at last he grunted “pray don’t mention it,” and stopped frowning.

ahahhahaa so

Even though I’m not in any dire situation, I do not have any source of income at the moment, so I figured might as well, just in case anyone is interested.

Because I’m just starting and I worry my prices are high still, first 5 over the 10$ price will have $5 off. (1/5 currently taken.)

“Portrait” includes head to around the waist.

I am willing to negotiate based on your situation! Please contact me if interested.

I might take a long time on art more complicated than the sketch/digisketch level during the semester, sorry! When not on the semester, it shouldn’t be long at all~ If I know it will take longer, I may drop the price for you a bit.

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