25 Broken Hearts

Requested by Anon ~  So you’re taking request. Could you do a PietroxLatino!Reader one? Both are avengers and they are best friends/in a relationship and they don’t usually argue but one day one of them can’t deal with the other randomly flirting, they start a fight, both arguing in their native language (spanish/sokovian) and only they understand because they have learned from each other, later they have a reconciliation full of fluff. I thought it would be funny that the others can’t understand an be like “WTF?”

Word Count: 1,582
**Trigger Warnings** mention of younger sister death, swearing
A/N: Sorry this took so long, I didn’t know how I wanted to write it. I hope this is okay. Italicized means its in Spanish, or I guess whatever language you want it to be in.

With another mission being a success, and Tony itching for us to get out, we all headed out for a near by bar. At first you weren’t too keen on the idea, but everyone else was into the idea, so you went along; not wanting to make a scene.

Once you all arrived at the dimly lit bar, Tony announced that all drinks were on him, and everyone broke off to have a good time. Natasha and Clint stayed together to gossip. Steve was approached by a beautiful young blonde, whom he apparently saved her life a little over a year ago. Tony and Bruce stuck together talking about some science thing that you’d never understand. Wanda and The Vision sat together at the bar counter. That only left you and Pietro, but unfortunately for you, he seemed more interested in running around and getting girls numbers; ultimately leaving you alone.

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Mistake? (Ashton)

Requested? No, I just decided to make one for you guys 😝

Written by: Steffanie

A/N: If you want, I can continue this one, or maybe do a similar one for one of the other boys. All you have to do is request it!

It wasn’t a typical day for you. You went to school/work, and had a very successful day. Due to many teachers/bosses being sick, you didn’t have any extra work. You had nothing to do so, you got things done, and you even did everything that was due next week. So now, you have all of the afternoons from this and next week free! You sigh happily and plop onto your couch. It’s Friday and you are ready to start marathoning multiple shows, that is, until you hear your phone ring. You scowl slightly, but it quickly gets replaced with a smile, as you see your best friend, Ashton calling you. You pick up and speak in a cheerful tone.

“Hey Ash! What’s up?”

“Oh hey Y/N. I-I-I was wondering i-if you wanted to hang o-out tonight…? M-Maybe catch a movies-or something…”

“Sure! I’ll be ready around 6”

“G-Great! I’ll pick you up then. See you soon!”

Ashton hung up and you hurried to get ready. You decided to go with a frilly top, some jeans, and some converse that matched your top. You applied a small amount of makeup and just waited for Ashton to ring the doorbell. You were on the couch, binge watching whatever was on tv. You really didn’t care, because your mind was on Ashton. He didn’t seem himself over the phone. You think of the many causes of his stutters, but find none that suit him, or the situation. Unless… Your thoughts are interrupted by a knocking at the door.

“Hey Y/N! You look amazing”

“Aww, thanks Ashton. You’re so sweet”

He offers his arm and you take it. He escorts you to his car and opens the car door for you. You slip in, and he slips into the drivers seat. You guys begin to talk about your lives and start talking and laughing about past memories. You arrive to the movie theater, and you arrive to the ticket booth. He pays for both tickets, against your will. He also pays for the popcorn, soda, nachos, and candy that he gets for you. Your upset, because you are completely capable of paying, but you aren’t complaining. You two sit in the middle of the theater, getting the best seats. A couple of times throughout the movie, Ashton’s hand brushes against yours as you two reach for the popcorn, candy, nachos, and soda. After the movie you thank him, and he says that he needs to show you one more thing. You stare at him quizzically, but agree. You both get back in the car, and he drives off. As you pull up to the place, you realize that it’s a park covered in lights and flowers, and the moonlight reflects perfectly off of the face of the lake nearby.


You say, as the view takes your breath away. Ashton then takes you to a bench in the middle of the whole movie-like setting. You both sit down and he makes you face him, by gently moving your head towards him. He takes your hands and hold them in his. He looks deep in your eyes and says,

“Y/N, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You have been there when I thought no one was. You helped me through so much and I-I think I l-love you…”

You open your mouth slightly, due to the shock. This must be a joke.

“You can’t be serious”

you say, trying to read his expression and he frowns.

“Is it that hard to believe? You are kind, gorgeous, caring, and amazing over all.”

You pull your hands out of his and shake your head.

“I’m sorry Ashton, I just… Need some time, okay?”

After saying this, you run out of the park and head towards your house, and you hear faint sobs as you run, but you don’t dare to look back.

cosmicsomethingness asked:

Hi! Congratulations on your 8k followers :) Your art is absolutely amazing and I love that you exist! So, may I request cherik having a breakdown after a huge fight with one another? Sorry I just love angst...

so i’m not very good at angst

Two Rings

Okay! So on AO3, I’ve been writing gift fics for people who have left me really inspiring comments, and mareel was next on my list when SUDDENLY I received a request from the very same to write an mshenko fic that was to be a bit of fluff in the future, and/or about the moment Kaidan and Shepard realized what they meant to each other! I’m a huge fan of Mareel, and have always appreciated the comments! Hope you enjoy this!

Want wide columns?


Shepard used his towel to clear the fog from the mirror in a single streak, then wrapped it around his waist. The shower had warmed up his muscles, but his joints still ached as he raised his arms up above his head, feeling one of his reconstructed ribs pop. Last, he took each fist in an open palm and cracked his knuckles, really leveraging on the rings on his left hand to get a good sound.

Today, though, the rings caught his attention: the Victory ring he’d worn all these years around his left index, and the simple silver wedding band. He wiped some suds clinging to the wedding band away with his thumb, tracing along the whole edge, drying it against his towel.

Satisfied, he brushed his hair up off his forehead into a silver shock. Then he worked his shaving soap up to a lather and pasted it over his face, hating the scratching feeling of the brush against the bristly white hairs on his cheek. Scraping a clean swath down the only part of his face unmarked by scars, he sighed and turned his attention to his wedding band again.

He tried to turn the ring with his thumb, but it wouldn’t budge. Clenching the razor between his teeth, he easily slipped the Victory Ring of his finger with a little jimmying and set it carefully next to the sink.

But pulling at the wedding band did nothing. Shepard frowned.

“Kaidan?” he called—nothing but consonants—then took the razor out from between his teeth, opened the bathroom door, “Kay? Should we take off our rings for the thing this afternoon?”

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anonymous asked:

Omg hi can I request modern au with Ace and lots of cuddling and sweet fluff, oh fluff :3.

Haha, sorry for the wait! (And if it turned out kind of sexy. I’ve been working around a lot of smutty scenarios lmao.)

Word Count: 1,439

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cyanowl tagged me in one of those things where you post a bunch of pictures of yourself and tag other peeps. But it was a while ago and then I remembered to do it now

I want to tag bataleur and birdghost and quantity-time and mewandmewtwo and schokoladenkuchen oh and fruitsgarden and specifically request selfies from them. in case you just don’t want to, which is fine (but I want them)

or, if you weren’t tagged but you want to have the excuse to be hot online, please, by all means (I’ll support you)

anonymous asked:

Hi i'm not asking request just a question; since knb is over (except the extra game) will you still write for the fandom? thanks:^)

Hey sweetie! I definitely will still be writing for KnB (I hope that’s okay LOL) since it’s probably one of the few animes which I’ll never get tired of haha ~ I might start writing for other fandoms in the future, but it’ll depend on how things turn out, and of course, what you guys would like to see! 

((Also a v quick note - I landed that part time job I applied for a week ago at a bubble tea cafe (yaay!! free bubble tea) but the downside to that is the fact that I’m working some long ass shifts (2 - 12am etc) so I’ve been pretty terrible in terms of pumping out a scenario a day, gomenasaiiiii :c Hopefully I’ll get things back on track once I settle into this new schedule though!))

anonymous asked:

Number 5 feyre x tamlin (tamlin is jealous of rhysand) pleaseeee your fics are amazing ;)

So I hope you don’t mind that I am completely changing your request. The way I wrote it just doesn’t seem to fit the “Tamlin being jealous of Rhysand” instead I’m going to do it the other way around. Also, someone else asked for the same thing, in addition to prompt #6, so I’m going to add them together despite having already written #6 for Feylin. This probably isn’t my best one, and I’m sorry if you don’t like it.

Prompt #5: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Prompt #6: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

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anonymous asked:

Do you take commissions?

I rolled shitty base stats as a newborn, very low constitution and dexterity. I really lack the skills for commissions so unfortunately I don’t do them.

I may take suggestions or requests, though!! Send me an idea I might do it if I get some ~*~inspiration~*~

artbyequinox asked:

One more request; can you please draw my other characte?r (Egres Ragnu, I have a tag full of art for you to reference). Also thank you for the Azdalin drawing, I love it!!! - equinoxmaster (Sorry this isn't formatted that well)

Aah I’m sorry, but I’m not accepting requests anymore :( maybe another time, I have said here that I need to be done with a comic first (that also means I may not post many drawings until then, though I might be wrong).

But I’m glad you liked it! it’s nice to know

Okay so last night I got caught up in rp stuff and ended up procrastinating on a drawing request
That’s totally my fault and I’m a turd for that I’m sorry
BUT I’m going to see if I can lug my tablet to a friends later so I can work on it so if you have any other drawing requests shoot something to my inbox and ill draw that shit out. B)

anonymous asked:

Hey! If you are doing requests (please be doing them) can I ask you to do a edit of Saber from Fate? Thank you so much and sorry if you are unable to understand as English is not my first language :)

Indeed I am anon, and I’ll gladly take your request! But I hope you will be patient with me as I’m working an 8 hour job every day on weekdays so I may or may not have the time to do it during weekdays :)

anonymous asked:

S'funny, for someone who is supposed to be helping other people and role plays, you're actually really fucking rude.

You know what, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I want to be treated with respect and that I think I deserve it. I’m sorry that I have rules that I want people to follow and I’m sorry that I call them out when they don’t follow them. I’m sorry that I feel like my work isn’t appreciated enough when I see another rph completing the exact same request. I do help other people and roleplays, but only when they are kind to me and treat me with respect. I don’t help people when I think they don’t need it, like when I see them requesting the exact same thing from dozens of other rphs, and I get to decide if they deserve my help or not. This my blog, not anyone else’s. I make the rules and if you don’t want to follow them, then fuck you.

anonymous asked:

Don't worry! I don't think much of your followers would mind that you can't post many things because, as you have said before, you are the only admin and have a job or some other work to do. Hopefully not much followers. I cannot vouch for all of your followers but only myself. I love your blog! I hope you have a good day!

Aww you’re so sweet. Now I feel really bad because I barely posted at all. I meant to answer all of the requests in my inbox but life got in the way once again. I’ll try to answer them by the end of this week. 

IF I FAIL, I will write smut or anything that you guys request. Promise: I have around 22 requests right now. If they aren’t done by next Monday (7/6) I will take the first 5 requests that enter my mail box. They don’t have to follow the guidelines. They can be anything.

Yo guys, since admin Jordan and I are slowly coming back from our hiatus, we would like you guys to send in some more requests, since I feel like we’re running low on them heh. We have 6 in drafts and 11 other asks. And since it’s summer, I happen to have so much time on my hands ofc and I‘m sure Jordan have time as well. Good thing we’re two on this blog to write, yaaaaaaay.

We’ve start working on more requests and such so if we haven’t answer yours yet, it just means we probably still working on it, especialy if it’s an AU.

UHHHH, it could be great to see other characters besides Kuramochi and Miyuki as well tho I love writing about them Especially if it’s third years my heart omg or other characters that aren’t from Seidou like Inashiro and Yakushi my favourites AAAA.

So yeah, please send in some more requests~~~

-Admin Hashi

I need to seriously calm down holy shit
But I become so LIVID when I think about that

people are too lazy to make their own artwork so they force it upon other artists (they don’t pay em or anything)
Think about that for a second
They just hand em some pictures and say “Draw it”
Those artists have to waste their precious time w/o getting any respects for it because someone is too much of a whiny pissbaby to do it themselves

anonymous asked:

Do you take art request? o0o

yes i do actually! for requests though, i dunno how long it takes to get those done, since i might have other art put in higher priority [like asks for my askblog which i need to get up n running again when i can]. but i do take art requests, though keep in mind i can not draw some stuff i don’t want to ofc cc:

so your answer is yes, i do take art requests if anyone wants to send some nwn