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(omg what i can request?? o': you're too sweet, my waifu -hugs 5ever-) uhmmm okay well since it's almost my b-day (this upcoming friday ayye) and you got me obsessed with matsukawa, my i have a fluffly scenario of matsukawa and his s/o on their birthday? thank you so much ahh you're both cutie patooties -dies-

anything for u my queen

Matsukawa arose abruptly to the sound of his alarm. Every other day he woke up peacefully and ready to greet the day.

Today was different. Today he fell out of his bed trying to turn off his alarm. Today he lost his toothbrush and found it inside one of his shoes. Today his bed head did not look like it was on purpose. Today he was an absolute mess.

And it was just because he wanted things to go smoothly. He finally got dressed and molded his curls into some kind of style and stared himself down in the mirror triumphantly. He would not let a little bit of bed head and toothbrush set backs destroy his day. Mattsun picked up the bouquet of sunflowers that he had bought on the way home yesterday and set off.

On the way over to his s/o’s house he bombarded their phone with messages.

u better b reddy

it birthday time

happy birthday bb

r u even up yet?



do u ever wonder y crocodiles walk like they just got they nails done

do u think sneks wish dey had arms

sneks with arms tho lol

After about 30 more messages about snakes he arrived and excitedly knocked on their door, to be greeted by their mother. She let him inside and he rushed up the stairs to their room and burst in to find them still huddled under a mountain of blankets.

“Issei it’s too early.” they groaned from under the pile.

“Babe it’s like noon.” he chuckled and opened up their blinds.

“Fight me.” the threatened and he shrugged before placing the sunflowers carefully down on their desk and swan diving on top of them. “ISSEI NO!!” they giggled from under the blankets, franticly trying to keep their pile from being destroyed.

“IT’S TIME FOR AN RKO!” he yanked away their blankets to find them smiling up at him. “ARE YOU READY FOR THE PEOPLES ELBOW!?” he shouted and laughed, flopping down beside them and pulling them on top of him.

“I WASN’T READY!!” They laughed hard and they each peppered kisses over each other’s faces.

“You’re not even ready for your own birthday babe.”

“I’m ready to stay in bed for the rest of my birthday.”

“But I had a whole day planned!!” He laughed and protested by nipping at their neck lightly.

“Yeah but it’s MYYYY birthday!! You gotta be flexible Mattsun.” they smiled warmly at him and kissed his nose.

“I can show you how flexible I can be but I’ll have to close the door to do that.” his eyebrows wiggled and his s/o rolled their eyes at him. “But to be honest I would like nothing more than to make you happy especially on your birthday.”

“I love you.” they smiled and he pulled them in for a deep kiss, the two of them smiling against each other.

“I know.”


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Aww, it's awesome that you have mire asks now, Stella <3 But I'm sorry to add one, ops. Could I pretty pretty please request an Au! where dark! Kise is a Prince and known for having a cold heart. But he finds himself attracted to a normal girl he once saw on a market and he later on saves her from a bunch of troublemakers/perverts/whatevers xD and they develop feelings for each other? Haha, I hope you don't mind my weird ask. ^^"

This is actually a pretty fun ask, so thanks Elle <3 I just had no idea how to actually write it >< I’m so sorry… X:

The stares concentrated on his back and the lowly muttered words floating around him are nothing new to Kise. Keeping his eyes focused on the people around him, he watches as the villagers’ steps slow down, stopping and gathering to mostly gossip about him. The sunlight streaming down from above glints off the crown nestled in his blonde hair as he brushes away a stray lock. Kise has been wandering around this marketplace for half the day and the person he’s been looking for still hasn’t been found. A frown graces his lips as he sighs, abruptly turning around to head back the way he came. It has to be this street but none of his guards or knights have been able to spot the target and Kise is growing impatient. All those that betray him must be punished accordingly.

“No, not that!” A pleading voice shatters the silent air, making Kise pause and immediately turning towards the source. His guards follow him as he turns down an alleyway while the townspeople watch them disappear, relived that Kise is finally out of their sights.

Four silhouettes standing in the narrow passageway enter Kise’s field of view. One of them is pressed up against a wall and three of them are surrounding that one. The buildings on either side of the alleyway have rather large rooftops and barely any sunlight is able to illuminate the area but Kise can easily make out the familiar shade of your (h/c) hair.

No one, not even among the royalty, holds a candle to you in Kise’s eyes. He knows exactly what sort of reputation he has throughout the kingdom, not that he really cares, and most people try to avoid him as much as possible. The only ones that talk to him and approach him on a daily basis are his retainers, and you whenever you have the time. The first time he met you was when he saw you in the marketplace selling apples. Nothing about you stood out to him but just as Kise had walked past, a group of troublemakers ran by, knocking your stand over and taking quite a number of apples at the same time. Their act hadn’t gone unnoticed by Kise but what really caught his eye was the faces of those troublemakers. It was the same group of people that had attempted stealing from him the day prior by bumping into him. He certainly wasn’t going to let that go unpunished and had of course gotten his knights to capture the group. You had thanked him profusely, bowing down low to him and though your voice had wavered and kept shaking, indicating your anxiety at meeting the ‘cold hearted prince’, the gratitude in your eyes never waned. The second time Kise ran into you was on the road leading from his palace to the market. A group of males had been chasing you, their swords swinging in the air while throwing knives at you. They had stopped once they got a glimpse of Kise though, hightailing it out of there as fast as possible.

Many times after that, whenever Kise leaves the palace, he always ends up running into you one way or another. Whether it be seeing you trying to sell your apples or on an errand somewhere, it soon evolved into Kise not returning home until he managed to see you at least once. Like the other villagers, you had been wary of him at first too, stuttering way too much for his taste whenever you addressed him but time had managed to fix that.

“Please give that back!”

You’re pressed up against the wall, an arm blocking your escape with two other males standing behind the one keeping you trapped. One of your hands repeatedly reaches forward, trying to take back the object the male had taken from you but all he does it taunt you with it, keeping it out of your reach.

“If you want it back…” the male begins, smirking down at you as he leans closer to you so that you can feel his breath on your skin, “then you’ll have to pay me.” His eyes look over your body, taking in the sight of you from head to toe while a predatory look enters his eyes.

A faint whimper leaves you but there’s certainly no way out of this situation for you and you’re certainly not going to leave without getting your precious item back. You try reaching for the male’s hand again to no avail and he merely chuckles at your repeated failures, bringing his mouth ever closer to your lips.

“What’s going on here?”

Kise’s ever cheerful voice halts everything going on in that alleyway. Even without turning to see the blonde’s facial expression, it’s clear that his cheeriness is just a façade. A layer of ice and scorn coats his voice and his eyes are narrowed slits of dark yellow. His footsteps echo throughout the enclosed space while his eyes barely glance over his surroundings, lingering on you when he looks in your direction. Unshed tears shimmer in your (e/c) eyes and it’s clear that you’re suppressing the urge to cringe repeatedly.

The three males standing before him shuffle their feet uncomfortably, two of them looking away while the one that has you pressed up against the wall internally groans. “Nothing that deems your concern, Prince Kise,” the leader answers with a grunt, moving his unoccupied hand away from the wall, giving you some breathing space. “I just had some business with this woman here, that’s all.”

“Is that so?” Kise counters with a raised eyebrow, walking closer towards you and the group of men. His guards are behind him, hands on their weapons in case things decide to take a violent turn. “That woman you have there is mine. I don’t appreciate whatever it is you’re doing.” There’s a threatening tone in his voice that sends the group of three men shivering. The leader stares at your quivering form and then at Kise, taking note of the hostile expression that keeps on deepening on his face. With a rather loud exhale of air, the male throws the object back at you, you barely managing to catch it before it fell to the ground, before him and his companions rushed out of the alleyway.

Your fingers brush over the object sitting in your palm, relief flooding your body now that those creeps are gone and you have your precious keepsake back in your hands. There’s no chance for you to speak or to thank Kise though as before you can open your mouth or look at him, his hand is around your wrist, pulling you behind him while he heads out of the alleyway. Clouds had gathered overhead some time earlier, blocking out most of the light and making it seem as if a storm is brewing. Most of the townspeople had hurried home earlier too and the marketplace is almost deserted, only people closing up their stands are still lingering around.

“Are you okay?” Kise asks you, giving you a once over to make sure there aren’t any visible wounds. “They didn’t do anything to you, did they?”

“N-no! I’m fine, really,” you reply with a shake of your head, giving the blonde prince a small smile. The anger and rage are still simmering in his eyes and a scowl is set on his lips. “Thank you for saving me, Prince Kise.” You give him a slight bow, or at least you try to since him holding your hand still makes it hard.

“You need to be more careful,” he warns you, a softer tone entering his voice as he gazes down at you.

“I try to…” Your voice is sheepish and your eyes flicker almost nervously towards the ground as a faint red hue colours your cheeks. “You’re always saving me, Prince Kise. I’m really thankful for that, especially this time.”

“You say that after every rescue, (f/n).” Despite his words, there’s a glimmer of amusement shining in his yellow eyes and he finds himself also smiling at you. “Shall I offer you some protection?”

“What do you mean…?”

Kise smirks and brings your hand closer towards him, kissing the back of it. “I can be your prince in shining armour. Just yours.”

❀Important shit❀

So I won’t be taking requests as of right now until I can catch up with all the ones I currently have because I want to make those in a decent turn around time because it would make me feel bad to not be able to make those and have more and more requests piling up haha but please bare with me because i have a fair few to do (like i think 20+?) but some of the quotes people have requested are pure gold and i hope they’ll be worth the wait ahaha

but yeah thank you all for being so patient and wonderful ily all♥

(   ノ ╹◡╹)  ノ*:・゚✧

Grimmjow Tsundere Headcanons

Thank you for your request! I hope I did this one right and you enjoy!

• Whenever his s/o tries to break his shell, he tends to keep his distance. He most likely tells them he has to train or other stuff to do, just so he doesn’t have to face them, because the conversation could lead to extremely embarrassing situations

• On occasions like Valentine’s Day, he loves to buy them flowers. But he always puts them down in front of their door, because he turns red like a tomato if he had to give his present to them

• Whenever they visit the human world, he most likely just walks next to them as if they wouldn’t even be in love. Only if he’s really in a good mood, he’d occasionally hold hands

I am taking requests now!

Hello! So I’m officially taking requests again!

Again, I write for Infinite, BTS, GOT7, and B.A.P, so send me anything with any member from those groups! Less is more to me, so you don’t have to go all out with details and details in your request :)

If I have some sort of problem with your request, I’ll let you know, and hopefully you can change it up a bit so I can accept it, but other than that, send whatever prompts you want!

I’ll let you all know when I’m no longer taking requests, but for now, what are you waiting for? Send me some prompts! :-))

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Everybody requesting wallpaper I’m sorry but I’ll be away for the weekend. My mom is dragging me on a road trip to Maryland. Yaaaaaay…. no not really, I mean Maryland is cool, but road trips? No thank you. I CAN’T DO CARS JUST NO. Anyways, I’ll be without Internet, every once and awhile I’ll get graced with wifi, so I might post some wallpapers, but not many. But don’t worry I can still work on wallpapers while on the road, I just won’t be able to post most of them until Sunday night or Monday. So expect a flood of wallpapers by the end of the weekend. Thank you for listening (reading haha)~~~


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What exactly would being a mod involve? I'm super interested in it but i dont wanna be useless ;-;

Just like video links (because I swear I am so sorry to everyone because I just totally forget :c) and just general stuff because i know people want to be a part of this, but don’t know how to edit or are unable to so i thought it’d be cool to have that extra help perhaps? I also just think it gives a fairer opportunity to those  who aren’t into the editing side but just enjoy this blog (or y’know low key it’d be chill to make friends ) hahaha but yeah I think it’s basically going to work like those “network” things that are basically a mini squad… 

…we will be the cr1tikal shit posting squad

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x. "i thought this was a 'private' study room."

Ice Breaker Sentences

It was supposed to be, but I guess no one listened to my request… again.
Which has been the, what, 8th, 9th time? Oh well, he got used to it by now anyway. He knew Richter still wasn’t all that comfortable with people around, being able to listen in while they were working, but they didn’t really have a choice.

Just send them your death glare once in a while, and it’ll feel like a private study room~ Or, wait…

Looking around him and then back at Richter, he added, a big grin on his face.
Don’t tell me you wanted to spend some private time with me Richter! Aaaaw, it’s so adorable, I’m so sorry we have to share our private time with some other lame scientists, but it’s life, nothing will ever go our way.

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When will your requests be on again????????

I have no idea sorry Nonny :-( I’ve got the writers block crazy bad right now and am struggling just to write for myself let alone others, plus I’m moving 1700km away in 5 months so I’m super hectic dealing with all of that mess.

I’d like to say hopefully soon, but realistically I don’t even know.

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februariesong replied to your post:The worst thing about this paper that I’m supposed…

when that happened to me in college i would just use wikipedia as a starting point and get my info from other sources and then just credit the approved ones, and none of my profs ever noticed

That’s what I usually do if I’m having trouble with sources. The only problem is that I had to choose sources that were only from our University’s database, which can’t be accessed through Wikipedia or the internet in general. That left me with only 3 sources that even mentioned the specified author. One was an interview about how he liked technology, another was an article about a bombing that someone thought was eerily similar to his work (which wasn’t the one I was supposed to write about), and the other was just a brief mention in a list of Indian authors. 

And I was somehow supposed to build a 1,000 word paper with the information I got from these 3 sources. 

And honestly I think she does it on purpose, because she has a habit of giving us the most vague instructions and then when we’re confused and ask for her help or to clarify she acts like we’re idiots and says things like “Just read the instructions.” or my personal favorite “Just try harder.” That’s what she told me when she marked me as 5 out of 10 on an assignment about a personal experience, and I asked her what was wrong with it.