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hi! I hope I'm not bothering you I was wondering if you could explain your posts about the elections? I'm american and I don't understand what's going on but I feel it's important?? Is france racist? I don't want to be rude but it is what I gathered??? thank you sorry if it came out wrong!!

Hey, thanks for the ask, don’t worry you’re not a bother. On the contrary, I’m glad you ask. I’m sorry it took me all day to reply, I just didn’t want to forget anything.

Firstly, no, France is not racist. That’s a big assumption to make about a whole damn country.

So. Yesterday was the first round of our regional elections. Basically we were electing our regional councils, one for each of the 13 regions in France (plus 5 overseas).  Keep in mind that these councils do not have legislative autonomy, but they do manage sizable budgets, mainly for high schools, professional training, associations/organizations and regional transports.

What happened is that the FN (Front National, the extreme-right party) won 6 of the 13 regions in France, and picked up 28% of the vote nationally. The right wing secured 27% and the left wing only 23%.

FN is in brown, right wing in blue and left wing in pink.

That’s fucking terrifying. The Paris Attacks took place 3 weeks ago, and it was no coincidence. Daesh - that’s what most of us call ISIS, ‘cause there’s nothing Islamist and there’s nothing state-like with Daesh - chose to attack Paris this close to the elections because their goal is to turn the population against itself. Against refugees, against Muslims, against all the people the FN does not want in France. And it works. Not everywhere, of course. Not in Paris, the city enjoys being multicultural way too much. Not in Britany, where people are so damn welcoming. But in other regions. Regions where maybe there are not so many young people. Where people don’t have an easy access to education. Where the population is mostly white, where the people don’t get to meet and exchange with POC every day like in bigger cities. Where people don’t know. This is Daesh’s strategy. And many people don’t know any better.

A poll published yesterday revealed that a third of the votes was influenced by the terrorist threat. Which is ridiculous. Regional councils don’t do much in terms of terrorism, like I said above since they mainly manage educational budgets and budgets for transports and associations. Pretty much all the things that help in building a community - that the FN wants to cut, which would NOT help the fight against terrorism.

But many don’t know that. All they see and hear is this: There is a terrorist threat. The terrorists claim that they are Muslims and doing it in the name of Islam. The FN says that they don’t want Muslims in France. And bam. Many don’t go looking further and take shortcuts, mix up everything and suddenly the FN looks like a plausible solution to eradicate terrorism. Of course it’s bullshit. I know that, I guess you know that, and a good chunk of the population in France knows it too. But almost50% of the population didn’t vote yesterday. Because they didn’t see the point, because “regional elections are not that important, I’ll vote for the presidential elections in 2017”, because “politicians are all the same anyway”, I don’t know why else. Shame on these people.

Actually, this is pretty much the same situation than with the 2002 presidential elections. The 2002 elections took place 8 months after 9/11 and the terrorist threat was also palpable in France. I won’t go into details since there are other factors but this did play in the fact that the FN actually got to the second round. I was 10 so I didn’t understand everything but I remember this

Le Pen on the right, Chirac on the left

And the shock that followed in my livingroom. Le Pen? President of the Front National Le Pen? Racist, xenophobic, homophobic Le Pen, in the second round? How? How could this happen? People were devastated.

But France did not even wait for the second round a week later. People immediately took to the streets that same night. They protested, against Le Pen, against extremism, against wrong conflation.

And it did not stop there. It went on for a week and on May, 1st, a big manifestation took place. It was supposed to be a march between Place de la République and Place de la Bastille, but there were so many people that they couldn’t do much more than standing instead of marching.

And of course, Le Pen lost, and Chirac won the second round with more than 80%. Sigh of relief. But for how long?

I can’t help but wonder. Regional elections ALWAYS reflect presidential elections. It gives a trend of what people think. So is that what we should expect for the 2017 Presidential Elections? I really hope not. We wouldn’t let that happen right? Not France. Not the nation of Human Rights, of Liberty and Equality. Right?

My baguette friends and I are angry, kinda scared, exasperated and disgusted. It’s just… How did it go this far, AGAIN? Where is the France of January, the one taking to the streets to protest against extremism? Parce que le FN en tête dans 6 régions, c’est pas très Charlie.

DONC LES GENS. Mes petites baguettes. Si vous le pouvez dimanche prochain, ALLEZ VOTER PUTAIN.

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hello dear, would you like to help a friend in need? c: so basically i'm only getting into bastille & starting to love their music & their pretty faces (u feel me) & i'm slowly entering the fanbase. the point is that idk almost anything about their personalities or specific stuff or fanbase inside jokes and all and i'd love to!! so if you were awesome enough to tell me a few things about that it'd be incredible c: it's 300% okay if u don't wanna tho!! also if u could answer on priv that'd be gr8

Was sent privately in another message, but posted publicly here in case anyone else wants this info.

I’m sorry for taking so long to respond. I haven’t had the time to sit down and put my all into this answer, since I almost only go on tumblr when I’m at work, because then when I get home, I’m just so sick of looking at a computer screen.

So Bastille fans are called Stormers, in reference to the historical event of the Storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution. It was coined by our own Dan Smith, lead singer of the band:

Now the question of “getting to know the band” has been asked many times in the fandom, so I’ll just link you to one of them so I don’t have to spend the time typing it all out myself. You can find it right here. (Don’t worry, pictures are included.)

What it doesn’t mention about Dan is that he was studying English Literature and was about to enter Grad School to study Journalism before he went solo and then started Bastille, which is why his music is so brilliant. The lyrics mention many literary/historical/mythical references which can be explained herehere, and here. Here are also two other posts from other Stormers who break down the meaning of his other songs (both from his solo act and from current Bastille): one and two.

Long story short, Dan does a really good job at writing meaningful, beautiful lyrics.

As for the other members, the first post I linked you to explained it all except for the fact that Kyle is multi-talented. He not only plays keys, but a multitude of other instruments, including but not limited to the shaker, bass, and percussion. Will is also an actor (his work can be seen here and here, the last one being the most recent.) I don’t remember if this was mentioned in the first “meet the boys” link I gave you, but Will has a love for Rihanna that runs deep (this fact will make his last acting video make a lot more sense.) Woody is also engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Crissy. They were recently engaged last year and the two are very adorable. Woody worked with Dan way before Bastille, because Dan was looking for a drummer to work with him during his solo career. Dan’s mother found Woody’s flyer about giving drum lessons, and it just took off from there.

If you want to know about behind-the-scenes of Bastille, for example their tour crew and whatnot, go here.

As for Stormer inside jokes, I guess poking fun at Dan’s dancing is #1. Everyone knows he can’t dance. Even he knows he can’t dance. Um, the only other one I can recall at the moment is the Bastea Apocalypse, which was just a day of insanity where we argued over how we took our tea (Americans vs British, of course) and then made awful photoshop edits and cringe-worthy puns.

But yeah, I guess I covered most of it. If you feel like you need me to explain any more, don’t hesitate to ask me. I won’t take my time answering you next time around, I swear haha.