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[pm] How disappointing.

[pm] You’re an asshole. And not the normal, people grumble about how rude and mean you are– the special kind of asshole.

You want a profile? Fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You hate yourself– but, luckily, you hate witches more. I haven’t decided if it’s you they tried to kill, or your mother. It wasn’t the father because clearly you grew up without one. You justify all your actions by thinking that what you’re doing is the right thing, and though sometimes you might waver on what that is, exactly, if you stick to your morally righteous code, then you can easily wave away all the shitty feelings that come with it. You are capable of feeling guilt, but you certainly don’t want to. You might even take the literal definition of your name to heart. Was faith and religion ever a big part of your life? I’m assuming so, because only someone so poisoned by 5000 year old ideals could justify murdering people simply for what they are. But at least you don’t think yourself some sort of hero. You’re just trying to make the world a safer place, but what you don’t realize, is that you’re part of the problem.

You’re stubborn, pessimistic, and sardonic, and if you make most things into a casual joke, then life is a hell of a lot easier to process. Oh, and, can’t get attached to people, that would tie you down to one place, way too easy. Can’t have that. But it’s alright that you feel lonely, because your work is more important to you. Because someone hurt you once in the past, and therefore everyone just like them must pay. How pathetic.

hey i don’t like smiling in photos bc my smile is disgusting so i end up not really knowing what to do with my face i am v sorry

( carryinguilt )

it’s the ache in her back that drives her out
twenty minutes before class ends, the SHARP
pain radiating throughout her body as she 
wobbles through the halls, out to her car, and 
buzzes above the speed limit as she races toward
her apartment. toward the comforts of the king
sized bed that seems to scream out her name.

                          it’d been months since she’d been in beacon hills,
                          three months to had been exact. frail fingers rest 
                          over her swollen abdominal, feeling the small kick
                          jump at her hand, a small smile stretching across
                          her pink, pouted lips. six months pregnant, she’d
                          left at three months, thanking that she hadn’t started
                          showing until later in the pregnancy. 

as she pulls into the parking lot, the familiar ring
echoes through her leathered prada, as she glances
at the name before letting out a small sigh, lowering
her voice to a whisper as she answers. 
                    stiles. yeah! hi – i’m so, so sorry babe,
                     i’m in class for another twenty minutes
                     i’ll call you when i get out okay?” CLICK.
                                        it hurts to lie to him, lie to herself, sure
                                        but she knows she’s making the right
                                        choice. for both of them. they’re young
                                        both with bright futures blaring right in
                                        front of them. throwing the phone back 
                                        into the purse, she fishes for her keys, 
                                        unlocking the door. she doesn’t notice 
                                        him until she turns back around, her eyes
                                        widening as her heart beat quickens, 
                                        instinctively swallowing as her eyes observe
                                        the familiar mess of brown hair and moles,
                                        amber-hued orbs staring darts to her. her
                                        lips part, muttering the ONLY word that seemed
                                        to come to mind. 

S H I T.



The former med student groaned lightly as he squinted at the starry sky. The stars seemed to twinkle mockingly at him and Jude had to shake his head to clear it. What…had happened? He remembered that they had beaten Gaius and Muzet…Maxwell had been bringing the Schism down and then…

He forced himself up.

Darkness that…hadn’t felt right had surged in from a crack and the last thing he had heard from Maxwell as he died with the Schism was ‘No, not you–!’ and then…then the strange ant-like creatures had swarmed around a bright light shaped oddly like a keyhole on the floor near the group. Milla had summoned the Four to try and fight them off, but…

Next thing Jude knew was that the light had suddenly snuffed out and the world around them had broken apart. He had…grabbed someone. Who had he–?

Elize was near by, he realized.

“Elize!” Jude pushed himself away from the wall he had been leaning on to kneel next to the young girl. Was she okay? She looked okay to him…and there was Teepo, at her side as usual. He checked her breathing and thanked whatever spirits that could hear him that she was okay…

Taking a deep breath, Jude repeated himself, “Elize. Elize, are you awake?” He gently shook her shoulder, trying not to jostle her too much from her spot on the ground. Jude peeked over his shoulder and realized they were in an alleyway of some kind…where, though?

                                   caroline forbes x 18 x waitress x candice accola

caroline forbes is almost a cliche in her story. a small town girl with big dreams of one day making it big as a singer. after graduating valedictorian at her high school, caroline decided to forgo college in favor of packing all of her things into her car, gathering all of her savings, and leaving her small town behind to head to the big apple. she got herself a shoddy but cheap hotel room, and set out to find a job. nothing was going to hold her back from pursuing her dream, because she was caroline forbes; and when caroline puts her mind to something, she can’t be stopped. but weeks of bad auditions with no callbacks, and getting fired from her job at a diner, caroline was finding it harder and harder to stay optimistic.

things went downhill when caroline got home one day, and found her hotel room ransacked. luckily, all of her valuables had been with her, but the wad of cash that caroline had stashed away was gone, never to be seen again. caroline was crushed. the only money she had left was about $50 dollars in her wallet, and that meant that she couldn’t afford to stay in the room any longer. so she shoved everything back into her car, turned in her room key, and set out to find a place to drown her sorrows (with a fake id, of course).

that was how caroline stumbled upon the burlesque lounge. when she saw the sign for the place, a curiosity set in, and caroline couldn’t help but step inside. she’d never really known much about the burlesque world, but as she watched the girls perform, caroline was captivated. she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be a dancer, but she knew she wanted to be in the world. she ended up befriending one of the dancers, elena, who ended up helping her get a job as a waitress after hearing about how caroline had been robbed. she didn’t tell her that she was basically living out of her car, though, because honestly, she’s not looking for a handout. she’s determined to work hard to prove herself, though she is finding herself more and more fascinated by the idea of being a performer at the club. 


“Knock once for the father, twice for the son, three times for the holy ghost.”

Featuring: Mana = Earl theory, Lavi = Heart theory

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