I’m sorry if I send you things you can’t respond to and if that makes it seem like I don’t want to talk anymore. Because really you’re the only one I want to talk to ever and I’m just afraid I’ll wreck it. Because I always wreck everything.
Day 17: Roast the Mage

Meanwhile at the first annual Roast the Mage open mic night:

Baz steps up the mic. The crowd hushes immediately. They look upward at him with bated breath, having no clue what will come next. He’s the first one performing on this momentous occasion. 

Baz takes a deep breath, and to everyone’s utter amazement he starts rapping as Simon begins to beatbox.


I’m not gonna be nice

You know what you did

it’s no sugar and spice


And I’m not putting it lightly

those tights are made for someone

much more sprightly

Old man

sit the hell down

the mustache makes you look like 

one hell of a clown

What’re doing?

Trying to impress?

We’re thinking

that’s how 

Robin Hood would dress.

You know it

You’re a terrible father

look over the edge

look in the water

it’s the merwolves 

ready to feast

too bad it’s you

and not some roast beef. 

He drops the mic. Sparks fly. Simon takes a bow and Baz flips his hair effortlessly. 


While I was setting stuff up for the stream yesterday, I did these minute doodles to help wake up my artistic skills.

And then I made Underload Temmie. I suggest you only clock the “Keep Reading” if you can handle creepy Temmies and that they won’t ruin Temmie for you. But I had to give Span an extra reason for his phobia of Temmies besides one trying to force feed him Temmie Flakes that one time.

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