Mythical Creature AU - Toto Wolff // Black Shuck

Black Shuck, Old Shuck, Old Shock or Simply Shuck is the name given to a ghostly black dog which is said to roam the coastline and countryside of East Anglia. Accounts of the animal form part of the folklore of Norfolk,Suffolk, the Cambridgeshire fens And Essex.

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is it weird before I got into blands I thought Jack was a blond? Like I only saw gifs of holo!jack and for some reason I assumed he was blond and when I actually started playing the game I was so bothered by the fact that he wasn't blond O_o

So, I uh…


personal problems...

I’m sick of being in abusive relationships. My family is a very mentally abusive family and the person I considered my best friend (who clearly no longer is), is very abusive mentally. When he is nice, man he is nice, but when he is mean, he is super mean. These relationships are killing me and wearing down on me, I’m so sick of this. I don’t get how I keep surrounding myself with such abusive people.

Last year I had a teacher who yelled at/humiliated me in front of the class when I asked him to give me a topic for an assignment (I can’t choose topics for open writing assignments I’m really indecisive and it’s overwhelming) and like at first I was just stunned because maybe a week or two earlier I told him I needed him to give me topics for future assignments or I wouldn’t be able to get anything done and he was that was fine and he would help me with that.

Anyways, like within a minute I was crying which is extra horrible in a classroom full of people I see every day so I just put my head down and tried to do it quietly. The TA took me upstairs at break so I could sit in a quiet/empty room for the rest of class and I was up there crying for like an hour (maybe more? I’m bad at time perception and my emotional regulation is garbage lmfao).

So the next day I spoke to the office about this and tried to get put in a different classroom and it ended up taking four days of arguing with administration for me to get switched out of that class because “there’s only a couple of weeks left before this term ends you’ll be fine” even though I know there are other rooms I could’ve gone to (there’s two or three rooms for students taking self paced or online courses and there’s plenty of room in them)

When I went back to his classroom for the last time to pick up a couple of assignments I left there he told me something like “Don’t feel upset or like you’re being kicked out you should always feel welcome here” and it’s like. n o if I was welcome I wouldn’t be leaving, asshole :^) I had to fight to leave in the first place why would I want to come back.

I went to an alternate school and a lot of the kids there have mh problems and I only had 1 friend at that school and he’s made her cry as well + he’s generally shitty/disrespectful to most of his students and I’m honestly not sure why he’s a teacher or how he’s still got a job 

Hitaus for now

i will be away for a couple of weeks or so dont worry about  me. i will be back i promise its only for a little while. so i can prepare for my holiday to spain and be abit more happier as im currently going through aniexty alot!. i’ll be back on october 11 (my birthday) but i’ll be actrive today and tomorrow :D

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Hey hey!!! Answer all 50 (or the rest) for Nate

Good heavens, that’s quite the challenge, friend! But I proudly accept it! :D
<< Warning, will probably contain triggering stuff>>
      Excuse the long ass post ^^’

01. What does your character’s name mean? Did you pick it for the symbolism, or did you just like the way it sounded?
“Nathan”, “gift of God” indicate’s Nate true nature: innocent, naive and loyal, while “Adrian”, “dark” is a reference to what people have done to Nate, taking advantage of his innocence and changing him in what he calls an inhuman killing machine.

02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness?
Nate has a lot of insecurities, but if you really want him to shatter, point out that he sacrificed his own son with the explosion of the Institute. He will be at loss of words for a long while. This insecurity, however, is hid behind the mask Nate always wears: an unstoppable killing machine without feelings or insecurities.

03. What would be their favorite physical trait about themselves?
His eyes. Despite being behind a pair of shades most of the time (even indoors), his blue eyes are one of his weapons: even a single glare can terrify the target.

04. What are their favorite traits about their lover? (one psychological and one physical)
/Marianne Young (prewar spouse)/ Psychological: her sweet and cheery attitude. Physical: her height (being twenty centimetres taller than her, Nate considered Mary’s height extremely cute.
/Shadow Rose (AU spouse)/ Psychological: her soldier-like attitude and the “General tone” she has toward the Minutemen… secretly turns him on a little. Physical: pretty much every inch of her body. Yep.

05. Are they sexually confident or more of the shy type?
Probably the shyest guy on the planet, can’t really recognize a pick-up line or an attempt to flirt. He is not very confident of his looks, either.

06. Do they have any hobbies that their lover finds unusual, odd, or otherwise annoying?
Being an ADHD case, Nate may result in being extremely annoying, sometimes. His hyperactivity compels him to work out for hours, getting up in the middle of the night only to draw something and polishing his power armor and weapons until they are the shiniest thing around.

07. Is there a catchphrase or sound that they tend to make a lot (likely without being aware of it)?
Not really. Nate learnt to have full control of his body and insticts and to always mantain a perfect posture. But if he gets nervous, he will often shift his weight to one foot to another and shake a bit.

08. What is, perhaps, their biggest flaw? Are they aware of this or oblivious to it?
Nate is a huge liar. He can’t help it, he lies about his everything and yes, he’s aware of it but knows that he lies to protect people from himself.

09. Do they have a favorite season? What about a favorite holiday?
Okay, this is odd: Nate loves winter, but hates the cold and the snow. About holidays, well, he doesn’t celebrate or have a favourite day… he doesn’t even celebrate his birthday (…not like he really knows when is it). When the rest of the Brotherhood celebrates Christmas, for example, he just sits in his room, drinking, and remembering about the life he had before the bombs.

10. Is your character more feminine or masculine?
Nate is masculine, but does certain things that could be considerate femenine, like cooking, cleaning around and sewing.

11. What is something that would make your character fly into a rage?
Someone offending his *deceased* wife and son, being a disrespectful soldier of his team, stealing his stuff or just someone calling him a communist. Don’t piss him off. Just don’t.

12. Is there some particular talent, skill, or attribute that they simply could not give up?
Drawing. Nate is an amazing and extremely talented drawer. If he has something in mind, despite being the middle of the night, he will get up and draw it.

13. What are your character’s sleeping habits? Heavy or light sleeper? Blanket stealer? One that always rolls onto the floor? Pushes their lover onto the floor? Sleep talker or walker?
Nate usually sleeps fully clothed, with his back facing the wall, a gun in his pants (near the groin), a combat knife in his left boot and his rifle near or under the bed / on a nightstand. He’s a very light sleeper but can become an heavy one if he’s safe and sometimes talks in his sleep (it’s mainly spanish or just random mumbling in another language).

14. Do they live alone or with family? How do they feel about their family/roommates?
He doesn’t really have an home, but sometimes is on the Prydwen, sharing his room with a cat…

15. Is there a certain person in this world that they cannot stand? The very mention of this person’s name makes them tremble with anger or fear.
Cait. She drives him insane.
The reason behind this, is him falling in love with her, and her falling in love with his body and his caps. She just used him and left him when she got tired of their relationship, making him die inside a little more.

16. Is your character the athletic type or more of a couch potato? What are some sports/games that they like?
Nate is hyperactive: he can’t stop moving and working out. If he’s angry or frustrated, he could spend an entire day just working out and punching/smashing stuff. He is an huge fan of baseball and football.

17. Does your character have dreams of getting married and/or having children?
Yes, he does. Nate loves kids, and would love to become father again and he surely would like a wife at his side… or maybe just Mary back.

18. What kind of home would they want to live in? Where would they place this abode?

He would live in an house with picket fences, a pool, a huge garage and a big backyard to play with his pets and kids. The home would be very cozy and comfortable, with an huge office and also a gym.

19. Would your character be the kind to get into fights? (physical or verbal) Would they be a good fighter or cave in rather easily?
He doesn’t actually. Despite seeming an aggressive type, Nate does his best to avoid any fight, no matter if verbal of physical, but don’t think he can’t fight or anything.
He’s very harsh with words and can kill a person in less than ten seconds. He simply doesn’t fight to avoid killing people.

20. Does your character like animals? What are some of their favorite animals? Would they want pets? What about mythological creatures?
Nate loves animals. He owned a Corgi, an Husky and a cat he found in the streets, before the war, and would love to have other pets aside from Dogmeat. He also finds unicorns interesting, but he’s deeply ashamed of it and never told anybody.

21. What is one of your character’s biggest fears? How would they react when dealing with this fear?
Nate is almost fearless. Almost.
His biggest fear, would be losing who he loves the most, such as his “brothers” Danse, Deacon, Mac.Cready or Hancock or his sister Harley. If he lost just a single one of them, he would probably zone out for a good amount of time, run away and cry alone.

22. What kind of tattoos, piercings, birthmarks, freckles, and other such unique physical features do they have?
Nate has some very light freckles on his face, and a huge amount of scars, too.
On his body, he has the scars of countless battles, including one from the battle against himself.
The most noticeable ones are on the abs: once a Deathclaw almost cut him in half, burying its claws in Nate’s intestine and leaving four gashes. Ouch.
Then there is a small one on the left hip: he misses a kidney.
Bullet scar on the knees and near the heart, from an accident happened in Anchorage.
A gash on his back, long as the spine: from a fight back in his teen days.
A small scar on the ribs, faded: from his abusive father.
“Numb” carved on his left wrist: suicide attempt from his teenage.

23. What is your character like when it comes to school? What subjects are they good/bad at? Do they get in trouble a lot or are well behaved?
Nate would be the secret huge nerd, school-loving type. Probably good in most of the subject, would probably get in trouble sometimes.

24. In their own words, how would your character describe what their lover is like?
/ Marianne Young (prewar spouse) / “Mary is… probably the sweetest person on this planet. She is kind, patient and… uh, I don’t even know. I just love her too much to just describe her. She is just precious, unique and beautiful, funny… she’s also my angel and savior. I could go on and talking about her forever, I swear.”
/ Shadow Rose (AU spouse) / “Shadow is literally the strongest and most selfless person you could ever meet. She is… well, I don’t even know where to start with her. She just is, and her beauty, both physical and psychological cannot be described. Yep, that’s all I can say about her. Words will never be enough.”

25. Is there something traumatic from your character’s past that greatly affects them even to this day?
Ah, where should we start? All his life has been traumatic. He’s been abused and ignored for most of his life, and this treatment nearly killed the good Nate, the real one. The guy with the biggest heart you can ever meet.

26. What is their lover like sexually? How do they feel about their lover’s quirks, needs, etc?
/ Marianne Young (prewar spouse) / Mary is very gentle and patient with him.
/ Shadow Rose (AU spouse) / Shadow likes to challenge, tease and rougher stuff. Not like Nate can’t keep up with her… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

27. If your character was going to get arrested, what would be the most likely reason for it?
Actually, Nate almost got arrested as a teenage. He tracked down his parents and set their house on fire as a vendetta for kicking him out as a kid. Oddly satisfying.

28. If your character became a celebrity, what would they be famous for?
Well, if you cut off most of his backstory, Nate would be a legend of football. He Always loved that sport and all the organization behind every single tactic.

29. What is one of the most courageous things your character has ever done for a loved one?
He let a Deathclaw bury its claws in his guts to avoid Danse getting hurt. He just couldn’t let his beloved brother getting killed…

30. When it comes to the arts (music, film, theater, etc), what does your character like?
Nate is a secret lover of any kind of metal and rock, loves horror films and books and is interested any kind of performance about theater. He also loves comics and pretty much every book he can find. What a nerd.

31. Would your character be the kind capable of killing? Would they enjoy killing or only use it when necessary or, perhaps, refuse to kill no matter what?
Nate “Deadshot” is used to kill, but not without a motivation. There are certain people in certain situation who’d never point a gun at, like kids and people who did absolutely nothing to deserve a bullet.

32. If your character’s lover offered to take them out on a dream date, what would they want to do?
Nate’s real idea of date, is just shooting tin cans while drinking a beer at night, but he will easily follow his lover’s desires and put on a tuxedo, going in the fanciest restaurant he can afford.

33. If your character wanted to be alone, where would they go?
He would probably jump in his power armor, grab the miniun and run til reaching the glowing sea: he has a secret base, there…

34. Does your character have favorite foods? (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, etc)
Nate has a very sweet tooth and will spend most of his time alone, eating the junk food from his secret stash (the dummy won’t get fat or anything).
If he had to choose, he would Always be eating Deathclaw steak or omelette for breakfast or lunch, noodles for dinner, Fancy Lads Snack Cakes for dessert and probably a sweet roll and chips (yes, both) for snack.

35. Is your character afraid of death? If they got to choose how to die, how would they want to go?
Nate can’t actually age up due to the Mysterious Serum and is nearly immune to drugs and chems but isn’t afraid do die. He knows it’s going to happen, some day.
He would probably want to get killed just like he does with his enemies: with one single shot placed in his forehead, with little to no pain proved.

36. Does your character have any medical conditions? Are they serious or minor? Do they affect their day to day life?
Well, Nate misses a kidney and has got a pretty harsh case of PTSD, something that himself defines a non-existent illness. His missing kidney is not really too much of a big deal due to the Mysterious Serum keeping his organs in perfect shape, but his PTSD Always messes up with his mind. He also suffers from anxiety and panic Attacks from time to time. Also, he has a case of ADHD, developed due to a childhood trauma.

37. What are some of your character’s pet peeves? What are some things that annoy them or disgust them?
Biggest pet peeve: he will never be good enough for what he does. Never.
Something annoying/ disgusting: he finds absolutely horrifying how low a human life is worth in the Commonwealth. Simply disgusting.

38. What kind of weather does your character like? Cloudy skies, rainy days, sunshine, etc?
He likes cloudy, foggy days, spent under the bedsheets, thunderstorms to charge some deadly components of his power armor and the sunshine because he is always cold, and the Sun is the only thing that keeps him warm. He also hates snow.

39. When people look at your character, is there some assumption they might make about them just by appearance? Is that assumption correct?
While Nate doesn’t really have an idea of the impression he can give, most of the people see him as an aggressive type, like one who can and will kill you if you bother him too much.
The truth is, Nate has a training that compels him not to use his deadly force against someone else unless attacked. Plus, if left alone, Nate won’t hurt anybody and surely won’t be aggressive. He’s actually a sweetheart, but does his best to hide it.

40. Does your OC have any guilty pleasures they enjoy? Hobbies, past times, music, etc that they wouldn’t want known by others?
He has a huge, secret stash of junk food, and spends all his time alone eating while doodling or just reading.

41. Does your character’s family affect your character in any way?
It did. As a child, Nate lived with extremely abusive parents, who  made him grow up in fear and loneliness. He still brings the scars on his body from what happened to him, and still haves nightmares from time to time. His way to act also has some features indicating him being a victim of abuse, such as the apologizing too much, the fear to be touched and the general anxiety he has while interacting with people.
Without his parents, Nate would’ve been a much more extroverted person, way more fearless than he already is and way more easy-going and generally happy.

42. Is there anything in your character’s past that they regret, haunts them, or they wish they could change?
Regrets? He regrets almost everything done in his life, but if there’s something he would definitely change is what happened back in 2077. He just wish the world didn’t end…

43. Does your character have a switch that changes aspects of their personality whether they are around friends, family, etc. Is there someone who gets to see their true self?
It’s not a thing he does on porpoise, but yes, he does. Nate is very cold with who doesn’t know, seems extremely confident an has a very good sense of humor with his friends (he also tells awesome stories of his adventures if asked) and is the sweet, loving and caring person he truly is with his “family”. The only people capable of seeing the real Nate are his “adoptive” brothers Danse and Deacon and his sister Harley.

44. Is there a particular event that would emotionally devastate your character?
Probably the death of a loved one, of the distruction of the Brotherhood… these are the two main things that keep him alive.

45. Is your character the kind to hide their true emotions or do they wear their heart on their sleeve?
Nate is a liar. A huge one, and you can never tell if he’s lying or actually saying the truth. Nate hides his feelings to avoid people worrying about him. He may be falling apart from the inside, but can and will Always hide it behind the kindest of his smiles, if he has to. He will break down later, after making sure he’s alone.

46. What is some random affectionate thing that your character always does to their lover?
Tackle hugs, cuddles and tickling. He loves this kind of things in presence of his loved one.

47. Is your character outgoing? Would they be the leader of the friend group, or the quiet one that gets dragged along?
Nate is not very outgoing: he’s shy and introvert, and would probably end up being the quite one who gets dragged along.

48. Is there anything in particular that would ignite your character’s jealousy? Or does your character not get envious?
Nate doesn’t really know what jealousy is, and never got envious. He learnt to accept whatever life handles him, and to never be envious about other people’s luck.

49. What is something that your character has nightmares about? Are these frequent? Do they heavily affect your character’s mood?
Well, Nate has nightmares on his childhood, on the accident happened back in Anchorage, on the day the bombs fell, on his wife’s death and sometimes also on the destruction of the Institute.

50. If your character confessed love to their crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc, what would they say?
Nate is super duper awkward and not a great talker. He would probably say his crush that they mean the world to him and he wouldn't  want to spend his time with anyone else, or just say “I think I’m in love with you” while blushing like crazy.

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Persephone walked down the street, humming quietly to herself as she moved. Hearing footsteps behind her, she turned her head slightly but didn’t worry too much about the man behind her, there were few people that Persephone feared. She slowed, and turned towards the follower. “Can I help you with something?” She asked; the man was clearly a mortal. He said nothing and moved towards her quickly, grabbing her throat and beginning to choke her. “Death to all Gods!” He spat as she clawed at his hands.