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Sorry to be annoying but do you have any tips for fanfic writers who are scared to post because they don’t think anyone will care or read it/has trouble keeping with a schedule to upload?

my time has come! i’ll just start by saying that these are all strictly my opinion and they aren’t the rules and others may think differently

  1. think about where you want to post! 
    1. wattpad? risky and cringy - personally i wouldn’t touch a wattpad fic no matter how interesting it sounded. 
    2. fanfic.net? depends on the fandom tbh some are still thriving but a lot of them have died out and have left behind a graveyard of hiatus fics.
    3. tumblr? good for one shots but can get tedious for chapter fics!! allows self reblogs and people can reblog it to broaden the audience
    4. ao3? heaven for fic writers! you can create a series, see comments, kudos, bookmarks, people can subscribe and get an email notif (sure this applies to other sites too) and you have a stats page which is always interesting - my personal fave
  2. summary!!!! it’s important - use snippets from the fic sparingly otherwise people may think ‘that’s the best part? why do i need to read now?’ your summary doesn’t have to be intricate - sometimes simple is better. Never say ‘i suck at summaries the story is better i promise’ just don’t 
  3. title - anything other than ‘untitled’ works
  4. tense!! past tense is the best tense to go for and it’s the most natural tense for people to read.
  5. pov! no offence but i can’t stand first person fics - this is probably just a personal gripe but they make me go KSDNGKSNFKGJSKJN
  6. chaptered fics? write a few chapters before you start posting and try to stick to a rough schedule - some people only read finished fics but if you sell yourself as a reliable updater they may make an exception for you

sometimes readers don’t interact with fics, it sucks and it may make you feel like you’re writing and no one is reading but i promise you that someone out there will be reading and in the end - don’t give up!!

writing is something you should do because you need to do it not because you need validation from others (even if the validation is great). write because you have to share your stories, write in the hopes that you’ll brighten someone’s day, write because you want to inspire people, but most of all write for yourself :)

Me: *having a beautiful day with my husband, kids and pets* nothing can change my good mood!!

BREAKING NEWS: “The ex-kpop idol, Kim Jongin, finally got married..”

Me: *leaving the kitchen and my kids at the table, running in the street and falling on my knees* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, MY MAAAN!!!

Also me: wait, is it Kyungsoo tho???

I’ve Failed You

I’ve had a bad day today.

This is what started it all. I had my first (and hopefully last) driving accident, which involved another car. It was only minor - no-one was hurt, their car was more or less undamaged. The front of mine was much worse off though - I could still drive it home, but I may have to get a new one. I feel so stupid, and of course shaken up by the experience.

Because of that, I haven’t been in the best headspace today. Negativity has creeped back in, I’ve felt anxious and down because I feel like a complete idiot. I was so ashamed at the time that I turned my head away from others that passed so that they wouldn’t see my face. It was horrible, and I’ve not really shaken off that feeling all day.

And then because of what happened, and how it made me feel, I was unable to do something that I’d told a good Tumblr friend I would do for them. I said I would, but I didn’t. I let them down and I feel so guilty for that. 

Now I’m thinking about this, and I feel even worse because I’ve tried so hard to be positive. I’ve been posting all about “positive mental attitude” all the time. But look at me now. Where’s my PMA? Why aren’t I doing it? I feel like a sham. A failure. A let down to @therealjacksepticeye and the community. 

I’m sorry for losing my PMA. I’m sorry for bringing NMA into the community. I’m sorry that I’ve failed you and Jack.

I’m sorry.