Hello everyone. This is not related to Youngjae at all but I just want to share. Today, I woke up to a sad news. One of my favorite vocalists, Chester Bennington, of my favorite rock band, Linkin Park passed away today. Linkin Park was such a huge part of my childhood so I was devastated to hear the news. Anyway, news reports said it was suicide. So, I just want to say that depression is real and if any of you experience or any of you knows someone going through that, please please get help. The world is not better without you. I love you all.
Never Have I Ever

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“Shawn wow it’s been a long time how are you? It’s good to have you back!” Ellen said

“I’m good I’m good, glad to be back!” Shawn replied

“How long has it been since you’ve last been here?” She asked

“It’s been a long time that’s for sure.” he said making her laugh

“Ok before we start I just wanted to say congratulations on launching your third album!” She said making the audience cheer

“Thank you.” Shawn said fiddling with the ring on his finger

“Ok so one of these songs is about your girlfriend, Y/N right?” She said making the audience scream and Shawn hiding his face in his hand mumbling an ‘oh god’

“A few of them are about her yeah.” He chuckled

“And does she know?” she asked

“Well she does now.” Shawn laughed

“How do you think her reaction is right now?” Ellen asked making Shawn shrug

“Why don’t you see for yourself.” Ellen said making Shawn frown in confusion as you scared him from behind making him jump out of his seat and clutching his heart as you high fived Ellen

“You scared me!” he said hugging you

“That’s kind of the point.” you said hugging the tree in front of you

“I’m honored by the way.” You whispered in his ear making him smile and rub your back.
You soon pulled away and greeted Ellen properly and went to sit by Shawn

“This is your first time on the show right?” Ellen asked you as they gave you a mic

“Yes it is.” you smiled

“And I’m gonna make sure to give you the perfect and best first time on Ellen. Let’s play: Never Have I Ever.” She said making you bury your face in Shawn’s chest

“Karma sucks doesn’t it?” Shawn whispered teasingly in your ear making you smack his chest

“Here are two paddles and this is how the game works: For example I’m gonna say never have I ever gone skinny dipping and if you have you’ll show the ‘I have’ side on your paddle and if you haven’t well you’ll know what to do.” She said making you laugh

“Ok let’s start: Never have I ever gotten a tattoo I regret.” Ellen said making you and Shawn show the ‘I have never.’ side of the paddle

“You sure Shawn?” Ellen teased making you laugh again and Shawn’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink

“Never have I ever sent a dirty text to the wrong person.” She said making you raise the 'I have never’ and Shawn hiding behind the 'I have’ paddle making you laugh

“Just keep going.” Shawn said trying to hide his red face

“No who did you send it to?” You asked trying to breathe after the laughing fest you just had


“Who?!” You and Ellen asked

“My younger sister, Aaliyah.” Shawn mumbled making you wheeze for air

“Ok next one: Never have I ever told a girl or guy how I feel about them through song.” Ellen said making Shawn reveal the 'I have’ paddle and you reveal the 'I have never’ paddle

“We kinda all already knew the answer.” Ellen said making you laugh and place the paddle down on the table and Ellen went to commercial and Shawn was supposed to get ready for his performance

“I can’t believe you’re here!” Shawn said lifting you in the air then giving you nose kisses

“Well here I am.” You said giggling

“Thank you.” he said

“For what?” You asked confused

“For always being there for me.” He replied kissing your knuckles

“What kind of girlfriend would I be if I wasn’t?” you chuckled

“Also, thank you Shawn.” you said and it was his turn to be confused

“For what?” he asked and you turned to meet his gaze

“For being the best boyfriend ever.” You said kissing him

“Now go get ready!” You said as he left to get ready.

I love Coups
I love Jeonghan
I love Joshua
I love Jun
I love Hoshi
I love Wonwoo
I love Woozi
I love DK
I love Mingyu
I love The8
I love Seungkwan
I love Vernon
I love Dino

I love all Units
I love all ships
I love OT13
I love our fandom

I love Seventeen

That’s it.
Okay bye


A group of people are kidnapped and brought to an ambiguous location. They are then compelled by a mysterious person named Zero to play a game of life or death in an attempt to escape. In it, they are forced to write, format, and sign a multitude of contracts and official documents. The Notary Game.

BTS Reaction to You Having A Hairy Butt

(not requested but it’s not supposed to be a serious one so don’t get offended) 


“I mean I will still love you even if you have a hairy butt, it’s just different. I’ve never seen someone with a hairy butt before.” 

~ “Jin you act like you can get anybody.”

“But I am worldwide handsome.” 

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“Listen, if you are happy with it then so am I.” *low key thinks it’s cute* 

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“Hair? Where? I didn’t even notice. Are you sure?” *doesn’t want you to worry about it*

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: 

“Yeah, I noticed. I mean as a personal preference I don’t like it, but if you don’t care then I don’t care. It’s not going to stop me from beating that-” 

~ “Namjoon I swear to god!” 

“I’m sorry.” 

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“Um, I didn’t realize it was a problem. Mind if I look at your butt again?” 

~ “Jimin, no.” 

“I tried?” 

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“What?” *completely oblivious**gif* 

~ “Tae, you never noticed?” 

“I mean it’s always been dark. I can’t see in the dark, Jagi.” 

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*thinks you’re joking* “Hairy butt? Really?” 

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The Significance of Linkin Park in my life...

The band as a whole, but Chester’s voice especially, is what got me through a time in my life where I felt that nobody was on my side. That I was too different, that I had caused so much strife within my family. And it was his voice, the music that he and his friends created, that lifted me up, allowed me to vent, and inspired me to write. So, even if it’s just here, I wanted to say, “Thank you, Chester. For lifting me out of an endless void. I’m just sad that we couldn’t help do the same for you.”