no offense but you fucking assholes you fucking bastards were so desperate for lgbt content y'all could watch a show in FUCKING NORWEGIAN but you couldn’t watch a show. on netflix.

like y'all were so desperate for (white) gay rep you started watching a show from another fucking country but you couldn’t bother to support black/latinx gay rep that was. so. accessible.

i hate skam i loathe skam

Magnus Bane, ray of sometimes salty sunshine, man who helps everyone that comes barging through his door, protects his downworlders, has finally found love again…

is dealing with…

… being trapped in Valentine’s body. Arrested and tortured and questioned. Possibly being hit or shoved or otherwise treated violently by his lover, who clearly does not immediately realize it’s him in Valentine’s body. Is in the body of a genocidal shadowhunter who just killed hundreds of his people. Is about to get executed in said body for said crimes. Has his home, his life, his relationships, his body being violated by this genocidal shadowhunter. There are so many violations of Magnus’ person right now that I just can’t breathe with it. 

And I still see posts about how Alec will feel. I love Alec. But this story line is Magnus’. This is Magnus’ pain. His violation. All of it. It’s his. I need to see him dealing with it, good or bad. I need to see him being taken care of and reassured and given what he needs to process what’s happened to him.

I hate to be THAT person but I’m gonna talk about Scoups for a second.

Scoups is such a good friend, leader, and person. He alone went to the last episode to cheer on not only Kim Samuel, who he was suppose to debut with but Nuest who he also was suppose to debut with. Scoups was suppose to debut with Nuest and guys if things were different it could have very well been him up there also with those 4 boys. He’s probably just as close with all the Nuest members as he is with his own members, due to how long they trained together and that they’re all the same age. He went to support his friends.

I just keep seeing people mention Scoups and Samuel, which is valid. He practically watched this boy grow up and then watched him debut before Seventeen and then watched him join this shit show. But with Nuest I feel like it runs just a bit more deep cause that could have been him too.

I can’t even be upset that you don’t care about me too because you were never mine to care about to begin with…
—  Confessions of a party girl

After School doesn’t deserve this. f(x) doesn’t deserve this. SNSD doesn’t deserve this. Kara doesn’t deserve this. Rainbow doesn’t deserve this. Rania doesn’t deserve this. Spica doesn’t deserve this. Stellar doesn’t deserve this. T-ARA doesn’t deserve this. The Wonder Girls don’t deserve this. 2NE1 doesn’t deserve this. 4Minute doesn’t deserve this. 9Muses doesn’t deserve this.

Girl groups don’t deserve this.

You know. I think about this a lot but. Yoongi deprived us of watching them play that paper kissing game and to this very day I still think he did it on purpose. I think about this every damn day.