Percy Weasley who, years later, is still surprised when his family compliments him or smiles at him

Percy Weasley who feels uncomfortable at family gatherings because he’s still just waiting for someone to say something about how it was his fault

Percy Weasley being surprised when any of his sibling’s kids give him a hug or holds onto his hand

Percy Weasley who’s still trying to make it up to his dad and to his siblings

Percy Weasley who blames himself for everything

Percy Weasley who cries (when no one’s watching) every year he gets a Weasley sweater because he’s still convinced he doesn’t deserve one

Ginny Weasley who asks her remaining brothers why he still acts like this. “He knows we don’t hate him, right? Right?… He has to know…”

Hazel is one of the few youtubers that has praised Phil and has actually embraced his personality fully, and some people fucking dare to bully her because she called him ‘babe’?? Like, it was the cutest thing ever that she felt comfortable enough with him to call him by a pet name and y'all decided to make it a big deal wtf