To all the people feeling defeated, I’d like to quote Luna Lovegood: “We’re all still here, we’re still fighting.”

This Harry Potter quote has stuck with me more than any others over the years, and it’s my light today. 

I’m so scared.
Scared that you’ll get over me so fast.
That I am just a pass-by, a fling for you.
That you do like that girl that comments on all your instagram pictures more than you like me.
Even though you said you don’t.
That you’d prefer a girl who does look good in the morning when she just woke up,
without having to conceal the dark circles under her eyes.
That every moment with me would easily be replaced for moments with others.
That even though you say you love me, you don’t do nearly as much as I do love you.

Please don’t leave

Excerpt of a book I’ll never write.


John Oliver speaks gold.

Patater Soulmate thing

Soulmate AU in which your soulmate’s first thought about you appears on your skin somewhere that is also a college AU where Kent and Tater end up in a class together before they meet each other through the hockey team (maybe Tater flew in from Russia late and missed team intros but I’m totally stealing that from another fic sorry)

and so Kent is not paying attention when Tater sits down next to him, and Tater is getting antsy and bored because syllabus day sucks let’s be real, and so he starts fiddling with his pencil and Kent just looks over and the first thing he thinks is God, his hands are obscene, and Kent can’t stop staring 

And then of course they get to practice that afternoon and fuck Kent because the guy from his class is here and thank God that hockey players wear gloves

Then fast forward a while to when the team is on a roadie and they won their game and Kent and Tater are sharing a room and someone brought alcohol so Kent ends up having a little too much and he’s laying in bed watching Tater get ready to go to sleep and he just blurts out “Fuck Mashkov, your hands are ridiculous” and Tater stares at him really weird but Kent is drunk and a little sexually frustrated so he just keeps going

“like, I know we’re teammates and everything but fuck I can’t stop imagining your giant ass hands touching me, like I didn’t think I had a hand kink before I met you, but obscene is an appropriate word for what you are doing to me, wait, what are you doing?”

and suddenly Tater is crossing the room in a few giant strides and kneeling down in front of Kent and stares into his eyes like he’s looking for something, and Kent can’t breathe, and Tater’s mouth is moving, and he’s being asked a question but all he hears is “words?”

“What?” Kent manages to squeak out and Tater is asking again, “Where are words?” and all Kent can think of is his soulmark, but why would Tater ask about that? but he subconsciously touches them anyway, right under his t-shirt by his collarbone, and wait, Tater’s hand is there now, what is hap-

Kent’s brain is overheating and Tater’s got his shirt pulled down below the words and is staring at them very intently and brushing his fingers against them

“only seat left is next to hot guy, great, now will get no work done” and Kent is sobering up a little because fuck the sentence on his chest sounds really natural coming from someone who doesn’t speak English that well and Tater is still staring at him, and fuck Kent realizes what’s going on when Tater stands up and turns around and starts taking his shirt off

and now Kent is face to face with the words God his hands are obscene printed on tater’s back and he didn’t notice before but his eyes are tearing up and he doesn’t know what to do so he just leans his forehead against Tater’s back, against his words because he’s really happy right now and still a little drunk

and Tater just leans back into Kent with a smile on his face because I found him.