MAPPA just showed artwork at their VAX Malaysia panel featuring Noriko Itou, Tadashi Hiramatsu, and Manabu Otsuka of Victuuri of the rings and it looks like there is a little detail we didn’t know about. The inside of the rings features a snowflake engraving! Each ring only has a half of the snowflake though, so of course, in order to get the full one, you have to have the pair. 

‘They’re a pair’ takes on a whole new meaning. Wow. This is absolutely lovely. ♥  ( twitter source )

Also that picture of Victor and Yuuri looks like an engagement announcement they’d post on social media. Sweetest boys!! 

Remind Me Again

written by momentofclarity
artwork by the brilliant @furiouslou

Main pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 5/5

He loves it when they do this, when they find comfort in each other like this, so close, soft and sweet. They have never really talked about it beyond “Oh so that’s a thing we do now” all those years ago, but it’s also something they have silently agreed not to share with their friends. This is just for them, just like the way they sometimes fall asleep in each other’s beds, pressed closed under the covers, or how they love to cook each other dinner and light candles all over the flat. They have lived together since they were teenagers and over the years they have settled into each other in ways that the other boys just wouldn’t understand.

The romantic platonic friends to lovers AU where they are forced to speak about everything that has always been unspoken.

Thank you so much, Fairy Tail! 💗

After all these years, I’ve been a fan of this series. Fairy Tail will always be in my heart. Even if the manga ends, I will never forget the things that it taught me. I’m really thankful to Hiro Mashima for creating Fairy Tail. I never thought I would be obsessed with this manga/series. And now, it has to end. It hurts me but I have to accept it. Every story has it ends.

And to all my followers, I am so grateful that you’ve been there for me. You guys are the sweetest and the best! I really appreciated your caring and I love you guys so much! 💗💗💗 Thank you so much for staying with me after all these years.

I’m not saying goodbye to Fairy Tail just yet. There’s so many things I want to do. And don’t worry guys, even if the manga ends, I won’t stop posting my arts especially in Fairy Tail. I love Fairy Tail and I will miss it so much. 💗💗💗
Oh, the anime is still coming up. So… I won’t go just yet. 💗💗💗

Can I just talk about the fucking ride that was Supergirl this past week?

It started with that TV Guide thing getting out about Mon el returning. Fans were rightfully pissed because why tf would you bring back a hated character that serves no purpose and was dragged several times by critics? 

Then, Supergirl Twitter tweeted out in support of Karamess for a TCA. Fans dragged them in the replies, to the point where only about 10 or so of those tweets were in favor of Kremlin.

In result of this, they allegedly hired a new PR team. New PR team was smart and had Katie promote Supergirl for SDCC. Fans start to come back in their good graces.

Now, we’re here at the most dreaded thing since the finale. SDCC. And we had a lot of things to worry about.

But, I guess we were worried for the wrong reasons.

Most of us predicted every scenario of how things can go wrong.

But I don’t think any of us could predict the face of the show and another lead actor sing a fucking song invalidating lgbt+ fans and what we enjoy.

And, look, maybe this will be the final push. Maybe this’ll be the thing that makes them wanna course correct and fix the show and what it has become and who it attracts.

But, I know that I (and I hope a lot of others) won’t be here to see it.

1D Hiatus: Day 587

* An interviewer from ExtraTV mentions Harry’s reaction to the picture of Ryan Gosling that Nick Grimshaw showed him during that heart monitor game on Radio 1 to Ryan Gosling at the San Diego Comic Con

* The music video for ‘Back To You’ is #1 on iTunes in the US

* Liam meets fans in NYC

* Videos of Liam on stage and performing with Zedd during his set at a nightclub in NYC last night come out

* The ‘Sign of the Times’ music video hits one hundred million views on YouTube

* All of Niall’s Flicker Sessions tour dates are officially sold out

* Louis will be joining Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast this Monday morning from 6AM UK time

* A video of Niall answering fans’ questions for the MTV Show is released

* Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis are all nominated for the MTV Hottest Summer Superstar and you can vote for them using the hashtag #MTVHottest on Twitter 

* Louis posts a picture on Instagram

It’s Jul 22nd, 2017.

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