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Fairy tail comic

It’s done!

I came up with this after reading chapter 465, so many feels. 。・゚’(*/益\*) ‘゚・。

I cried so much. (╥︣﹏᷅╥᷅), but it was an awesome chapter. Loved it

(Characters belong to Hiro Mashima)

Sooooooooo I’m a huge Golden Sun fan, and one of the many things I love about the game is the art style!  I’ve been trying to do a full sprite sheet, but uh, it’s a lot of work to get done ;w;

Anyways, this is my oc Elis, pixeled and animated in GS style~

Finally done with project #1! I had to draw a portrait for school that had context, so I drew my grandma from when she was younger. Plus, it matches a portrait I did a bit ago of my grandpa :)

I think I’m gonna make the (partial, possibly temporary) name switch sometime between this week and next week. I want to before the first meeting of my school’s gsa, bc I really don’t like the idea of introducing myself as Megan.

as of rn, I don’t fully dislike Megan. I’m still attached, but I’m letting go. I don’t mind being called it by certain people (tho that’s getting less and less), but I’m starting to feel kinda :/ about being known as Megan? rn I feel okay about it, pretty indifferent from the name. but with school starting I haven’t had time or the mental capacity to think about it until now. I was afraid I was going to have to wait longer but I’m starting to think about it again.

I might use two names simultaneously, or make Megan my middle name rn (I want a two syllable middle name).

but Megan is still a big part of me. I’ve been Megan for my entire life, and a lot of myself and my personality feels connected to the name, still. but it also feels off. it doesn’t feel right. Megan was the person with a short bob, with longer hair, and I don’t think that’s really me anymore.

If this is love, I do not want it.
If this is living, let me die.

There is no point to life when there is nothing to live for.
Nor reason to live without a beating heart.

Shattered in pieces like a broken mirror on the floor.
All happiness has faded away.

Why do I torture myself with hope?
When there is escape in only one way.

I do not know why I struggle, to live and not to die.
Perhaps it is because I am a coward.
Unable to look life in the eye.

All that I can say is that I’m done and over, trying to fight for what I feel is mine.
My heart is no more.
My soul is mateless and gone.
I am but an empty shell.

With no hope left. And no light on.