Eddie: I pretty much knew the moment you walked up to me at Cecilia’s birthday party that I wanted to marry you. I want to cook breakfast for you in the morning, to walk Sammy with you, to care for you when you aren’t feeling your best or just need a break from life. I want to wake up next to you every day and grow old with you the way my parents never could. And yes, I definitely rehearsed this speech twenty times to get it just perfect for you, because you deserve the world.

Gemma laughs, her eyes starting to tear up. All she could think was “How did I get so lucky? I’m so glad I decided to open up do someone after Jerry broke my heart.”

Eddie: The main point here is that I love you to Sixam and back. Gemma would you do me the honor of saying yes and marrying me?

Gemma is crying profusely at this point and manages to crack a joke, even through her tears:

Gemma: Of course, you goofball! I love you. Plus, you got me a cat.

Eddie chuckles, relieved. They rush together, a tangle of happy tears and various body parts. Eddie would have a life partner, and Gemma, Gemma would just have someone that loves her for herself and not for what she can do. A perfect balance, if you will.


I absolutely adore my latest commission (and belated birthday gift to myself) drawn by the amazingly talented @starrycove/ @shalalalalura! I asked for Shallura in formal wear as I was inspired by their Protect AU and wanted to see my beautiful babes as the ridiculously good-looking power couple that they are. The finished result is just incredible! 😍😍😍 Thank you so much!!!

I Graduated! :D

I didn’t think I would get here because of anxiety and depression but I did it! I graduated it from uni/college (whatever you call it where you’re from) :D It just shows you that anything is possible. So if you guys have dreams, go chase ‘em because I believe in you! <3


@therealjacksepticeye and community, are you guys proud of me? :P

p.s yeah that’s a music dress you can see in the picture, got it made specially for the occasion :)