We’ve just finished our first session of the nervous dog class and Luna did brilliantly! She reacted a couple of times but we were in quite close quarters with other dogs on lead (there were barriers so she couldn’t see them for the most part) which she’s not used to and she settled down in no time at all really. Our trainer said that she’s done well and I’m so happy omg !!! I love my dog, I love my trainer, we’re getting there oh my gosh

I spent $55 at the thrift store today and i had a panic attack in the car over it but i also got a whole bunch of stuff, including almost everything I’ve been searching around for since forever, like:
- a waterproofed picnic blanket
- one of those picnic baskets that holds plates and mugs and flatware
- a pair of highwaisted skinny jeans
- a record player (which also plays the radio and tapes and has an aux port!)
-a set of vintage Solo Cozy Cups

And some amazing stuff that I just found and really wanted, like:
- a solid cast iron, red enamel plated Christmas tree stand
- a collection of pictures of San Francisco in the 1880s
- low waisted skinny jeans
- a gorgeous interlocking-style picnic basket

If you can’t tell by now, I kinda hardcore collect picnic supplies

Okay PeggySous fans get ready to have your minds blown because … DANIEL SOUSA BEING PEGGY CARTERS FUTURE HUSBAND WAS JUST MADE CANNON and here’s the proof- this is what we know about the future Mr.Carter: - served in the army - in Europe near Germany - in winter time - in 1944 All of this info courtesy of Peggy Carters 1953 interview from Winter Solider Now when I was re-watching tonight’s episode of Agent Carter I heard Daniel finally say where he lost his leg …. it was in a place called Bastogne You know where Bastogne is BELGIUM AKA GERMAN TERRITORY AND DO YOU KNOW THAT A FAMOUS BATTLE TOOK PLACE THERE BETWEEN AMERICAN SOILDERS AND GERMAN SOILDERS IN DECEMBER 1944 SO LET’S DOUBLE CHECK HERE DANIEL SOUSA -SERVED IN THE ARMY - NEAR GERMANY - IN A TOWN KNOWN FOR A FAMOUS WINTER BATTLE IN 1944 I DON’T NEED TO SEE ANYMORE WE WERE JUST MADE CANNON PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!! you may now scream

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