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some favorite parts from 3x01

apenas leyó el mensaje se colocó una chaqueta y salió hasta el patio suyo. cruzó la cerca de un salto y se sentó sobre la misma guardando silencio por unos segundos pensando exactamente que mierda le diría al rubio después de lo de ayer. no tenía ningún tipo de sustancia en su organismo así que el dolor del puente de su nariz era agudo. ‘hey, baldwin’ lo llamó para atraer su atención hacia donde estaba él. 

Real talk - Thank you Tomáš Rosický.

Only yesterday I talked about being scared every time I see a new post under Tomas Rosicky’s tag, because it seems that whenever there is a new post, only bad news comes from it and it seems my fears did not go unwarranted. I’m writing this before official news comes out, because by then I am sure I will be a blubbering mess. I know I often like to joke about how Tomas Rosicky is a 19 year old boy who will play at Arsenal forever, but with the recent news about his new injury blow, talks about it now being the end of his career and the Burnley game, realisitcally speaking, being the last game he may ever play with Arsenal, I feel like I should write a proper post about it, before it becomes all too real.

Last season, during the summer transfer, I had a (semi) panic attack as the prospects of Rosicky truly leaving the Gunners finally dawned on me. I was ecstatic to hear the news that he would stay on for another season (whether that choice was his or not.) However that joy was short lived after Rosicky suffered yet another injury set back that would have seen him sidelined for as long as 3 months. Tomas Rosicky has been plagued with bad luck for his whole career, it’s no secret that he is injury prone and at 35, this seems to be all the more apparent. He has been through the thick of it, and usually comes out of it stronger than ever, and that’s what is great about him. The fact that even though he has been injured so many times, benched so many time, forgotten and under appreciated, no matter what, he always puts his head down and does whatever he can for the team, he is a true team player.

One of the things that I was really looking forward to this year was Roscky’s testimonial. In May it would have been 10 years since he signed on with the Gunners, and he has stuck by us through thick and thin, without ever even seeing the glory that he so much deserved, but that’s one thing that people love about Rosicky, he’s a loyal soul and never asks for much more. Even when everybody else around him left (save for one Theo Walcott), the prospect of him leaving didn’t even come across his mind, because as he has said himself, the best thing about London was Arsenal, it was why he was there.

When people ask me (okay, like 1 person asked me) what made me love Rosicky in the first place, that question is never easy to answer. I was still young when the likes of Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Robert Pires were playing for Arsenal, and while I did watch them, and hear my brother talk about them over and over again, none of them seemed to eclipse my interest the way Rosicky did. Before Lukas Podolski, before Jack Wilshere, before Santi Cazorla, or Per Mertesacker, or Olivier Giroud, there was Tomas Rosicky. His skill, talent and style of play was unlike anybody else, and I always liked to talk about how it looked like he was running on water when he ran. He was a joy to watch back then, and if it weren’t for his unfortunate (and downright horrible) encounters with injuries, he would be an absolute delight to watch now. Still, I always say, a skill like Tomas Rosicky’s shouldn’t be handed out willy-nilly, his awesomeness is a rare sight and only people special and dedicated enough have been blessed enough to see this man play, whether that be live or on the T.V or from a very crappy stream that freezes every minute or so (I’m still devastated that I probably won’t ever be able to see him play live.)

Now with this new blow, I feel like only the people whose favourite is Rosicky, truly understand the bitter sweet feelings that surround this man. There has always been an undercurrent of sadness when thinking about Rosicky, I remember one fan described him as ‘The closest thing to being a legend without actually being one.’ The fans love him, but at he same time the fans often forget about him, he’s not a flashy man and he doesn’t keep up with social media sites, what he is, is loyal, intelligent, humble, etc. Still, despite what people say, he will always be an Arsenal legend to me. In the words of our very own Arsene Wenger “if you love football, then you love Rosicky.” Long live Tomas Rosicky, and thank you for the memories.


I’m just curious about what will happen.