do u ever just……remember how krisyeol used to be and suddenly there’s a raincloud above ur head and ur screaming into the void because chanyeol was only truly ever smol with kris and now…..he wont stop being Smol……and kris aint there……to be Big for him i-

sure, i’m fine

Can you imagine how Lucretia must have felt when Merle chose her to go on a spa day with him? Her heart welling up with joy but also sadness?? How she had to put on that facade of “I don’t really know why you chose me” but she was probably loving every second with her old friend??? That her friend was wanting to reconnect with her all on his own, even without his memories of all their time together, but how she still had to hold back at the risk of losing everything?????

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Okay, Darkstache prompt: The night was calm, at least to Dark who relished the nights it stormed. He was the one who smiled as he heard the rain crash against the window and watched with glee as it fell down in sheets. Wilford, his sweet little dove, on the other hand, didn't enjoy storms. It always left him with a rotten taste in his mouth, he would always remember the night at the manor.

i love this already holy smokes

just…. wilford hating thunderstorms and how loud they get and he flinches every time there’s a roll of thunder. but one night the storm is so bad and the sounds are so loud that it causes for wilford to react violently, like he’ll throw pillows and will grip at his head and tear at his hair like desperately wanting the noises to stop because he no longer hears the bellowing of thunder, but the boom of the gun going off and the ringing afterwards

but then he’ll look up and dark’s face comes into focus, the moonlight dancing off his face as he pulls wilford closer to him and they stay like that throughout the entire rest of the storm, not saying anything. wilford will occasionally flinch at the thunder, but dark’s hold on him doesn’t loosen until he knows the storm has passed. and its just this unspoken comfort for the both of them 

it will take years, decades perhaps, but one day inej’s ship will come into harbour and stay there. one day there will be no more slavers to hunt in the waters around kerch and a ban on the slave-trade will be passed by the merchant council.

in the time before that happens kaz will hold her in his arms many times, always wishing she would stay with him. his crew had drifted apart – death had made its claim, personal goals demanded attention. it will take long for him to feel comfortable speaking it to her, but one day he will be able to draw her into bed with him and sigh a hopeless “stay” into her mouth. 

jesper and wylan will still be there in ketterdam, but things will be different and they will all find themselves wishing for a scrap of the reckless freedom they had felt when they were down on their luck. it is so easy to hanker after the past and forget empty bellies and the despair of an empty pocket. 

nina will be searching still, perhaps. she wandered icy planes with the wind cutting into her, always moving on in the hope of finding a god dwelling somewhere in the wasteland. matthias will finally be laid to rest and a lonely wolf pup somehow finds its way to her side as she rests in the woods. 

they will maybe all come together again, but the death of the people they used to be will remain unspoken between them. slowly, they will all come to make peace with themselves. the tether between them can never be broken. 

don’t think about how richie and eddie fell in love slowly as the seasons pass, don’t think about how it took them even longer to admit it

don’t think about stan and mike confessing their love on a warm sunny day, feeling like thy might be able to conquer the world when the other kisses them back

don’t think about richie and eddie and stan forgetting their love as the years change and the memories of that summer fades. don’t think about how after a few years apart, they won’t even remember each other

don’t think about how mike remembered, he always remembered. I’ll tell them when it’s time, he thinks, I’ll tell them when i need to. I don’t wanna ruin stan’s happiness with a whisper from his past.

dont think about mike watching the body count rise, don’t think about him knowing the time to call the other losers is getting nearer. don’t think about him sitting there knowing they won’t all make it out alive, not again, not 27 years older.

don’t think about how when mike calls stan, there’s a second or two while stan just listens quietly to mike talking, don’t think about this heavy weight settling in mike’s stomach at how serious stan sounds, how his voice shakes ever so slightly

don’t think about mike putting the phone down and knowing, somehow, that stan will never show up

don’t think about mike receiving a phone call, from stan’s wife, sobbing about her husband’s death. he slit his wrists, she half shouts-half sobs, he killed himself. it’s your fault.

don’t think about richie receiving the phone call and remembering the skinny hypochondriac boy who looked at him like the stars shone from his eyes and who richie looked at like he was the whole world

don’t think about their reunion; i’m married now, eddie says, almost looking sad. i love my wife

don’t think about how the feelings came back, so strongly for both of them that it was almost intoxicating. don’t think about longing glances across tables

when this is all over, eddie promises, we’ll figure things out then

don’t think about richie holding eddie in his arms as the other bleeds out, don’t call me eds

don’t think about him kissing eddies cheek in the sewer, don’t think about him being forced to leave eddie’s body behind

don’t think about mike and richie bonding over the past, their memories of their loved ones. don’t think about them attending the funerals together, don’t think about them relying on each other for supprot, don’t think about them helping each other recover, slowly but surely

don’t think about mike and richie become closer than ever after facing their greatest fears and coming out weaker stronger


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