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I am so tired of Briggs and his shit, I swear to god.

FOR REAL. I’m about to spit I’m so pissed about this. I’m sure next week we’ll see some ‘it’s not what it seems’ explanation for part of this but even then, there is too much wrong here to forgive. On top of endangering Paige, then Johnny, then asking Jakes to risk his job to STEAL MONEY FOR HIS PERSONAL USE, then we find out he’s probably used Mike’s visions from YOU KNOW, DYING to manipulate him like a chess piece in whatever long con he’s running?? All this time I was like aww at least Briggs supports his red bird prophecy thing, but nope I guess not! Think about how excited Mike was to finally make all those connections that led him to Gusti, how it validated this part of a horrible traumatic experience and gave him a sense of purpose, that he “came back for a reason,” and now it turns out it’s all been orchestrated by Briggs?? RAGE.

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god damn the serial killer au is so fucking incredible. i've seen so many messages about it but for some reason never found it in your master list until today and holy hell that is so good god i love it i want a legit feature length film made about it please and thank you

It was probably hiding in the masterlist, let’s be real. Things are easily lost there.

But wow, thank you so much for taking the time out to read it! It makes me so incredibly happy to see how much you enjoyed the imagine because it is honestly probably my favourite imagine that I’ve written says a lot about me oOPS thank you for all your kind words, dear! and if you make a feature length film made can you please insert my name somewhere and invite me to the premiere pretty please 

Oh my god, I am in awe of how amazing dinner tonight was. I made this wonderful lentil soup (with the simple addition of a can of kidney beans, drained and rinsed before mixing in), and this beyond fantastic cornbread. I tasted the soup while making it so I knew it’d be awesome, but the cornbread I was worried about. I accidentally put in either ¼ cup too little or ¼ cup too much flour, and I still have no idea which, but it is unbelievable. I ran with a small crusty slice to my dad and insisted he try it as soon as I had, and after one bite he said “Holy shit, that’s vegan?” It’s the best cornbread I’ve had in years and my mom laughed at me when I said it was as good as Jiffy, and told me it’s much better. I am so happy and dinner was heavenly. The two recipes don’t go together, exactly, but they’re both A+, top-notch fare for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Celebrating my teacher

So we’ve got this new teacher at our school and he is one of these super excited ones.
Since he is kinda funny I kept making comments to him about how I am not human and stuff like that. (We are talkign about what is human and stuff like that in our lesson)

Today he opend the lesson as followed:

“So if you had to explain an alien, or Leo, what human are what would you say?”

And my friend just lost it, because I’ve been pulling this ‘well I’m not human so screw you’ thing for a long time now with her.
And it was faaaaantastic. 

Today was quite wonderful. I did my first major shopping trip in God knows how long. I got a couple of new clothing items for such good prices and so much stuff for my house! I’m super excited about all of my purchases because I’m finally starting to feel like I’m making a home for myself. I purchased a small indoor greenhouse for my plants, this super cool hanging light as well as a some organizational items. 

I’ve been very hesistant about this adventure I’ll be embarking on next week but I’m finally starting to get excited. It’s a new year and I am going to make it spectacular. But for now, my priorities are in my hometown. It’s important for me to make sure things are well off here and that I can enjoy my last few days of vacation. 

But first: time to curl up in bed, read one of those cheesy YA novels I’ve read a billion times and get some sleep. I need to relax and catch up on some rest - life can wait. I need to prioritize my health as well. 

Nighty night Tumblr. I hope today was great but that tomorrow is full of even more wonderful things ❤

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*slides own url in* D:

send me a url and i'll tell you the following;
my opinion on;

character in general: ancient elves are my life & the fact that elgara’s from arlathan??? bonus points 4 u. but she has this elegance & poise that’s befitting of someone from that time & it’s actually beautiful to witness. i love how her faith remains even after learning about what the vallaslin are used for..
how they play them:
i’m always reading your threads & i am always amazed by your talent. i could get stuck on your blog for days?? i’m not lieing.
the mun:
we haven’t talked much, but you seem like a sweetheart tbh.

do i;

follow them: in a heartbeat, i think. i get excited over elves i’m trash
rp with them:
i think we might??? i never keep track of my shit, but i’ll investigate & do something about it.
want to rp with them: of course!
ship their character with mine:
o k this is sketchy bc ameridan respects her like he would any elder, but he wouldn’t mind getting close to her??? it’s an absolute maybe, depending on how it pans out. he’ll either be for it or he’ll think it’s disrespectful to her & apologize.

what is my;

overall opinion: you’s some good shit.

making progress with my fox!key sculpture c:

School starting up means I have a lot more things to do than I did over the summer, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. This is the first time since starting college that I’ve been required to read a book (or even two) for each class, and you know what? I’m actually really excited!! I’m excited to be responsible for something again, as compared to the summer where I sat around all day, maybe dragging myself to the gym a couple times a week. I’m excited to learn things that I genuinely missed learning when I got out of high school. Now that I’ve changed my major I get to learn about history, cultures, languages (IM LEARNING FRENCH), how people interact and are different from one another, and so much more! This is definitely a new chapter in my life and I am so determined to make it a good one!

My mom got back from a business trip and so I got really excited and tried to tell her some stories of things I did when she was gone. I told her about this thing that happened at a trampoline place where I was really scared because this older man started yelling at me because I put my phone in a cubicle and he thought it was his daughters phone / I stole it. But my mom decided to yell at me and say how careless I am for putting it there and how I should be more careful, ignoring the rest of my story and how scared I was. And now she’s angry at me and I’m in my room crying again and I’m kinda sick of this repeating over and over. I just wish I wasn’t such a fuck up and that I could make her feel proud of me, at least once.