28.02.16 that mess you see up there, is everything I studied this weekend :) I feel v proud of myself for completing everything I planned to do 😎


Here’s a crazy story.

Early in September, I went to the animal shelter and fell in love with Waldorf. I was not in a place to adopt him but I knew he was my cat. I could tell the second he looked at me. The first pic is him, from that day.

I went to adopt him and he was gone. I figured he had been adopted because he was such an amazing cat.

Fast forward to last week. Kevin and I were looking to adopt a kitten, but before we could he got adopted. So we looked around at other local shelters and we found Waldorf! He had been transferred to Edmonton to increase his chances of being adopted.

So I adopted him.


Let’s just say they’re out in the woods, Raf was tracking down some energon trail. He didn’t notice some mechs are looking at him, Grimlock tripped on something and his peds are making a loud noise. When Raf was looking around, Bumblebee who recognized that spikey messy hair and glasses and decided to take a risk.
This was inspired by this post