One Piece 30 Day Challenge

Day 12: Favorite Attack: Dai Enkai: Entei (“Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor”)

why do people think that trans guys get male privilege ???? like the second we start identifying as male suddenly we are Privileged and need to shut up???????????? we r trans . in my case not allowed to transition. i have been catcalled, harassed, felt up. i have been dress coded over stupid things. if i get a job i am gonna be treated like a girl. the whole damn world treats me like a girl. i get to be treated like a girl AND. GET THIS. DEAL WITH HOMOPHOBIA AND TRANSPHOBIA. INCREDIBLE. MAYBE ITS BC IM NOT A CISHET MAN. IDENTIFYING AS MALE DOES NOT MAKE ME PRIVILEGED TAKE YOUR FUCKING FAUX FEMINISM TRANSPHOBIA SOMEWHERE ELSE

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so i did one of these spiritual profile things yesterday for fun and then i was like ‘what happens if i put in steve and bucky’s names instead’

what happens is i get really emotional and angry and i start to question why bad things happen to good people

everyone pls…. read neokosmos……… i thought shit started goin down a few months ago but SHIT IS REALLY GOIN DOWN NOW and they’ve goT PAPERS DOING THE ANIMATING and it looks SO good………..

it is all so good……………

it’s got gay nb aliens… it’s got trans kids in space… it’s got that homestuck-inspired format without the actual-homestuck slow beginning….. it’s got great art and character design.. it’s got relatable internet friendships…….. it’s got 550 panels right now so it’s at the perfect point where it’s long enough to really get into but not so long that it’d take forever to catch up……. it’s got high-waisted space shorts with tucked-in space t-shirts

what more could you want


Summary: When Woody and Hagan start to get closer, Herman feels left out.

(Prompt: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”


Herman’s not quite sure where it starts, but he sure knows where it ends - in the cold, artificial world of the training simulation room, on some fake planet cooked up by DETIA for one of their endless exercises, surrounded by stupid digital aliens closing in around them, and the whole team arguing about their plan, and Woody reaching a hand towards him and babbling something about combining their pieces of the suit for power-

And Herman, spitting in his face, “Why don’t you ask your best fucking friend Hagan instead?”

And the awkward silence after, and even the fake aliens glancing at each other with an oh shit sorta look on their faces, and how Herman might’ve felt embarrassed once but now he’s just angry, feels hot all over, ants on his skin, chest heaving and heart pounding too-fast.

Actually, he thinks maybe he does know where it starts.

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DRAFTS aka WTF i’m no longer allowed to ask for anything on this blog until i’ve gone through at least ¾ of these.

  • gonnabelegends. monica thinks phoebe is lucky she was asked on a date by a cop she stabbed
  • triicksterfox. nate is confused about dair
  • wistcrias. narcisse is shady
  • everyvictory. gwen is cute and lucas is shook
  • triicksterfox. maureen reeeally wants lina to come to her show
  • cheapthriill. mylene thinks zeke is amazing but zeke thinks it’s mylene who’s amazing
  • triicksterfox. maureen is extra and roger doesn’t know how to deal
  • bekahblondie. bekah thinks shang is a stalker
  • realhumanbeiing. laurel is being recruited to a rebellion
  • undeadcanary. sara thinks laurel is not trustworthy
  • oflockwoods. teen tylair is being framed for murder
  • bcttycoopcr. mel thinks betty is special
  • triicksterfox. rose thinks laurel looks like a dominatrix
  • shewailed. dan still loves lydia
  • triicksterfox. bekah is upset and oliver hearts her
  • cheapthriill. jade decapitated cat’s giraffe
  • nathcnroyals. nathan thinks laurel should take a break from training, laurel disagrees
  • gonnabelegends. cat wants a marshmallow pillow
  • expertsvnners. peyton is screaming at a muse i’ve yet to decide on
  • oflockwoods. tyler doesnt want to deal with mia
  • triicksterfox. liam thinks he doesn’t need a publicist but ella disagrees
  • oflockwoods. tyler doesnt want narcisse around
  • everyvictory. gwen and lucas are talking about something i need to research on
  • triicksterfox. liv’s hair is white and sara is shook
  • oflockwoods. tyler doesnt wanna take cole seriously
  • queenofpembrooke. ella is ditching cheryl for work and cheryl pities her
  • triicksterfox. lina is gonna murder lucas if he ever hurts jane
  • restlessromeo. mel and archie are talking about rainbows
  • oflockwoods. jessica is yelling and tyler ain’t here for it
  • gonnebelegends. monica is cooking and phoebe gets to taste test
  • triicksterfox. oliver thinks lina is cute
  • resiliients. narcisse is being rude to hermione
  • bekahblondie. bekah and shang are gonna get burgers
  • gonnabelegends. mia is getting recruited for glee bc there’s no one left to recruit
  • triicksterfox. kai sees cole and thinks what the hell
  • citystarlet. mj promises she’ll mention lucas when she gets an acting award
  • ofwickedaim. laurel and thea are being cute sisters
  • compromisedking. mia is smitten with francis icb

quinntheshiki  asked:

Raffaele for the character thing

  • First impression: i think he’s gonna be my fave
  • Favorite moment: dang bro…..the Don’t scene…you know the one i’m talkin about
  • Idea for a story: idk if this counts but more about his childhood??? and consort training??? I’VE BEEN WONDERING FOR A LONG TIME WHAT EXACTLY THEY DO IN TRAINING????
  • Unpopular opinion: uhhhhmmmmmmmmmno
  • Favorite relationship: ahahaahahah ENZO

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