beautiful cinematography: game of thrones, battle of the bastards (2016)

thousands of men don’t need to die. let’s end this the old way. you against me.

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So ok here's the thing. What do you do when everyone know your bisexual in a homophobic country? Bc i live in a very homophobic country and literally everyone from my town knows about my sexuality and I'm scared bc I'm starting high school in September and everyone is gonna know about me and i feel like someone's literally going to kill me

That sounds awful. Unfortunately I don’t know much you could do, except going back into the closet like ‘hahaha it was just a phase I’m super straight, yo!’ but that’s not really good either… Maybe some fellow seedlings have any ideas?

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not to start #discourse but using the show as a base for raphael's skin tone isn't really an excuse bc the show whitewashes him...if the base is whitewashed then your art is gonna be whitewashed, even allowing for lighting? i don't think it's as simple as saying 'this picture was my reference so i'm going off that' if you get me

im really sorry to disappoint you! I didnt try to come up with any excuses or anything in my statement. I would like to say that even if I was to do such a thing it is done with 0 intent and I apologize if I offended anyone.

since people have been, lets say, vocal about me drawing izzy and simon too dark before I have been trying to color everyone exactly the way I see them on the show but I have learned that its almost impossible for me to please everyone and I am truly tired of stuff I out my hours into being the reason I feel bad.

one more thing, coloring is really hard. sometimes when you look at something for hours your eyes slowly begin to get used to it and by then its too late to realize if it is a mistake or not. as you can see from my many previous works including raphael, his skin tone has never been consistent.

I’ll try my best to not make you upset ever again but please note that I have never had any education on art, I am not from the US and just 17.

i’m sure if you can dm me I can fully apologize to you personally! thank you and have a great day!! sorry again!

Tsukikagehina hc #6

Tsukishima pretends to not care about anything but he’s actually SO lowkey competitive and it always surprises Kags and Hinata.

This one time Tsukishima watched them compete to see who would win at a game of Mario Kart, rejecting their offers for him to play too. He then secretly practiced A LOT until he knew he knew he was better than them (not that Kags and Hina were that good to begin with). The next time they start a game, Tsukki joins them, beats both of them by an entire lap, and then calmly puts down the controller and leaves. Kags and Hinata are speechless (and in awe) for a whole ten minutes.

…..Some games that he’s naturally good at though (like card games), he’ll do that thing where he lets Kageyama or Hinata win on purpose just to see their cute expressions of excitement.

this may be the second time i’ve drawn h in a leather jacket and i think i want to start a series, hah. 💛✌️

sorry to all the people who followed me for lotr during my reread and got me 24/7 trek blogging

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  • it honestly amazes me how well akaashi knows bokuto. besides the whole list of weaknesses + solutions to combat them, he really knows how to read bokuto’s body language and mood well. he tries his best to understand bokuto through his ups and downs and that just screams how much akaashi cares about him. but seriously, i think it’s cute how they hang out outside practice too bc it shows how akaashi thinks of bokuto more than just the “ace/teammate.”
  • maybe… when bokuto started getting frustrated that his cross-spikes were getting blocked, maybe that’s when all the endless spiking practices started and akaashi agreed to practice w/ him because a happy bokuto is a happy akaashi. he’ll help bokuto jump over any hurdle they meet.
  • akaashi knows bokuto is capable of reaching his full potential (and beyond) on his own. in ch.244 when akaashi says he can only draw out bokuto’s top condition for a short time, i’d like to think that akaashi knows that bokuto just needs a little push from time to time, but the rest is all bokuto. akaashi believes in bokuto.
  • several months ago, i said how bokuto has complete trust in akaashi and i’m screaming bc of they think so fondly of each other and i’m just :’))) please get together. the day akaashi directly compliments bokuto, i will cry. will it happen at some point during spring interhigh?? bokuto’s graduation?? /cries
  • sometimes i wonder how far fukurodani will make it in nationals (i’m on the empty boat that thinks fukurodani’s gonna win, mainly bc my heart is gonna shatter if they don’t) but i really can’t decide. 100% sure nekoma v. karasuno will happen soon, but WHEN lol… i’ll just let the manga unfold itself c:

ok so like…avatar au-wise, the paladins already have elements associated with them? and then, like, nature could mean pidge is a swampbender, bc YES PLEASE. i’m thinking it’d be korra-verse too and shiro gets airbending when it randomly starts popping up all over.

and allura is the avatar who happens to be the northern water tribe princess and is giving coran (the airbending master) gray hairs bc she keeps wanting to run off and do things like?? competitive bending?? with lance and hunk’s bending team?? princess PLEASE–

lance and hunk USED to have a firebender on their team but he ran off to “”“find his brother who got kidnapped by a triad”“” or whatever, so they needed an extra hand which lance happily extended to allura

oooh and even though pidge’s family is from the swampbending culture, they’ve moved into the city and start trying to create mechanical stuff that works alongside swampbending……but then they get blackmailed to make stuff for the triads bc they kidnapped matt…….

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I want all the meta on that bar, like what's that yellow(canon?)thingy was it supposed to shoot confetti when some1 managed to ride Larry all the way?Also how well do u know ur brother Sam if the cowboy bar isn't the 1st place u check? It's obvious Dean wanted 2 treat himself & indulge, the waitress confirms this w/ 'u had the hots for larry since u walked in'. And we also /know/ Dean, so the fact that he had 4 shots b4 means nothing like he was probably going omg i'm so drunk rn hope i don't do

anything stupid what no i’m not gonna ride Larry ahaha omg u guys i can’t believe u’re making me ride larry ok here i go:)) Maybe that’s y i’m so ok w/ how the waitress thing panned out bc she saw thru him & accepted him & thought him riding larry was amazing, and Dean needed that validation(also that apology when she thought he’d been roofied was imp). Basically no one can convince me that Dean didn’t immediately say fuck it if i’m not riding Cas, bi God Imma ride Larry!

I need to start saying “bi God” immediately all the time

I was talking with @mittensmorgul​ and @obsessionisaperfume​ about Sam’s lack of knowledge about what type of bar Dean would pick. Even though HE was the one who told Dean he has a cowboy fetish, I don’t think he really… sees all the way through sometimes. We were talking about Dean tracking Sam in 4x21 or whenever, that time Sam went and got the honeymoon suite to hide from Dean because it was the last thing he’d normally do, and Dean followed the trail of reverse-psychology cars and stuff all the way to him because he KNOWS Sam that well.

It’s not really a bad judgement on Sam because the point is DEAN is the one who keeps all this from Sam, like, not sharing that he’d gone and watched Finding Dory 6 times and cried every time (okay I may be extrapolating from between the lines here :P) when that’s a pretty harmless headcanon. But I think the whole point was Sam’s disadvantage? And that he needed to learn a bit more about Dean vs performed Dean? So the bar seemed really random and after a long dude where’s my car quest for SAM but if Dean had been tracking a memory-less Sam, he could have trailed him much better… He even did, in Born Under A Bad Sign, and that was mostly Meg :P 

Anyway yeah Dean totally just wanted to ride Larry to vent his frustration about the whole Cas thing. “Sacred Oath? Oh come on, I’m being cockblocked by heaven this isn’t fair.”

coming soon

i figured i’d make a list of upcoming updates so y’all can get ready lmao

  1. can’t pretend anymore - surfer niall / expat grace / tech billionaire liam one shot - posted
  2. while he’s away - hot chocolate with a side of you one shot spin off; post-1d liam / lonely housewife zora one shot
  3. stargazing - a secret project about cloudgazing, stargazing, and taking advantage of every moment given to you / one shot / marisa’s fault
  4. untitled hockey au - hockey player louis / social media content coordinator who doesn’t have a name yet mini fic
  5. in the dust - motocrossed au; amateur racer daniela / professional racer liam mini fic

The bare minimum is:

Cleaning my room
Finishing the 3 metallic sketches

If I can do more it would be:
Looking for that email
The coursework I haven’t done in a long time but bc I had other things like Money to do and no energy kdjndknjd fuck

If I could do even more:
Repotting Jessica poor soul
I don’t even have the energy to play b/td even tho I’ve been wanting to for 3 weeks

every time i tell someone what i’m doing in school, they tell me it’s something they can really see me doing and it just makes my heart happy :’)

I belong to him.

I belong to him
Not because he owns me,

But because I wanted him to have me.

I belong to him
Because his gaze is true and his smiles are warm

I belong to him because he lets me call him mine.

I belong to him
Because of the spring of his touch and the weight on his shoulders

And I belong to him because I didn’t have to

Not for a moment.

Not for a second.

Never through bleeding ledgers or broken calls.

I belong to him because he’s stared into my soul
And sang along with my demons.
But his voice was louder,
It shut all the whispers inside my head.

I belong to him because i’ve seen his Devil
Just like he’s seen mine
I’ve counted the universes inside his eyes

I have seen his truth.

And I belong to him.

I belong to him because…
Through all those galaxies I counted
Through all thoses Suns
The only thing
His only wish
Was for me to have myself

I do now

I do.

And it all belongs to you

—  it’s a choice and it’s a confession, for my greatest crime was to love.

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50 for the prompt thing. Whatever ship you like!

I’m gonna do Madilton for this one bc I love that rarepair too much for my own good (also this is p long bc I got inspired… either that or I started to ramble bc it’s gone midnight and I’m tired af)

50: “We’d make such a cute couple.”

Warnings: alcohol mention, strong language, anxiety mention

James finished his first - and most likely only - drink of the night and began his favourite pastime of peoplewatching from his secluded booth in the corner of the bar. He often came here to watch the other patrons drown their sorrows in alcohol, attempt to chat up the staff or succeed in picking up a date for the night, wishing that he could be confident enough to join in the chaos. James liked to be alone most of the time, but he didn’t like feeling lonely. One of the problems that came with being an introvert.

Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a familiar figure at the bar, penned in uncomfortably by a large man who was leaning on the counter with his face way too close for the rules of personal space to allow. James frowned as Hamilton tried to lean away from the man without appearing rude, and he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the little immigrant. True, Hamilton was a dick, and they weren’t exactly what one would call “friends” any more, but James still had a basic sense of compassion. Plus there was the fact that Hamilton was pretty damn cute and James had had a small crush on the guy for several years.

He would later blame those two reasons for causing him to leave the safety of his booth and march up to Hamilton. “Alexander!” he called. Hamilton whirled around to stare at James as he arrived at the bar and threw his arms around him. “Saw you were having some trouble,” he whispered into Hamilton’s ear.

“Thank you,” Hamilton whispered in reply, clearly sounding relieved. They pulled apart, but Hamilton kept one arm around James’ shoulders. “You took your time, Jem,” he said. “You get lost on the way out here or something?”

“I’m simply fashionably late, Alexander,” James replied, trying to sound confident over the ball of anxiety that was building in his chest from having so much attention focused on him. He could feel the other man’s eyes on him as he cleared his throat, making sure that James and Hamilton were still aware of his presence.

“I’m John Jay, by the way,” he said, extending a hand expectantly towards James.

James took it and gulped as his hand was almost swallowed in the grip of Jay’s. “I’m James Madison,” he replied, “Alexander’s-”

“Boyfriend!” Hamilton cut in, moving his arm from James’ shoulders and wrapping it around his waist instead. James’ stomach flipped at both the contact and the word. He was originally going to say that he was Hamilton’s friend and bluntly tell the man to fuck off, but “boyfriend” also worked.

“I thought you said you came alone tonight,’ Jay asked Hamilton.

Hamilton pulled James closer to him, so that their sides were pressed together, and took hold of James’ hand. “I did,” he said. “I came by myself, in my own car, Jemmy here came in his own car, and we decided to meet here.”

James, meanwhile, was trying not to swoon.

“Oh!” Jay exclaimed, leaning back and giving Hamilton room to breathe. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you were taken. It was nice meeting you anyway, Alexander.” He stood up and, with a polite nod of the head, disappeared into the chaos of other patrons.

Hamilton grinned at James. Their hands remained intertwined. “Thanks for that,” he said. “I didn’t have the heart to let him down.”

“Remember this next time I need you to sign something for me,” James teased. After all those years, it was so easy to fall back into teasing Hamilton as if they had always been friends.

“Do you need a lift back?” Hamilton asked. “I’ve just had soda tonight, so I can drive.”

“That would be great, thanks.”

They left the bar, and James felt like his hand was on fire where it was in contact with Hamilton’s skin. Hamilton swung their hands back and forth. “Y'know, we’d make such a cute couple. In real life,” he said.

James’ heart skipped a beat. “I agree,” he said before he could think twice about it.

Hamilton glanced at him. “Why don’t we try it, then?”

James smiled shyly and pulled Hamilton to him, leaning forward to press a kiss to Hamilton’s lips. They were warm, slightly chapped and tasting of lemonade. Hamilton let out a surprised noise and kissed back, licking into James’ mouth. James’ hands found Hamilton’s long hair and ran through the soft strands, and Hamilton wrapped his arms around James’ waist.

Eventually they had to come up for air, and Hamilton chuckled. “So I’m guessing that’s a yes?”

James nodded, grinning back at him. “Yes. I would like to be a real life couple,” he replied. He wasn’t sure if he had ever been more certain of anything else.

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you really changed your whole layout bc of his jackson thing?? that's dumb asf and idec if i come off as a bitch right now but jackson fucking wang is a human being. he made a mistake and offended people. but y'all do realize when y'all say he disrespected our culture he did no such thing. he was not being disrespectful towards black ppl and in fact said himself he appreciated, loved, and respected black people and our culture so I think ppl and his own fans need to give him a break.

Originally posted by ihiphop

1. why are you so angry about a blog that’s not even yours

2. if you saw any of my recent posts, you’d know that i decided to change my blog for many different reasons- not just what happened with jackson


3. can y’all stop trolling me please… it’s not funny and i’m tiredt. i have explained my stance on cultural appropriation many times in the past and y’all should know by now that i’m not here to argue senselessly with belligerent people. y’all should be channeling this anger into protecting jackson from actual antis that are threatening him and the rest of got7. i’ve never threatened anyone. i have simply voiced my feelings on the subject and i’ve moved on. what i do with my blog is my business and mine alone. if you don’t like it then that’s your problem.

y’all are a trip lmao

Things I am sorely tempted to do right now bc I’m bored and have little impulse control today:

-Buy a digital copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf (it’s cheaper with the amiibo stuff, for some reason?  meh…)

-Start an ask blog for Pokemon OCs in an undefined region that has access to literally every non-legndary poke that exists

…Someone should probably stop me?

once again i must question why people who are celebrating the things the pr*ds are doing have been tagging it with “pens lb” bc guess what

the “pens lb” tag

is for pens fans

who are liveblogging

where they can enjoy the game without getting annoyed at the other fans and starting fucking bitch fests

like this is not hard

keep your pro-pr*ds stuff in the

p r * d s