Unfortunately, my suspicions have been confirmed, I’m being watched.

I must hide this book before He finds it.

Remember– in Gravity Falls there is no one you can trust.

I finiiiished! I’ve been working on this pretty much nonstop since that episode came out. Eight frames, thirty hours later… I’ve never done much in the way of animation before, so this was an adventure! I’m gonna… I’m gonna go not draw for a bit. Give my arm a break.

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so i was watching the lorax today

i thought i’d probably stop these comics when the show got released, since they were really just to blow off steam waiting for actual episodes, but apparently not. hydrate your cat, ladybug, allowing this much thirst is not good pet care

other ladybug comics:


“In order to write amazing lyrics, I spent 12 hours the first day just eating and writing lyrics, and when it got too late, I slept. It took me nearly 24 hours to perfect my lyrics. I was ambitious, even though it was only 16 bars. I wanted to do a really good job since there will be people with prejudice watching me. ‘I have to use this opportunity to prove myself’, I had these thoughts. I also wanted to do a good job with Hanhae hyung and become a hot topic.”(trans)

Above all the drama and the controversies that had happened in Show Me The Money 4 so far, hearing Mino say this is what really got to me. This boy worked so very hard, skipped meals and lost sleep to write lyrics that people, especially his fans, wouldn’t even get to hear. Do you know how frustrating it is to give your all on something and just have your efforts wasted? And to think that Mino has to go through all of this already with the stress of being ruthlessly criticized by the public for a line of rap that he didn’t even mean hurts me even more. He’s been used for ratings and publicity, has been a victim of careless editing, has been and is still the target of most other contestants on the show and yet he never acted up or complained. Mino has given nothing but his best from the start of this competition and to still hear him say that he wants to prove himself, as if he hasn’t already proven himself enough, just breaks my heart. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. Mino deserves so much better.


I think it’s safe to say that you have officially become the voice of evil in the Star Wars galaxy, performing for everyone from Starkiller in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, to The Son and Darth Maul on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and even the voice of Emperor Palpatine in all spin-off media. How did you find a way to pull off each character that is uniquely bone-chilling?

Well, that’s what they asked me to do. I got involved in that type of stuff - Starkiller was supposed to have that dark side, but also a little bit of innocence and later some heroic qualities. The Emperor, on the other hand, does not have those heroic qualities. I really pushed hard - in The Force Unleashed - to be able to voice him, and since then I’ve been voicing him ever since. Things like that have encouraged Lucasfilm, I think, to give me the role of the Son of Mortis, and then Darth Maul came after. They need those characters, and so I’ve been providing them. [x]

excuse me while i put myself in a corner and cry into my blanket;

am i the only one who teared up for yuri’s program, not because it was beautiful or astounding like how the audience is seeing it, but because he just did.not.get agape, did not understand why vik chose this for him? while others saw it as beautiful and flawless, we saw from today’s episode that he has heavy internal conflict and it looks like he truly doesn’t understand who/what he’s skating for. he was so focused on success and winning that he screwed up a bit there? he was mentally begging for the routine to end soon, so he could get over it and reach his goal–he did not enjoy that skate at all. i’m thinking yuri just does figure skating because he’s good at it but my guess is he doesn’t really like others’ attention and praises–because they don’t understand *him*, they just see him as this great figure skater. he finished with such an agonizing expression but then turned around and faced the audience with that confident smile, whether it be fake or real (i vote for the former). fuck. fuck this fuck me this show is capturing the teenage turmoils so well. or maybe im just projecting me onto him

edit: and i believe that’s the main difference between yuuri and yuri’s routines. yuuri knows exactly who/what he’s skating for and he’s confident in that. he’s found an emotional connection and reason in his skating whereas yuri still needs to work and mature on that aspect–he needs to find a reason for himself. what’s a song without soul, right?

Hey look an au no one asked for !!

I’ve been ridiculously ill over the past three days and ended up doing nothing but sleeping and watching cartoons. So as I’ve been feeling ok enough it sit at the pc today and doodle a bit, this just kind of ended up happening ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To me, The Walking Dead has been over for at least three seasons. It died suddenly and violently when Gimple took charge. And like a walker, it turned. It started to rot. And so it lumbers along, over the years, with bits going putrid and falling off. Characterization, continuity–it all came apart. 

Sometimes, for a moment, it might look a little like it did when it was still alive–and that gives you hope there’s something in there that could come back. But it always disappoints. Always. Then you feel stupid for ever thinking it could be revived. It’s a zombie. It’s dead. There’s no going back from that.

And the whole time, the show’s been hungry. Hungry for ratings–for shocking cliffhangers. For the easy attention those things draw in. It greedily devoured our emotional investment–and the money that investment represents. And it’ll just keep shambling forward–on and on and on–because it doesn’t know it’s dead.

So it’s the weekend again, if you’re going out and partying remember to stay safe, if you do any drugs remember the names for medical purposes, don’t take drinks from strangers and if you get a drink, open it yourself and never put it down. Watch out for your friends or anyone who’s getting a bit too tipsy or look like they’re in an uncomfortable position around some people. Just be safe and careful, watch out for yourself, and watch out for other vulnerable people.


I’ve been a bit inactive so here’re some updates on me!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

One: I watched Kill la Kill last weekend and I loved it and I never ever ever want to let it go. Two: I’ve been in a bit of a slump since I graduated grad school, so I decided to do a redraw to get myself back on the proverbial horse. Three: Oh my gOD THESE ARE SO FUN!!!! Expect more.

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holy shit that Harry/Merlin/Eggsy little bit of writing was so fucking hot, any chance of you writing more. I love that they got scared that they push too hard and now they should apologize by making Eggsy feel real good :)



Well, I was thinking about another scenario: Eggsy jerking off and fingering himself in the showers one night when there is no one else in the dorm room, Merlin watching him from behind the mirror. Once Eggsy finds out it was a two-way mirror, he flushes all over every time he catches Merlin’s eye, even though he can’t be sure that Merlin saw him.

And Merlin initiates a gradual seduction process—starts casually touching Eggsy more often than strictly necessary, quietly praising him when he does something well, lingering closely behind Eggsy during one of the written exams the candidates have to take (watching the blush crawl up Eggsy’s neck from under his shirt collar). At some point they’re having a chat in the corridor and Merlin wrecks Eggsy’s attention span by leaning in and talking to him in a low voice, his hand braced on the wall right next to Eggsy’s head, Eggsy completely distracted by his body heat, the smell of his aftershave.

That night Eggsy has a wet dream about Merlin and he just can’t deal with all of this any longer.

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I woke up and I wanted to do something different, I went to the beach – yes, this is something different because I never go there, remember how much I hate sand? Because I do. Anyway, I saw someone skipping rocks and eating a sandwich along the beach, and I don’t know, he just tossed his sandwich in the water and bit the rock and he just stiffened a bit, but I saw him dying inside after realizing what had just happened. I couldn’t stop laughing, but I felt bad. I really did. No, I didn’t, I’m still laughing.