9S realizes suddenly that he’s crying. He’s not sure when exactly he started, but now the tears are simply pouring down his cheeks, and it doesn’t seem as if they’re going to stop any time soon. He gasps.

What is this? he thinks. What’s happening? This can’t possibly be real. This can’t possibly… He can’t possibly be going through this again. A 2B model acting so tenderly towards him… Was this some new torture those girls in red had devised for him? Or his punishment, for stepping too far out of line? Something in his chest feels so strained, as if it’s going to break in half. He raises both hands and presses them against his eyes.

“Please,” he breathes. “Please don’t do this to me.”

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Loot - Part 4 - Jim Kirk

Part one / Part two / Part three

Word count: 2,486
Warnings: language, mentions of abuse/injuries

A/N: another long part filled with nonsense. this part really got away from me tbh, it’ll be totally back on track soon. it just doesn’t feel believable to me to have something intense happen every time (although, arguably, believability is shot to hell when you’re writing about a sci-fi franchise). i wanted this story to be more about the reader and their feelings and jim and his feelings. i hope his feelings toward the reader are obvious without me having to point blank write them– like i hope you can tell through mannerisms. anyway, i’ve had a trying week and apologize if i missed some typos. lemme know if you wanna be tagged! ENJOY AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK

The artifact was becoming a pain— something you could say literally after the ancient hunk of metal scalded the skin of your palm and wrist, and something you could say figuratively after you were forced out of your oven-like temporary quarters more often than not for the past three days.

According to a drunken, loud-mouthed Ensign Chekov, the Enterprise had flown through a nebula that threw off the ship’s electrical balance. It caused the air systems, the warp core, and practically every electronic on the ship to be knocked out of equilibrium and into much more volatile, unpredictable states—  a statement you could confirm due to the onset timing of the artifact’s volatility.

When it came to the air systems, cool air would blast out of the vent when warm air was desired and vice versa. As for the warp core, several engineers found themselves in the medbay clutching burns from the core’s overheating while electronics such as communicators and PADDs shorted out, shut off, and came back to life upon whim.

Hearing that all the malfunctions were due to a nebula was a relief but the initial worry you experienced lingered a little. You wondered if the problems were being exacerbated by the artifact and almost had your suspicions confirmed when rumor had it the ship’s chief engineer, Scotty claimed this particular nebula couldn’t have been the only cause for so many issues.

You found yourself wishing you’d taken Jim up on his offer to explain to you why the artifact was so important. You also found yourself wishing you could pry a window open and throw the damn thing into the dark abyss of space— no amount of tuition was worth the pain it was causing you and the potential pain it could cause the hundreds of people on board.

As you sat atop a biobed in Exam Room 1 of the medbay, you swung your legs in order to appear more nonchalant than your ever-circulating thoughts actually had you feeling. You watched McCoy stand with his back against the edge of the counter, his hazel eyes narrowed as he read the screen of his PADD with his most casual frown.

“You can tell me if I’m dying— I’m strong enough to take it.”

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lmao so I’m considering getting my next tattoo fairly soon, which is gonna be a small suit of spades on my inner wrist, and I have to decide if I’m actually gonna explain the meaning behind it to my parents or not


The highlights of my time on ASC with Jae… The faces he made, being called pretty by THE park Jimin, making Jae tear up, making him choose chipotle…. And somehow getting the entire internet to ship this

But my favorite part:
“I’ll see you soon, Shannon!”


He’s in an awkward position with his friend who recently came out to him, who happens to be drunk and clingy, annoying him, and he’s probably going through some kind of sexuality crisis himself,

but as soon as he sees Jian yi crying nothing else matters.

He just hugs him and assures him that he’s not abnormal, that he’s there for him.

Zhanxi is so good