Thank you Vox Machina for an amazing 2 years of rolling dice and character development! Here’s to a happy ending!

Lover Boy (Davey Jacobs X Reader)

WC: 3088

Warnings: Sadness, childbirth, mentions of sex, pregnancy, war stuff

Summary: Davey goes to serve as a doctor during World War 1, but little does he know that his wife, Y/N, is at home pregnant.

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A/N: I know my schedule says a fic on Sunday but psych bitch! @gninrud-anna gave me this plot (and a lot of the wording was from her messages) and honestly I adored it so I decided to make it a full fic. Enjoy!

“Y/N. I’m home!” I whirled around to face my husband, my skirts swishing as I did.

“How was work, darling?” I asked, pecking Davey’s lips as he shed his coat, hanging it up by the door.

“It was alright. We did get one guy in the office who had somehow managed to swallow a dollar’s worth of nickels. That was somethin’ else, I’m telling you, Y/N.” Davey said, chuckling as he opened the newspaper that sat on the kitchen table.

“That’s great. Is there anything in particular you want for dinner, Dave?” I said, and Davey paused, setting down the newspaper.

“Not really, but, uh, before you start dinner, there’s somethin’ I’ve been meaning to tell you.” Davey said, scratching the back of his head.

I furrowed my eyebrows and sat down next to Davey, placing a hand on his arm gently.

“What is it? You’re not dying, are you?” I said, and Davey let out a little chuckle, shaking his head.

“That’s good.” I muttered, kissing Davey’s cheek softly.

“Y/N, I enlisted. I wanna go overseas and do my part in this war. Ya know, help out the sick and wounded people.” Davey said, and the room fell silent.

There were quite a few moments before any words were uttered. “You what?” I said, and Davey let out a sigh.

“You heard what I said, Y/N. The army’s always lookin’ for more doctors, and they always say that a doctor is the safest profession in the military.” Davey said, standing up and running a hand through his dark hair.

“Davey, what if you don’t come back, huh? What if something goes wrong and I lose you?” I said, feeling tears prick at my eyes.

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I was finally (almost) over that damn beautiful wedding and you all show my babies singing and dancing together on the bts footage of the musical ep, BEING SUPER CUTE, SMILING, HAVING FUN, BEING THE MOST PRECIOUS EVER and I’m suddenly crying OCEANS. AGAIN. I’M SO SAD FUCK.

things my boyfriend has heard me say in my sleep

- do you think sharks are slimy? like toads? I wanna pet a shark
- get dressed you scutter, the Queen’s coming
- oh no, the cheese!
- do you think the Queen likes cheese?
- no no, the cupcakes don’t go there. that’s for cheese
- get your sweats off the queen will be here soon
- do you want to come? the big blue bear in his big blue cave is having a big blue rave. I’m gonna tear it up on the cavefloor
- I like lots of cheese
- please don’t go. I’m scared of yetis
- dab at my funeral to make me mad enough to come back to life


Word count: 1291

You and Kai have the worst fight that makes him storm out and cheat on you

‘You’re such an idiot, Kai!’ You yelled as you threw a glass right into the wall, watching it shatter on the floor.

‘You’re no better! Just accept that I’ll never change! I’ll stay the same sociopath who killed his family. You always say you forgave me but when we fight that’s the first thing you mention!’ Kai stated, watching you get lost. You didn’t know what to say because it was true. You never fully forgave him for being like that, even though you should have because you should’ve supported him in everything, no matter what because even thought he had his bad days, he was always there for you.

‘Because it’s true, Kai! I… Just, get out!’ You screamed and ran to your room, slamming the doors behind you, leaving Kai alone in the kitchen. The moment you closed the bedroom doors, you sat down on the floor and leaned on the doors, dragging your knees closer as you wrapped your arms around them. A scream traveled through the house, making your body shake. This time you crossed the line and you knew this might be the end of your relationship with Kai, but maybe you both needed this. Get out everything and just scream at eachother so you can later work things out and forgive eachother. You heard Kai slamming the front doors, knowing he left somewhere where he will either kill someone or run through the woods and then come back. A tear rolled down your cheek as you quickly wiped it away and got up. You always tried to keep the feelings to yourself, you wanted to act strong and this was also one of those moments. You laid on the bed and covered yourself with a blanket as you stared at the ceiling, thinking about everything you and Kai said to eachother before he stormed out of the house.

Seconds, minutes, hours passed and there was still no sign of Kai. This was the first time Kai was out for so long. You had many fights but none of them was as bad as this one. Usually you forgave eachother after a few minutes, both realizing it was a mistake and that you were fighting because of a stupid reason. You thought this one would be the same, but after Kai not showing up, you knew something was wrong and that you both will regret fighting tonight.

You woke up and realized you were still in your room, not remembering at what exact time you fell asleep. You blinked a few times, waiting for your eyes to adjust to the dimmed light in the room. You got up and walked out of the room, your bare foot barely audible on the wooden floor that led straight to the kitchen. You poured yourself a glass of water and took a sip as you turned around and saw Kai sitting on the floor. You placed the glass on the table and walked over to him, kneeling down beside him.
His body was assembled into a ball, his head bent down, touching his knees. His arms folded in a weird way. You’ve never seen Kai like this so it was a really emotional situation to be caught in. His body jerked every few seconds as you realized he was crying. You swallowed hard and took a deep breath. Seeing Kai like this was very hard for you because you knew how emotionally hurt he was in the past and you tried to avoid hurting him like that as much as possible, even though sometimes you did just that.

‘Kai?’ You laid a hand gently on his arm and then brought it down a bit as you rubbed his back. He still didn’t lift his head up and he kept the position you found him in.

'Please, Kai, look at me. I'm… sorry for everything I did. I- I know I’ve been hard on you and it’s not fair of me to keep mention the exact same things when I should be there for you and I hope you can forgive me.’ Your voice trembled, trying to hold in your tears. Suddenly Kai lifted his head up, locking his eyes with yours. When you saw him, you eyes started watering. His eyes were red and puffy. He was crying this whole time. Some sort of fear entered your body, like you knew Kai was about to say something that was going to break your heart. He looked down again and closed his eyes, tears clearly visible on his cheeks.

'I’m sorry.’ He mumbled, his voice barely audible. You ran your fingers through your hair and sat down on the floor.

'I’m sorry too, Kai. I-’

'No, I’m sorry…for what I just did to you.’ He muttered, your heart suddenly beating rapidly. You swallowed hard and kept sitting, your body frozen and unable to move. You wanted to say something, multiple times, but you couldn’t find the words because you were scared. You were scared what was Kai about to say.

'It hurts me and I'm… I hope you can forgive me.’

'What did you do, Kai?’ You whispered, your voice shaking. He came closer to you, sitting only a few inches from your body. At first he hesitated, but he blurted it out.

'I…cheated.’ He whispered so quietly you barely even heard what he said.

'Can you… say that again?’

'I cheated on you.’ He stood up and kicked the chair with his leg, making it break. 'It’s eating me alive and I can’t change it! I can’t even explain how sorry I am. I’ll do anything, anything I can to fix this.’ He knelt down in front of you, taking your hands in his but you jerked them away and placed them behind your back. He looked at you wide eyed, knowing this wasn’t going in a right direction.

'Please…’ He begged, placing his finger under your chin as he lifted your head up, locking his eyes with your eyes.

'There’s nothing here you can fix, Kai.’ You said it, a little too calmly, making tears fall down Kai’s cheeks again. He started crying, placing his hands on his face.

'How could you do this to me? I thought we were ok, I thought… we can get through this like we always do.’ You mutter, your voice shaking as you started crying really hard, your cheeks stained with tears. Kai cupped your face and kissed your tear stained lips, but you weren’t returning the kiss. He pulled away and looked at your face, calm and it was unable to read your face expression, but deep down he knew you were breaking from the inside. He knew he just broke your heart and that he was going to lose you.

'Please, I can’t lose you. You’re everything I have. I need you, baby. Please.’ At those words, you stood up and looked down at Kai, still on his knees.

'It’s over, Kai. I guess you’re gonna have to find someone else because we, we don’t exist anymore. It’s just you. And there it’s just me. And there’s no going back.’ You said as you turned around and walked away, straight to your room, closing the doors behind you. As soon as you closed the doors, you threw the lamp across the room and dropped down to your knees.

'No!’ You screamed out, tears falling down your cheeks and onto your shirt. You felt like you were gonna pass out, like a part of you was just ripped out of your heart and your body and it hurt as hell. You’ve never felt more alone and the thought of never being able to be in Kai’s arms again, made your heart ache.

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I'm TERRIFIED of thunderstorms! So I was wondering if you could do a fem s/o being scared by a thunderstorm with the OW guys. (also not reaper and 76 but prefall gabe and jack :3)

I worked on this for like a week…  so this is gonna be a long one… (but a good one :3) It also turned out kinda genderneutral in some parts and I also only did Prefall Gabe and Jack, Genji and McCree, so I hope it’s okay.<3

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This bandom has ruined me I literally had a fucking dream of meeting Gwhorege and telling him to kill me to which he responded with slamming my head into a wall. As soon as I made impact I woke up. What the fuck. (I loved it though)

this is literally the funniest ask i’ve ever received oh my god, you poor thing, all these horny anons got you fucked up

I’m just gonna give you this picture of Johniel…. you deserve it buddy

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Going to the gym to see Lance when your very pregnant. "Look at her, she's huge," one of Lance's gymnasts whispers rudely and tears fill your eyes. "Hey baby," Lance grins and walks over to you. "Hi Lancey," you sniff. "What's wrong?" He asks. "Nothing, I'm fine," you shake your head. "You aren't fine, cmon," he mutters and pulls you into his office. "One of your gymnasts called me fat," you wail. "Oh baby I'll handle this shit," he growls and steps out. "Who called my baby fat?" He yells.(1/?)

“Me,” you hear that familiar nasally voice call. “She is fucking beautiful. And she’s holding my child, soon there’s gonna be little Lance fucking Tuckers running around,” he lectures. “Yeah but she’s fat and she could’ve at least fixed her hair for you,” another voice grumbles. (2/?)

“She’s comfortable around me like that and I’m glad. I’m glad she knows she doesn’t have to fucking impress me. I love that woman and that baby growing inside her. And if you say one more rude thing about her or to her I will personally make your life a living hell,” he barks and is standing in front of the chair you say down in. “I fixed it,” he smiles proudly. “Thank you,” you murmur and he nuzzles into your stomach. “Anything for my babies,” he says and kisses your stomach. (3/3)

God help anyone that upset you - Gen

Daddy Thursday™

Don’t be afraid…I feel it too.

So I went to see Thor:Ragnarok today. Fucking brilliant. I went with my husband, his brother, and their friend. When the previews came on, a thought came to me. “Will they show The Last Jedi trailer?” I was worried because the people I was with not only dislike/not believe that Reylo will be a thing…but they all HATE Kylo Ren. So I was pretty nervous.

And then the first note of the trailer played…and I knew what it was before the scene even came on to the screen. My gut clenched, and I was instantly coated in goosebumps. I was freaking out, and it hadn’t even been 2 seconds!

The trailer went on, and I mouthed every word and beat of the music. Honestly, seeing it on the big screen made my eyes water, I was so emotional!

And then that last fucking sceen started…

And then Kylo’s face is on the screen with those beautifully intoxicating eyes…

And then the hand.

I wiped my tears and turned to my husband with the “see?????!!!!!” look, and he told me that Reylo isn’t gonna happen because of some editing tricks.

I smiled and patted him on the arm. I thought to myself, ah my young padawan, you have much to learn. You will soon learn to acknowledge your true feelings inside and grow.

So now I’m even MORE excited for December!!!!!

The Best and the Worst of You

AO3 link | more

Chapter 1: Long-Haired Arin

Every day at midnight, there was a loud whirring sound in the Grump space bathroom, followed by a loud thud. Nobody could miss it. So when Danny waltzed into Arin’s office five minutes later, hair ruffled and a lazy smile across his face, it was unquestionable. Arin was sat at his desk, flicking his eyes over various lines of emails with a concentrated expression. His hair was tied up in a tight bun.

“You should grow your hair out.” Dan grinned, walking towards Arin and patting the bun at the back of Arin’s head. Arin grumbled something under his breath and cracked his neck to one side. “Like, down to your back.”

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hey i like to stab myself with sad fanfic auto-prompts so i just thought of a time travel Frozen fanfic

in which present!Elsa aciddentally go back to the moment where her younger self is locking herself and appears in 9 years old Anna’s bedroom

follows super touching moments where young Anna is so happy to discover the reason why Elsa stay away from her is because of her magic, so impressed by the ice dress she’s wearing, help her hiding by keeping her in her bedroom, and they have days like these sharing good moments in all secrecy together

until one day, the portal re-open up in Anna’s bedroom so present!Elsa knows it’s time for her to go back to the future

the goodbye hugs are horribly heartbreaking

young!Anna just don’t want her to go and hold her tight while they both are sobbing on the floor

‘Anna, I really gotta go before the portal close or time will be changed forever and might cause great danger in Arendelle. Understand?’
‘Yea… but… i won’t remember you came here once y-you’re g-gone. wh-why…please do-don’t go.’
‘Shhhh. I must. I love you so much, you know. Things are going to get better between us soon.’

then Elsa walk backwards to the portal while watching her with tears covering her face and both don’t remember anything of this moment

despite that, young Anna never loose faith in seeing young Elsa again and knock to her door everyday

for some reason present!Elsa really really wanna hug Anna afterwards

i really wanna write a sterek au where stiles gets turned into a fox after the nogitsune, like scott has to bite him to save him and then on the next full moon stiles turns into a fox, but he gets so scared that he’s dreaming again and that he’s still stuck in his head that he freaks out and gets stuck as a fox and runs into the woods and just kinda disappears for awhile.

and maybe its a long time. maybe months and months and then one day the sheriff shows up at Derek’s door. because he knows derek still goes into the woods everyday, looking for his son, looking for stiles. and he tells derek that he had a dream or something, about this place in the woods that he used to take stiles and his mom when stiles was a little one. and so he and derek go out there, and they find a hyper little red fox running around, chasing birds away from his space. and Derek and John just smile. and the fox looks at them and runs over immediately, rubbing it face all over John’s legs. and then it kind of freezes and starts whimper. and John probably doesn’t know what to do, or how to help. But derek does.

so he just bends down and picks the little fox up and hold it to his chest and says “it’s okay stiles. i got you. we got you. let’s go home.” and he looks at the sheriff and says “We found him. We’ll figure the rest out later.” and john swallows hard around his tears and follows derek and stiles back to the car. they spend the next weeks (or months) trying to get stiles to shift back. and maybe derek takes him outside and shifts into his wolf and they play like that for hours and hours and hours. and eventually Stiles comes back. He comes back to his dad. And he comes back to Derek.

His High Lady - Halloween Edition


This does not in any way, shape, or form change anything that has happened in the normal series. This is an AU set in our world–no magic, no mating bonds, just normal day people doing normal things for Halloween. 

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i'm so fucking scared about climate change right now, like it's act now or act never. we are at crunch time and these bullshit fucking politicians don't care about anything but money because they're gonna die soon anyway, i am horrified and appalled that anyone is still maintaining that climate change is a hoax, i'm deadass in tears right now and no one who has any power is listening to us we're all gonna fucking die lmao i'm sorry i needed to rant, thank u

Yup. Honestly people who “don’t believe in climate change” should have to deal with the consequences while the rest of us get to live on a planet that isn’t trying to kill us :).

  • me: *trying to hide my tears*
  • someone: ...a-are you okay??
  • me: the upcoming check please updates are going to destroy me. i've seen what's to come and i'm already dying. i've been watching ngozi's streams and honestly, i'm not going to be able to handle this. also, blueliners is coming out this week AND the nhl season is starting up again. my hockey heart can't take this. someone help.
Kags! Partner in Crime

Hinata was both mad beyond belief and kinda surprised because it was the first time he saw Kageyama laughing like this. He thought he saw a tear even. Waiting for Bakageyama to calm down Hinata kept on fuming to himself.

“Bakegayama! Stop laughing, I’m serious!”

This, if anything, made Kageyama laugh even harder. But soon he stopped and faced Hinata. As soon as Hinata opened his mouth Kageyama lost it again.

“Y-you have a c-crush. On N-nekoma’s captain.”

“Oh my god stop being so loud someone’s going to hear you.”

Kageyama abruptly stopped.

“You’re actually serious.”

“Yeeees. Is it so hard to believe? He’s just nice okay?”

Kageyama was silent for a while and Hinata fidgeted.

“Is it because he’s a guy? I thought you knew I was bi-”

“Stupid. Of course it’s not. Boke.”

“I know but I’m just-”

“I was laughing because I imagined you trying to kiss Kuroo-san.”

At once Hinata’s whole face resembled a tomato ready to be harvested.

“I-uh what? Bakageyama! Why are you thinking such a thing?!”

“You could probably kiss his abdomen. And maybe play it off as bumping into him.”

At this Kageyama looked like he could fall back into laughing and Hinata, if possible, grew even redder. And horror took over his face. After that, the glint that usually appeared when he saw a toss.

“Kageyama! I need your help.”

Lineeee breaaak

“Hinata boke stop moving!”

“Hold me carefully then I’m gonna fall down.”

“I’m going to drop you if you don’t stop moving.”

Both teams on the court watched in astonishment as Kageyama came into the court with Hinata on his shoulders. He put a bag full of milk? against the wall and kept walking towards the court. All the while Hinata flailed his arms to keep his balance. By the time this fusion came to a stop before Kuroo everyone was asking questions. “Why is Hinata on Kageyama’s shoulders?” “Maybe he likes to be tall?” “ How did he get king to agree to that?” But Kageyama focused at the task on hand he wanted to drink milk already. Just as Daichi was about to ask for explanations Hinata opened his mouth.

“Kuroo-san you are really awesome. You are an awesome captain and your blocks are so high and strong and the spiker goes whosh and then you’re right there like-”

“Hey shorty-” emphasis on the word with a condescending drawl came from Tsukishima “get to the point.”

“Shut up Stingyshima! A-anyways Kuroo-san I really like y-you and I-I want to k-kiss you.”

Everyone except for Salty Glasses Boy tm stood tgere in shock. Especially Kuroo who always had a teasing remark could only just stare at Hinata. At this point there was a crick forming in his neck from looking up. Hinata taking this silence as the permission it was not (or was it?) proceeded to make good on his words. Feeling giddy that he would have to bend down to kiss someone (other than his sister) he as always put all his enthusiasm into it. And of course without his flailing arms this poor imitation of the Pisa Tower was destined to ruin. A second later found Hinata upon Kuroo his face buried in his chest as any good Shoujo scene would have. Before another second could pass Hinata was up and out of the gym. Some says you could even hear the the “bam” of him breaking the speed'o'sound. A beat passed in silence and then another. Kageyama got up from where he had fallen and used some colorful words to describe his best friend. Then with all the joy one expexted of him (which is like 8) he went retrived his milk bag and took his place on the court. Like the last five minutes were just spent on warm ups and like Hinata was right beside him and not somewhere ready spontaneously combust and take the Earth with him.

Daichi and Suga looked at each other, Kuroo also got up from where he was still laying and contemplating playing dead for reasons. Without anyone saying anything everyone followed Kageyama’s lead and tried to play like nothing was amiss.

Safe to say it was a pratice with one too many injuries.