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Mohammadi is a name with a really specific religious real world meaning, kind of like calling a character Christian in a world with no Christianity. Have you thought about going more abstract?

Hello hello! Yes I am fully aware of the religious ties and meaning, it is intended, but if we take on your logic, it means no names with religious ties allowed in Thedas. Then, why would Michel de Chevin be named “Michel”, which is the name of an archangel ? Same goes for Sebastian, a martyr and saint. There’s even a guy called Pierre-Marie in Orlais, half of his name shouldn’t exist, if you think about it. What about Samson, too? Also, let’s not pretend the game isn’t based at all on real life situations, ethnicies or countries. I don’t intend to be “more abstract” if it means erasing things that are dear to me in the name of “canon” (plus a canon with a lot of problems and inconstances), especially when said things are poorly represented in the game or have no representation at all :) if you want to discuss about this more, I would gladly do so, but in private and not with an anonymous person ;)

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Boueibu 30 Days Challenge

Day 27: Cutest/Sexiest character.

These questions are so unfair…

When it comes to cuteness, I prefer those who are not especifically designed to be cute, but that from time to time get to show this adorable side that makes me appreciate the cuteness more. So, I think the cutest are two:

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I… don’t really have a deep explanation of how and why I consider a character sexy. It is not something you really analyze tho, you just get to see them and think “Fuck”. And for this case I present you:

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Aaaaaand, because I do what I want, I can’t talk about aesthetically pleasing characters without mentioning the very embodiment of “Aesthetic”. And really, he can be cute, he can be sexy, but mostly, he is gorgeous and oh so fab.

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… i want flora poste to reform aj raffles