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Omg I'm dying rn xD, okay uhhh... Can you do a hc where MC is twerking in front of them? :o XD ;0 Wewww you are amazing I love your writing AHH omg thank you

~Pfffffffffffft omfg !!!!!! Yes. This is perfect for a giggle break

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◉ Yoosung

  • This boys eyes have never been wider omg
  • His face is so red
  • Covers his face
  • He is too innocent for this!!!
    • “W-Where did you learn this?!”
  • He was a stuttering mess
  • Arms spaghetti lolol
  • But he wouldn’t mind seeing it again…
  • And again
  • So he got bold after that day and kept asking you to dance for him

◉ Jumin

  • Coughed into his wine glass
  • He had just said that nothing you could do would surprise him
    • “You’ve proved me wrong once again, princess,” he put his face in his hands to laugh a little
  • He covered Elizabeth’s eyes when she jumped into his lap
  • You finished to see him blushing slightly
    • “So. If you can do that, what other talents are you hiding from me,” he smirked.

◉ Zen

  • OMG
  • He was suddenly overheating
  • Almost fell out of his chair
  • He was boiling over
    • “You’re incredible,” Zen choked
  • He had seen videos of this online
  • But seeing it in person
  • Seeing you do it…
  • The beast was about to be unleashed tbh
  • RIP U

◉ Jaehee

  • WHAT?!
    • “MC What is this???”
  • She was so flustered omg
  • She almost dropped her coffee on herself she was so shocked
  • She laughed
    • “I’m sorry MC it’s just so…shocking to see you do this. I don’t know how to respond?!”
    • “Come here and I’ll teach you, too!” you waved to her
  • She went beet red
  • Waved her hands in front of her
    • “No no no no I couldn’t!!”
  • She was so embarrassed

◉ Saeyoung

  • Spit out his PHD Pepper
  • He had the biggest smile on his face
  • He was liking thisssss
    • “Damn, girl!” he whistled
  • But he couldn’t stay still for long
  • Got up next to you
    • “How do you do that? Teach me!”
  • He stuck his butt out
  • He was terrible but it was still funny to see you both twerking in the living room together

◉ V

  • He’s blind so…
  • You often did weird things in front of him just because you could
  • So you were twerking away to classical music as he smoked his pipe and sat on the couch
  • His spider senses must have been tingling
  • He cleared his throat
    • “I’m feeling really worked up all of a sudden…” he admitted, “strange. Let’s head to the bedroom, MC.”
  • You fell on the ground
  • Oh my god…somehow he knows!!!!!
  • So creepy

◉ Saeran

  • He couldn’t breathe
  • W T F
  • How did he not know you could do this ???
    • “You’re such a dork,” he laughed so hard
  • Got up and slapped your ass
  • Pulled his wallet out of his pocket and started throwing bills at you
  • You guys were both laughing so hard now omfg you couldn’t catch your breath
  • Until
  • You stopped to scoop the money up
    • “Hey! You can’t keep those!” he yelled
    • “That’s what you get for throwing them! Now I’m getting my hair done, thanks babe!” you winked

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I can see Wally putting Bruce on his social media and capturing all of his bad angles. Like he's a complete mess and Wally snaps it. Like I'm dying rn. 😂😂😂

so like Bruce sometimes makes this scrunchy face while he eats right and Wally sometimes asks “why are you making that face” and Bruce is just like “I’m not making a face?” while continuing to make that face

and then Wally starts noticing that Bruce, out of the cowl, at home, alone, or with Wally, alone, starts making all these faces. and it’s this thing he does when he’s comfortable with someone, so like, the only other person who’s seen him make these faces is like, Alfred. and Wally starts snapping pictures

and then he makes an instagram called “thefacesofbrucewayne” and doesnt tell Bruce about it and it’s just, picture after picture, of Bruce wrinkling his nose or raising an eyebrow or rolling his eyes or like that really bad low angle shot or like a really high angle shot or like, and that’s the thing - Wally is QUICK enough to snap all these pictures - 

and so, the first face Bruce makes when he wakes up, which is complete disorientation which no one ever sees because Bruce has a mask under the cowl and it’s ALWAYS there and that’s what happens when you grow up in the public eye, right, but that FIRST moment in the morning when Bruce wakes up, and his hair is ruffled and his eyes are bleary and lips are dry and his EYEBROW HAIRS are out of wack and its just

or, even, those moments where Bruce bites into something spicy, and his eyes widen just a FRACTION too much, and there’s clear panic, or then - a couple minutes later, of Bruce CHUGGING milk and there’s milk all over his upper lip and his cheeks are tinted red and there’s literal SWEAT on his forehead

the instagram BLOWS up, obviously, and everyone is SUPER into all these pictures of the famous, handsome, Bruce Wayne, looking everything BUT impeccable but people are also still REALLY respectful of him and kind of scared of him so no one says anything really

and then Wally starts taking pictures of things like when Bruce is smiling, those slight smiles that only Wally catches because he’s quick enough, when Bruce is looking at something on the television and barks out a laugh, when his lips twitch upwards at children playing on the sidewalk, when his eyes light up at the sound of Wally’s voice - 

oh, man, and soon the instagram is flooded with pictures of Bruce laughing and looking away when Wally says something stupid, or even Bruce rolling his eyes, but the affection in those eyes when he does, and Wally takes all these pictures of Bruce laughing and Bruce sometimes ‘ugly’ laughs but it’s never really ugly it’s always just kind of perfect and 

then, Wally realizes, that if he’s quick enough, and snaps the picture of Bruce first thing in the morning, before Bruce gets annoyed and waves the phone out of his face, there’s this expression of absolute love, his eyes warm and his lips upturned, and something in his expression that is as though he is looking at Wally for the first time - as though every morning he wakes up next to Wally, he’s pleasantly surprised, day after day, and Wally has pictures to record it, to see Wally there - 

and Wally realizes the many faces of Bruce Wayne are his to keep, with or without the pictures he takes

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Hello!! Not sure if this ones been done before, (if so I apologise!) but how would 2D help his s/o with cramps!!! I'm currently dying rn with mines :)))) also, I LOVE UR BLOG ❤️❤️❤️


  • You wake up to the pain, grimacing as your lower abdomen feels as if it’s being run over by a road roller. You sit up in bed clutching your stomach before you hobble over to the bathroom and prepare yourself to deal with the nonsense that is The Menstrual Cycle™.
  • Once you finish, you lean against the door frame of the bathroom as a wave of pain shoots through your lower abdomen. 2D greets you with a tired good morning, frowning when he finds you against the door frame. His hand lifts your head up, “What’s wrong?” he asks you, sleepiness evident in his voice.
  • You furrow your eyebrows, “I hurt,” you say inhaling deeply as your muscles contract again. He doesn’t say anything for a while, mind still cloudy with sleep before it finally registers. His hands cautiously wrap around you, pulling him into you as he rubs your lower back slowly. He lets you grab fistfuls of his shirt when the pain worsens, waiting for you to relax a bit before he leads you back to bed.
  • Once you’re comfortable, he rummages through your drawers and finds you a pair of socks, placing them over your feet before he disappears. He comes back with a small breakfast you can stomach, cinnamon tea, and a couple of over the counter pain medications. He sits next to you, blowing on the tea until it’s not too hot before he gives it to you. Once you’re finished, he places everything on the floor and lays back with you, your head resting on his chest as he runs his fingers through your hair.
  • The two of you lay there for a bit until the pain has subsided. He helps you out as best as he can whenever you’re not feeling well, something he really enjoys doing as he feels incredibly helpful.

lol i just wrote what i do when im on my period except 2d is there hope you feel better bb ):