On Rannoch, years after the end of the war, the reaper corpse is the halfway point of one of the most popular hikes on the reaper war memorial pilgrimage.

Visitors flock every year to it, to marvel at the sheer size of it, the idea that anyone, any thing could take on something this size and win seems ludicrous, like a children’s story. 

The hike takes you along the path that it’s beams carved into the earth and stone on the planet, still scorched and crumbling years afterwards. 

The hike culminates in one long, hard climb up to a ridge, where the marks of the beams carve hard long scars into the cliff face. Barely a square yard of the rock is untouched.

On the edge of the cliff, in the empty V formed by two beams to either side, stands a life-sized statue of Commander Shepard. It is dwarfed by the reaper corpse in the distance.

On the base of the statue, the inscription simply reads “In The Face Of Overwhelming Odds.”

General Hux dying

I don’t want Hux to die. I’m literally shaking rn because I think how many tears will I cry when episode VIII comes out. Because I know that script was not true but I also know in the bottom of my heart that Hux won’t survive. And somehow this makes me sick. I want him to scape with Kylo. Or just scape. Or something like, ‘And we never saw Hux again’ because even with that ending, there would be hope. I don’t want Hux to die. I swear I have a problem because every time I think about that I get emotionally sick. Like, you know that pain in the estomach and in the head when you feel like, really really bad? Is like if he was someone I love that was dying. I’m in my negation fase. Like, really strong negation but at the same time, I know this will happen. Maybe not in episode VII, but in IX. I DON’T WANT HIM FUCKING DEAD OKAY

What do you think, am I the only one who feels this way? I need emotional support guys