okay I’m not one to be easily annoyed by someone, but one of my coworkers pisses me off to no end just being herself. she doesn’t leave me alone, she feels the need to always come to the same break room as me (I know this because another coworker told me that if I’m not working, she’s in a different room), she’s a loud eater and a slob because she wipes her greasy hands on her clothes, she’s started crying over the littlest things at work, and she does crosswords all day every day and acts so smart for getting everything when I see her checking the answer every damn word.

ok but no I kinda really want a dating co-worker plot where there’s a girl fresh out of high school and building up her life experience and funds to pay for college next year, so she gets a minuscule job as a cashier/store-hand at some big, worldwide store chain. the store manager is a guy in his early twenties, he’s just taken over from his dad and is working on a good salary since he’s never wanted to move away from his home-town that much. and they’re always seen flirting and the rest of the employees always thought they were together, they’ve tried to fight the attraction to each other for as long as possible but they eventually just fall into a relationship and just him sneaking up behind her when she’s counting cash at the register and wrapping his arms around her and sneaking off into the warehouse behind the store to make out and him finding out she got accepted into college and for the first time thinking about transferring and leaving home to be with her and just all the cute innocence and fluffy feels and asdfghjkljdkflcnc (◠‿◠✿)