I’m feeling pretty nostalgic

When I go to sleep,
I often wish it was for the last time.
Because I don’t feel like going around town,
picturing myself falling from skyscrapers, bloody on the ground.

In my Dreams I often am fine.
All my friends are still here.
No one’s haunted by memories.
No one’s running from disease.
Laughter is for everyone,
not for a chosen few.

If I stay for them,
will someone stay with me?
If I claim nothing but the truth,
would all of us be liars?
Perhaps finding death on the hot tub will hurt less.
Perhaps spreading it with words will be for the best.

These days, Death has been more of a friend.
My persuading partner in crime.
Death always gives me cover,
walks with a peace offering,
bittersweet escape in the hands.

I don’t belong in the world,
and I don’t belong with anyone.
But what friend could Death possibly be?
And what certainty is there in a Dream?
But if I’m not meant to be here,
and you won’t take care of me,
I’ll kiss you goodbye and go to sleep.

Dream or Death;
I don’t know if I’m suicidal,
or just nostalgic.
It feels pretty much the same to me.

—  “Dream or Death” ( @fucking-sad-eyes )
Any of the older Dragon Ball Z VegeBul fans remember the neck biting/marking craze that used be The Thing everyone wrote about in BV fanfiction?

It used to be the accepted fanon that Saiyans bite the necks of their partners to mark them as life mates, or to create a telepathic or empathic bond, and this was the explanation for Bulma wearing that ascot in the Buu saga. Anyone else remember this fad? It was so freaking silly, but I’m feeling pretty nostalgic and was hoping to find an old fic like that. They seem to be pretty rare these days! I’m glad in a way, because it honestly was a pretty sappy trope. But I can’t help feeling a craving for it right now for some reason. Anyone got any recs of bite marking fics, or just old-as-the-internet B/V fanfiction recs?

anonymous asked:

Hey, are you still accepting fic requests? If so, in light of the Paleyfest info, could you do one where Stiles and Scott finally talk about their "love lives" and Scott thinks that Stiles is going to talk about Malia, but he starts off with the Stydia kiss and then realizes Scott means Malia. Cue adorable heartfelt talk and possible stydia getting together


I’m actually about to go away on a cruise for a week (Sunday to Sunday) without internet access and therefore I won’t be posting stories till after I get back. But I have some free time today and so I decided to get out one last fic. 

This was spontaneous of me, unlike my other stories that I write in a word document and save over a series of days, I just straight up started typing this out in the answer box over the last couple of hours. I imagine this like my own version and start to season 5. 

Stiles and Scott having some guy talk and FINALLY discussing that kiss in the locker room … 

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Back to School

I’m heading back to school tomorrow, and I’m having very mixed emotions. I’m really sad that the summer is over, but I’m lowkey excited to get back to having a normal routine. It’s also my last first day of grade school, so I’m feeling pretty nostalgic.

Anyways, good luck to everyone who’s starting school tomorrow, and here’s to a productive and successful year!