I've been motivated to art

It’s okay to be slow when you’re making art.

So I kind of wanted to make a post about this.

I know some of you look around, and you see all these artists making such beautiful art in time spans of like an hour or a few hours, and then you look at your work and you get so demoralized because you’re taking so long.

I’m here to tell you that that’s perfectly okay. You’re not other artists. You are you, and your work defines you. If you need to take 10 hours, or even days to complete your art piece, it is okay, because it’s yours. You’re doing your best to make your art what you want it to be, and just because you can’t do it in a few hours like other artists do, it doesn’t make the value of your work any less. In fact, your patience and perseverance is absolutely admirable.

Take your time. You’re using your hands to create something that you love. Don’t let the people around you that you see hinder that in any way. You will definitely get faster in time, but if you give up now, thinking that you’ll always be this slow when you make art, you’ll never reach that stage. This applies not only to art, but also to other skills that you’re trying to pick up.

So look at what you yourself are doing, instead of looking around at others. Don’t worry too much, and enjoy yourself in the process of creation and learning! :)

i’m sure vampires can experience the discomfort of having something stuck in your teeth too 👀



Just something stupid for @hopes-and-doodles for their 8 Brother’s AU! This AU fills my heart with so much joy and purity it’s amazing! Their art and headcannons literally gives me life! I got better with each skeleton I drew which is why underfell looks like 8 times better than undertale.

THERE ARE NO SHIPS IN THIS PIECE! SWAPFELL SANS IS JUST HELPING HIS BRO LEARN TO SKATE BETTER. HOPES-AND-DOODLES DOES NOT WANT THEIR AU BROTHERS SHIPPED. PLEASE DO NOT TAG AS SHIP. I mean, who better a teacher for a socially anxious person than someone you trust a lot, right? Siblings can be great teachers! I’m just bad at expressions