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Aaah, requests are open, I am so happy, I love you guys!!! Okay, so, if it's okay, could you two write about the RFA+V+Saeran going all together to the beach? And, ah....I really love how you write Saeran (I'm that Anon from some time ago) so, if it's okay, could you write this with Saeran crushing on MC or they already dating each other (you choose)? I am really sorry if this a strange or hard request, if you dont want to do it, you can write an idea of your own, I just love your writing a lot!

Thank you so much! We actually LOVED writing this. This was really sweet:) We left out V, just because…well, spoilers;) Those who’ve been through the secret ends know, but we hope you don’t mind too much! Enjoy this one:) 

  • Saeyoung and Yoosung had spontaneously started planning a beach day in a chatroom
  • While it was out of the blue, everyone else seemed to think it was a good idea
  • So they found a weekend they were all free
  • Saeran was against it nearly the entire time, but eventually caved in after Saeyoung’s *cough* persuasive argument
  • “I told you, I don’t want to go!” 
  • “But, Saeran, MC is coming.”
  • “….Ugh, I guess it won’t be that bad.”
  • On the day itself, your car happens to be in the shop, so you ask for a ride
  • Saeyoung is all too happy to oblige
  • When he pulls up to your driveway, he tells Saeran to sit in the back
  • “Why? The shotgun is free.”
  • “Just go!” 
  • “But MC said she wanted to sit in the back–”
  • “My car, my rules!”
  • “Well, your rules are stupid.”
  • Saeran finds out why soon after…
  • Saeyoung seems to miss every single turn or gets lost often, resulting in super sharp U-turns that send you and Saeran flying into each other’s arms on a constant basis real subtle, Saeyoung
  • Thanks to Jumin, the area you guys settle into isn’t crowded at all
  • Everyone is too excited to get into the water, but Saeran isn’t too enthusiastic
  • He stays behind and offers to set up the blankets and umbrellas, and you linger behind to help him
  • He’s having such a hard time and he keeps complaining to you
  • “Ugh! I hate the sand. So much.”
  • “Settle down there, Anakin,” you laugh ;););)
  • He loosens up and actually starts enjoying the conversation with you
  • Until Yoosung comes over and dumps a bucket of water on him…with sand on the bottom
  • With the glare Saeran gives him, Yoosung is trembling
  • “I did it for the Honey Buddha Chips!” meanwhile Saeyoung is laughing on the sidelines
  • Saeran doesn’t care if it was a bet, he chases the terrified Yoosung all around the beach and straight into the water
  • You follow along–it was too good not to watch
  • Zen and Jaehee excuse themselves to check out the boardwalk and get drinks for everyone
  • They have some bonding time taking selfies and talking about Zen’s new projects and Jaehee’s work
  • Jaehee starts fangirling a little when Zen’s hair starts waving because of the sea salt
  • Zen would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the attention
  • Meanwhile, Saeyoung is attempting to build an epic sandcastle, but he keeps failing cuz his plans keep getting washed away by the water
  • Jumin is watching and gets really frustrated
  • He draws an elaborate blueprint and joins Saeyoung
  • With Saeyoung’s building skills and Jumin’s delegation and good ideas, they start building literally the most epic sandcastle ever also they actually bond instead of fighting over Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Yoosung is watching in awe on the side
  • Finally he comes up and asks if he could help
  • Jumin flat out says no
  • Saeyoung doesn’t refuse though
  • “Yoosung! Your body is the perfect size for a moat. Just lay down here, and I’ll use you as a mold.” 
  • Gullible Yoosung goes along with it and Saeyoung piles sand on top of him
  • “Oh, you know what, let me ask Jumin something real quick!” he says and walks away
  • He doesn’t come back and poor Yoosung is just calling for someone to free him from the heavy sand
  • Zen comes by a little later
  • “Hyung! Thank goodness! Can you help me?”
  • Zen kneels down and starts drawing abs on him, snickering, “See what you could look like if you worked out like me?”
  • Yoosung doesn’t get free until you come along and wash him off…after a few pics of course
  •  Both Jaehee and Saeran start to  get sunburn, so they’re sitting under these huge umbrellas wrapped in towels and soaked in sunscreen
  • You feel bad for Saeran sitting there pouting so you ask if he wants to get ice cream with you on the boardwalk
  • Zen perks up too,“Oh! Can I come?”
  • Saeran jumps to his feet and grabs your wrist, “No. MC let’s go.”
  • The walk there is ten times longer than it needed to be, but neither of you are complaining
  • At first, he’s not really saying much, but he keeps running his hand through his hair and clearing his throat
  • He finally opens up a little when you actually get the ice cream and walk along the boardwalk
  • He even starts getting playful, taking a small bite from your ice cream or chasing you around when you smear some on his cheek
  • You’ve never seen him laugh so much
  • He finds out he’s pretty good at those arcade games, so he keeps playing them
  • He wins you several stuffed animals, and you two even have some matching ones
  • The sun is setting by the time you get back to the others
  • You all just sit around, mostly in silence and eating
  • While everyone is packing up, you and Saeran sneak away to get one last walk on the beach together
  • He even got the courage to hold your hand for a little
  • It was one of the nicest days you’ve ever had 

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Hey guyyss!! I’m here to wish you all my lovely dearies and for over the world a:


Wish you a wonderful 2018!! May all your dreams come true and have all the best over the year!! Let’s pray to be harmonious, full of success, happiness, love and specially healthy!!! Let’s celebrate to the fullest (tho i’m sick i’ll try my best to have a good time at least lol XD) and say goodbye to our precious 2017 for the great moments/deeds and bad things (unfortunately, but we are always learning from the bad things and get stronger every time they get us :) so it may be bad but in the end it gives us best stuff for us to bloom) it brought us and open our arms to welcome a new and fresh year!~ I believe it will be better and I’ll be cheering everyday for all of you and for me ofc heheh! ILY GUYS!! ♥ ♥ ♥
LIVE TO THE FULLEST!!!!! *HUGS YOU TIGHT* HAPPY 2018!!!! ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 


“First a huge thank you to the rest of the boys, my band mates and absolute best friends who have made the past 2 years the best of my life, and make everyday exciting and funny and worth it. I love you guys man.”

“Thanks to my band mates, you have become my brothers. I hope this never ends.”

“Finally I wanna thank my band mates Tris, Brad and James cause I wouldn’t be in this band without them and my life has completely changed to this crazy thing whereby we have in a way turned our hobby into hopefully something we can do for life and that is ridiculous!“

“I have the best band mates there could ever be, we are honestly four of the best friends ever, who so happen to make music together! It’s such a blessing to wake up each morning and realize that I’ve got a whole day with them!”

Happy #5YearsOfTheVamps! 🎉

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one piece !!!!!!!!! !!! ( you knew that was coming )



Bonus (because I’m a sinner and I could actually ship Luffy with any living thing on this Earth):

Okay, so… How can I start this little thing?

“Tag yourself, I’m Felix”
“Then, I’m Changbin”

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart 💙🐨

I said I would do something for you today, but I didn’t know what I would do, so I *tried* doing a little cute Changlix edit since they’re our fav Stray Kids couple + a little mention rewinding and remembering the beginning of our friendship.

I think my first message for you was something like: “I just wanted to say that I love your posts” or something like that, and that’s how it all started.
We started asking questions and telling more about ourselves to each other
I’m Brazilian and you’re Swiss, how far are we from each other? lmao
I’ve showed you the beach where I’m at and you showed the beautiful lake of your city
We’ve sent photos of ourselves, and I cried because you’re beautiful and I’m not, lmao
We’ve talked about many things and I’ve even told you about some personal things I would never tell anyone
I believe nobody else on Tumblr knows me more than you do, because I barely talk to other people

***also, I answer everyone, if you’re reading this and feeling bad, just come to me and I’ll talk to ya lol***

Anyway, I have many and many things to tell you how awesome and perfect you are to me, but I think people would be like: “ewwwwww, too much sugar”, so I’ll stop here lmao

Just know that you’re really important to me and I would do anything that I can to make sure you’re happy and safe

If could marry you, I would do it.

Again, happy Valentine’s Day and I wish us more and more Changlix moments so we can freak out together.

Your Johnny~

edit: I don’t own the Changbin and Felix photo! I just used them to make the edit, but I dunno who are their real owners! But since I reblog everything from Stray Kids, I may have reblogged all of them~ Also, the background is just a photo I saw on PicsArt :) also not mine Sorry for forgetting the credits :(

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Hi you! Hope you are doing well :) sooo somehow i'm on a crazy HIDAN train right now and i cant get off :D we are having a good ride together haha. Could i ask for some romantic (not nessecarily romantic thoug) Love/relationship stuff? Dont know how many times you've done that already but yea. I was kinda thinking about how he would meet his special s/o & they would start travel together & be so different but would still like each other more & more. Ahh i dont know. I'd be happy with everything!

I havent done many Hidan requests so I went more general with how Hidan would be in a relationship. There would definitely be a lot of ups and downs in the relationship. Thank you for the request!  :)

Headcannons Hidan in a relationship

  • Hidan is very open and honest with his s/o, he doesn’t bite his tongue, so that could be a good thing or bad one. Its good because Hidan will never keep secrets from his s/o. However, its bad because Hidan can be a jerk when expressing his opinions.
  • Hidan would make crude jokes while in a relationship, so I hope his s/o has a good sense of humor and doesn’t get offended by Hidan’s language. It would piss Hidan off if his s/o got angry at him for telling a joke even if it’s in poor taste.
  • Hidan would have no problem venting out his frustrations in a relationship. He wouldn’t get physically abusive, but after a long day or when he’s already annoyed and if his s/o is trying to tell him to do something, he will lash out at them verbally. He would raise his voice, being like “Why the fuck I got to do it? What’s wrong with your arms or legs”. He can get really crabby and it can start a fight with his s/o.
  • Besides all the arguments that Hidan going to have with his s/o, he doesn’t hold a grudge for very long. He will want his s/o in bed with him every night even if their mad at him. Hidan would try to make them happy again by making some jokes or make them forget that their mad by pushing their buttons.
  • Hidan wouldn’t treat his s/o out to fancy dates and if he did, he be obnoxious about it and would focus on making fun of everyone else at the restaurant rather than focusing on his s/o. Hidan prefers casual dates and activities, so that he can mess around with his s/o.

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i feel like such a hopeless klance shipper right now. they've acknowledged their natural progrerssion but m/f couples ALWAYS have priority and it makes me so upset. if either lance or keith were a girl, they would have been confirmed endgame long ago. but because it's m/m we can never be sure and i'm tired of it.

I know it’s pretty sad, like I’m confident they could be together, but since it’s two males in the relationship I’m just questioning the outcome. But everything points to Klance rn and they’ve mentioned pushing for rep a lot as well. Not to mention what Jeremy said too about spoiling plotlines and us being happy about LGBT rep. So though I’m unsure, I rlly do think we could see them together eventually

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Hi! I just want to say thank you for what you're doing on your blog. You were actually the first blog I followed on tumblr, since I wanted to find more people like me. So again, thank you for what you're doing. I'm glad I could find someone who's like me.

I speak on behalf of all of us when I say thank you for this sweet message~ We’re so happy you enjoy our blog and feel the same way we do! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Let’s continue loving Bangtan together. ♡
- Kristi

Please talk
  • You: (We've made so many new friends and we've done so many fun things, but... I wish I could still have Chika to myself sometimes. She's so busy now and we don't really hang out together anymore, just the two of us. I'm happy for her, but...)
  • Chika: (I feel like I've really gotten closer to You! We finally get to do something together! It's great!)
  • Riko: (Chika, please kiss her already, this hurts to watch)
min yoongi probably.....
  • Yoongi: *asleep*
  • Jimin: hyung
  • Jimin: hyung wake up
  • Jimin: *lightly shakes yoongi*
  • Yoongi: *incoherent grumbling*
  • Jimin: hyung~~
  • Yoongi: *muffled in his pillow* jimin what the fuck what time is it why are you doing this to me
  • Jimin: um it's two am and there's a meteor shower in ten minutes and i really want to see it but i don't want to watch it alone so maybe we could go out on the balcony and watch it together??
  • Yoongi: *sits up*
  • Yoongi: *sighs* alright fine
  • Jimin: really???
  • Yoongi: yeah i mean i'm already awake and.... if.... it would make you..... happy......
  • Jimin: *squeal of excitement* thank you hyung!
  • Yoongi & Jimin: *watching the meteor shower*
  • Yoongi: *cautiously reaches for jimin's hand*
  • Yoongi: *links his fingers with jimin's*
  • Jimin: *smiles happily*
  • Yoongi: *blushes*

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happy, content justlex is honestly all i'm here for. after all their hurt and heartache, they confide in each other and it's the courage they get from the other that leads them to book therapy appointments. justin is worried so much about the cost but alex's parents offer to pay, saying that "after all you've done for our son, this is the least we could do". family dinners at alex's house. matching halloween costumes with a fully dressed up justin and alex with maybe an identifying hat on.

Okay but also Justlex that just starts so innocent. There isn’t all that lust drawing them together, it’s literally just an insanely deep connection and desire to be innocently close to each other. To protect each other and love and be loved. Justlex with kisses on the corner of the mouth and Eskimo kisses and so so many cuddles. Boyfriends who can talk their feelings out, and while they’re laying awake at 4am they can get each other through those dark thoughts. Giving each other massages and back tickles and just supporting each other 100%

a hella long list of random lyric sentence starters
  • "I'm insecure and I care what people think."
  • "We're stressed out."
  • "Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol' days."
  • "Wake up, you need to make money."
  • "You used to make me feel like I could walk on water."
  • "You're the reason why I can't listen to the same songs I used to."
  • "I write songs about you all the time."
  • "I bet I don't run through your mind."
  • "I've given up on you.
  • "It still hurts to know you're not alone."
  • "Lately, my dog's the only one around that listens to my problems."
  • "It's been a lonely year."
  • "I'm just happy being with you."
  • "Quietly, quietly, the two of us are entangled."
  • "You don't realize the way I am."
  • "This silent love leaves a silent scar."
  • "I don't feel anything when I look at your face."
  • "That's nothing compared to what I had done in the past."
  • "Wild horses couldn't drag me away."
  • "You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress."
  • "Please remember me, fondly."
  • "We'll meet again."
  • "Fuck the man."
  • "I heard from someone you're still pretty."
  • "And when the morning came I was ashamed. Only now it seems so silly."
  • "Never meant to last."
  • "An angel kissin' on a sinner."
  • "Girls like girls like boys do."
  • "Always gonna steal your thunder."
  • "Imma take your girl out."
  • "Don't tell me what I feel."
  • "Kissed your girls and made you cry, boys."
  • "Tell me if you feel it, too."
  • "Hello there, the angel from my nightmare."
  • "We can live like Jack and Sally if we want."
  • "I would ask for advice, but I just do what I like."
  • "You're a waste of my time."
  • "I smoke cause I'm stressed. I try to get high, but it gets me depressed."
  • "I've fallen for her, more than once."
  • "My daddy is dead, I've got no man to follow."
  • "And I know that I'm shallow, but why shouldn't I be?"
  • "I don't want any trouble, it just chooses to find me."
  • "I've been thinkin' about fallin' in love."
  • "I've been thinkin' about you."
  • "I’m afraid somebody else might take my place."
  • "All my friends always lie to me."
  • "You’re too mean, I don’t like you."
  • "Fuck you anyway."
  • "You make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs."
  • "You make me wanna die."
  • "Keep on dreaming, don’t stop breathing, fight those demons."
  • "I got a hunger and it won't go away."
  • "I want it all to remind me of the first time."
  • "I think I like you, but it's complicated."
  • "It's always better when we're together."
  • "You look so pretty sleeping next to me."
  • "I belong with no one."
  • "You belong with me."
  • "Run off to school like a good drama queen."
  • "Do you care where you're going, or know where you've been?"
  • "Our faith is placed in second chances."
  • "You're the star of the story you don't care about."
  • "Just a little girl in a bigger world turning upside-down."
  • "You keep it all inside so that nobody knows."
  • "All these boys are thirsty for your outsides."
  • "You never care to ever let the right ones in."
  • "Baby, I'll carry you all the way home."
  • "I just wanna love you, dear."
  • "I understand you, just take my hand."
  • "I found God. I found him in a lover."
  • "He's off to pay his crimes and he's got no time for mine."
  • "It's tearing me apart."
  • "It's ruining everything."
  • "Were you lying all the time?"
  • "Was it just a game to you?"
  • "You know I'm such a fool for you."
  • "You got me wrapped around your finger."
  • "I thought the world of you."
  • "I thought nothing could go wrong, but I was wrong."
  • "It was always me and you."
  • "This body is yours."
  • "Your mess is mine."
  • "Luck be on my side tonight."
  • "You're the reason that I feel so strong."
  • "You still make sense to me."
  • "Boy, look the other way."
  • "That's not the way that friends behave."
  • "I always knew that I would love you from afar."
  • "She's got darling hazel eyes."
  • "It shouldn't come as a surprise."
  • "Why do you go wasting your time on me?"
  • "I'm eager to please."
  • "I'm scared that you’re gonna slip away."
  • "I don’t think she knows how she changed all my plans."
  • "You act like you don't know me."
  • "My god, you tempt my anxious mind."
  • "We are bitter losers, snarling through our smiles."
  • "We are wild."
  • "We’re fucked, but we say that we’re fine."
  • "We long for journeys and the roadside."
  • "Every little thing made me miss you more."
  • "I'm just trying to make a getaway to you, and I'd have gone a thousand miles more."
  • "And I looked at you, you were so damn cute."
  • "I know you're thinking of me."
  • "You're everything that I hoped for."
  • "I'm all the shit that you go for."
  • "Stop kidding yourself now."
  • "I never found a way to let you know."
  • "I also never found a way to let you go."
  • "Right now I’m feeling rough."
  • "Come settle in with me."
  • "I will not open myself up this way again."
  • "Feels like I don't know you."
  • "I've strayed from who it was that you knew."
  • "You were trying to make it work."
  • "You were sleeping in my shirt
  • "Sometimes things don't come full circle."
  • "I was hoping that you cared."
  • "I was distant, I was scared."
  • "There's no way to go back now."
  • "Just love me when you can."
  • "I'll wait patiently."
  • "I'll wake up every day just hoping that you still care."
  • "Surely even I deserve the best."
  • Just when I believe you've changed for good, you go and prove me wrong just like I knew you would."
  • "When I run out of second chances, you give me that look
  • and you're off the hook."
  • "Oh, what am I still doing here?"
  • "It ain't right to just love me when you can."
  • "Slow down, you are out of control."
  • "One of us is right, and one of us is wrong."
  • "It could be so easy if it didn't feel so wrong."
  • "What if I was younger?"
  • "I never should have asked, it was a long time ago."
  • "There's things I wish I knew."
  • "We're a million miles away."
  • "With you, my dear, I'm safe."
  • "You will be gone and I won't see you anymore."
  • "You left my love on the line and said that you were leaving."
  • "I saw you in the arms of someone else."
  • "I cry myself to sleep and you thought I was happy."
  • "I was lonely, had nowhere to go."
  • "I heard that you moved on."
  • "Everything has changed."
  • "Sometimes you've got to bleed to know that you're alive."
  • "The songs on the radio are okay, but my taste in music is your face."
  • "You fell asleep in my car, I drove the whole time."
  • "I heard you were lying about how brave you are.
  • "I heard you were still trying to get back to the start."
  • "I'm gonna miss you."
  • "Gonna miss you, girl, and all of the things we could've done."
  • "I move so fast, how could you be with me?"
  • "I wish you well. All the best."
  • "I spent an hour with you, should I want anything else?"
  • "We were sixteen, maybe less, maybe a little more."
  • "I walked home smiling, I finally had a story to tell."
  • "Time has bridled us both, but I remember you, too."
  • "You confuse me with your riddles and your sudden generosity."
  • "You really shouldn't get this fucked up."
  • "I'm tired of being careful."
  • "Let me under your skin."
  • "Why do I always spill?"
  • "God, I wish I never spoke."
  • "Think I got myself in trouble."
  • "Should've never said the word 'love.'"
  • "I'm sick of all the games I have to play."
  • "I've got your picture, she's got you."
  • "Throw on your dress and put on your doll faces."
  • "Everyone thinks that we're perfect."
  • "Go back to being plastic."
  • "Smile for the picture."
  • "We were too wasted to close the window."
  • "Do you want it? Do you want me?"
  • "You are where I want to be."
  • "I can drive."
  • "Who is she?"
  • "I used to know know to leave the boy behind without having to watch him go."
  • "Going on, my first impression, I recall you wearing white."
  • "There was something sweet in the air, babe, that summer night."
  • "There will always be another time for us to fall in love."
  • "The first times always cut the deepest."
  • "She is something to behold, elegant and bold."
  • "I could easily lose my mind."
  • "The way you kiss me will work each time."
  • "Eyes, innocent and wild, remind me what it's like."
  • "Pulling me back into the flames and I'm burning up again."
  • "I never understood what was at stake."
  • "Well now you've come and gone, I finally worked it out."
  • "I never should have told you."
  • "I never should have let you see inside."
  • "Don't want it troubling your mind. Won't you let it be?"
  • "You cool me down."
  • "Do you love me now?"
  • "I'm not so used to doubt."
  • "Light me up a cigarette and put it in my mouth."
  • "You're the only one that wants me around."
  • "I don't believe in you and I."
  • "I'm not yours anymore."
  • "You're always leaving me behind."
  • "I feel like a fool."
  • "I ain't got nothing left to give."
  • "You are mine, I am yours. Lets not fuck around."
  • "You are the only one."
  • "Yours is the first face that I saw."
  • "I realize that I need you and I wondered if I could come home."
  • "Remember the time you drove all night, just to meet me in the morning."
  • "I thought it was strange, you said everything changed, you felt as if you'd just woke up."
  • "I'm glad I didn't die before I met you."
  • "I don't care, I could go anywhere with you and I'd probably be happy."
  • "Maybe this time is different."
  • "I mean, I really think you like me."
  • "You pull away so easily."
  • "I'm only there so that you're not alone."
  • "So I'm pouring some whiskey, I'm gonna get drunk."
  • "I want a lover I don't have to love."
  • "I'll meet up with the band in the morning."
  • "Love's an excuse to get hurt."
  • "We both go together if one falls down."
  • "I talk out loud like you're still around."
  • "Do I let her sleep or should I wake her up?"
  • "We were lovers in a past life."
  • "I'll make you mine, time after time."
  • "We can keep in touch if that's what you want."
  • "You say I don't have the time for you, but I do."
  • "I am what you need when you can't find it somewhere else."
  • "I am what you want when you don't have anything else."
  • "I came here with a load and it feels so much lighter now I met you."
  • "Honey, you should know that I could never go on without you."
  • "You're the one that I wanted to find."
  • "Anyone who tried to deny you must be out of their mind."
  • "I know it's too late."
  • "I should have given you a reason to stay."
  • "We're not the same, dear, as we used to be."
  • "There was little we could say, and even less that we could do."
  • "Nothing was left for you and me."
  • "Someday you will be loved."
  • "I cannot pretend that I felt any regret."
  • "The memories of me will seem more like bad dreams."
  • "I know your heart belongs to someone you've yet to meet."
  • "You told her that you loved her, but you don't."
  • "She was beautiful, but she didn't mean a thing to me."
  • "I wanted to believe in all the words that I was speaking as we moved together in the dark."
  • "All I see are dark grey clouds in the distance moving closer with every hour."
  • "Was something wrong?"
  • "You're damn right there is, but we can't talk about it now."
  • "No, we can't talk about it now."
  • "One last touch and then you'll go, and we'll pretend that it meant something so much more."
  • "It was vile, and it was cheap."
  • "You are beautiful, but you don't mean a thing to me."

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Why do blacks think all while people look down on them? I personally don't look at them any differently. I don't treat them any differently. I don't randomly touch their hair (who even does that?). It upsets me to think that because I'm white this is how I'm viewed. Not all whites are racist and rude. I wish we could all just see the good and the beautiful in each other instead of assuming the worst of everyone. Like let's all just be a big happy family and band together in love.

So you’re not one of those particular white people. Well, great! Movies like “Dear White People” aren’t geared towards you. But, the fact of the matter is, there are MANY white people who do in fact do this. You have to realize, as I came to realize, our personal experience is not everyone’s personal experience. If there’s one thing we have learned from recent events (Ferguson, the Trayvon Martin shooting, many of Trump’s supporters), racism is still very much a thing in our society. As white people, many times, we don’t see it. And sometimes, media like “Dear White People” provides a good dose of that reality, which many people definitely need to see. At the end of the movie, they show actual recent photos from parties at national colleges where students were dressed in blackface as a costume. One of those colleges was the University of Florida… my hometown. That was certainly an eye-opener. That movie doesn’t exaggerate on issues in the slightest. If this sort of media hurts feelings, that’s nothing compared to years of systematic oppression that black people have had to endure, and are still enduring. If you long for being a big happy family, as I do as well, then speak up. Stand with them. Don’t remain silent and hope it will all eventually work itself out. Educate yourself on the issues happening, as I’m still trying to do. And lastly, if you’re offended by black people making a blanket statement about all white people, it’s best not to phrase your question “Why do blacks…” because that’s kind of a blanket (and pretty derogatory) statement too, right? 

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I'm so excited to see the boys work on themselves individually and come back together but I'm already impatient! How long do you feel like the break up will last? Do you think we'll still get scenes before they start coming back together? And sorry to ask but to you believe we will see any ambiguity between R/R as they become civil over the baby?

Yes! This makes me so happy to see others excited about what’s to come! I think if done right this could be such an amazing next part of their journey. I was explicitly against a break up in the beginning but now that it’s here I say let’s make the most of it. Let’s see both Robert and Aaron working to better themselves, for themselves. I want to see Aaron learning to love himself and realize he is worth being loved and that he’s allowed to want more. I want to see Robert realize that his self worth is not dependent on another person. That Aaron might have made him want to be a better man but it was him who tried so hard because he wanted to be better.

I would guess they’ll be apart for at least a few months. Best guess would be October for the next SSW. The latest I would think is Christmas. I definitely think they’ll still have scenes together. Robert’s car has been seen at the Mill while shooting scenes that would take place in August. Also I think it would be really hard to keep the audience’s interest in them if they aren’t together or at least in each other’s orbit. 

I really truly don’t think they will have any ambiguity. I know they want to have them come to some sort of truce but this really just seems like the best way for Robert to accept the baby only to be crushed when he later finds out it’s not his. That’s not to say Aaron won’t be getting that impression, at least initially, for optimum dramaz. But I think they really want to prove that Robert is not interested in her AT ALL in a romantic way. He never has been and even if Aaron isn’t an option for him he still won’t want her. That’s one thing that has been very clear through the whole thing. ROBERT SUGDEN WANTS TO SPEND THE REST OF HIS LIFE WITH AARON DINGLE AND ONLY AARON DINGLE. So really try not to worry too much on it because it will only cause you stress and you won’t be able to focus on the here and now, the good angst and content, and what’s the point in that? Have fun when you can have fun. Love what you can love and ignore the rest. 

All I want to do is to live in a crappy apartment with you and decorate it with cute lights and silly posters and eat on the couch while watching trash tv and just do things together without any pressure; we could just exist and it would make me so fucking happy.
—  giulswrites

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18. “Do you ever think we should just stop this?” and Alex/Astra, please

A/N: I’ve been wanting to write something for these two, but hadn’t found the right inspiration, so thank you very much, anon! Also, it’s not really edited, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes. Anyways, enjoy!

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Their breath is the only sound that accompanies the familiar hum of the apartment in the stillness of the night. Their chests rise and fall in sync, their heartbeats calming as they come down from their high. Alex drapes an arm over Astra’s chest, fingers itching to revel in that silver streak of hair that never ceases to fascinate her. The thought comes to her as it has many times before, though this time it escapes her lips before she can prevent it.

“Do you ever think we should just stop this?” her voice is almost alien in its huskiness, and considering the warm body next to her, somehow it seems appropriate.

The real alien stirs at the question, reaching out to turn on the bedside lamp. Astra attempts to sit up, but Alex presses into her chest, a silent plea for her to stay.

“You no longer wish to engage with me sexually, Brave One?” Astra asks, having succumbed to the request, and though her voice is leveled, there’s a hint of unease that might have gone unnoticed by anyone else.

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I started messaging with this guy I used to go to school with recently (about 3 months ago) and we both have developed feelings for each other. He makes me so happy and I really like him. However, he's moving to Oregon (we both live in Cali rn) in less than 2 weeks and I don't know what to do. I'm so sad that I feel like I'm missing this opportunity to give "us" a try, but I can't leave Cali rn and I'm excited for him to go live in Oregon. -noodle

hey noodle!

do you think that a long distance relationship could work? if you both want to be able to experience a relationship together you should totally talk to him about it, and someday when you’re able to go visit him in Oregon or he can come back and visit California you can spend time together!

try phone and skype/video calls, arranging times to visit each other if possible, send little gifts through the mail. if this is something you want to do you should try to make it work :)

i hope this works out for you love

ky xx

Thoughts on the types, from an infp
  • Istj: i can really jam with you and i have the maddest respect for you, but i hope you eventually feel the need to lose it and do reckless shit one day
  • Estp: you're cool as hell but you also intimidate the shit out of me, like, i'm a timid bird give me a chance here
  • Istp: i've never met one, you sound frightening yet simultaneously like huge dorks
  • Estj: the ones i know are domineering as fuck like, don't do this i'm a free spirited flower, i'll bite you, don't touch me, jeez...
  • Isfj: angels. You're angels, damn it!
  • Isfp: we get on but simultaneously we don't and it's strange. And i always feel like the cynical bad guy around you people
  • Esfp: you're lovely and easy company but PLEASE CALM DOWN SOMETIMES PLEASE
  • Esfj: you're a wonderful angel but you need to learn how to let things go, for your own sake
  • Infj: you seem chill but simultaneously not. Like you have a dark side or some such dramatic thing. And you worry far too much!
  • Infp: i don't know any of you! Where are you? You're the only ones who understand. You're the only ones who know this hell i'm living with
  • Enfp: we can laugh about bizarre shit together and it's magnificent. Also do you hate literally everyone?
  • Enfj: i'm rooting for you so hard, and i always have done
  • Intj: we've known each other a long time and i get you. I see through you. I know all your ways. I'm rooting for you too
  • Intp: you're weird as hell and it's absolutely great, but i really wholeheartedly wish you could be happy
  • Entp: you cover the pain with dank memes
  • Entj: i don't think i know any entjs. I don't think i'd fuck with an entj. You seem frightening but if i can hack the intj then surely i can hack you guys... Right..?
Text || Puppy 🐶
  • Alberto: Well I’m happy I found someone to be a creep with me, I felt a little lonely here with my creepiness :P
  • Alberto: Aww I thought you were going to compliment me again there, but I see your point.
  • Alberto: So where do you know Dom from? Do you work/live anywhere near here? Because you should totally come visit on set so we can be creeps together :P
  • Eliza: Never feel lonely in your creepiness at all, you'll always have me with you.
  • Eliza: Do you want me to call you cute again? I could do that.
  • Eliza: I'm not even sure how we met! We just started talking and became friends, it was one of those things. I actually work in Vancouver and spend half my life there, but when I'm not there I'm usually in LA or back home in Australia. I am almost done filming though, so I could probably swing a trip to Toronto. As long as you promise to tell me all the secrets of the show as we creep together.