I'm so ashamed


Have you lost your temper?

…You all thought there’d be art on this blog, didn’t you. And  all you get is ancient memes

Apparently I got sniped by someone taking it off my deviantart so… I dunno. Here it is anyway

I hate crying in front of people because my abusive mom always called me a drama queen and accused me of trying to manipulate her. When I can’t help but cry, I’m so ashamed. The tears, the shakiness, the trembling, feels so fake and staged even though I have no control over it. I can’t be comforted by other people anymore and it’s all her fault. I just want to be able to cry in someone’s arms without feeling like a monster.
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mini rant

 i just found out what a “joji rare” is and it’s so fucked up. cut that shit shit out right now, this is not even close to ok. it’s harmless to have pictures of young him but when you start fucking digging for content of him that’s when it becomes a problem. i just fucking opened a link to one of the “joji rare” posts and it was him in a highschool play??? that’s so fucking creepy??? i’m not a rude person but you guys need to fuck off if you’re here to stalk him.

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Iggy and his southern s/o being dared to speak in each other's accents for the rest of the day tho 😂

This is the post in reference Southern Comfort


“Say it, darling.” You smiled in that perfect mock of your boyfriends accent. “Ignis, come on, say it.”

Ignis gave you a glare beyond his frames, “No.”

Both of you had taken a playful wager to take up the others accent as you both enjoyed it so much. It also seemed to greatly delight the other members of your party, as Ignis stumbled over some of your sayings and you often loosing his accent or suave demeanor with a soft curse.

“Iggy, my love, do it for me.” You cooed, the day was almost over, and while you both had a few spills. The final score was a draw but you were determined to win and you knew just how to win this little battle.

Ignis tried to keep his green glare towards you, only to sigh deeply, falling for your charms, “I’ve come up a new recipe-eh.”

You couldn’t stop the shrieking giggle that escaped you as the clock hit midnight, “Oh I did it, Suga, I won.”

Ignis chuckled, pressing a kiss to your forehead, “Indeed you have, Love.”