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One more from this long list of prompts, completely unprompted.

Number Eighty-Five: “They got you a present. Isn’t it sweet?”

“Der, we got another one!”

Derek sighed, put down his fork, and glared up at the doorway where Stiles was about to appear with the mail. It was bad enough the mailman rang the doorbell in the middle of breakfast, but for another damn proposal? They should’ve just pretended they weren’t home.

“It’s from the McMullen pack in…Montana, that’s a new one,” Stiles announced as he shuffled back into the kitchen in his boxers, a large box in his hands. “And look, they got you a present. Isn’t it sweet?”

Derek rolled his eyes and went back to his eggs. “Just throw it away.”

Stiles made no moves to throw it away. He set it down on the corner of the table between their plates, and Derek had to grab his coffee mug before it spilled.

“You’re not even going to open it?” He drummed his fingers on top of it excitedly. Stiles loved opening packages. “What if it’s something cool?”

“It’s never something cool.”

“That’s a lie. The last one was great.” He still looked thrilled over the badly cross-stitched Den, Sweet Den hanging over the toilet. Derek glared.

“As soon as I get Lydia here to clear out the ash, I’m taking it down and it’s going in the garbage.”

Stiles finally gave up and sat back down to his meal, leaving the box right where it was. “I can’t believe you would insult Marjorie’s hard work like that. You know she’s a powerful alpha from a powerful pack.”

The accompanying proposal letter had stated as much, a number of times.

Derek pointedly moved the box to the floor. “A powerful alpha, but not a skilled cross-stitcher.”

“Big words from the guy who buys new jeans every other week because he can’t fix a tiny tear.”

“I can, I just don’t want to. It looks tacky.” And unlike Stiles, who spent all of his college years learning to sew his clothes back together to save money, Derek could afford to buy new ones.

That, and the entire town was still kind of waiting for him to be hauled off in cuffs for murder, and wearing tattered and worn out clothes tended to make them whisper about that poor sheriff’s boy, he deserves someone nicer. They always learned shortly after that Derek was the nicer of the two when that poor sheriff’s boy turned around and cussed them out until Derek dragged him away.

Stiles scoffed. “Throwing away unopened gifts is tacky!”

“Sending proposals to an engaged man is tacky.”

“Can you really blame them for trying? I’d be all over that if I wasn’t already.” Stiles ran a hand up Derek’s thigh to punctuate his point, while taking a casual sip of his coffee as if he were doing nothing of the sort.

“I can and I will. And at the very least, we’re sending it back.”

Stiles pouted, brushing Derek’s thigh with his thumb like it would change his mind. “But what if it’s a new frying pan? We’ve been needing one of those.”

“I’ll buy you a new frying pan. We’re sending it back.”

“We might as well get something out of all this harassment.”

“How about the satisfaction of saying no to every single one?” That was enough for Derek, but apparently not for Stiles, who blinked at him imploringly. Combined with his rumpled bedhead, it almost worked.

“But I can’t make breakfast in satisfaction.”

Derek leaned over to give him a compensatory kiss. “You can barely make breakfast in a frying pan.”

Stiles’ hand dropped from his thigh and he narrowed his eyes.

“Wow, okay, see if I ever make you breakfast ever again.” Derek grinned, but that just egged him on. “Actually no, I’m going to make you shitty breakfasts all the time! In the proposal pan!”

“We don’t know it’s a pan, and we’re not keeping it even if it is.”

“Oh come on! We deserve gifts after all this bullshit.” He gestured with his fork to their life in general, which also included the large hole in the drywall from a cursed statuette an angry pack had sent last month after Derek politely returned their proposal.

Derek refused to give in. He was not going to play nice in response to insult after insult.

“Stiles, why the hell would I want to keep gifts from packs I’ve never met who are trying to bribe me away from my fiance?”

Stiles pressed his lips together to try not to smile, but he failed. The whole being engaged thing was still new, they were both still a little giddy about it.

“We should send wedding invitations to all of them,” he said gleefully, and there was his petty streak. He’d been taking all these formal proposals surprisingly well and in good humor considering they were all trying to lure Derek into bringing Hale prestige to their packs.

“No. Then they’ll just send bigger gifts to try to change my mind.”

Stiles smirked. “And I‘m going to keep all of them.”

Derek rolled his eyes but gave Stiles the kiss he was puckering up for.


One of two Aequis customs in the works with Harpy eagle plumage! I promise they will look different from one another. 

Interesting that I haven’t gotten around to doing one of these myself yet for the mountain type, since… well, look at those meaty feet she has! Classic harpy eagle.

The Dancer

Here’s another ficlet request, submitted by an Anon from October! I’ve been working on this one bit-by-bit for WEEKS and it’s way longer than I expected it would be. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

It’s been a hard few weeks since you moved to the Beast capital. Humans are generally distrusted there, and you’d been having a hard time finding work. Almost every job you had gotten only lasted for a day, and your money ran out quickly. You were just about to give up on it and move back to the tiny village you’d come from when you stumbled upon a popular human-owned tavern.

The owner was an older woman by the name of Griselda, who was called “Griza” by the regular patrons. She was tough and rough around the edges, but when you told her your situation, she immediately took you in and offered you not only a job, but a place to stay in the boarding rooms built into the tavern’s rear. She was well-known around the city as one you definitely do not cross, and the monstrous patrons, while rowdy, never caused any real trouble for her or her charges. You weren’t the only one she’d taken in; there were a few half-monsters that were under her care as well. They were all very nice, and you made friends with them quickly.

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senpai-notice-me-please  asked:

Hi I really love your writing! I was wondering, could you write the RFA reaction to MC leaning against them and falling asleep on their shoulder? maybe before they dating but the characters have a crush on MC? thank you so muchh~

Yes of course! 

This was quite a struggle because I kept on singing or humming “put your head on my shoulder~” while writing (also I never got past that single line). ;;;; 


P.S. Thank you, and I love your username btw~☆


Warning : may have slight spoilers ahead

RFA Reacts : when MC puts her head on my shoulder…


  • This is it
  • Well okay, he kissed you first before he asked you to be his official girlfriend…
  • And you were finally alone together
  • Can’t contain his excitement
  • Yoosung, calm down boy, you’re getting too excited by yourself
  • Freezes when he feels a light pressure on his left shoulder
  • Oh no, MC it’s too soon for this kyaaaa 
  • But then he notices after a while that your breaths have become even and slow
  • Turns his head to find you sleeping peacefully as you leaned on his shoulder
  • You were exhausted from the party and the events of the past few days
  • That you totally fell asleep on him
  • Found himself drawn to watching you sleep
  • Couldn’t help but notice the little puffs of breath you took or the light snores that came out of you every once in a while
  • He imagined you’d be embarrassed if he told you about it, so he decided to keep it as his little secret 
  • MC snores. How cute
  • Yoosung m’boy, it’s not so cute when it sounds like a herd of elephants trumpeting directly into your ear
  • Was momentarily disturbed when V comes to get him so they could go back to the hospital
  • “Ummm… If… if it’s not too much trouble, can I stay with her for a little while more, V?” he asks shyly, slightly leaning his head on yours
  • Nope, not even V could resist those puppy eye…s
  • “Alright. Just call me when you’re ready to go. I’ll be with Jumin and the others,” smiling, he closes the door gently behind him, leaving Yoosung to be with you a little bit more


  • He was enjoying your company while stargazing that he hadn’t noticed you’d fallen asleep 
  • That is, until he remembered that Driver Kim was still waiting outside
  • “Jagi, it’s getting la— oh”
  • A few moments pass with him just staring at your sleeping face
  • I’ve always known that MC was pretty, but I never knew she had such fine lashes… and plump lips…
  • The growing number of things that he imagined slowly made him blush, as it slowly crept into him wondering about uncharted territory
  • Zen, control the beast
  • “Aaaaah no Zen! That’s definitely not something a guy like you should do before dating!” he suddenly says out loud, hitting his cheeks with both hands
  • The sudden noise and movement wakes you, and your sleepy gaze lands on Zen’s reddened cheeks
  • “What’s going on? Are you okay, Zen?” you worriedly reach out to touch the reddened area, but he catches your hand first and kisses it lightly
  • “Nothing to worry about, jagi,” another kiss. “I would’ve wanted to see you sleep longer, but… Driver Kim is waiting outside, and the beast might come out to play if you stay longer,” chuckling, he caresses your cheek and you lean in to the touch. “I’ll walk you to the car, okay?”
  • The moment he gets inside, he slumps against the door and blushes like crazy
  • “Man, that was so close… so, so close. Aaaaah MC’s so darned cute, it’s so dangerous for my heart!”
  • Continues to ramble like this for a few minutes more
  • Rolls around his bed excitedly when he remembers your sleeping face as you leaned against him
  • Lmao Zen are you actually teenage girl with a crush living in a man’s body? 

Jaehee Kang

  • Takes a surprised breath when she realized that she’d dozed off in the middle of the movie she was watching
  • Watches the ceiling for a while, the round fluorescent light a huge contrast to the tan ceiling
  • I guess I was really tired from moving all that stuff. Moving is really tough, she thought, absently running her fingers through her hair and resting her hand over her forehead
  • Something bumps against her and she finds you resting beside her, your head on her shoulder
  • Is disoriented for a while; looks at you and then around her, taking in the cardboard boxes piled on one side, the static-filled TV, the open box by the coffee table full of Zen’s DVD’s, the empty soda cans and plastic containers that had remainders of your convenience store dinner, and it hits her that she had finally moved in with you, although it was just as friends
  • Smooth, Baehee, very smooth
  • Enjoys the quiet moment with you, just thinking of the things that had transpired over the past few days
  • She actually liked you, but it was too soon to try to ask you out yet, or to even think about upgrading your friendship, but, you know, one step at a time

Jumin Han

  • You were sitting side by side on the large leather sofa in his living room one sunny afternoon
  • You were just watching TV idly when he sat beside you, book in hand
  • He couldn’t explain it, but he feels relaxed and comfortable whenever he’s beside you
  • Glances your way after a while, and finds that you’ve dozed off, your upper body slumped against the sofa and your head leaning sideways
  • Yup, that’s definitely going to give you neck cramps later
  • That whole ordeal with the bomb and you coming to his penthouse, and meeting him for the first time exhausted you, that you nodded off whilst being nervous
  • But yeah, he didn’t need to know that lolol   
  • Puts his book down and leans back on the sofa, watching you sleep
  • Guides your head to lean on his shoulder, and then leans his head against yours
  • Your body heat, combined with the sound of your soft breaths relaxed him enough that he unconsciously fell asleep too
  • Woke to the sound of his butler’s voice
  • “Mr. Han, Assistant Kang called—” 
  • “Shh, MC’s sleeping,” Jumin interrupts, placing his pointer finger against his lips
  • Gently gets up from the sofa without disturbing you, letting you lie down on it
  • Puts a blanket over you and pulls it up to your shoulders
  • Couldn’t help but be mesmerized with your sleeping face that he spent a couple of minutes crouched beside you
  • That is, until the butler interrupts him again with a not-so-discreet “ehem”
  • Please, butler, just go away and leave me alone with MC
  • Unfortunately, he had to go after the phone call, but he secretly looked forward to coming home to see you again

707 / Saeyoung Choi

  • Was trying his best to ignore the fact that you were alone in the apartment with him
  • But you were also trying your best to get him to notice you
  • Talk about a battle of wills. Who will come out on top? Most likely him, but that’s for later in the story lololol
  • You plopped beside him after your shower, the scent of your plum blossom shampoo spreading through the air
  • “Whatcha doing, Seven?” you asked, even though you knew the answer
  • “Work,” his fingers continue to hit the keyboard, eyes glued to the screen
  • “You’ve been working all day; aren’t you going to take a break?” you asked again, this time leaning against him and resting your head on his shoulder
  • “I will, after a while,” more typing
  • “The water’s still warm you know. You should take a nice long soak in the tub”
  • “Later”
  • You continue like this for a while; you attempting to make small talk while he deflects it with one-word answers or complete silence
  • A few moments pass by and the questions stop; you were still leaning against him, but you’ve quieted down completely
  • He intended to just steal a quick glance, but his fingers completely stop as his eyes roved over you
  • Your hair was still a little damp and your cheeks were still flushed; your chest rising gently as you took slow, deep breaths
  • You had fallen asleep beside him
  • Grew more and more flustered as he took in your appearance; a damp towel over your shoulders, a lace camisole, silk shorts… were you wearing nothing underneath your top?
  • Looks up and makes a sign of the cross. Father, please forgive me for I have sinned…
  • Tried to get back to his work, but he couldn’t concentrate because the scent of your shampoo was giving him inappropriate thoughts and it was driving him crazy
  • “Seriously,” he mutters, annoyedly scratching the back of his head
  • Gives you another glance and decides to take that bath when he feels his cheeks grow warm
  • Lets you lean back on the sofa and covers your front with his jacket
  • Watches you for a while and unconsciously lets out a chuckle when you lay down sideways, tucking your legs and settling inside the jacket he laid over you
  • Stops and blushes when he notices what he’d been doing
  • “Guess it’s time for me to take a break,” he announces, and hurries straight to the bath

V / Jihyun Kim

  • Woke up to a completely different room
  • It was warm, and smelled of pine, not unlike the cold, stone cellar that he was in before he fell unconscious
  • “Oh no, MC,” tried to pushed himself off the couch when he remembered why he was in the cellar in the first place
  • But he was too weak to move and only succeeded in dislodging the body beside making it lean against him
  • Body….?
  • Carefully turning his head, he finds you sleeping peacefully beside him
  • Lets out a relieved breath when he realizes Seven had pushed through and that you’d escaped safely
  • He was so worried that you could’ve been hurt, or even made to drink the elixir, or even….
  • Tried to shake off the other things he thought might’ve happened had you stayed longer and just tried to focus on you
  • Everything around him still seemed fuzzy, but he could clearly feel your presence, the little puffs of breath you took…
  • Wished that he met you earlier instead, but then again, you might’ve turned into another Rika because he hadn’t understood what love really meant back then…
  • How had he undergone such a rapid change in just a few days? Ask the game developers, not me
  • But more importantly… did he really just think of loving someone else other than Rika? 
  • Shuts his eyes once more and tried to clear his thoughts… and it always came back to you — you currently resting beside him, you trying to be brave despite the danger you faced, you… just being you.
  • Turns to you once more, taking in your features as his vision grew darker and darker, the pull of sleep growing stronger and stronger…


Ray / Saeran Choi

  • It was one of those rare days where the Saviour didn’t have anything for him to do besides monitoring the RFA’s movements
  • He figured that it would take the other hacker a while before he could break through Ray’s code, so he decided to wander around the library for a bit, looking for something he could bring you to fight off the boredom
  • He had found a book about flowers, with pictures and interesting facts, along with a novel he thought you might like
  • Knocks when he arrives at your door, but there was no response from you
  • Luckily, the door was unlocked, and he enters quietly, hoping to just drop off the things and contact you if you were out
  • Stopped in his tracks when he finds you leaning on the sofa by the open window, the afternoon light creating a soft atmosphere as the silky curtains danced in the wind
  • Found himself pulled in by your sleeping profile, that he placed the books on the table and sat beside you, facing you so he could enjoy his time with you
  • The dip in the couch had you slowly slumping toward him though, and he found himself with you lying on his lap (thank you, gravity!)
  • Whoever’s listening to my wishes right now, thank you, thank you so much, he thought amusedly as he pushed back a stray strand of hair from your face
  • Hadn’t noticed how much time has passed as he admired your face until a shrill ring from his phone broke him from his reverie
  • Your eyes flew open at the same time, and Ray maintained eye contact with you as he brought a finger to his lips
  • Looks like my time is up, he thought sadly, as an order from the Saviour came through
  • Still not through with his phone call, he slowly stood up and smiled sadly at you, waving goodbye as he exited the room
  • You were still disoriented and had wanted to ask him questions, but he seemed busy so you just waved back, unaware that it was one of the last times you would see him as Ray