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the one where they're stuck

pairing: mike wheeler/el hopper
word count: 5,891
prompt/summary: mike and el get stuck in a store overnight. 
notes: part 2 of my mileven one shot/drabble series. this one is purely au, set in a universe where mike and el both work at a department like store. 

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“Everything okay?” Turning around slowly, Mike gives, what he hopes, is an apologetic smile. “It happened again, didn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Mike rubs the back of his neck, sighing softly. “Sorry, El. Looks like we’re stuck here.”

El Hopper, god . Mike will never understand how a girl like her ended up working at a place like this. Sure, Melvad’s was a nice store and Joyce was a great boss, but Melvad’s is where you worked if you were retired or a high schooler trying to make some extra cash. Or you were Mike, who needed to make money to pay for pretty much everything after his dad lost his job halfway through his senior year of high school.

You didn’t work at a place like Melvad’s if you were El Hopper.

El Hopper was beautiful, by far one of the prettiest girls Mike had ever seen, with her light brown, brilliant eyes and her soft looking skin. She also was one of the funniest people he had ever met, not to mention she was witty and smart, and always knew the right thing to say.

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for a while | seo changbin

▎ ❝ can you do another part for blood like gasoline? if not, then can you do a fake dating au with changbin? 💕💕💕 ❞

➝ précis: trying to writhe his way out of an arranged marriage, changbin was determined and willing to take every possible measure to escape, even if that meant hiring a common nobody to play the role of his lover

➝ genre: fake dating!au (kinda badly incorporated oops), royal!au

➝ warning: kinda long :0

➝ pairing: prince!changbin | reader

➝ message: i actually don’t know how i would continue that fic? if i come up with anything i’ll post a part 2, but for now i hope this suffices!! also might turn this into a full fic bc i love this concept :0

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  • “there’s no way,” your friend, jiwon, would gasp, her eyes wide as you explained the situation that had gone down only the day before
  • “i’m telling you, ji, it was him. i swear on my life.”
  • she looked at you once again, watching as you picked a daisy from a home’s flower box and twirling it between your fingers
  • “you may be one of the prettiest in the village, but let’s be real for a second, why would he—a fucking prince—take interest in a villager?”

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feel like I should note (belatedly) - a truly startling number of you picked the original fic option for the 150 words meme and I’m…weirdly touched? like, y’all are interested in that shit.

the idea that there might be folks invested in/interested in my original work is kind of bonkers to me, but also…really neat.

what i wouldn’t give
to spend the day as a cat
though i’m sure if i did 
i’d never want to go back
to this human flesh prison 
this body filled with lead
this dysfunctional thing called a brain
rotting inside my head
or perhaps i’d be a bird
a small bird
a tiny bird
because at least then when the world feels too big
i’d understand why
and i’m pretty sure that birds don’t cry
for no reason
or shy away from the sun
of the warm summer season
and i’d bet that cats don’t feel blue
or overwhelmed by everything to do 
so overwhelmed that they’d rather sleep
because being awake is too hard
so hard that they weep
cats don’t weep
and birds don’t wail 
and just once i’d like to not feel so frail 
just once
i’d like to spend the day as a cat
or a bird
or anything but me
just for a day
i’d like to be anything but me

(cc, 2019)

anonymous asked:

Do u have any tickle related BROTP prompts? I need for smt I'm writing and writing block is killing me- (Btw, your blog helped me so much oof)

I usually try to answer the ask box in order but this gives me so many ideas

  • super-strong bro A’s only weakness is being tickled
  • “Don’t you dare don’t you dare dON’T YOU DARE–”
  • A knows all of B’s tickle spots and uses that information as blackmail
  • whenever B has a really bad day, A starts a tickle fight to make them laugh because they know they’ll feel better afterward
  • “Can I have a piggyback ride?” “Only if you promise not to use your vantage point to tickle my neck again.” “…”
  • touchstarved A just kinda throws themselves onto B when they start getting tickled
  • pickle fights. pillow fight + tickle fight = pickle fight
  • C hears raucous laughter from the next room over and walks in to see A and B in a physically impossible knot from trying to tickle each other
  • really intense tickle fights leading to… (lowers voice) cuddling

anonymous asked:

Headcannons or scenarios of Allen and Kanda (separately) coming back from a mission and their s/o bolts to them and hugs them so tight saying over and over again how much they missed them plz? Love ya btw

Oh!! Min wrote something like this before but with s/o coming back instead of the main characs owo if you guys want to read it, here’s the link!! and I love you too non uwu hope you’ll still love me after this fhhdsjhg

Allen laughed as he lost his balance, feet stumbling backwards as the clatter of his things fell on deaf ears. He righted himself quickly, preventing both of them from falling on the concrete floor as _______ had promptly launched themselves at him when they saw him.

He could hear loud muffled yells from the (h/c) in his arms – incoherent phrases that he wasn’t able to catch even with how close he was to them. They finally looking up at him with crystal filled eyes and a frown on their shaky lips. He chuckled, a hand coming up to ruffle their hair as they whined, burying their face back into his uniform as they sniffed.

“At least let me shower first before you cuddle up to me,” Allen let out a laugh, his lips turned up into a cheeky grin as ______ grumbled, playfully hitting him for his joke.

“Hush! You were gone for so long,” ______ rested their cheek on his shoulder now, completely relaxing under his wandering touch as they stood in the middle of the hallway- hugging each other as if no one was watching. Their eyes were heavy with tears and possibly swollen from how hard they hard rubbed them.

“I started to think you were someone I made up to deal with being lonely,” this caused Allen to laugh rather loudly, the (h/c) parting themselves from him in an embarrassed fit. “Shut up! Don’t laugh at me!”

Allen couldn’t help but admire the shade of red on their cheek as he tried to stifle his laughter, cheeks hurting from how big his smile had become. He apologized in between bouts of laughter, obviously not meaning a word of it causing his partner to huff and let go of him.

“Ah wait- _____-“ By the time he had stopped laughing enough to reach out to them, they were already five feet in front of him, looking at him from the side as his suitcase was clenched in their hands.

“Well? You said you’d cuddle with me after you showered, right?” they mumbled embarrassedly, cheeks tinted red and barely able to hold eye-contact with him for so long. He grinned, moving from his spot to join his partner in their trek to his room.

Kanda was clearly taken off guard when the (h/c) flung themselves into his arms, knocking both of them down onto the floor; causing what little stuff he had brought back with him to scatter along with it. His head spun momentarily and he blinked several times before realizing what had happened.

“______, what are you doing?” he sat up, with much difficulty, and stared at the (h/c) who was too busy burying their head in his coat and trying to possibly suffocate him with how hard they had their arms wound around him to even hear his question.

When he moved, Kanda placed his hand on their head- slowly patting it as his eyes glared coldly at the watching passers; they quickly went about their way and scattered. After what seems like minutes, with Kanda growing restless and repeating his question, ______ finally gave a muffled answer.

The teen clicked his tongue, brows furrowing in a scowl as he pulled them away from him – though with much reluctance from the other party.

“I can’t hear you if you don’t speak up, _______,” They shifted their eyes, lips shaped into a slight pout as they spoke, avoiding meeting eyes with the male.

“I miss you,” they mumbled, playing with their fingers. Kanda blinked, brows furrowing for a moment before he chuckled, a hand covering the small, amused smile on his face.

“You missed me that much that you just had to knock me off my feet huh?” he joked, making the (h/c) flustered as they tried to explain themselves. Kanda shook his head, kneeling down to gather his things with s/o following his actions to help clean the mess.

“I’ll see you after I report to Komui,” standing, Kanda patted his partner’s head, a minute smile etched on his lips before he parted ways with them; leaving them to stare at his back as he walked away. _______ huffed, expression changing into one of childish anger as they ran up to the tall male and smacked him on his back.

“Let me come with you! Ba-Kanda!”

the reason i want to be a writer is because sometimes i consume a piece of media, a book or tv show or movie, and i am so overwhelmed by how it touches me. sometimes, there is a character or a story line that stays with me, consistently, far past after i’ve finished it, and i become enamored by the idea that someone out there, a writer, created this. a writer gave me this feeling and made me fall in love with something that they wrote. and i want to recreate that feeling for someone else.

Bella roasting Edward hcs

(as promised in a post I made eons and eons ago, Bella is so mean to Edward and I absolutely love it. Inspired by the scene where Bella tells him Jacob is her friend, “not that you would know much about that,” and I died.)

  • As we know, Edward likes to go on long emo rants about how he must be eternally damned and has no soul. Bella, getting fed up with this, turns around and says “Why, because you’re a ginger? It’s okay, I can look past that.”
  • Edward and Bella get into a minor disagreement, probably about her going to La Push. Bella informs Edward that “I am an adult, and you are a child. You need to learn to respect your elders.”
  • Bella absolutely tag teams with other members of the family when it comes to giving Edward a hard time. Especially Emmett. One day while she’s over and Edward is being particularly angsty, Bella simply retorts with “can you just shut up?” Emmett laughs very loudly and responds, “It’s just the sexual frustration, don’t worry about it.”
  • After getting her yearly flu shot, Edward notices the band-aid on her arm and asks what happened. She tells him she got the shot - “Obviously I hate needles, but can you imagine getting taken out by the flu?”
  • Edward spends long periods of time just staring at Bella and trying to figure her out, then remarks that he wishes he knew what she was thinking. Bella rolls her eyes and responds “Wow, I wonder how normal people handle having to ask. It must be hard for you.”
  • Relatedly, when hanging out with the Cullens and watching Edward interact with his family, often without them even being able to get a word in edgewise because he just plucks things out of their heads, Bella tells Edward, “You know, no wonder no one ever hangs out with you but me. That’s really annoying.”
  • On the first night of their honeymoon, in an attempt to ease both their nerves, Bella pats Edward lovingly on the shoulder and says “Don’t worry, it’s been over a hundred years. I know this won’t take long.”
  • For their first anniversary, Edward gets Bella something really sweet and sentimental (say, a first edition copy of Pride and Prejudice). Bella takes it, looks at it for a moment, then responds with “Well, it’s not an island… but I guess it’s okay…” (Disclaimer: she absolutely loves it and makes sure to let him know)
  • Generally I choose not to acknowledge The Demon in my headcanons, but I like to imagine that Edward would attempt to give Renameme dating advice at some point that she absolutely does not want to hear. To save her from this, Bella enters and rolls her eyes. “Edward, you had your first kiss at 105 years old. I don’t think she needs your advice.”

When I was a girl, my brother told me it was made with one thousand swords from Aegon’s fallen enemies. What do one thousand swords look like in the mind of a little girl who can’t count to twenty? I imagined a mountain of swords too high to climb.



How far will you go to save someone you love? 

Pretty damn far, as Hank finds out. Struggling to get to Cole in time, he grows increasingly desperate. His only hope now? The goofy looking FBI agent with the equally goofy looking glasses, who seems to be the only one willing to help him.