I'm going to buy one when I get home

The signs as skills I have
  • Aries: crying when frustrated/angry
  • Taurus: never knowing how much lotion is enough lotion
  • Gemini: listening to the same song for days and then never listening to it again
  • Cancer: buying 10 more books when I already have 500 at home to read
  • Leo: opening a soda and taking one drink before forgetting about it and letting it go flat
  • Virgo: starting a big paper the day before it's due and getting an A on it
  • Libra: not folding laundry. ever.
  • Scorpio: starting a million projects and not finishing any of them
  • Sagittarius: filling my purse with receipts. even though i know i'm never going to do anything with them. i will throw them away. but i always say 'yes' when asked if i want my receipt
  • Capricorn: lying about having plans because i don't want to go anywhere or do anything this weekend
  • Aquarius: eating a whole frozen pizza by myself. #noshame
  • Pisces: getting really drunk but not throwing up the next day. except that one time

anonymous asked:

PSA: When buying ANYTHING that is going on a dog's body either bring the dog in or measure them at home before you come in! If one more customer comes in asking me what size collar to buy for a dog that weighs X pounds and then gets attitude with me when I can't just point to a collar I'm going to SCREAM. You could have three different dogs that all weigh exactly the same but all need different size collars. I'm so sick of people guessing and then having to come back because they guessed wrong.

One of the easiest ways to find cosplay, is going to thrift stores/secondhand clothing stores. It’s cheap, informal, and fun, too!

I found this blazer which is (nearly) perfect for Nyo!France! Maybe a bit on the short side, but I know exactly how to adjust this to perfection! €3,00. It just smells a bit like my grandmother right now.

I couldn’t help but buy these too. I’m beginning to hord picture frames. One of these three is haunted but I don’t know which. The glass cut my finger when I lifted it to clean it. I guess I’ll get ancient diseases now. Epic.

This thing was real leather, but for 6,50 you could pretend you’re 2p!America whose buttons were kindly replaced by cute ones. Courtesy of 2p!England of course.

I haven’t found exactly what I was looking for, as I have a photoshoot tomorrow and still need the outfit, but when the wife gets home we’ll go to another store to hunt!

anonymous asked:

Re: the vegan thing, sadly in the UK it's much cheaper to buy unhealthy food. Many houses have no stove, or a crappy one, and junk food often comes in 2x1 offers. I'm Italian, and in Italy it's much cheaper to live off fresh produce, so I was shocked to find it wasn't the same there. Not to mention the fact fast food vendors are open almost 24/7, which makes it harder to say no when you're going home from the library at 11pm and you're completely knackered and moody.

Not having a stove top doesn’t mean you can’t cook. Portable camper stoves are extremely cheap and get the job done.

Not to mention the fact fast food vendors are open almost 24/7, which makes it harder to say no when you’re going home from the library at 11pm and you’re completely knackered and moody.

Right so, lets blame everyone but ourselves for our poor choices. “But it’s open 24/7 I couldn’t help myself” who’s fault is that? I’ve never been to a country where buying fast food every day was cheaper than buying groceries for the week/month. I think a lot of people asserting the claim that fast food is cheaper have never been grocery shopping for themselves or a family. These are the same people who only eat vegetables if it’s on their pizza or in their burger.

If you’re going to eat shit every day, you need to increase your TDEE to account for excess calories, not make excuses and blame everything else. There is no reason why any able bodied individual can not take physical initiative to weigh a healthy BMI.

Furthermore, you don’t need to go to a fresh market to buy vegan food. Hell, being vegan doesn’t even mean eating a fresh/raw diet, or eating only fruits and vegetables. Most vegans cook and eat an extremely wide variety of foods; being vegan is incredibly cheap no matter where you live. A lot of dollar store food is vegan, especially in the UK (as adding meat or animal derivatives is more expensive). There’s also plenty of vegan candy and treats… which is junk food. So again, the problem here is ignorance. People actually think all vegans survive on dust and air if not for salads, fresh produce, and fancy gourmet soy cheese and meat when this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The issue isn’t with veganism. The issue is that people clearly have no idea how to live healthy on a budget because they never tried.

the lumineers → sentence starters
  • Feel free to change pronouns and so on to make it fit better!
  • 1. ❛ When we were younger we thought everyone was on our side. ❜
  • 2. ❛ Be in my eyes. ❜
  • 3. ❛ Be in my heart. ❜
  • 4. ❛ I won't close my eyes. ❜
  • 5. ❛ It takes a man to live, but it takes a woman to make him compromise. ❜
  • 6. ❛ That's pretty cool, but classy girls don't kiss in bars, you fool. ❜
  • 7. ❛ But it's alright, the hardest part is through. ❜
  • 8. ❛ No one will believe me. ❜
  • 9. ❛ Told me I'd seen a ghost. ❜
  • 10. ❛ Everyone thinks I'm a liar, no one knows the truth. ❜
  • 11. ❛ I need somebody, needed someone I could trust. ❜
  • 12. ❛ I don't gamble, but if I did I would bet on us. ❜
  • 13. ❛ You'll never sink when you are with me. ❜
  • 14. ❛ Yes, there are times we live for somebody else. ❜
  • 15. ❛ I've been trying to do it right. ❜
  • 16. ❛ I don't think you're right for him. ❜
  • 17. ❛ I belong with you, you belong with me. ❜
  • 18. ❛ You're my sweetheart. ❜
  • 19. ❛ Wash off my hands til it’s gone. ❜
  • 20. ❛ Act like you’ve been here before. ❜
  • 21. ❛ Smile less and dress up some more. ❜
  • 22. ❛ And when she stood she stood tall, she’ll make a fool of you all. ❜
  • 23. ❛ She ain’t got nothin left for you. ❜
  • 24. ❛ It's better to feel pain, than nothing at all. ❜
  • 25. ❛ The opposite of love's indifference. ❜
  • 26. ❛ And I don't blame you, dear, for running like you did all these years. ❜
  • 27. ❛ Keep your head up, my love. ❜
  • 28. ❛ There's hell to pay, and hell to raise. ❜
  • 29. ❛ Won't you stay? ❜
  • 30. ❛ Don't hang your head, love should make you feel good. ❜
  • 31. ❛ Make your mothers proud. ❜
  • 32. ❛ Make your fathers proud. ❜
  • 33. ❛ I'm gonna buy one for us when I get back. ❜
  • 34. ❛ And I'll never leave you again. ❜
  • 35. ❛ You're still my lady. ❜
  • 36. ❛ I need you at home. ❜
  • 37. ❛ Cause if you ain't behind my door, then I ain't got a home anymore. ❜
  • 38. ❛ Lovers come, lovers go, lovers leave me alone. ❜
  • 39. ❛ She'll come back to me. ❜
  • 40. ❛ And all I tend to do is think of you. ❜
  • 41. ❛ Or was it different, it must have been. ❜
  • 42. ❛ And it's a shame that it ends this way, with nothing left to say. ❜
  • 43. ❛ It's a shame. ❜
  • 44. ❛ May you return to love one day. ❜
  • 45. ❛ You get what you gave. ❜