I would definitely buy prints of these

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Hi I have been buying and selling prints online for a while and was wondering what kind of printer and paper you use to do it at home? do you cut it down or do you buy smaller paper specifically for the printer. I know you have answered some similar questions but I would love to be able to print and ship without having to wait on them. Thanks bunches!

I use the Canon Pixma Pro-100, and I use 8.5″ x 11″ paper and cut it down for small prints. For large prints I use 13″ x 19″ paper. Definitely handy to print it all at home, but I still need to do supply runs for paper and ink. Luckily, some of my supplies I can order to have delivered, but not all.

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just wondering, but could you give me a list of items he's ripped off so i dont buy them? i doubt i was going to anyways, but just in case! (you can answer this privately if you dont want this ask public!)

i know his pony song is one, since that one is for a charity album. that’s the only one i 100% know for sure.

based on how he treated me, i would definitely not buy any examples of where he sells another artist’s remix of his music. i highly doubt he pays the people who tunes his vocals either, so that pretty much knocks out all his music right there.

i don’t know much about what all went into his album, to be honest. i remember he had talked to me about selling prints with it, and i was going to be one of the artists (fun fact i was originally gonna do all the album art for it). the artist who told me he made them charge $10 for multiple $50 commissions is the person who, at the time, was going to do the album art for TV, but i have no idea if it’s still the same person - i really don’t wanna go looking through his content to find out at this point, he makes me sick and i’m still trying to get over him publicly calling me out for stuff i didn’t do. either way i believe the same artist did some of his t-shirts, so that’s another item you should stay away from.

short story short just to be safe i wouldn’t buy anything from him. because a lot of this stuff is behind the scenes and i only got to see it all almost 5 months ago, i can’t say for 100% sure what is and isn’t ripping off another artist. at the same time, i highly doubt he suddenly just snapped into being a decent guy and started treating artists fairly (especially with the fact that he WILL do shit just out of spite), so i definitely think it’s a good idea to just not give him your money. hell, even his videos are monetized - he gets maybe $100 every two or three months i think he told me? and that was back when he was at 5k subs, which, has since doubled in amount, so that number could be higher now.

i wonder if any of my followers/friends use redbubble. if you use it i’d appreciate any advice on this stuff:

if youre a seller, is it a reliable source of income? do you find keeping up a shop to be worth it?

if youre a buyer, what do you typically buy? what items are the best quality?

i really want to set one up, but i’m not too sure where to start besides uploading my new prints / designs. i’m well versed in graphics and vector design so i’d like to try tshirts, as well! i know shirts are something i cannot create on my own, so I’ll definitely try those through redbubble - but i’m wondering if it would be a good place for me to start selling stickers, prints and etc online. let me know!

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OMG the: Cute, fun, summery, carefree Finnrey sketches are amazing! I really want like a full print jacket\jumper with all of them :D p.s. do you know of any artsit that sell Finnre as cholthing? T-shirts, jackets,jumpers...

Thank you! Alex (@horreurscopes) is amazing and so is their art! I would definitely buy clothing or other merch if they designed it with their artwork (their commissions are open, btw!)

I actually am not aware of any artists who sell specifically Finnrey clothing items. I went to Etsy a while back to search for Finn stuff and didn’t find too much, and I have a feeling that Finnrey items would be even harder to find. But possibly this will change? There are a lot of fan conventions coming up and I think that some amazing artists could capitalize on doing some shipper merch featuring their character designs and really clean up.

I think possibly one way to go about it is to just ask an artist if they could design something for you? It’s worth a shot and some artists might do that but not advertise it. Never hurts to ask.

ETA: Correct pronouns. I am so sorry, @horreurscopes!

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ohnmy gosh. if i could buy your art, i would! i dont have a paypal or anything like that, though. Even if i cant buy your art myself, i really think youre underselling your art! Your pieces are definitely worth more than $3!

aw thank you so much! 

as for the price thing, don’t worry! Postcard prints are really easy for me to make and don’t cost much at all. Since they only cost me about 30 cents each to make, I don’t mind pricing them that low. I feel like the price helps make it more accessible for people and encourages them to buy and I want my art to be shared! 

I only speak for myself though! Every artists prices their work differently according to their own needs and its always important to remember that. Maybe I could raise prices one day when I feel more established, but for right now I’m just enjoying being able to mail out my art to people all over :-)!