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Hi taylorswift

You don’t know about me, but I know you want to! (See what I did there?) I’ve been a Swiftie since I first heard Tim McGraw on the radio with my mom back in 2006. I couldn’t afford to see you on the Fearless Tour (forever crying tears of mascara in the bathroom) but I’m so excited that I now have the great privilege of seeing you Thursday September 17th in Columbus FROM THE B STAGE PIT!!!!!!! WHAT IS LIFE!!!!! I’ll be dressed as a mermaid because “high tide, came and brought [me] in…” I would love to be able to meet you to thank you in person for everything you’ve done for me <3 

(Also, I ran into your buddy George Washington while taking pictures; he’s a lovely fellow. I told him to give you my regards!)

Guys, if you could reblog so taylorswift or tree-paine see this, it would mean EVERYTHING to me.I will follow everyone who reblogs and will also keep track of every. single. url. and give a list to Taylor if I get the chance to. Because if I get that chance it will be because of you guys! 

Love love love,

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Oh Man, I didn’t think I would be able to finish this in time… But I really wanted to enter haha… ^^’

So here’s my contest entry, I thought it would be cool to see all the guys living in the same house, chillin’ on the back porch in the summer time.

we had a really bad breakdown sometime after losing access again last night….

A story of martial arts, migraines, and mentality.

Here is how martial arts helped me significantly and I have only been practicing two years and a bit total. 

The backstory of my childhood (briefly):

Since I can recall I have suffered from migraines that have only become worse as I have gotten older.  When I was a kid I would vomit and wouldn’t be able to get out of bed all day.  As an adolescent my head would ache all the time and I never understood why at lights would hurt like a thousand needles sticking into my head.  I never understood why I could barely moved and the slightest touch on my skin felt like an electric shock.  The pain was unbearable and my parents, who will never win any child-rearing award, always gave me tons of ibuprofen for them.  Still, the pain continued despite me taking these over the counter medications regularly.  As I got older and learned a bit more I started taking other over the counter medications for migraines and when one stopped working I would switch to another.  This cycle continued until it couldn’t because the drugs stopped working somewhere in my early twenties.  During college I learned more about migraines on my own and was able to start changing my behavior to help prevent situations that would spark off a migraine.  Mostly, it made me a hermit because being out all day in the sun or going to loud places would be my undoing.  

I met a master:

During my associates degree I met a man who applied for a position as a cook in the restaurant where I was working. He was older, bald, and so very pleasant.  There was something about him but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  After his ‘trial’ in the kitchen with me the chef asked me how he did and my reply was ‘if you don’t hire him, I’ll go down the street and open a restaurant so I can.’  The stranger was hired. Awesome.  I have a new friend.  After a few months of working ridiculously long hours together we started knowing more about each other and every once in a while he would do something and I would ask myself, ‘how in the world did he do that?’  Come to find out he had three black belts and all I could think was ‘I wanna be able to do that!’  Well, he decided to teach me after I begged, later revealing to me that he never thought I would survive the first day.  The training was hard and sporadic because of my school and work schedule, plus, I was his only student so it was tailored to me.  He would push me for hours until I hurt and all the while trying to bring me to a point where I had enough self respect to just lift my head up out of the pure and utter shame/self loathing I felt.  The mental work I had to talk about was just as grueling and taxing as the physical but I kept at it because it was all that was keeping me going through a horrible period of depression and alcoholism that I had fallen into.  He helped me get into AA and also become a more self aware individual, for which I feel I will never be able to repay him.  

The marriage:

Then I got stupid and decided to get married and left my master.  Usually, change is a good thing but in this instance it was a living nightmare, the details of which we simply do not have time for.  My husband’s family doctor wanted to put me on some medications to help prevent migraines and also prescribed me one for severe migraine pain.  ‘Good’ I thought, ‘This will help.  This is what I needed but could never afford’.  Not the case.  My migraines got WORSE!  I’m not talking a little bit worse, but to the point where I considered eating a bullet as a serious option for the first time in my life.  It took about six months for them to get that bad and all the while the doctor who was taking care of me decided to play russian roulette with medication to see which one worked, if any.  I was taken into the E.R. on several occasions crying, screaming, and wishing to die. The day finally came where I had enough and decreased all my meds until there were none to take.  I got better.  Through the trial and error process and self reflection it finally dawned on me that taking any medication gives me a migraine though the effect might not be immediate.  After a month off the meds I got better but still had migraines and a whole host of other problems which kept me feeling constant and unrelenting pain.  I didn’t know what to do anymore and my husband was no better than a dead horse with helping me.  I got divorced and decided to get back into the one thing I missed more than anything - martial arts.

Now, there are a few reasons why I did not practice martial arts during my four year marriage: my husband never supported me in that endeavor because of ‘financial reasons’ though his family has millions and I wanted to be the only student again.  Leaving a master whom you respect more than anyone else is heartbreaking because they help you find pieces of yourself you never knew existed and make you feel so amazing.  I felt amazing when I practiced martial arts and couldn’t imagine replacing what I had knowingly given up. 

I stepped into the dojang:

Through my then internship supervisor I learned about the dojang where I still practice.  Her husband is the main instructor there and the two of them have taken me into their family.  My supervisor, now most trusted friend, got me to do an introductory class with her husband.  It was just to see where my physical fitness was at and what I was already capable of doing.  After an hour I was exhausted and had sweat dripping down me but I didn’t care.  I was smiling like an idiot.  I was not leaving this place.

I signed up and kept trying to make it to class as often as I could which at first was infrequently.  I was finishing up my bachelor’s degree and was working full time so I made it to class when I could.  Mind you, I still had migraines and was taking way too many pain meds to keep this crazy schedule up.  When I finally quit my job and entered the master’s program I was able to attend martial arts more frequently.  There was class twice a week and paperwork which had to be completed for each rank to make sure you exercised your mind and spirit as well as your body.  I groaned until I started reading the recommended reading list.  This is where my life turned.  

Up until this point I was still a mental mess and my physical ability was nonexistent but I love to read.  I read every single book on that list.  Stories of people who had been just as jacked up in the head and body as I was and they had made it to black belt! Wha?!  No way.  They had been ill as children, suffered tragedies, and look where they were.  I wasn’t doomed to a decrepit body and doomed to live in pain my whole life.  It could change and now I was determined to make it my reality or so help me. I read about what it meant to be a student and the mentality one has to adopt in order to travel along The Way.  (At the time my thought was ‘which way? where?’)  I read of energy and power and what it meant to truly build these within yourself and why these are not things which can be taken by others unless we allow it.  My training got more regular and my migraines lessened in severity over time.  I could breathe easier, do more physically, and I hurt for months everyday because of training.  Epsom salt and baths were my only salvation but I didn’t care.  The migraines were better… a few sore muscles I could handle.  

The amazing thing about my dojang, and I will never stop being grateful for this, is how they treat new students.  I have had enough conversations with the head instructor that they know new students are usually a mess and looking for something.  Still, whatever your quirks and crazy habits are they take you in and never pass a word of judgement.  The instructors there never made me feel bad for the fact I have a chronic illness, that I couldn’t come to class, never shamed, never told to ‘suck it up’, and always encouraged.  So many people had made me feel terrible because of an illness which to my recollection I was born with but never did my instructors at the dojang do this.  One by one my chronic body pains were getting better and I could do more in my average day without living under constant fear of getting a migraine.  

What I’m trying to say here is simply this:  You can be a fucking mess top to bottom and get into martial arts.  You find the right people and they will help guide you to be the person you want to be instead of one you hate.  It will be hard and it will hurt but I guarantee it will be worth it.  

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If Hannibal is picked up again then I really hope that Will and Hannibal are shown to be in a consensual, exclusive sexual relationship. I know that the writers (or at least one) see Will as hetro, but the way I see it, if Margot was the sole emotional and sexual exception for Alana then what’s to say that Hannibal, whom is already the sole emotional exception for Will, will not become the sole sexual exception for him as well?

WELL the cool thing about art is that - the best art - is all about conversion - the translation of a message from a storyteller to their audience - i for one give about 3 entire poops about the artists creative intent if it grates against my own perception THAT much - and tbh i think Fuller would agree with me as he played with / transformed Thomas Harris’ creative intent for 3 seasons.

The experience and personal perception makes art what it is - don’t get me wrong I would absolutely love to be able to include creative connection on this experience but i disagree with Fuller on a lot of stuff and that’s o.k.

The point is you left with SOMETHING and if that something is gay murder husbands then the work did a good job - if the thing you left with is asexual best pals then the work did an equally awesome job. Everyone absorbs art through their own reality and you can only be true to that.

So yea they gay as hell


In summary there are 3 stories involving 3 main characters.

The first one: The man proposes to the lady, and he wishes to retain this precious, joyous moment. Thus the caption “If time could be stopped, would I be able to have you forever” At this moment the lady freezes in place, and remains in that position for a long time until the guy tries touching her and she turns into sand. It possibly implies that even if time could be stopped, we can’t keep what is not meant to be.

The second one: The girl quarrels with her boyfriend, and starts crying in the phone booth. The caption: If time could fast-forward, would I be able to forget you after this endless night? Time fast-forwards, an older version of her exits the phone booth after crying for a long time, but she continues crying. It implies that even if she could fast-forward time, she still can’t forget him.

The third one: The main character likes the girl, but then he sees her leaving with another guy, and feels that he is one step too late. The caption: If time could be slowed down, would I be able to catch up to you before the eternal day? Thus time is slowed down, he ends up in an earlier era, but he still can’t do or change anything, and out of frustration he tosses the teddy bear that was meant to be a gift onto the ground. It possibly implies that even if time could be slowed down, he can’t get back what he has missed.

Eventually, the three of them realise that those scenarios were all an illusion. They return to reality, where they all get their happy ending. Caption: Even if time flows normally, as long as there is love, the endless night can also be eternal day.

All in all: At some point in our lives, some of us may have wished for the ability to control time, be it to stop time so that we can keep some things forever, to fast-forward time hoping to forget some things quickly, or to slow time down in order to catch up to someone or something. But we can’t control time after all, and time will continue to flow normally regardless of what we wish for. So the best we can do is to always cherish what we already have.

Earlier this week, I got a tattoo to symbolize a recent trip to California. Life has thrown me a couple of curved balls over the years, and I couldn’t be more appreciative with where I am at in life right now. Never in a million years did I think that I would be able to be topless in public and this trip was the first time that I was able to be, and to do so confidently. An unforgettable trip, with my biggest supporters, and a beautiful girl. 🌴🌅🌊

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Do you think Inu still waits for Kagome even if after three years she still can not go through the well?

I think he would always “wait” for her in the sense that he would always try to stay close to the things that reminds him of her, like the well and Goshinboku, so that he would always keep the memories of her close to him, no matter how much time passes. I think maybe he would always have a little bit of hope that she might come back one day, because really would love to have her by his side. From what we saw he really seemed lonely without Kagome, like if his other half was missing.

But at the same time, Kagome’s well-being is his first priority and knowing that she was safe in her time with her family and friends was enough for him. He learned to be more selfless and mature in three years, so I think if he had to live without her for good would be able to move on, but he would never ever forget her. That’s for sure. 


A year had suddenly flown by and it was winter again and Matthias’s birthday. Unfortunately my mother insisted we have a party with the clan. My gut knew something was up. As soon as we arrived a meeting was called. My mother stood to the side with an unnerving grin.

“I have good news,” She spoke, “I know that my daughter Antoinette has been having trouble finding a match for Matthias. So I’m here to finally announce that we have found one!”

I was shocked. How did she even know I hadn’t found anyone yet. Last she heard I had. Or so I thought. Matthias looked at me quizzically. I had lied to him. I had told him he would be able to marry Ashlyn and for all I knew he could have. I could have kept lying saying that her parents agree to the arrangement and found a way to make them fall in love. My mother had ruined everything now. She knew it too. She was pleased with herself. She turned to my son.

“Matthias, I would like you to meet Eve. You two will be married when she’s old enough.”

Matthias looked at the baby before him confused. “But she’s a baby. I don’t want to marry a baby.”

My mother laughed, “She won’t always be a baby, I’m sure your mind will change as you get older.”

I turned to look at the baby as well. The age difference now seemed huge but it would be different as they got older, I understood that. It was the same with me and Darian. I was angered by my mother going behind my back, and I was angry that it was of course Pasha’s daughter. She did that on purpose. I didn’t even know Pasha was having a baby. Or in this case had. Pasha was pleased. It meant her ranking would go up in the Clan. I was seething.

Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams. I can’t even explain how I feel about it? It was always one of my favourite songs on the record, and I think having Taylor’s heartbeat at the start made it so emotional. I didn’t think I would be able to love it anymore than I already do , but Taylor made it into a mini movie which made me go through every single emotion within 3 minuets and 55 seconds. Taylor made me feel happy and in love into unbelievable heart wrench able pain. taylorswift

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What are your thoughts on imbuing animals with positive magical energy? I have a kitten whom I like very very much (his name is Jacen Solo) and I would like him to be able to contribute to my rituals but I don't want to risk harming the little guy. I've always felt very close with animals and understand them very well,(I like to think i can communicate with them as well as they can communicate with eachother) and I know he loves it when I do magick and energy work around him.

Well as long as you know what type of energy you’re giving him, I’d say it’s perfectly okay! Just be sure to cleanse yourself so you don’t accidently send anything nasty to him!

Harmonizers vs. 5sosFam Rant

First of all I want to say congratulations to 5sos and the 5sosFam for winning the Song of the Summer VMA! I saw a lot of people voting so hard to win, but something has been really bothering me the last couple hours. I’ve never really liked Fifth Harmony, but this last few hours I have come to really hate this fandom. 

I’m not one to hate but I cannot believe some of the things said to these boys especially Ashton. You Harmonizers should be ashamed of yourselves. Some of the things I’ve seen to ashton you all would not be able to handle if it was sent to you. I’ve seen messages saying “fatherless” or “Self Harm” just for the worse. Ashton is a HUMAN BEING how would you fucking feel if someone basically told you to fucking kill yourself. I cannot believe these people are being this heartless just because you guys didn’t vote hard enought. 

If anyone should be getting shit it should be us who actually voted. Another thing is that most of your fucking fandom was too worried about you precious Fifth Harmony doing follow sprees for votes and even promising to call fans for RTs on their tweets. That is seriously the lowest of the low. 

I’m sorry that I’m posting this but I needed to get it off my chest. The amount of hate too these four boys tonight is ridiculous. How many people they inspire and help not self harm and make their lives happier…they don’t deserve this and I hope that you Harmonizers don’t find yourself getting hit by Karma.


I’m officially not going to be posting anything spoiler-y about Queen of Shadows until at least a month after the release. Starting now. Not even minor spoilers. 

I might express my inevitable excitement about reading Queen of Shadows before and after getting the book but it will be in the form of a squeal or “it’s sooooo good” or a gif expressing my excitement or string of letters that make no words because it is likely that no words would be able to express whatever it is I will be feeling once I finish reading it.

I will not talk about what happens in the book. I will still be following the Throne of Glass tag and the Queen of Shadows tag and saving posts (but not reblogging them, yet)

I will answer messages privately so if you want to talk about the book you’re welcome to talk to me!!! And you can be as spoiler-y as you want in the messages because I won’t check them until I finish reading the book which will probably be on the second or, at the latest, the third.

So, BEWARE: Come October 1st, I can no longer make any guarantees and there may (likely) or may not (unlikely) be semi-spoilery to spoilery posts on this blog. (I will try to remember to tag them though)

I Ship Tag

Tagged by my lil pumpkin patch spectacyular <3 this tag tbh took me a while to understand so i organized it a little more 4gib 

Rules: Give the person who tagged you a ship with the members from groups that they listed at the end of their post. Answer the questions about you and about your ideal partner so that you can be shipped too.

I ship them with:

had to look up the members for every one of these groups except svt lol 

Got7- JAckson is the crazy one right? yeah I ship you with Jackson (omg wait he is 21????? err lets just pretend he is 17 ok? ok)

BTS-  J-Hope! apparently He has a bright personality and i dont think you would be able to handle someone who doesn’t lol.  also he likes cute small girls apparently ( das u, ur cute and small) soooo 

Block B-  I’d have to go with U-Kwon because he is apparently awkward ??? and you are anything but that so idk that difference would be super cute (oh wow he is 23 AND he has a girlfriend WELP) 

Seventeen- HMMMM Dk! YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER VERY WELL. Both so lively, cute and hilarious. T-T

About ME:

Chinese Zodiac? Ox 

Sun sign? Scorpio

Height? between 5′6 and 5′7 (169 cm I believe)

Fashion Style? i just slap things on and make them match a lil. i mostly care about being comfortable.

Hobbies? Reading novels, manga, comic books. Learning new things. Singing. Drawing. Writing occasionally. Seventeen. Seventeen is my hobby. Tumblr/ the internet. Anime. Video games.

Personality? I guess I’m pretty smart? I like to learn new things, so I like asking questions and such. When someone introduces me to something/talks to me, I pay full attention. When I’m super sad, I don’t talk to anyone. I’m pretty honest with my friends like if their zipper is down or if they’re being a douche, people think I’m mean because of it sometimes though. I probably take life too seriously, but I can also be very lively,carefree and fun when I want to.  My only motivation is other people, because if I had to do things for myself all the time, I’d probably be a bum. I suppose I’m also protective of people that I consider close. I am surprisingly very patient. I enjoy giving people clear understandings of things, I enjoy spreading knowledge. And I am pretty accepting of all people, because I have a very high tolerance. Each person has a unique perspective of things and its interesting to learn about them. Except people like Donald Trump. Fuck people like him.

Likes? Nice/kind people. People that are passionate about a certain thing. Having intellectual discussions. I like it when people have a sense of community. ANSWERS. Yogurt. People who are unapologetically themselves.

Dislikes? People who are not themselves. Crowds, I fockin hate crowds. Ungratefulness. Inconsiderate people. People who think they know everything. Like no. You know nothing. None of us know anything. Phone calls. Ordering food. IMPERIALISM. OK. FUCK IMPERIALISM. WALLSTREET, FUCK YOU WALLSTREET. CHINA’S DEPLETING ECONOMY IM NOT KIDDING OMG. 

Ideal partner:

What kind of height do you prefer? Eh it’s not like I would completely disregard someone for being shorter or taller.

Innocent or Sexy? Err Sexy. Whatever is the opposite of innocent. I am apparently very innocent, I need someone to teach me things like how a motel is NOT family-friendly ok… yes I once booked a motel for my family thinking it was family-friendly…

Turn ons? Someone who loves their parents, has passions, goals, is considerate. Hard Worker. Likes learning new things. Realistic mindset. An optimist isn’t bad either. PEOPLE WHO CAN MAKE A PHONE CALL WITHOUT ANXIETY . PEOPLE WHO CAN ORDER FOR ME AT A FAST FOOD PLACE. There was this one character in Guild Wars 2. She was intelligent, realistic, reliable, great at communication but also witty and sarcastic. She. Her. She was a turn on. 

Turn offs? People who are ungrateful towards their parents. People who expect everything to be handed to them. Selfishness. Inconsiderate people. People who judge other people’s interests ugh. People who only follow trends/ think being cool is all that matters. People who don’t act like themselves. Lack of hygiene. Lack of curiosity.  

What type of fear are they allowed to have? They can be afraid of anything they’re afraid of, I’ll just be brave for them

What would be an ideal date for you? An arcade would be fun as fuck. Like a classic arcade. We could play king of the fighters OMG YES KING OF THE FIGHTERS IN AN ARCADE. Other than that, doing things I’ve never tried would be a fun date in general. Like batting cages, never gone there. Ice skating. Karaoke, I’ve never been to karaoke ]: 

I’d like to be shipped with: Seventeen, Boyfriend, F(x) and Mamamoo!

I tag these beautiful people: prettycast professionallytrash whywonwoo jeonghansprincess jissol xominghaoxo


Hey all!

To spare you unnecessary quibble, I am opening up for commissions! I’m going to keep things simple, though I might add more options at a later date.

I would appreciate a signal boost if you aren’t able to contribute monetarily, but nonetheless thank you! more info under the following read more.

For now, I’m just going to be taking [b]character portrait commissions, either black and white ink or “simple” color and shading with a simple or abstract background.[/b] Posing, character complexity, all that is open!

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About finding my own voice

One of the smaller writing assignments at the institute of children’s books is to write everyday for at least 15 minutes. So every single day I will set my alarm on 15 minutes and I will write until my head feels empty. If the 15 minutes have passed and I still want to write, I’ll do that, but if I’m done, then I’m done for the day, and will continue or start over with something else the next day. And this excites me so much! This school will open doors for me that I probably never would have been able to do on my own. And even though I’m by far the youngest student, I’ll show them that I earned my place in the spot light.