I wonder if someone has done this already

So I was just tagged in the 10 songs tag thing so my songs are: 
 1. Every breaking wave- U2
2. Everybody talks- Neon Trees
3.Heavydirtysoul- Twenty one Pilots( I mean like who’s surprised?)
4.Safe and Sound- Capital Cities
5. Lose it -Oh Wonder
6. Sippy Cup- Melanie Martinez 
7. New Americana- Halsey
8. Pompeii - Bastille
9. Ride- Twenty one pissbags.. I mean pilots 
10. Song for someone- U2496

So I was tagged by the absolutely Beautiful @@truce-anon and I will tag @goner–anon @hometown–anon and @reggies-sick-memes just to say in advance I know this has been going around with the Anons for a little bit now and I’m sorry if anybody I tagged has already done it. Much love to come your way ~ Lovely 💗💗

(This is the second time I posted this bc the first time I misspelled something and fucked it up when I tried to fix it.)

(( god damnit I broke the post again))

murgle64  asked:

IDK IF SOMEONE TOLD YOU ALREADY BUT YOURS SAYS "Posts about #pkmn and #fav" also I didn't even know this was a thing what why

nobody has done it for me yet lol. hm i wasn’t expecting pokemon to be there..

if you’re wondering what yours are they’re #cutie and #ref64 !