I won't be dressed up

My perfect day.

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  • *Daddy and I out trying to find an Easter dress for me*
  • Me: *In the dressing room, working on my 4th dress* This one won't even zip. I give up. *Opening the door to show daddy how 'fat' I looked*
  • Daddy: do you wanna see if there is a bigger size?
  • Me: *shakes head* this is the biggest size. I don't wanna keep trying on clothes. What's the point. *Tries to slam the door shut, but daddy sticks his hand inside*
  • Daddy: Look at me, baby. You're beautiful. You know your rules; no talking bad about yourself. Does some little girl need a time out?
  • Me: *Blushing, still standing in the too-small dress* No, daddy. I'm sorry.
  • Daddy: *Kisses my forehead* Now get changed, we'll go somewhere else to look.

“Draw Underswap Sans in a Blueberry costume” My first thought ^

Sans Vege/Fruit costume party???


USPap: *getting pun* I’M PROUD OF HIM

UFSans: FUNK you Blue

I think he doesn’t like this situation.

 Jelsa Week - Day 2: Around the World || Andalusian Spring

Spring holiday in Seville, ‘cause why not? Love season in a passionate land ;)  OLÉ!! 

Please do not repost anywhere else!! I beg of you D:


We know Anna is a natural  or maybe she drank a lil too much rebujito

anonymous asked:

No i won't be gon you be gon! This is why we don't play dress up anymore Del. You're to demanding.

But i love playing dress up :c

anonymous asked:

Ooh are you going to dress up for halloween? :D I bet you'd look hot in anything <3

Yeah, I am! Halloween’s pretty fun!

I couldn’t decide on a costume though, so I’m still taking suggestions! If you’ve got a good idea for me, make sure you let me know by sending it to me in the askbox!

( …. I’m going to regret this, aren’t I? )

charting Kaito Kid's personality across adaptations
  • Magic Kaito: I'm here for the gemstone. I dress up like a phantom thief to avenge my dad. don't hurt me and I won't hurt you.
  • DC anime: I'm here for the gemstone. I dress up like a phantom thief because I enjoy performing and matching wits with detectives. I generally don't hurt anybody.
  • DC movies: I'm here for the gemstone. I dress up like a phantom thief because I'm the fan favourite and to save Shinichi's ass, like, constantly. I will actively protect you if you like birds.
  • movie 19: give me the Van Gogh or I'll fucking cut you *blows up plane*
Possible scenarios to season 4: part 1
  • we are in a giant hall. marble walls, chandeliers, tall vaulted ceiling. The fancy crowd is either sitting at small tables or standing and chatting, holding drinks. The women in luxury dresses. the men in elegant suits. There's a stage standing after the crowd and on it there's a band playing classical music.
  • we cut from the crowd and are viewing from behind a fancy buffet, at the backs of two men standing in front of it. One is tall with black curls and an impressive posture, the other is shorter with light brown hair.
  • we cut to their fronts and encounter Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, both in tuxes and bow ties.
  • John: look as all these women!
  • Sherlock: careful John, you're a married man.
  • John: oh shut up. How the hell are we going to find this woman? she could be anyone!
  • Sherlock: well she's certainly not that bearded man i the blue suit. unless she's really good...
  • John: *anxiously fixes his tie* why did Mycroft have to send us here as waiters? couldn't he give us fake IDs or... a special card or something
  • Sherlock: I asked him to.
  • John: why?
  • Sherlock: It's essential for my plan.
  • John: and in what point are you going to let me in that plan?
  • Sherlock: now seems like an appropriate time. (raises his look, observing the crowd in concentration) The woman we're looking for...
  • Mycroft: we were informed of the existence of a woman. we suspect she's working for the Swiss, but we can't know for sure and we're not interested in any cooperation. we suspect she's holding information our best agents weren't able to find.
  • Sherlock: you really have to start filtering your agents better, they're terrible.
  • Mycroft: she has no idea the information she's holding is valuable. No one knows but us. and we'd like to keep it that way.
  • Sherlock: so you want me to talk to her.
  • John: how? you don't even know who she is.
  • Mycroft: we know she's be attending a gala next week. find her. find out what she knows. without reveling any connection to the British government. this is crucial.
  • Sherlock: There are people here who are far to known to be a Swiss secret agents, so that goes. This woman can't be married or have children or pets, and she's probably not over 50, so that eliminates some more...
  • *the crowd from Sherlock's point of view. people disappear as he excludes them*
  • John: No, you can't possibly narrow it all down.
  • Sherlock: Not all of it, probably, but most. You may have noticed that I've been studding dress catalogs lately?
  • John: oh yeah, I though you were developing a new interest.
  • Sherlock: an undercover agent could never afford to buy an expensive dress, While most women in these sort of events are dying to show off their wealth. I've memorized catalogs of all top designers in fashion. that woman over there?
  • *cut to woman in a white dress with flowers pattern*
  • Sherlock: Dior, 10,000 dollars. No way it could be her. same applies for 20 other woman in this room.
  • *a major amount of women vanishes from the crowd*
  • John: Sherlock, there's no need to make excuses. If you want to look at dresses, I won't judge you.
  • Sherlock: Shut up. and now for some final adjustments...
  • *captions appear over the remain women. "OCD nail biter" - gone. "desperately in love with an older man" - gone. "chronic back problems" - gone. more and more women pop out of the crowd*
  • Sherlock: we are down to four options.
  • *four women, in different locations around the hall, remain frozen mid-action*
  • Sherlock: time to act.
  • John: Okay, what do we do?
  • Sherlock: *takes the champagne salver from the table and hands it to confused John, and then takes the shrimps salver* I need you to go over to these two women, blonde-in-blue-dress in the center, and the one in the black dress and long hair. I'll go to the other two.
  • John: what, and - offer them a drink?
  • Sherlock: yes. and look closely. try to see if any of them acts suspicious in any way. we'll meet back here with our findings.
  • John: wait - "act suspicious" ? what do you mean?
  • Sherlock: anything strange. even the slightest gesture.
  • John: How the hell am I supposed to know your definition of strange?
  • Sherlock: you'll know it when you see it. Now go, quick!
  • *Sherlock rashes off before John can say anything. frustrated, John sighs then starts walking towards the first woman, carefully trying to balance the salver in his hands*
  • John: *mutters* of course he had to give me the harder one...
  • *as he reaches the woman, who had just had a laugh with the the man she was talking to, she turns around and notices him*
  • John: fancy a drink?
  • woman: oh, thank you! *takes a glass from the salver and turns back to continue her conversation*
  • *John continues to walk towards the woman in the black dress, with a mane of wavy dark hair that goes down her waist. The woman is standing with her back to him, so he doesn't see her face*
  • John: would you like a drink?
  • *The woman doesn't answer. then, without making the slightest turn towards him, she slowly sands out her hand and leave it hanging, awaiting.
  • John: *tensed, places a glass in her hand. still not saying a word, the woman gently rests her hand back down.
  • nervous, John turns back and spots Sherlock at the table. He hurries to get there, relieved to put down the salver.*
  • Sherlock: *eagerly* did you find anything?
  • John: *nods* it's the one in the black dress. She didn't say a word. she didn't even move, I couldn't see her face.
  • Sherlock: Perfect. *quirky smile* now, you wait here. I'm going to escort her out of the room, wait two minutes then follow me.
  • *imperturbable, Sherlock starts pacing slowly over to the woman. It appears she doesn't notice, but something in her back stiffens. then, as Sherlock gets closer, she starts walking away, with measured steps, towards the exit.
  • Sherlock picks up his pace, almost unnoticeably, but not to the woman, who switches to a fast walk. John realizes something is wrong. Then she begins to run and time slows down, as her hand let go of the champagne glass and the liquid seems to float out in the air.
  • the glass shatters on the ground, and time turns back to normal as Sherlock bursts out running, followed immediately by John. People gasp and turn their heads as the three rush through the crowd. "excuse me," John automatically says as he pushes people away, trying to reach Sherlock and the woman, but they've already stormed out of the hall doors.*
  • *after chasing her through a few corridors Sherlock finally reaches the woman. He grabs her by the shoulder and turns her around.
  • Irene Adler: Hello mister Holmes.
  • *Sherlock flinches as he meets the face looking back at him. panting from the chase, he stares at Irene with concealed shock, agitated, as Irene stares back, her face showing the same mix of painful feelings.*
  • *theme music starts playing*.
Halloween at the Swan-Mills House
  • Regina: (to Henry) That's not the Magneto costume you were planning to wear.
  • Henry: No. Mom wanted me to wear this. She says I'm supposed to be Indigo Montoya.
  • Regina: From that ridiculous movie that Emma always insists we watch?
  • Henry: That would be the one. I would have rather been Wesley. But...
  • Emma: (as if on cue, entering the den, dressed in all black) Sorry, kid. But I called dibs on the Dread Pirate Roberts weeks ago.
  • Regina: Emma, you look absurd.
  • Emma: I think I look kinda dashing.
  • Henry: You do look kinda dorky, Mom.
  • Emma: Please, I look badass. But in order to complete the costume someone needs to be my Princess Buttercup.
  • Regina: Absolutely not. What kind of name is Buttercup anyway? (Off Emma's pouty face) That won't work. I mean it. I'm not going to dress up as a princess when I was a queen. So make that face all you want, Emma. It won't change anything.
  • (An hour later at Snow and Charming's Halloween Party)
  • Snow: Regina, you look great. Who are you supposed to be?
  • Regina: Some idiot princess. It was all your daughter's idea.
  • Snow: Well, I think it's cute. Isn't she cute, David?
  • Charming: Hmm? Oh, yeah. Very cute.
  • Regina: I'm not cute. I don't do... cute.
  • Charming: Emma! Tell your girlfriend she's cute.
  • Emma: Oh, she's totally cute. Gorgeous even.
  • Regina: I hate you.
  • Emma: You love me. Or else you wouldn't have dressed up as Buttercup.
  • Regina: Shut up and go get me some cider.
  • Emma: (bowing) As you wish.
  • Regina: You're an idiot.
  • Emma: Maybe.
  • Regina: Definitely.
  • Emma: But you still love me.
  • Regina: Always.
  • Snow: See. Cute.
  • Charming: Yup.
  • Taylor: so you're gonna walk on bad blood with the squad okeeyyy
  • Karlie: ok!! Is this dress look ok or?
  • Taylor: fuck no not that dress I won't be able to hold myself up there
  • Karlie: my knockout's outfit then?
  • Taylor: hell no!! you know what? No matter what you wear I'm not gonna be able to hold myself up there if you're gonna be beside me strutting like that because I've been in the drought these past weeks without you, so just stay put on the pit ok
  • Karlie: you've got to be kitten me swift