I wish you the best of luck


Enormous shout out to all the students doing IB DIPLOMA finals starting from tomorrow.

I wish you all the best of luck. I will be starting this intense 3 week journey with English literature higher level.

Good luck and see you all on the other side!

anonymous asked:

Is it wise to prepare a detailed study schedule just one week before the exam?

Well, it cannot hurt to try.

But, I think planning out what you are going to study each day will help you prioritise your time more, so I would recommend it.

You do not have to detail it in order to plan out what you will be doing every minute/hour. But, having an idea of what topic/section you wish to review each day is good enough.

Best of Luck.

good luck to everyone taking ap chemistry and psychology tomorrow! i wish you all the best 💫 good luck!! ✨

((see you guys after i color in the whole multiple choice sheet bc i have absolutely no clue what happened all year in chemistry 😊))

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As I have informed you on numerous occasions, making out with pictures of gay men is simply too gay. Your membership to the lesbian cult is being terminated. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Your final check will be mailed to your home address at the end of this month. According to the terms of your retirement package, you have thirty days to kiss a woman and make it less gay or you will not be joining us again. Thank you for your cooperation and good luck with your extreme gay.

im sorry i cant be a lesbian because im a man

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Hey lauren! um i was just wondering if I can get some advice on long distance relationship Ive been with my gf for a couple months now and like i always get this feeling that im not showing that much affection? for some reason I feel like she might be getting bored of me for some reason :c I overthink things alot and I feel like this. I see you and kevin being so affectionate and I always wish i can put my thoughts into words to her like you guys i guess :c

Just talk to her about it!!! You guys have to have a loooott of good communication skills between the two of you for the relationship. Talk through what you’re feeling and ask her how she stands in the relationship, and don’t be scared because if you talk through some things and let each other know how you feel, you’ll have a stronger connection. Best of luck bud ^^

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Would an hourglass tattoo be cliche? I collect hourglasses and while I'm not actually sure if I could get a tattoo because of my skin condition, if I could, that would be something I'd consider- but I'd obviously rather not end up on a blog like this!

haha, no, i think it’d be cute! i see them from time to time but no way are they overused. go to a good artist and come up with an original and creative design and you’ll be totally fine! i wish you the best of luck, man!

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Oh my god, I just noticed that your photoshopped pic with the beard looks a bit like joker from the Mass Effect series with glasses on! Also your voice video gives me hope, so much hope! I'm honestly so happy for you and hope to start T soon as well

Yes, I can see the resemblance with Joker, even tho I´ve never played a game from the ME series.  Thank you and I wish you the very best of luck with everything. I hope you can start T soon too. Remember that every change  that can occur is very individual, when they happen or doesn´t happen. Everyone´s transition is different, but yes, great things will happen with time!  :)

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1st im not gonna go on anon bcs my crush is da bomb. he's quite tall, awesome jawline, fiercely loyal, is bespectacled, he has a messy mop of raven-coloured hair and is in fact james potter (i am sorry bri im such a nerd but james potter is my crush and i am in way too deep)

omg ria no don’t apologize i am the exact same way ok james is the ideal crush i wish you the best of luck with him ok

tell me about your crush on anon!

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I'm really sorry if you've been asked this before (i couldn't find an faq or anything) I really love your tarot cards and I wanted to make one for my own inquisitor but I have no idea where to start? I was wondering if you knew of any resources to help with designing one. I hope it's not too rude to ask this since I know you do them as commissions but anything you could tell me would be super helpful! I love your work and don't want to rip you off at all!

It’s totally fine! I wish you the best of luck! I put together a tutorial for you. You can find it here. Do send me a picture of your card! I’d love to see it! 

Tiny Box Tim and Septiceye Sam decided to paint something for everyone who has their exams/tests coming up soon. They wish you, your friends and families the best of luck. <3 

Lots of love, Septiceye Sam & Tiny Box Tim 

hello everyone ! exams are coming up soon, and i personally wish you all the best of luck. this isn’t just directed to the markiplier and jacksepticeye fandom, but to everyone. please please please; put your health first. remember to eat and to drink, take regular breaks between revision and homework; take naps if you are feeling tired. your health matters all you lovely people !


Thank You, Eddie Cardona Jr. (SlyFoxHound) 

Just enjoy the ride

Thank you so much, Sly for everything you have done in the hub. When I first saw the video I thought it would be normal, until I saw the time limit. I wasn’t hoping or expecting for you to leave, but as you explained throughout the video why, I agreed completely. I support and respect your decisions, and wish you the best of luck and where your headed. I can’t wait to see you in Florida (which I just moved here). But, the Creatures wouldn’t be the same without youwe’re all going to miss that hype attitude, that smexy face. Sly, I just want you to know, just thank youThank you for the past 3 years of dedication, sweat, editing, videos, and content you have provided on the hub. If you were not a Creature at all I think everything would just be so different. Just a big thank you, Sly. I wish you the best, and Me and the rest of the homies will stand by with you no matter, Senpapi. #HomiesUnite

As long as you’re happy, we’re happy.

magicaldinonuggets asked:

Heya!! I'm just learning how to color digitally. I feel very confident when it comes to traditional, but I have no idea how to work digital. Getting more into detail, I'm decent at sketching. However, I have difficulty with line quality, colors, anything really past that sketching phase. Do you have any suggestions aside from practice?? Trust me, I'm doing a butt ton of that lol.

Hmmmm weeeell, for line quality, I recommend taking sorta… confident quick strokes with your pen when you’re inking. And be sure not to press down too hard! Else you’ll get something like one the right.

Stabilizers are also pretty cool when it comes to inking things, they really help to control your line quality by making the movement of the brush go at different speeds. I generally have mine set to 7, but you can try out all of them and see which works best for you. Also! you can give your strokes variety by varying the pressure of your pen during strokes (kinda like the loopyloop thing on the left)

As for coloring, oh boy, that’s an entirely different thing all together ahaha http://runescratch.tumblr.com/post/67437398179/finally-uploading-this-sorry-for-being-so-slow-at but try this? I made a small shading tutorial a while back and I hope this may help you out a little in terms of coloring things.