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Hey. I know this is anonymous, and I don't really know you, but I need someone to talk to. I'm having a rough night. Two of my best friends just graduated high school. Meanwhile, I'm a rising sophomore that's stuck in school for three more years. I keep wishing that I had more time and regretting every wasted moment. Basically, I'm really depressed. Which I know is nothing unusual. But it still sucks. Any advice? Or even just a virtual hug for an emotional 15 year old? Thanks ๐Ÿ’•

my advice is too keep in touch w them somehow and try to meet some new ppl!! good luck!! 💕

You know, its okay to question your identity​ for a long time. Some people feel the need to know what they are RIGHT NOW but, that’d not the case. Sometimes it takes years to figure out what you are. Sometimes You’ll think you know exactly what you are one day, and then the next you’ll have no idea. You know what? That’s completely fine, because there’s no rush.

Have a good day everyone. I wish you the best of luck with you gender identity and sexual/romantic orientation.

~Mod Novq

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Do you really only get positive comments or do you just not share the negative ones? I for one don't think your game was as great as everyone makes it sound 'n your art and 2ps are barely above average. I don't expect your sequel to be nearly as good as Kyo's Dreamtalia in quality. Your ending kinda ruined HetaOni for me and I'm not looking forward to the sequel, but I wish you luck with it anyway. Also the way you call everyone "friend" pisses me off so don't call me one ;-/

(adm: Well, I do get negative feedback once in a while, most of them on deviantART. Negative feedback is just as valid as positive ones. I really didn’t expect everyone to enjoy my ending, especially because, as I have stated countless times, this entire game was made from scratch and finished within roughly 5 months, plus it was also my first attempt at a game ever, so obviously it wouldn’t be the best it could be. Even though you didn’t enjoy it, I appreciate you giving it a chance and playing until the end!! 

Kyo’s Dreamtalia is indeed amazing, but bringing in other game developers into this is kind of rude to both of us. She has nothing to do with my game and I’m not sure she’d like to be brought into something she has absolutely nothing to do with. She sounds like an amazing person, I don’t know her at all but if it were me, I would absolutely HATE to be used as a comparison with someone else’s game, especially if someone tried to say my game is better than someone else’s. 

We are all fans creating content for a fandom. I’m fairly sure no one here is a professional game developer, everyone is doing things for free and giving their own project the best they can, so everyone deserves respect regardless of their game being “good” or “bad”. You can dislike the game all you want, but having respect is fundamental. You can’t step on something somone put their hearts into just because you dislike it.

All in all, I thank you for taking your time to let me know what you thought of it. It wasn’t a constructive comment whatsoever, but it’s nice to know about everyone’s opinions. Thank you!)

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do you have any advice for someone who's just starting to use digital art/a drawing tablet? i can't get a single line in that's not super shaky and i have no clue what im doing help snsjsksksk

Well, first does the art program you’re using have a stabilizer?  On sai it’s here:

And they’re pretty easy to find on other drawing programs! They smooth out your lines and such like this:

Also I found that using quick strokes when sketching makes my lines come out a lot less shaky looking! 

Also! I know this is like, heard way too much but practice practice practice, bud! Figuring out my own drawing tablet took me a good while and experimenting! I wish you the best of luck with your drawing~

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Played the demo of Wayhaven and boy, that was my first interacting novel game and feel so excited to play the full game. Nate is best boy, Mason is best emo boy I've ever seen in my dating sim life, I'm giving a thumbs up. Though, I have some thoughts after I played it, if you dont mind me asking so sorry if it's long. Will there be a past story on how the vampires met in the full game? Can I know what their birth dates/zodiac if do have? And will Verda have his own route? :3c Wish you luck~! xD

Oh wow, I’m so glad you enjoyed it, especially as it was your first one! That’s quite the compliment :)

There will be backstory for each individual vamp, as well as how they all came together- though it hopefully won’t be in a big info dump, and should come at a nice pacing throughout the series :D

Verda won’t have a route, no, even if he is rather lovely ;) I’m glad he piqued your interest though!

As for birthdays/Zodiac:

Adam/Ava- 13th May, which makes them a Taurus

Mason/Morgan- 7th April, which makes them an Aries

Nate/Nat- 4th November, which makes them a Scorpio

Felix/Farah- 26th September, which makes them a Libra

I think I got the zodiac signs correct :D

Thank you so much for your comment and question!

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My crush and I have been talking alot and I'm really excited because this is my first time flirting with a boy since coming out as a boy ๐Ÿ˜

Dude yes!!!! I’m so happy for you that’s adorable and I wish you nothing but the best of luck and I’m sending you all my love 💕💕

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Hey, same anon that asked about how to come out to irl friends. I just made a few posts about it on my social media, and now I'm just waiting for their responses. Wish me luck.

best of luck to you<3


I told a potential my fee & he laughed !!!!!

LI-TER-FUCKIN-LY ! Y’all this man responded, “Lol”.

Now, this is where a lot of sugar babies make an mistake. They allow this mans mockery of how much it cost to support their needs/wants sting, they allow themselves to become vulnerable to manipulative and cheap men

I simply explained to him in the most polite and bitchy tone ever (because ladies sometimes sugar may just in look like salt), “The outfits that you so politely complimented and admired, the makeup, the hair, nails, smooth legs, they all cost. So to maintain your desired image and my lifestyle that you wish to be included in (since you messaged me) you have to support me. In exchange for your support, I shower you in attention, affection, make men envious of you, and offer you an introduction to a diverse culture. I thought that was the kind of man you were, and the interest you had in mind. However I apologize that you cant afford me and my lifestyle and I wish you the best of luck!

See what I did there, “your desired image, make men envious of you, thought that was the kind of man you were, you cant afford me”. Subliminally bruising his ego. Sooo just to try and prove how much of a man he is, now he’ll be competitive, hungry to try prove me wrong. Which he was and immediately he began to retract his statement, and accept my offers. :) people just really want what they cant have…well cant afford.

& since he was acting all funny I will neeed my cash in hand before anythannnng.

This, ladies, is why you shouldn’t lowball yourselves

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I'm so sorry but I'm unsubscribing. Your channel's quality is degrading steadily the past couple of months. I used to watch your videos to calm myself but now I can't even watch 3 minutes without getting annoyed of you. I don't know what happened, but if this is permanent, I'm sorry but I can't stay. I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully, I'll be able to find joy in your content again. Let's high five one last time โœ‹ So long, irish bean.

Hey there! That’s alright. You don’t have to like something forever and I would never expect you to. We all come and go about our lives all the time and if something isn’t for you anymore then you do you and I’ll do me.  Thanks for at least being there at all to begin with and yeah hopefully you can come back and enjoy the channel again eventually :)

Oh and *WHA-PISH*!

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Hi, sci! I uh, have a bit of a favor to ask. I'm kinda homeless at the moment, but I have a chance to move in with my partner if I can pay off my car before my friend (whose couch I'm surfing on) moves out with her family this year. I'm selling things to raise money, and I have the Spider-Man/Deadpool issue1&2 variants. #1 is the GameStop variant (one of three thousand) and #2 is the purple variant. I was hoping that I could ask you to put this out there for your followers to see? I'm

(cont.) currently taking offers, so anyone who would like to discuss can message me here. Sorry if this interrupts your usual content, I don’t want to intrude or anything, but I’m getting desperate. Best wishes!–Vei

Hey, guys, anyone interested, please message @veituriel! I know all of you are after that GameStop variant. It isn’t easy to get your hands on that baby. 

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(1) Hi Viria, I hope you are well :) I am sorry to bother you with this, but it's really important for me, and I wanted to share it with you. It'll be long and kinda sad at first, but it gets better, trust me. I'm a 23 y/o latina art student. When I was a baby, my mom left my dad and remarried, and my little sister was born when I was 10. She is the light of my life and I love her to no end. Our mom, however, had had and undiagnosed and untreated mental illness for years, and one day

(2) during a severe crisis she hurt us really bad. I was 12. She was taken away to a psychiatric hospital and Child Services prohibited her from ever getting near us again. Since then, I have been taking care of my little sister and practically raised her while my stepdad worked 2-3 shifts to afford our education and payment for my mom’s hospital, living and meds. He was always working and I took full responsibility for my sis. As you can imagine, even though I loved her with my life, 

 (3) the situation was very stressful and exhausting for me. By the time I was 15, I looked every bit a teen mom. One particularly hard night when my little sis had been crying about mom, I couldn’t sleep. So I turned to something that calmed me: the Harry Potter books. I read them online, and somehow ended up searching for HP fanart. That was the night I stumbled upon your DA account. And boy, did I love it! I know back in 2011 your skills weren’t what they are now,

(4) but I was blown away, and what’s more, I felt inspired to draw. I had never tried to make any art before; it wasn’t “my thing”. But that night, you inspired me. As time went by I kept drawing and closely followed your improvements. Your art was so relaxing, calming, and inspiring, that it really helped me during hard times. You kinda dragged me into all the cool fandoms, series and animes, and I found life to be far more bearable with so many awesome things to love and think about.

(5) Your DA and Tumblr were some sort of safe sapce for me. It always cheered me up and gave me joy, peace, inspiration. When the time came, I choose to study Art at college. It turned out you did too, and you kept up all the good stuff in your blogs. Weirdly enough, I kept feeling a sense of pride whenever you improved and got better. I was so strange that you were so so far away and didn’t even know I existed but you helped me so much.

(6) I got accepted at my country’s top University to study Fine Arts; I moved cities and took my sister with me; she grew into a wonderful, sensible, peaceful child, and her presence motivated me to be the best version of myself, while your art motivated me to keep expanding my academic/artistic abilities. Life was hard but good at college, and I had incredible opportunities. I am graduating this spring with an advanced studies specialization, and was recently hired to work at

(7) of a movie. It’s like living a dream. And tonight, just a couple hours ago, the most incredible thing happened. After dinner, my little sis came to me, phone in hand, and said “Hey Ana, you won’t believe what I found. There’s this girl who makes amazing art of all the fandoms you’re in. Her drawings are gorgeous and she has so many!”. She showed me your tumblr. I wanted to laugh and cry. She was amazed when she saw your old drawings and your current ones; speechless.

(8) She fell in love, and you know what? Immediatly after, she went to draw. She’s been doing so the past hours. I know this was offensively long, but Viria, I needed to thank you for what you did. Your art has always been SO much more than just digital drawings of fictional characters. It’s been the source of peace, safety and joy that so many of us crave. You have wonderfully impacted and influenced many people across the world with everything you make.

(9) I am so glad you exist and do what you do; you gave me the hobby that grew into my passion, thaught me so much, inspired me beyond belief and most of all, you helped make life more bearable. And now, you have made the same for my sister. Viria, the world wouldn’t be the same without you. You are truly a magnificent light among us, and for your existence and passion I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you, and may you always live the beautiful, happy, awesome life you deserve. Thank you.

I’m not even kidding I was sitting here peacefully chewing sandwich and by the end of these messages the sandwich was too salty so was my cappuccino I swear you got me to tears and now i’m just like

I’m a shaking emotional leaf but thank you so much for writing me! It means so much and i’m so touched and i just wish you and your sister all the best of luck, though it seems like you don’t really need it. Thank you, and I hope life goes wonderfully for you and your family! 

imagine jack and bitty come out by simply not hiding their relationship!!

  • the Samwell team being super protective of their bros
  • the Providence team being super cool with it (and in some cases being lowkey passive agressively protective)
  • but also the tabloids being so straight

“nhl superstar Jack Zimmermann was seen yesterday leaving his penthouse apartment with best friend and roommate Eric “Bitty” Bittle. They were later seen at lunch with a young woman with whom jack seemed very close to. A simple lunch with an old friend or the best friend meeting the girlfriend lunch? Who knows, but one thing’s for sure, Zimmermann seems happy and ready to give his all for the season’s first game this Saturday. #LetsGoFalcs”

  • also, the Falcs winning the Stanley Cup, Bitty runs over to Jack on the ice and they stand there hugging, exchanging i love yous and “im so proud of you, honey!”
  • jack getting married to bitty
  • the media still hasnt caught on that they’re together
  • it’s only been 4 years you know
  • it’s not as if they’re hiding it
  • the media’s just dense af

“Jack Zimmermann spotted with best friend and roommate Eric Bittle and their 3 children. It appears that the pair has decided to add another kid to their little family as they were headed back to their car after meeting with a foster child. These two are absolute #bromance goals and we wish them luck!”

  • the Samwell team and the Falcs mocking news media outlets!!!

“Zimmermann and husband spotted with their children, bro goals!!”

“HAH! Good one, Ransom!!”

“Thanks, Tater!”

it’s 1:34 in the morning someone stop me


M: jake even sets aside time to come watch me play some tunes so you KNOW its good! Also damn anon all my best wishes and good vibes sent ur way, good luck music comrade! 

(michaels jam-time tune for his pals)

i’m going to be straight up with this. when you’re in college, especially around exams/midterms, there seems like there’s no time to do everything you need to accomplish, much less care for yourself. i’ve devised a list of five small, relatively quick ways to get in some self care time during those weeks where you barely have enough time to catch your breath.

i. get some sunshine

set down your pens, close your notebook momentarily, and step outside your building. taking a break from your studies and getting a breath of fresh air can be so motivating! take a small break from your study session in the library. you don’t have to make it an hour long endeavor: just step outside for 30 seconds, a minute, five, however long you feel like, and take a minute to breathe. bonus points if you leave your technology at your desk.

ii. drink some water

this may seem trivial, but you would be surprised by how often you forget to hydrate. it doesn’t have to be a tall glass or an entire water bottle, but take some time to travel to the water fountain and take a sip! not only will you get a small break from your activity, but you’ll get a refreshing pick me up! throw in a healthy snack! here’s a masterpost of some cheap + low maintenance power snacks worthy of a college student’s affection.

iii. take a quick shower

showering helps relieve tension, and help you sleep better! turn on your favorite song and stay in the shower for as long as you have the time to devote to it. wash the stress from the day off or just stand under the warm water. whatever you decide to do, it is sure to be relaxing and refreshing so you can get back to doing all of the amazing work you’re doing! even if you don’t wash your hair or your body, taking a moment to relax and breathe can really help you with your activities for the rest of the day.

iv. clean/organize your desk

personally, i clean/organize when i’m stressed out. if this is something that helps calm you down, go for it! if this is not necessarily a go to stress relieving practice for you, take a look at your study space. have you been in the library all day? throw away any trash leftover from your midday snack, and recycle any papers you might not need anymore! has it been a few weeks since you cleaned off your desk or reorganized your stationery? take five minutes and tidy up your study space! a change of pace can be so helpful when it comes to finding your motivation to continue working.

v. take a short nap

i know what you’re thinking: this is a slippery slope. it can be, but knowing when you really do need a nap is part of being an adult! i try my hardest not to take naps unless absolutely necessary, but sometimes i do need to unplug, close my notebooks, and crawl into bed to recharge. don’t write off naps as an act you can never indulge in. if you have a bad night and don’t get enough sleep, your productivity will be affected. science shows that you should nap for either 45 or 90 minutes so you don’t screw your rhythms up! regardless of whether or not you are the royalty of napping, or someone who tries their hardest to refrain from napping, remember that naps are more than okay sometimes, and that sleep is a necessity if you want to be the best student you can be!

i can’t say this enough: taking time for yourself, especially in college, is so important. when you feel better about yourself, you have more time to devote to studying and doing the things you love! try to make a habit of doing a self care activity, be it one i mentioned above or something completely different, for at least 10 minutes every day. you will feel refreshed, motivated, and prepared to continue your studies! i am wishing everyone the best of luck! as always, if you have questions or suggestions, please send me an ask.

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I love how your attitude is so positive? I mean we all have our ups and downs but you just seem really inspiring today even if it might sound cheesy. I just love your blog and just you as a person! I wish you the best of luck through out your career I have no idea how to end this. โ•ฐ(*´๏ธถ`*)โ•ฏโ™ก

I think it’s just been me feeling incredibly INCREDIBLY blessed to have you talented and wonderful people sharing your art and words. I’m an absolutely cheesy guy and I’m glad you put up with all the cheese because I geek out too much knowing you wonderful people exist and show so much support. Thank you for being the incredible people you are!!