I wish she could have had at least one week home from the shelter before getting sick


Childhood Friends / 5839 words

March 2017

Part One

I sat staring at my phone, fingers twitching nervously as I glared down to the item with scorn.
Maybe it was naive of me, to think that he’d get in touch, given the way things had ended just under a month before, but I still thought he might.
He had five minutes until it hit midnight, five minutes until we officially entered March, and my birthday ended.
He had five minutes to send me one message. Just one.

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Jughead & Reader: Don’t Say No

Summary: Your parents, fed up with your attitude, kicked you out of the house. Not wanting to go back to them, you decided to live on your own but ended up in the streets for a while. Jughead finds you one night and does his best to take care of you, giving you a place to stay.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: Electric Boogaloo - Minus The Bear

“Then you can get out!” Your mother screamed as she pointed to the door. The rage that filled her body from head-to-toe was made apparent by the redness of her face and the shrill pitch of her tone. 

You stood at the bottom of the steps, shaken to your core after hearing those words. Could the woman who spent years nurturing you, bathing you, feeding you, caring for you, and possibly loving you actually kick you out? The thought raced through your mind for only a second before you could really contemplate the question. Instead of thinking about it, you raced up the steps to quickly pack your things. 

A half hour later everything that had sentimental value to you was in your bag. You slung the strap over your shoulder and made your way out of the house, detaching yourself from any relation to your parents. They stopped caring about you so why should you care about them?

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any cocklut!stiles for me?? Doesnt matter who its with!

We do have some just for you! (all explicit) - Anastasia

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Like Only You Can by AnnieYouSaveMe

(1/1 I 1,038 I Sterek, Stiles/OMCs)

Stiles is a hooker and Derek likes to hear about his boyfriends work

Alpha Fraternity by DreamPhonix

(1/1 I 1,257 I Sterek, Stiles/OMC)

In a world where everybody is a werewolf and omegas love to have sex as much as they can, Stiles is the omega to a group of alphas. He loves the attention, he loves being in the center of the attention but most of all, he loves the sex. Sweet sex, rough sex, public sex, awesomely hot sex… Basically all the sex you could wish for. 

Accidentally in Knots by LucifersHitman

(1/1 I 1,540 I Sterek)

PROMPT: i was wondering if you can do accidental knotting with Sterek? And NEITHER of them have no clue what was going on (because they really didn’t think this would really happen) but after making an embarrassing phone call to Scott they found out what and Derek is all like “Stiles sorry i can’t hold back anymore” during the call and starts to move his hips and Stiles lets out little moans and realizes he was still on the phone.

Incentive to Play by Kinkyfics

(1/1 I 2.241 I Stiles/Everyone)

Prompt 1: Why is Stiles on the lacrosse team if he sucks? Because he sucks. All of his first line team mates, who use him to get pumped up before games. They play hard on the field, knowing that the game MVP will get to pound Stiles’ ass first at the post-game celebratory gangbang in the locker room. Until then, Stiles waits squirming on the bench, belly full of come but unable to come himself until they let him. If he’s good, maybe he’ll be promoted from benchwarmer to cockwarmer. Team mascot Stiles.

Prompt 2: Scott takes his duties as co-captain very seriously and decides it’s his job to help Jackson reach his true potential as a submissive cumwhore via locker room (or pack if you prefer) gangbangs.

Meaning by stilesune

(1/1 I 4,708 I Sterek)

They had unspoken rules. It didn’t matter who topped, what was said during, there was a safe word for Derek’s peace of mind even though Stiles could handle it (and vice versa); kinks, toys, whatever, got consent beforehand. Most importantly: they never talked about it afterwards or kissed afterwards, they never got attached, they never ever asked questions.

Until Derek fucked that up.

caught in-between by evanelric

(1/1 I 4,791 I Stetopher)

Peter totters into view as if he were drunk, a pair of sweatpants barely pulled over his hips.

Stiles knows, though, that Peter physically cannot consume enough alcohol fast enough to get drunk, and that there are very few things that can make Peter stagger around like someone’s tossing his inner ears around in a dice cup. Wolfsbane is out, unless a hunter was hiding in the dirty laundry piled on the bathroom floor, which leaves only one alternative. Stiles had really been hoping they’d get a few more weeks before Chris had to take a sick day. And that he’d be home when it started.

But Peter is already glassy eyed and breathless, and they’ve done this before. Stiles shoots off a quick text to Chris not to bring any company home, then sets his phone on the side table, crossing to Peter. He doesn’t bother speaking because Peter’s beyond words at this point. The only thing that will get through to him is touch.

Arrangement by hxlios

(2/? I 7,435 I Steter)

“Stiles Stilinski, this kid is known. Lydia Martin’s right hand, on the school’s top three achiever’s list, works at the university library, and he’ll suck your dick for a hundred bucks.” Isaac says, wicked grin just sly enough to pique Peter’s interest.

In which Stiles starts off trading blowjobs to help pay his way through university, and somehow ends up on the receiving end of both Peter’s money and affections.

Stepdaddy’s Boy by Queenofhearts98fan

(12/? I 10,806 I Sterek)

Claudia gets a divorce from John Stilinski. Years have passed ad she meets a rich and devilishly handsome entrepreneur, Derek Hale. Things are perfect until Stiles develops feelings for Derek. Oddly enough Derek wants Stiles too.

Take Shelter by tresshots

(1/1 I 19,028 I Sterek, Starrish)

Stiles loves cock. Everybody in Beacon High knows it. They may whisper about him taking it up the ass, but at least he’s getting some.

Cue in Derek Hale. One year older, handsome and totally unobtainable – or that’s what Stiles thought. It didn’t take more than one suggestive curl of Derek’s eyebrows and Stiles got on his knees, just like that. So what if Derek doesn’t want to hold his hand in public? He hits all Stiles’ kinks at once, and anyways it’s just taking some time, Stiles figures, for Derek to come on terms with being in a relationship with a guy…

The More My Prayer (the lesser is my grace) by LadySlytherin

(1/1 I 23,385 I Sterek)

Derek makes bad choices, especially when it comes to his love life.

The Pack decides - for the good of everyone - to make the next choice for him.

They choose Stiles.