I wish i had this photo in a better quality


Guess where I went last week with some friends? This is the karaoke place in Akihabara everyone was talking about. The entire floor was decorated with Free! posters, and every room was differently themed.

We were in Rei’s room, but I got photos of some other rooms too!

I wish I had better photo quality, but I didn’t have my camera at the time! I wasn’t able to get good pictures of everyone, unfortunately…..

Yey, i’m getting better at drawing already.

I wish the photo quality was better, but i can’t use my scanner because it’s out of yellow ink (yes, it doesnt make sense i know), so i had to take a picture with my phone.


Isabelle Lavellan smooching with Halamera “Snowflake” Lavellan. Snowflake is @inquisitor-marlynastre‘s cutiepie. I know it’s not the stick figure drawing i promised you, but i hope this brings you more joy than the stick figures. <3

Hand-drawn map of Westeros, which I did for George’s ( @mechanicalseasons ) birthday :) I wish I had a better quality photo but my phone camera is awful and I don’t have a scanner big enough so this will have to do. I reckon it could be the most detailed single map of Westeros in existence because I took the details from several different maps, none of which showed the entire area shown here :D


Wings; Song Titles x My Photography

um, please don’t repost~ TT TT // I know it may not look it– but these definitely took me a while, and I’m really tired right now! I really hope the quality stayed well ;;; I had to combine them by rows of three because there was too many photos to post individually– But if you guys want them individually, I can post three at a time and release them that way too! Ah– I hope you like these… I was feeling rather lazy to work hard. ((click to enlarge and improve quality haha, i’m serious right now–)) Also, I was going to put the Hangul titles down but– the program I used kept messing up the characters– so I ended up going with the English titles in  the end TT TT oh well~~