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Yooo shoutout to @fithealthyproject for making me crave toasts 😍 this is how you make toast when you’re an adult with responsibilities (who doesn’t!!). Rye sourdough topped with vegan Nutella and strawberries, caramelise bananas atop cookie butter (!) and plums with hemp seeds and brown rice syrup. Lately I’ve been feeling less and less compelled to post or even go on Instagram so you may be seeing less of me for a little while. Mostly because I feel like I can’t and don’t make time to photograph food since I’m so busy trying to stay on top of my uni as well as try and do some paid work when I can. I just don’t think it would be fair on myself and for you guys that I share half-assed photos simply because I felt like I ‘had’ to post something. Anyway I thought I’d post here and update you guys on what’s what. Tomorrow is my birthday! I’m 23! I’m still so young and full of vigour and I’m just bursting with energy with what my future holds. They say if you get a headache from thinking about the future, it’s probably cause it’s so bright ☀️Also, lately, my mental health has not been that great but I find that even faking positivity or even just smiling at myself despite what’s going on my head has been really helpful. I hope you guys are well!!! I will (maybe) post tomorrow because it’s my birthday and I’d like to share it with you all 🌞 happy thoughts kids 😁 - Jo

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I feel like I really needed a hug this week.  This guy probably does too ^ ^;


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I really wish I could keep that blog all happy and fun but I’m really not okay and I’m very sorry for the few depressing personal posts and reblogs. I should make a side blog or something. I know it’s my blog and I do what I want but y’all followed me for a reason and it’s certainly not to hear about my mental illnesses 5 times a day; so I’ll always feel bad about my mental breakdowns, and not being able to draw for days, and not answering my messages etc. I’m very sorry.


SKIRT/PURSE/CARDIGAN: Sourpuss Clothing  SHOES: AK Anne Klein

As you guys know by now, I try to keep it real on my blog. I have something important I want to talk about with everyone. But first a quick update!

I’m moving tomorrow. I’m not going to have my things back any time soon. And a week back I was in California (I had an amazing time). I’m not really in the headspace to write about it currently because since I came back things haven’t been so hot and seem to be getting *long sigh* worse. I apologize for my lack of posts or answers to questions. I still have that video to upload. Milk & Twee may very well continue hibernating for the winter but I hope to have your continued support <3 As for today’s cute outfit, I am a proud Sourpuss Clothing gal and the pictures speak for themselves! 

Now, the point.

What makes a strong woman? These past few weeks & today especially I learned that despite our world’s almost universal ideology that to be a woman is to be self-sacrificing (both physically & emotionally)…to be strong you must first be strong yourself. You must love, honor, and respect your needs. Your personhood. Young women are brought up told to please. Not just men, but all. Sit pretty, do not cause chaos. No drama. “You’re so emotional”. “She’s crazy.”We must be compliant. We must entertain. We must help, and smile doing it. So much of a girl seems to lie in the eyes of others; friends and strangers alike. Our worth measured in either our beauty or how much of ourselves we give to others. 

Respect yourself to know when enough is enough. Respect yourself enough to let others know you can’t be there, that you can’t do it. It isn’t failure when you put yourself first. I am trying so hard to believe that. It also takes a very special person to acknowledge that. The humanity in being “unable”. Regardless of gender, it’s something that affects us all. You owe it to others, but most important yourself, to say “I’m sorry, but I can’t”. We can not expect others to know when to pardon us, nor stand up for us. 

To all of you out there, especially us girls, who put absolutely everyone and everything and every person’s lives/emotions before your own.

Stop. You can’t carry someone from a fire with broken legs. 


Photography is strange. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand it. You can shoot minimally an make amazing images. Or get a big crew, lots of equipment, locations, models, and buffets and make amazing images. But for me I love how photography has a mind of it’s own. Catch an odd flair in your lens, have a flash not fire, or something else out of your control happen. These things are what made me love photography.

Monty Barnes was trying to backside flip this spot when this lady walked by and one of my flashes didn’t fire. I’ll post the real photo tomorrow but I like this one more because of all the random things that happened that add to the photo that much more. I hope photography keeps amazing and exciting me.

please remind me to only draw frisk with darla dimple legs

1. In the space
between heaven and hell
lies a ‘you’ and a 'me’
an 'us’.

2. Between today and tomorrow
soft lips will meet for the
very first time and ribs
will be cracked open and
people will fall and all this
will not hurt. Not yet.

3. A moment exists
between life and death
and that moment is

—  A.Y // liminal space

I think some people in this community criticize every small detail in certain books and try to spin them in a negative light. If I’m being honest, it annoys me that they do this. I know everyone has their own opinions and everyone sees things differently blah blah blah but when you grasp at straws to make a popular book seem terrible and then add, “ugh I can’t believe people actually like this book.” you’re being an insensitive jerk. You’re criticizing people for something they like and that’s not cool. Just let people enjoy their favorite book and stop making people feel guilty about it. ::end rant::

we’ve come a long way, my love. rated K+.

A/N: for @southsidestory, because it’s this girl’s birthday today!! I had to write a little something, as always. This piece was pretty hell to write, and I’m not fond of how it came out, especially with some parts still very awkward and ugh, but I decided to post it anyway! we don’t have a lot of fics depicting their relationship right after they’re married, and I wanted to try one. someday im gonna try again, cause really there’s so much i wanted to put in there that i just wasn’t able to, and maybe when i try again i’ll be able to. 

nonetheless, enjoy the-morning-after-our-wedding!sasusaku :)

She never believed other women when they spoke about how different their relationship was the morning after.

Giddy and more in love than ever—well, that made sense. But how different could a relationship really get? They were still the same people, the same couple. Sakura couldn’t see how a marriage would change anything in their dynamics beyond now being husband and wife.

Yet now, as she stood at the frame of their rented lodge’s tiny kitchen, timidly watching her new husband cook breakfast and feeling the unfamiliar weight of her wedding ring hanging from a chain around her neck, Sakura felt like she was finally beginning to understand them.

(she hadn’t felt this shy ever since the time they shared their first kiss.)

Blushing lightly, Sakura tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and clasped her hands to her lap. Taking her courage in hand, she greeted almost too softly, “Good morning, Sasuke-kun.”

Sasuke stiffened, and she felt her stomach warm, a smile tugging to her mouth as the tip of his ears reddened. Her smile only grew kinder when he turned, holding himself a bit awkwardly, gaze flickering to her necklace holding a golden band. It made her heart skip a beat.

“…Morning,” he murmured. His fingers reached to thumb his own ring, and her eyes softened.

A short, somewhat uneasy silence settled; they both stared at each other, evidently unsure of what to do now, the weight of their status seemingly changing everything.

Then, Sasuke’s mouth parted. “Are you…” He trailed out, and paused for a moment, a taint of red dusting his cheeks. “…How are you feeling?”

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what exactly he was referring to, and she couldn’t help but to blush at this.

“Ah, I’m… a little sore,” she admitted, thinking back to their previous night where they had intimately joined for the first time after they had retreated from the small temple as husband and wife. “But um, I’m good. Really good.”

He nodded, but said nothing more, moving to rub his hand at the back of his burning neck.

Sakura couldn’t help but to smile at the sight, small and sweet. “This is… a bit weird, isn’t it?” she said.

A faint smile tugged at her husband’s mouth. “A bit.”

She felt her belly flop. Tentatively, Sakura padded towards him, and gently took his lone hand in both of her own, running her fingers over his rough palm. Looking up at him, she smiled brightly. “Hey, Sasuke-kun,” she said, gaze twinkling, “You’re going to burn breakfast.”

Eyes widening slightly, Sasuke let a curse slip from his mouth and shifted to the stove again, inspecting the food he’d just about forgotten, sending a light laugh tumbling out of her mouth.

She watched him for a long moment, eyes soft and smile tender. It almost didn’t feel real, to be with him like this. Although they’d been together for almost two years now, it seemed as though she hadn’t realized before now what exactly the future reserved for her. Sasuke was her husband, and she was his wife, and that meant they would spend the rest of their lives together, have children together–maybe even grow old together.

(if they were lucky enough to live past the life expectancy of the average shinobi.)

Heart rushing with incredible warmth, Sakura instinctively moved to wrap her arms around the love of her life, exhaling a deep, contented sigh against his shoulder blades when made a sound and grew taunt, evidently taken aback.

“Sasuke-kun,” she whispered, nuzzling the back of his shirt. “Sasuke-kun, we’re married.”

His shoulders eased, relaxing against her loving embrace, and she smiled.

“…Yeah,” he replied, his voice nothing but a fond murmur. “Yeah, we are.”

She hugged him tighter. “It’s so unreal isn’t it? I always wanted you back, Sasuke-kun, but I never thought we’d get married. I never thought you would end up loving me back in the end.” Closing her eyes, she let a small, tender smile pull to her lips. “And now here we are and… and it feels like something straight out of a fairytale.”

She heard Sasuke sigh softly. Plainly unable to find the words to reply, he simply moved his hand over her own and intertwined their fingers instead, squeezing tightly. A long silence took over, comfortable and easy.

“You know Sasuke-kun,” Sakura eventually said, synching her every breath to his own, “right now… I’m happy.” Eyes still closed, she breathed in his scent, and smiled. “So, so happy.”

She felt Sasuke pull away then, arm untangling her own to allow himself to turn around. When his gaze found her own, she felt her heart flutter at the warmth and tenderness she found there.

“Yeah,” he murmured, pulling her close. His lips brushed against her forehead. “Me too.”

Alrighty! I was going to post this tomorrow since that’s the 24th but then I realized…timezones. SO. Happy Birthday, Diana! @dragnoodles I hope you have a wonderful day because you deserve it C: 

i just. love soldier/spy so much. especially slow burn with a sudden realization stuff

like there’s a battle going and it’s going badly, spy ends up stranded with no time to cloak and no allies nearby

then suddenly bam! soldier’s there blastin dudes left and right, they make it out, maybe they win and maybe they don’t but it’s right then and there lookin at soldier all rugged and bloodied with his shirt strategically ripped to show off some muscle that spy realizes oh no, oh god, he’s in love with this buffoon

especially if he’s just broken off relations with scout’s mom and he’s decided okay, no more relationships, from here on in he’s a hardened professional and, to quote another ex, professionals don’t have feelings

but then here’s this doof? this stupid, overly happy, blunt guy who runs around being as unsubtle as possible who’s about as opposite from spy as you can get but spy’s head over heels here and he just. can’t stop thinking about him

then they have a big victory and everyone’s celebrating and in his giddiness spy kisses soldier right then and there full on the lips

everything kinda slows a minute and spy’s like oh god oh no oh shit and there’s a moment’s pause before soldier kisses him right back and nothing else matters

then of course they’re inseparable, spy constantly giving soldier little gifts like hella quality cigarettes and lil chocolate assortments, gives him cute pet names and gentle kisses on the cheek and forehead and hands and soldier’s as blunt and carefree as always and does big spine crushing bear hugs where he just sweeps spy up and won’t let go

aaaahhhhhh i love this ship so much i’m so happy


As many of you know, EOA6 is coming up soon. And by soon, I mean tomorrow. Since it’s a big flash, the site is probably going to crash. So here are some things to keep in mind:

  • if mspa is down when you go on, DO NOT REFRESH. Wait about a half hour before going on again
  • if you are one of the lucky few that manages to see the flash before everyone else, try and abstain from posting anything until the site goes back up
  • if you ABSOLUTELY NEED to post something, TAG. YOUR. SPOILERS.