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UNUSUAL HOARD commission for alittlebananaz - some things are just better when theyre shared

There's nothing to worry about. All of you, keep your eyes forward. 
Because you have me guarding your backs.

↳Happy Birthday to the coolest senpai & Karasuno’s most formidable libero, Nishinoya Yuu. ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ 


Travels With The Doctor Panel at Gallifrey One


DailyGrace takes you behind the scenes of the third day of filming, for Camp Takota, on Thursday’s vlog.

I think some people in this community criticize every small detail in certain books and try to spin them in a negative light. If I’m being honest, it annoys me that they do this. I know everyone has their own opinions and everyone sees things differently blah blah blah but when you grasp at straws to make a popular book seem terrible and then add, “ugh I can’t believe people actually like this book.” you’re being an insensitive jerk. You’re criticizing people for something they like and that’s not cool. Just let people enjoy their favorite book and stop making people feel guilty about it. ::end rant::

The struggles of trying to get a post HIIT selfie… They all turn out blurry 😂 I always do the stair stepper for HIIT, to me, it’s the least torturous machine there is! I did 30min hiit with 5 min warm up/cool down! I was sooooo by feeling it after legs today. To the point where I almost decided to just do it tomorrow because I didn’t have to do it today. But I gave myself a little pep talk.. Probs went something along the line of “Marisa, get your shit together. Who cares if your legs are tired, who cares if these last few weeks have drained you, who cares if cardio is the last thing you want to do. Just fucking do it.” 👊 so I did it ! And I think I just hit a cardio PR 😂 237 floors in 40min and 539 calories burnt! 💃 and now, I’m much happier and proud of myself for getting it done. This is why I always say dedicated > motivation. Dedication will get shit done. Motivation only goes so far. So here’s to making these next 6 weeks my bitch 💃🍻

Happy Valentines Day everybody!

I hope that you’re all having a nice day with your sweethearts or lack thereof. Your aro mayor here is just going to be be chilling out at home waiting for tomorrow to pick up half priced chocolate, but in the mean time I’d like to do something a little bit special.

Do you have any Animal Crossing ships? Send them in and I’ll do my best to draw them doing something cute together. They can be villagers or NPCs, but I’m going to have to say no to any human villagers/mayors this time around. Otherwise, it’s mostly free game! (I’ll also be reblogging this post throughout the day to try and make sure that everyone has a chance to see this and submit their ships.

Rambling about deads

I’ve still got lots to work on (I need to go through and update my todo list before I make it public again!). Some stuff I’m putting off because I know it’ll be a lot of work, and I’m worried about the results; using neats foot oil to try and improve the stiff and crinkled home tan of my fallow deer rug and Bubba the boa constrictors skin. 

I have a fair few skins, some salted, some prepped and salted, some still frozen, that are awaiting tanning. Tanning stresses me out. I get such variable results from one skin to the next that I have no idea how it’ll turn out in the end (though most of my home tans using Snowdonias white tan mix have come out with a less than perfect tan). Hand stretching and breaking the hide is a lot of work, and I mentally dedicate a whole day (if not two or more for large hides) to it. I keep meaning to find/fashion a rounded wood beam on which I can break hides more easily, and get a better leather finish. But again, putting it off! I’m even putting off mixing up the alum tan that I’ve been meaning to try as a supposedly easier alternative to the Snowdonia tan.

A teal and a jackdaw, both already skinned, awaiting mounting. Jemima the mallard ducks head, also awaiting mounting.

I have all the materials. I have some experience, from which I have learnt and already improved. But I also need to muster up the gumption to do the things I have mentally made hard and scary.

I started writing this intending for it a be an apology for not posting much on new projects. Things have been weird… But now this is morphing into a “you can do it!” post

Because you can.

To all those “new” people who don’t think they can pick up that dead animal. To that person who has the materials to mount but doesn’t want to do the animal a disservice. To those who want to clean whole animals to bones, but are worried that they’ll be too clumsy, break something, loose everything. And to those feeling in a rut, of whichever shape or size.

Half the fight is getting the materials, the environment around you in the right shape - understanding roomies, a space in the garden, ordering mounting kits and peroxide through the post. Medication or meditation, a safe place

The other half is with yourself. If you’ve already worried and fussed over something, focused on the bad, what could go wrong, chances are you’ve made it into something bigger than it is. That you’re focusing on the negatives alone. And those worries have become big enough and loud enough to hold you back, to stop you from moving forwards.

So try taking a breath. Taking a step back. If a friend came to you with this scenario, with these worries, what would you say to them? Think about the positives - you preserve that animals wonderous fur, that amazing skull. Yes, things might go wrong, but that doesn’t mean it will always go wrong. Yes, it might not be perfect, but perfection is not the be all and end all. Everyone progresses, no-one is perfect immediately.

Doing your best is enough. 

Because when you do your best, and look back and learn from what you did, when you next do your best, you’ll do better. And you’ll keep moving forward at your own pace. And that’s all you can do, for you or anyone else.

Do your best.

Apparently tumblr supports my last post, because one of the blogs I was suggested to follow had a picture of groomsmen.