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Things to Ask a Diviner When You Don’t Know What to Ask

So let’s say that you’ve found a diviner that you really like, and you want to get a reading from them, and you don’t know what to ask. Or, let’s say you do your own divination, and you want to ask your cards/runes/other divinatory tool something besides the general reading - some specific information that will help you, but you just can’t figure out how to ask.

Here is that list!

(P.S., This post was the idea of @resonance-of-libra​. I’m just the one who made it.)

  • Is there anything I would benefit from knowing that I have not asked about?
  • How will tomorrow be for me?
  • Are any spiritual entities trying to contact me? Who? What are they trying to say?
  • Is there anything I’m forgetting?
  • What does my subconscious want to say to me that I’ve ignored?
  • What do I need to focus on in life right now?
  • What is my pet thinking about?
  • What should I draw/write about?
  • Has anyone done magic on me without my knowledge? Who? What kind?
  • Is anyone gossiping about me?
  • How do others view me?
  • How can I be more true to myself?
  • What do my ancestral spirits think of me?
  • How can I connect with my god/spirits/true self/nature?
  • What did that dream mean?
  • Do I have any surprises in store for me in my immediate future?
  • What do I need to know about love/career/education/friendships/situations with another?
  • How can I move forward in my career/love life/education?
  • What can I do to evolve as a spirit?
  • What is the strongest foundation I have to build on when it comes to my career/love life/future/education/health?
  • What am I not considering in this big decision of mine?
  • What do I need to cut out of my life right now?
  • What issues or things do I need to avoid right now?
  • What are the pros/cons of this?
  • How can I enjoy life more?
  • What are my good traits? What traits do I need to work on? How?
  • What are the good things in life that I’m ignoring?
  • What are examples of times I’ve done a good job?
  • What things should I be grateful for?
  • What can I look to in order to find meaning in my life?
  • What lies am I telling to myself? Others?
  • Why am I afraid of this thing? How do I conquer that fear?
  • What should I learn from my past?
  • What is the lesson before me in my life?
  • What celestial/natural/biological cycles are affecting me right now?
  • What resources do I have?
  • How can I make X easier on me?
  • What do I need to let go?
  • What part of my shadow self do I need to address? How do I address it?
  • What habits do I need to change? How?
  • What kind of spell should I cast?

gotta be careful about what you tell an alien who’s just found out he’s an alien

a doodle comic that got totally outta hand bc man reigen makes such a cool agent

MIB AU setup from this post  

hobby: crying about fictional people 
extra hobby: crying about fictional people because ot the AU version of their lives you are creating in your head 
super extra hobby:  crying about fictional people because ot the AU version of their lives you are creating in your head because you make them suffer


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Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “44 – Justin Foley”


44. “I’m just stating the truth.”

Word count: 1.230

Posted: 23rd of May 2017

A/N: I wrote another Justin imagine! I seriously wrote this during my Maths class and I hope that you like it. I know that I said that I might’ve posted two imagines tonight, but I remembered that I had a test and a homework for tomorrow, so I will be posting the Zach imagine some other time. I am sorry, guys, but I am really trying my best to post something.
Anyways, being serious now, I heard the horrible things that happened today and I am really praying for the world. What the hell is happening in this place that we’re living in? Like for real? Keep safe, guys. Please take care, okay?

P.S.: I know that it’s been a millionth time that I am saying this, but I still don’t accept part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I want to finish my requests first. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name and use of some bad words

“Hey beautiful!” You heard a very familiar and vexing voice as you were getting some of your notebooks from your locker. You were throwing them carelessly in your backpack, since you were already late for your History class.

“Foley!” You were in a hurry, even though your best friend, Kat, was covering you up from Coach Patrick. “Are you skipping your classes again?” You harshly stuffed the last books in your bag and you slammed your locker door loudly, causing an echo to be heard along the empty and quiet hallway.

“Well,” He flashed you his cheekiest grin and you rolled your eyes before starting to walk towards your classroom. “why should I arrive in time when I can go to class with a pretty lady?”

You found his behaviour miffing and disturbing. Maybe because you weren’t that close, but he was acting as if you were, or maybe because he was a jock and you hated jocks. There weren’t any real reasons why, jocks were just automatically assholes and bastards.

“Shut your damn fake compliments off,” You snapped at him, completely not minding his real intentions. “we’re not even close.”

“Period week?” He teased you as he noticed your cynical and indescribable mood.

“No, Foley!” You nudged him sharply, making him whine for the pain a little bit. “It’s like nine in the morning and you would sweet talk to me as if it was not a big deal.”

“Damn it!” He exclaimed, still bearing with the pain that you caused him. “Your ex-boyfriend, Montgomery, was right. You are hard to get,” He blurted out, revealing his real intentions. He was trying to have a date night with you. “but, don’t worry, I am adventurous and I can bear with it.”

“Foley, what’s your damn point here?” You suddenly stopped on walking, taking your conversation with the guy seriously. You glanced at the wall clock that was hung near the department’s office to check the time. You were beyond late, but you just shook everything off.

“First of all, I want to let you know that you are beautiful.” He complimented you, while he caressed your soft and smooth cheek. He smiled widely at you and you couldn’t deny that Justin was a good-looking guy too. “And, second, I wou-”

He was cute, but it didn’t mean that you would let yourself in his sycophant attitude. “You would like to get in my pants.” You stated, obnoxiously underestimating the kindness that he was showing to you. You didn’t know him and you were surely judging him.

“Huh? What the hell are you talking about?” His smile dropped and his eyes widened. He showed, via his emotions, that you obviously mistook his intentions. “I just wanted a simple movie date tonight.”

“Jocks are all the same, my dear Justin. They play with your feelings as if love is a sort of a game, just like basketball or baseball,” You proudly stated your opinion as you thought of your ex-boyfriend. “it doesn’t matter.”

Montgomery surely traumatized you with your previous relationship. He was your everything, the knight in shining armour, the perfect one, until someone told you that you were just a bet and he just wanted to have sex with you. He never confirmed it, but he never denied it either. He was an asshole for making you cry and, since then, your thoughts about jocks has changed, obviously not for the better, but for the latter: the worse.

“Not me, (Y/N)!” Justin slightly shouted and you gave him another nudge, a little bit gentler this time. “I am different.” You rolled your eyes as you looked into his greenish blue orbs. You tried to search for the lies that sailed across his gloomy eyes by observing them.

“Foley, just fuck off!” You pushed him away and you started to walk towards your classroom once again. You hurt him, his feelings, and you somehow felt guilty, because he wasn’t doing anything wrong to you, but you had to shield and protect your heart this time.

“C’mon, please give me a chance.” He desperately pleaded as he tried to catch your feet’s rhythm. He carefully grabbed your forearm to stop you from walking and he gently let you face him. “I am not an asshole jock, the stereotypical jock. I will show you the real Justin Foley and there won’t be any asshole friends between us.” He explained seriously as if it was his last chance to convince you. You looked at him with pity in your eyes and you could tell that he was afraid to be rejected.

“You were already being a kiss-ass, Mr. Foley.” You annoyingly said to him, still not letting your heart in. You observed Justin’s desperate facial expression and you questioned yourself if he was really saying the truth or he was just a great actor: you would’ve surely chose the second choice.

“I wasn’t, Ms. (Y/L/N). You are really beautiful, an angel sent from above and that explains your angelic smile and voice.” The hallway was flooded by his praises and you drowned in his compliments. This time, you couldn’t help but hide a little smile. You were absolutely flattered that someone considered you in that way.

“Fine, fine!” You sighed as you finally let yourself in. You wanted to test him and he had to prove that he was really worth your time and love. After all, you just had to swallow the pride that Montgomery taught you to have when you left him. “I am going on a movie night with you and I am giving you a chance.”

“Jesus Christ, really?” His dilated eyes widened in excitement and he couldn’t believe that you finally confirmed the date that he was asking for. You decided to give him a chance and you secretly wished that he wouldn’t waste it.

“Oh, shut up!” You softly giggled as you shook your head in disbelief. He didn’t win the lottery, did he? You didn’t think so, but his joy and happiness was overflowing. Did he really care that much for you?

“Sorry, I’m just excited.” He excused himself and he kept his wide smile, still showing his spilling over excitement. “So, it’s a yes?”

“Yes, Justin!” You smiled at him and you had to admit that he was adorable and cute. “Just stop being an apple-polisher and don’t mess everything up.”

“I wasn’t being an apple-polisher,” He playfully pouted, pretending to be offended. You somehow built a certain atmosphere between the two of you and you honestly loved it. “I’m just stating the truth.

“Of course, you are,” You said sarcastically while rolling your eyes and you dishevelled his hair by running your hands through it. “flatterer!” You both let out some soft chuckles as you both noticed the calm relationship that you were creating.

You still hated the jocks and Justin was still a flatterer, but it was surely nice and pleasant to hear some compliments from other people. You also enjoyed his company during the movie night at Crestmont’s movie theatre, but you enjoyed his company even more by doing the extra homework that Coach Patrick assigned to you as you both arrived late in one of his most important lessons.

Sorry to Coach Patrick, but you and Justin weren’t really sorry for arriving late and for missing half of his boring explanations.

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Would you be willing to share some of your thoughts about Yuri's motivation over the rings, at least? I'd be curious to read your thoughts especially since that scene in particular has a lot of cultural terminology and background that doesn't translate perfectly for International audiences to begin with.

This is a hard one because, as you wrote, I think there are cultural differences especially regarding the concept of “omamori” (protective charms).

First of all it would be very useful to read this interesting and complete post about “omamori”. Although regarding the part about the rings being round and that symbolizing a bond I’m not sure, I think that might be reading too deeply. At the end there’s also my comment on the meaning of the word “omajinai”, which is also not that easy to translate…

This said, the rest under the cut. Of course this is just my personal interpretation based on the Japanese dialogues in the anime and partly on interviews (I think it doesn’t even clash with the “soulmates” thing in the interview from CREA). All quotes from the dialogues are translated by me and do not use the English sub/dub. I am translating “omamori” as “protective charm”.

Warning: it’s kind of long and has pictures because if I don’t explain it thoroughly it might be hard to get my point across.

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47 Hacks People With ADD/ADHD Use To Stay On Track

1.Take a picture of your to-do list otherwise #1 on your to-do list will be find the to-do list!” - Paris Swenson, Facebook

2.Break long tasks into manageable segments. For example, you don’t have to ‘Clean your room,’ you have to: 1. Place all laundry in a basket… 2. Clear off desk…. 3. Organize your bookshelf… 4. Vacuum rug… Etc.” - alicegateso

3. “I keep a pad of paper by my keyboard at work. When I have a persistent thought that’s not associated with what I’m doing (I.E. ‘Call the plumber,’ ‘What kind of tree is that outside?,’ ‘I should wear more red.’) I write it down and promise myself I’ll think about it later. This let’s me acknowledge the thought and move on without falling down the rabbit hole.” - Lauren Dodson, Facebook

4.I keep Word documents on each day and list what I got done so I can go back if I forget/lose track.” - Molly Jane Sisson, Facebook

5.Have one place for every item that you use every single time. My keys, for example, always always always go on a hook beside the door.” - Chloe Burns, Facebook

6. “If you’re in school, you must invest in a planner. I leave nothing to my memory because if I’m not 100% paying attention during class, I will forget any assignment immediately.” - Chloe Burns, Facebook

7.Try to block out sensory distractions when you’re doing a task that requires focus. I pick a quiet spot away from windows and monitors when I need to hunker down. Earplugs are helpful, and so is white noise” - snarkastik

8.I make time each night/week to straighten up my living space. If all of my chores are done and the majority of my apartment is put together, I can think so much more clearly and can focus on more important things.” - zoeo429a8c39d

9. “Those giant desk calendars are great. I like to keep one on my wall and color-code classes/projects.” - Brooke Elise Henry, Facebook

10. “I keep a planner in my bag so that I can jot things down there, then transfer it all to my wall calendar at the end of the day.” - Brooke Elise Henry, Facebook

11.I put my car keys underneath anything I need to remember to take with me. That way, I can’t physically leave without seeing the item I need.” - Amanda Egert Lee, Facebook

12. “I leave sticky notes on my keys.- Amanda Egert Lee, Facebook

13. “I have to make it a point to remove all forms of communication from my reach so I know I’m only concentrating on the task at hand.” - andreaquido

14. “When I have a limited amount of time to do something (e.g. getting ready for work), I have a kitchen timer that I have go off every 3 minutes. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but you can get a lot done. When the timer seems to be going off too quickly and starts to become annoying, that usually means I’m daydreaming or focusing on the wrong thing.” - pantherkatz

15.I like to get some time outdoors every day because it helps me find peace. After all, they say ADD brains are the brains of hunters! That’s why they’re always looking all over the place.” - llama7777777

16.COLOUR CODE EVERYTHING. Bright colours in class notes, on important items, on tupperware lids, whatever. Bright colours are attention-grabbing and seeing ‘purple’ is faster than reading ‘Monday dinner leftovers.’ - Calico Jack Rackham, Facebook

17. “I like to go to productive places if I need to get work done; like the library, coffee shop, or studying with friends. When everyone around me is focused and working, it makes it easier for me to do so as well.” - gabbyh4940993bf

18. “I write notes with a dry erase marker on all of my bathroom mirrors.Things seem to hit me while I’m brushing my teeth or doing my makeup.” - Kristin Hasty, Facebook

19.I have a 6×9 notebook that I keep with me because I’m constantly writing ‘to-do’ lists.” - Kristin Hasty, Facebook

20. “For remembering to take things with me as I leave, everything has to be by the door so I can’t leave without seeing it. Bonus points if my keys are in the pile.” - Sydney Anderson, Facebook

21.I always convince myself I have to be somewhere earlier than I do. That way I have a few minutes buffer. If I have to be there at 8:30, I tell myself over and over that I have to be there by 8:15. It helps to have the clock in my car set 6 minutes fast. Even when I’m ‘running late’, I arrive a few minutes earlier than I actually have to be there.” - Cassie Costilow, Facebook

22.If you have to read something with a due date, separate 10-15 pages with post its and set a time to read it through the day. Let’s say you have to read 90 pages for tomorrow, read 15 pages at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm and 8pm.” - stefr2

23.When cleaning I try to focus on one small task at a time instead of the big picture. Instead of thinking ‘I’m going to reorganize the entire kitchen”, I think “I’m going to reorganize this cabinet.’ It really helps keep me from getting overwhelmed and shutting down completely.” - Cassie Costilow, Facebook

24.I make it a point to have all my bills (except rent ) due on the same day. This way when the 15th comes, I write down a checklist of what needs to be paid, go through the list, and pay them.” - ltriebl

25.I used to give myself deadlines for papers in undergrad. If something was not done by 2 a.m. I was not allowed to keep working on it. If the next morning was the deadline, too bad. By my 2nd year I never had to stay up all night, and by the time I got my M.A. it was completely internalized.” - Javiera Reyes, Facebook

26.I use a massive white board calendar and color code things; blue for my sorority, green for due dates, red for tests, and black for other random events” -mckenziec45e41be03

27.I schedule one day for cleaning. Everything gets done on that day even if it takes me hours.” - ltriebl

28.My supervisor and I write a daily to-do list every single day. Instead of asking me to do things, she just writes it on my list. I cross out things as I accomplish them.” - Cierra Kemppainen, Facebook

29.I always feel my pockets to make sure I have my phone, wallet, and keys before I leave a building or room. This has saved me more times than I ever thought.” - Adam Gottlieb, Facebook

30.I carry my meds in my school backpack all the time. It’s great if I sit down in my first class and all of a sudden realize I didn’t take them.” - Adam Gottlieb, Facebook

31. “Because my motivation is so low with ADHD, my therapist told me the best thing to do to get things done is do them right when you think about them or else you’ll never do it. It may be obvious but it’s actually really helpful when there are important things to do.” - amandaz42502c3e2

32. “I write everything, EVERYTHING, down. When it comes to things people ask me to do, I write them down. Before we leave our meeting, I repeat all of their requests back to them. When they agree with each, I check it off. Once I complete the tasks, I cross them out twice. It’s tedious, but it definitely works.” - Adrienne Brooke, Facebook

33.I tend to lean on people I know I can trust to help me remember things. I can rely on them without worrying about judgement.” - whitneyb19

34.Crossing things off has become a sort of reward. When I notice I’ve crossed off more than three things at once I give myself a Buzzfeed break!Or Facebook, or Gchat. Just something to help blow off a little steam before I dive into the next task. It’s the best feeling seeing a list of 47 things all crossed off at the end of a stressful workday.” - Colleen Daniel, Facebook

35.I always make lists in threes. Anything more than that and I end up losing focus of what I’m supposed to be doing, or hyper focusing and can’t switch tasks.” - keilande

36. “I also find that I’m more interested in keeping my personal life organized if it looks pretty, so at home it’s fun to do DIY projects that will actually create a more organized environment.” - Colleen Daniel, Facebook

37.Laundry is a passive chore, so I’ll wash dishes while the machine is running. Two for one!” - bryanpb

38. “Break down your tasks! If you have a paper due in three days don’t just try to write the whole thing in one day, make a goal to finish a part of it each day.- Brontë Ratcliffe, Facebook

39. “Try to only focus on one task at a time. It’s really tempting (REALLY REALLY TEMPTING) to do millions of unimportant things before you get to the one thing thats actually important. Think of your activities as if they are all contained in little boxes. Only open one box at a time and make sure that it is fully shut before you open the next box.- Amy Langiano, Facebook

40.Take lots of notes. In meetings I take diligent, detailed notes. I almost never refer back to them because somehow, just writing out the thought helps it stick in my mind, but the notes are there if I do need them later.” - gabriellao47ba20033

41.Writing things down with a pen or pencil instead of typing them in computer and phone strengthens my memory of them.” - bobc409eb4106

42. “When I get ready for work in the morning, I set the alarm on my phone to go off every 10 minutes to help with time management. I have no concept of time if I don’t.” - Mallori Kraemer, Facebook

43.I write up schedules even if I don’t use them perfectly. Just writing it down makes it stick better.” - katerg

44.Prioritize what needs to be done by writing it all out and writing how long you estimate each task will take. That really helps me order things in a way that works for me.” - gabrielleca

45.I make schedules for myself delineating how much time I anticipate each activity will take. Then, I build in 15-20 minute buffers on each to allow for the anticipated distractions and a couple of breaks. Works like a charm!” -emilyf4c854bde4

46.I’m an introvert. So I tell friends and family to inform me of plans and events as early as possible. I need time to plan out my activities as well as make sure I have the mental energy to engage with others.” - pantherkatz

47.Sit on an exercise ball while working on homework. It helps you by giving you something small to fill up your need for distraction while doing more tedious tasks.” - olivial7

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Hobi: Well I just started learning but I can try to do a spin.. But just keep in mind that…

Hobi: Also, I tried teaching Kook how to pole dance too! Let’s see how’s he’s doing…

Hobi: welp.. at least he can spin

Jin: Im so done with him…

1 note = 1 minute on the cross trainer!

Work me out, tumblr! 

Also reply to this post or send me an ask with a move or exercise or something and i’ll do it all in tomorrows workout! 

EDIT: Since this has got so many notes and I am only a human not some hardcore celestial being with amazing endurance, I’m going to spread the time over more than just the cross trainer. Treadmill & Bike, Welcome to the party! 

EDIT: this may have to be broken into two workouts! I’ll try as many minutes as I can but 140+ plus minutes of cardio after a full day work may be difficult! I’ll keep you posted ❤️
Perfectly Imperfect

Summary: Ian gets a tattoo of Mickey’s name on his chest.

Word Count: 961

Notes: I have prom tomorrow so I’m sorry if I don’t post as much as usual, I’ll try to get something in though! Also if I haven’t gotten to your request yet, I promise that I will, my inbox is full right now so I’m doing them in order of when I get them :)

It’s been three months since Mickey had been released from prison. He was currently living in a small apartment down the road from the Gallagher household with Ian. Everytime he looked at the silly redhead, he couldn’t believe that Ian had waited eight years for him.

As Mickey stared at himself in the bathroom mirror, he ran his fingers over the tattoo that he had given himself inside the slammer– Ian Galager. He laughed at himself for how dumb he was for spelling his own boyfriend’s name wrong. Though it was a little messed up, Ian had always made him feel like it was perfectly imperfect. Mickey placed his hand on his heart, which is where the name belonged.

Mickey didn’t even realized that Ian had been standing in the doorframe until he walked forward and put his arms around him. Mickey let out a pleased hum and leaning into his boyfriend’s touch. His hand was still plastered over the left side of his chest, and Ian suddenly laid his own hand over Mickey’s. Ian kissed the top of Mickey’s head before speaking. “Let me see it,” he instructed.

The shorter man slowly removed his hand and turned to face Ian. Ian traced the letters and a grin laid out across his face. “What?” Mickey asks as he studies his boyfriend’s dazed expression.

“It’s beautiful,” Ian says softly and leans down to kiss it. “You know that?”

Mickey chuckles lightly. “Well you fucking tell me all the time,” he grabs Ian by the hips and pulls him closer.

“Did you know you’re beautiful?” Ian asked with a raised eyebrows. He knew that this would rile Mickey up a bit, and it always gives him a good laugh.

Mickey rolls his eyes. “You tell me that all the time too, dumbass,” he tighten his grip on Ian’s waist. “You’re such a gaywad,” he snorts but lingers his lips over Ian’s.

“Yeah,” Ian winked. “So are you.” Suddenly Ian spins Mickey around so that they’re both looking into the mirror. Mickey watches as Ian kisses the side of his head and runs his fingers over the tattoo. “I wanna get one too.”

Mickey turns himself to look at his boyfriend. “What?”

Ian smirks– which make it clear to Mickey that he has thought about this for a while. “Mickey Milkovich.” He put his hand over his own heart. “I want to get your name tattooed on me.”

Mickey raises both of his eye brows. “You fucking serious? That’s like a lifetime thing, y’know? It’ll always be there.”

Ian nods. “Obviously I fucking know that. I want it,” his voice is sincere. “Just like I want you forever.”

Holding back a grin, Mickey nods. “Alright.” He kisses his boyfriend’s cheek.

* * *

The next day, Ian had an appointment at the tattoo parlor down the street from his apartment complex. He excitedly dragged Mickey out of bed so he could get changed and they could get to where they needed to be. Mickey moaned and complained the whole morning but once he fully woke up and saw Ian’s happy expression, he couldn’t help but smile.

Ian was so excited that he was nearly skipping down the street. Mickey didn’t understand why he was so excited to get a fucking tattoo, but he definitely could not deny that it was irresistibly cute.

When they entered the tattoo parlor, Ian handed the very tall and buff man who would be doing his tattoo a slip of paper. The sheet had the outline of what he was going to have written over his heart.

As Ian started to take his shirt off and the man ran the inked needle over the left side of his chest, Mickey studied the art work that surrounded the walls of the building. Art had always caught Mickey’s eye, but that was a very hidden secret of his.

Mickey shook off his amusement of the artwork and made his way over to the big man and his boyfriend. As he studied the tattoo, he noticed that is said Mickey Millk so far. “That’s not how you spell my last name, dumbass,” he said to Ian. The tattoo artist immediately stopped.

Ian nodded at the man to keep going. “Yeah, I know that. You spelled my name wrong. Plus, you left one of the L’s out from my name so I figured I should put it in yours–” he laughed. “Perfectly imperfect, right?”

Mickey was surprised that he didn’t think of his boyfriend doing something like this. He didn’t hide the smirk that was plastering on his face, but he did roll his eyes. “Yeah,” he smiled. “It’s gay,” Mickey said in a joking manner. “But you’re right.” Perfectly imperfect.

* * *

Later that night, Mickey caught Ian staring at himself through the bathroom mirror— just like Ian had caught him the day before. He was tracing the new ink on his chest and he looked so dazed that it seemed like he under some sort of spell. A faint smile creeped upon his lips, which made Mickey’s heart flutter. This is forever.

Mickey slowly inched his way to his boyfriend and placed a kiss on his shoulder. Ian’s smile widened like it always does. “Do you like it?”

“Love it,” Mickey nodded. M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-I-L-L-K-O-V-I-C-H. He smirked at the extra “L” that Ian had added into his name. Now they both had incorrectly spelled names tattooed over their hearts.

“I love you,” Ian cooed. He turned a little to place a chaste kiss on Mickey’s lip.

Mickey hummed in response as he kissed him again, but this time it was harder. “I love you too.” He put his hand on Ian’s bare chest before kissing it. It was a way of claiming their love– their perfectly imperfect love.

Hello beans!  

Comic tonight or tomorrow but in the mean time let’s try something new - commissions! Let me draw your face! They’re perfect for tumblr icons, instagram/facebook/twitter profile pics, or just to say I drew you ;) And the best part is, my schedule is open enough right now to get them done pretty dang quick! I’ll even post some of them in a few days so everybody can see your beautiful Hello-World-Face 😘😘

Message me directly if you’re interested! They probably won’t be this price for long, and the first person to order one, gets it for free! Woo! ❤️❤️


   What I liked about Koe no Katachi was the way it portrayed human change . Change is not something easy , you don’t become the person you aspire to be just because someone yelled something inspirational at you . It takes time , and courage and support from your dearest people . It’s usually a slow process , that involves failure . It involves thinking that “ tomorrow i ‘ ll try again” , or that “ this is not worth it “ . 

   I believe the movie did a good job , showing that the characters did not become different people overnight , but they are still trying , struggling with themselves . Because that’s what humans do .

A/N: post 3x19

It was different the next morning. There was no way he could pretend that it wasn’t. The day was quickly approaching. Everyone was getting restless. They had key information now, something they could use other than just a strategy to make him faster, but it still didn’t guarantee anything.

Barry blindly refused to believe she was going to die, despite what he’d seen in the future. But Iris, with her talk of him taking care of Joe and Wally, the way she got lost in herself and tended whenever Caitlin was mentioned, he could see it was getting to her. It was eating her a lot.

That tick-tock tick-tock going off in her head made her restless and completely replaced any trace of a smile on her face. Barry couldn’t remember the last time he’d seen her smile.

“Hey, Iris?” He whispered as she lay in bed beside him.

She stirred, but only slightly, and a heavy sigh passed through her lips when he laid his hand on her shoulder.

“What is it, Barry?” She asked, her voice drowsy and thick with sleep.

But he hadn’t just roused her with sleep. He’d brought her back to reality and it exhausted her. It made his heart ache.

“C'mere,” he requested.

She obliged and turned to face him, pulling her arms up to her chin to warm herself as she snuggled into his chest. Barry pulled the blankets up past her shoulder when he saw her shiver.

“You cold?” He asked, but she shook her head and twisted her legs between his. He felt her cold toes.

“You’re warm,” she said in response.

Still, he wrapped his arm around her beneath the blankets.

He waited a full minute, long enough to not seem hasty but not so long that she’d fall asleep again.

“We should do something,” he said.

“Like what?” She yawned, not pointing out it was the middle of the night.

“I dunno.” He pressed his face into her hair. “Something fun and relaxing that can make us forget. Something besides sleep.”

Her weary sigh made his heart ache.

“We have too much to do, Barry. We can’t afford to do something fun. We have to keep…” she sighed again. “…working.”

He paused, thinking.

“Iris, when I went to the future, it was dark and hopeless.”

He felt her tense, so he began to rub slow circles on her back to soothe her.

“Things were looking up when I left, but there was one piece of advice my older self kept saying, and I think I need to take it. WE need to take it.”

There was some silence on her end. He was almost afraid to breathe.

But then Iris lifted her head and scooted back enough to look him in the eye.

“What’s that?” She asked, curious, genuine, and open to anything in a way she hadn’t been in a while.

“To make as many good memories with you as I can, and hold onto them tight in case…”

Iris swallowed hard and her eyes shone with fear. Barry didn’t finish the sentence.

“To make good memories,” he said again, stopping there.

He dragged his hand beneath the covers up to her arm and glided it up and down gently.

“I don’t think we should stop living just because we’re trying to find a way to change the future.”

Iris’s lips parted. It was clear she wanted to argue his point. They hadn’t stopped living. But she knew he’d observed that they had, and she couldn’t deny it.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw you smile,” he said sadly, and she had to look away.

“It’s hard to smile, Barry,” she finally said. “Knowing what’s coming.” She met his gaze again. “And you telling me you’re going to save me, it doesn’t…it can’t…”

“I know,” he said. Now was not the time to convince her the future was going to change.

“But…” He found her hand with his fingers and clasped the engagement ring on her finger. “Remember we’re engaged,” he said, then nuzzled close. “Remember I love you.”

She sighed contentedly.

“I love you, too, Bear,” she sighed contentedly, no more than a breath between them.

“Will you try to smile for me then? Starting tomorrow, will you try to find something to be happy about? Even if it isn’t me.”

Iris opened her eyes and looked at him, then traced the curves of his face and smiled softly.

“I’ll try,” she said.

That was enough for tonight.

I’m trying to stay busy (work is slow, so I must spend time doing other ‘productive’ things…) to keep my mind off of the finale tonight (which I won’t be able to watch until tomorrow). 

So I fiddled around in Photoshop and did a thing. It’s not perfect, but it’s something. 

Misha did say we’d see wings in the finale, but didn’t specify who…so…


Tonight’s progress on the first year bald eagle illustration. Lots of work to do on the head and feet, as well as cleaning some edges and finessing some shadows/layer merging. Fresh eyes tomorrow will help with that!

Overanalyzing Jimin’s playlist

I just wanted to say I noticed some people are kinda over-analyzing? Like, I’m the first person to go and be like “wow Jiminie, you go, you smexi beast” over that playlist. And also, I honestly believe there are meanings behind certain songs about Jimin’s life and JiKook (actually I have this small “wondering-about-it” post unfinished, I will publish it tomorrow).

Because I simply love how songs can sometimes tell the story or feelings when we’re not able to do so. Whether the words, or the title, or the tune – sometimes one piano track can scream your feelings louder than hundreds of words.

Yes, the fact is that Jimin’s playlist is stuffed with “making out” material, deep electronic sounds, r’n’b, with sexual undertone and lyrics about sex. But I never, even for a second, thought that every song of this particular playlist is trying to tell us something (hell, I refuse to admit it sometimes, but maybe none of the songs are ‘trying’ to tell us something, but I’m too deep so that won’t be the case for me, ever :D).

It tells us Jimin likes this kind of music, sensual, it’s his favourite making-out music, but I don’t think there’s really need to go and break every single word of those songs in tiny pieces. I feel like those slower, calmer ones are those that may be telling us something. But I honestly think Jimin loves this kind of music – he can perfectly dance to it, just like we saw so many times, hip thrusting, body rolls, biting lips, his hand in his hair—


I almost got carried away. But the point is, I’m not saying that some of those “more heated” songs are not carrying something more in them, but to focus on it?

In past 24 hours I saw countless asks all over my dash and in JiKook tag.

Is Jimin having sex so he can forget Jungkook? He is probably straight, after all. Jimin is hurting so much, IT’S SO OBVIOUS. Jimin [insert problem] with Jungkook.

I know we all tend to overthink, like :D, I’m the queen of overthinking. But at the same time I try to be a realist and I always scold myself when my mind is trying to analyze silly things. Also, I do a lot of research if I want to claim this or that.

I’m not trying to be rude towards anyone – we all have our opinions, it’s okay! But it just makes me kinda sad to see so many people overanalyzing some sexy-songs, like everything had to have a meaning and that meaning is connected to JiKook and mostly, it’s about Jimin’s unhappiness. Like, I have tons of songs on my phone that I listen to on a daily basis, I love the lyrics – but just like 30% connects to my current, daily situation. Some songs remind me of past, some of them help me to picture the future. Some of them have beautiful beat and just make me happy.

So please, stop torturing your hearts with, I think not-too-necessary, analyses. Not everything has to have a meaning – and that’s coming from me, queen of overthinking and overanalyzing.

Instead, focus on what we saw in last days in those V-lives. I don’t think that after looking at domestic JiKook on Eat Jin or that stare someone’s capable of wondering if Jimin is having casual sex to forget about Jungkook.

That would be all.

Sorry for this monologue!

PS: I’m not trying to insult anybody; I just noticed those asks, for example at  mimibtsghost  tumblr, after she posted her playlist-related analysis (which I like very much, ramen :D!) and I had to kind of vent :/

Sorry I haven’t been posting for the past days!! Gonna try and post more, but here’s something for today for now! I know I keep saying I’m super proud of my art, but I just love this one!!

Probably post some sketches later on, but I’ll have to draw the one request I got sometime tomorrow, depends cause I might be busy 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches IN 25 DAYS!

Open Your Eyes

Quote of the Day (try to guess which character said it, and in which game): “Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin…”

Transgender day of visibility. I’ve wanted to write something for it since I got aware of that it is today, which was only a couple of days ago. I don’t keep the date in mind, like with most things, but I still think it’s important. Just that my crappy memory is… well, crappy. Interesting though, that the first time this was celebrated was in 2009, which was only a couple of weeks after I first came out as trans. That’s 8 years ago now. Funny how time flies. I couldn’t think of a specific event or experience to share, although I tried to, so I’m going to be more general-ish.

But what did come to mind is how very supportive most of everyone has always been to me since I came out, and how amazing that was/has been. The only one who’s been struggling with that is my father, although I know he’s been trying in his own way, but doesn’t understand the concept. I wouldn’t say he’s been mean about it, just ignorant and avoidant. But everyone else has been very supportive and accepting, including but not limited to my mother and sister, and all of my friends. It’s like I was preparing myself for facing all kinds of transphobia but when it didn’t happen I was happily confused.

My biggest hardship when it comes to being trans has always been the Swedish trans health care system, at least the first 4 years of being in it. I see it as that I was stuck in a “catch 22” in which they thought I was too mentally unstable to transition while I thought I couldn’t possibly get stable without it. However, switching doctors and praying to Satan about it did make things a whole lot better, and my medical transition finally started in 2013. In other aspects of society though, I never much experienced any actual hardship with being transsexual.

Although lately, hooking up with male strangers for casual sex does have its disadvantages with being trans, I have to admit. They expect something I can’t and don’t want to give them. At this point I feel stuck with trying my best to work with what I have until I can get it changed for something better. Yeah, I still have some more medical transition stuff that I want to do and can do, but it’s not exactly happening tomorrow. Give it a year or two, more realistically accurate. But I have to make do until then.

I wanted to make a bit longer post cause this isn’t something I can cut down to a few sentences. And I can write about me being trans and how it affects my life for ages at an end. It is almost constantly affecting me, one way or another, but at this point, I feel a lot more at ease with myself and my body than I ever have before. That’s huge, and probably worth celebrating in and of its own.

But back to the topic, I’m not stealth, never really have been (although I tried it out for a few years after I moved to this island of Sweden but realised that’s not the way I want to live my life) and I prefer being open about my transness. However I’m not proud of being trans, but not ashamed either. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but not of something I was unavoidably born with. So I’m visible, always have been on some minuscule scale at least, but I also know not everyone can and/or want to be visible and I fully respect that too. We all do what we can.

And, about the picture, yeah I overcompensated as part of my denial before I came out as trans, that’s what’s up with the over-femininity there. I don’t mind sharing that picture though, I didn’t look bad, although that wasn’t me, but it was how I looked back then.