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Member: Wonwoo
Genre: Fluff with a lil angst (I meant for this to be more angsty whoops lol)
Word count: 1,277

All you wanted was to sit on your couch in your favorite sweatpants, with the most comfortable sweater on, watching reruns of some dumb show. You had planned a day for nothing, to be in your own company, and not worry about how the world viewed you, just for the day. In fact, you were going to text your boyfriend not to check up on you, that you would be wrapped up in a blanket burrito for the majority of the day, probably.

It seems that fate had other plans.

Just as you closed the chat with Wonwoo, telling him not to come even a mile near your home, the doorbell rang. Groaning, you tossed off the mountain of blankets, and made your way over to the door. You checked the time on the clock just above the entrance. 12:08 pm, just an hour after you had first sat down to begin the day of nothing. You sighed and opened the door, revealing a slightly ruffled Wonwoo. Before you could even ask him what was he doing there, he opened his mouth to speak.

“Hi, I know you said not to even come near you, but in my defense, I was already here when you sent that text,” he said. “So do you want to go get ice cream?”

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Can i request 24 and 36 with Whiskey for the prompts? Its weird but seems like you could make it super cool since your good at writing and stuff 😚

Pairing: Reader x Whiskey
Warnings: Gun TW.
Word Count: 328
Prompts: “I will not hesitate to murder you.” / “I don’t know who I am without you.”

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Ali flopped on her back ignoring Kadie as she talked. One hand lay on her chest, she tugged the already dipping V-neck of her sweater lower, clearly showing her lace bra. Running her finger inside the silk material over her breast, letting her other hand skim the top of her jeans. Kadie stayed on topic, smiling only when Selene waddled into a corner of the room and plopped down watching them, playing with her little dinosaur toy. 

“Can this get any more boring?” Ali sat up, leaning to touch Kadie’s knee. “I have a demand for something you could supply.” She licked her lips advancing closer.

Kadie lifted her head from the book to Ali, a cold pierce with her eyes and voice, “Ali, remove your hand, please.”

Ali slid her hand further towards Kadie’s inner thigh. Kadie caught her wrist. “I asked you nicely. Not only are you being inappropriate, you’re doing this in front of your niece. If you continue I’m leaving, do you understand me?”

“I bet he can’t do you like I can.”

“I’m leaving.” Kadie shoved Ali’s hand away and closed her books, packing everything away. 

“Why you gonna be such a cunt? You string me all summer, making me think you were into us. I don’t want friends, I wanted your pussy. You jumped in bed with that dick the first chance you got though didn’t you? All I want is to taste you, you know damn well you’d like it. Just lay there, you won’t know the difference except I’ll be better than him. Why’d you dress like that, showing off your tight ass and those nice titties if you didn’t want me? You offered bitch, you knew it was just gonna be me and you here. Only thing I need help with is gettin’ you out of those pants of yours.” 

Every benefit of the doubt she’d given her was used up in full. Kadie heard the shimmy of the garage door roll up underneath them, at least Selene’s parents were home.

Don’t ever speak to me again.” She picked up her bag and started to walk towards the door. 

“You fucking cunt!” Ali grabbed Kadie’s hair. 

Kadie reacted instinctively. Dropping her bookbag, both hands went to her head on top of Ali’s hand. She stepped back and underneath Ali’s arm while twisting it up and around behind her. Ali screamed in pain. 

“I’m going to be nice and not dislocate it. Leave me the fuck alone.” She shoved Ali onto her bed face first. Selene had started crying.

Kadie picked up her bag and walked out closing the door behind her as something heavy hit it. Ali screamed “You fucking cunt! You have no idea who I am! I get what the fuck I want!”

Selene’s cries turned to wails. 

“Shut the fuck up!” Ali yelled at her. 

Kadie closed her eyes, considered her options. She dashed downstairs as Ali’s aunt was coming in, gave her the short version, concerned about Selene. 

“I’ll take care of it, I’m sorry.” Her eyes told Kadie this wasn’t the first time she’d had to deal with Ali being out of control. 

Kadie trembled as she got in her truck, fumbling with the ignition, she started it up and drove home. She barely made it to the hall bath and threw up. 

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Welcome to the world of overwatch imagines! If you don't mind me asking for a request, would you do Lucio and Genji reacting to their S/O making cute noises when they stretch?

Thank you very much!! I hope I don’t disappoint!


  • Heart-eyes, dopey grin
  • This boy could literally not be more in love with you
  • Will probably immediately hug you, wrapping you in his arms
  • Can’t keep his hands off you and must show you how much you are loved
  • Could watch you do literally nothing for hours and would still say it was the most fun he had
  • When you stretch when the two of you are lying in bed together he has to dodge your limbs
  • But laughs it off anyway, even as your face goes red
  • Has probably recorded you stretching just because he thinks it’s so adorable
  • At one point had it as his text ring tone
  • Until Hana asked if his text ringtone was a frog chirping
  • He loved that but it made you blush really hard and ask him to please change it
  • “Aww, babe, if you want me to I will, but just know I think it’s adorable.”
  • Bought you a frog plushie to cuddle when he’s not there


  • When he’s wearing his faceplate it’s hard to tell how he feels
  • But when it’s off he gives you the gentlest look and a soft smile
  • If you close your eyes and slump down after stretching he’ll softly ask if you’re sleepy
  • After you nod he’ll carry you to bed and cuddle with you until you fall asleep
  • When you stretch you make this high pitched squeak sort of noise
  • Not loudly, just a soft high sound
  • He thinks it’s adorable
  • Reminded him of a cat the first time you did it
  • He always liked cats
  • You didn’t even realize you had made a strange noise
  • That was just how you had always stretched
  • You blushed when he told you he’d never heard anyone do that before and that it was cute
  • Plot twist: he’s started doing it too
  • Didn’t even notice at first
  • Stretched one day in front of McCree and he was like “??????” 
  • Thinks it’s funny tbh
  • Probably does it on purpose now
  • Still thinks you’re cuter when you do it, though

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What are your favourite moments in Sh?

Oh wow, that is a really hard question in general but also… I mostly remember all the Malec scenes since I mostly re-watched them for giffing purposes. I need to re-watch s1 and s2 again at one point. So yeah, sorry for so much Malec. Okay, I am not sorry but you know… lol

I am trying to keep this “short” even though there are a lot of other scenes I like and love but if I am naming them all, this would have no end so….

  • first the eye-squinting and then the proud smirk when Magnus calls Alec “pretty boy”
  • the shoot of Alec “hunting” in the backyard in 1x05 because fuck, that is so aesthetically pleasing although awful to color, I love it so much
  • the Lightwood siblings hug at the end of 1x10 because a) Lightwood siblings feels and b) beautiful shoot again
  • “I do you pro bono.” ICONIC I really missed these kinda light, sassy moments in s2, I hope they’ll make a return in s3. (Also Magnus mimicking that older Clave guy. ICONIC #2)
  • “Enough!” and the wedding kiss. Goodbye, y’all.
  • Magnus and Alec talking in the hallway in the end, two adults having a mature conversation is what I live for; same goes for 2x05
  • “Get off my docks!” + “It’s not about Clary!” –> badass alpha Luke is what I am here for
  • a disaster to color but the whole balcony scene in 2x01 (Magnus throwing a magic ball in Alec’s directions… ajsjashjahs)
  • the parabatai oath (when I thought they would finally go and fix that bond from there on….)
  • Magnus hustling Alec…. PRICELESS (Magnus pouted once and Alec is like… oh, shit. lmao)
  • bamf!Magnus (I am on the floor!) and figuring shit out in like 0.02 seconds while single-handedly saving 2x08
  • Malec forehead touch after saying the L-word 
  • 2x13 in general because that ep is SO GOOD (minus the panning away from the Malec kiss tho…..)
  • Mr Lightwood / Mr Bane and Raphael teasing Magnus once again at the Cabinet meeting because he is “totally unbiased” lmao
  • Meliorn’s “They all look the same to me.” akjssakj ICONIC
  • Magnus telling Alec about his past, minus the panning away or like oops, there is the pillar again 
  • two petty boyfriends in 2x17, there faces and Alec hushing Magnus… I can’t lmao
  • 2x18!!!! (flashback to 1x06, giggly boyfriends having their first time, cat eyes reveal, Magnus touching Alec’s cheek, the whole goodbye for now scene in general because fuck… SO BEAUTIFUL)
  • Magnus pretending he didn’t see Alec in 2x20, looool
  • battle!couple Malec, nuff said
  • “I don’t think I can live without you.” <3

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I was wondering if you could remind people to not go to the blondes SM. Don't look on her IG she only benefits from it. Ignore her it's the attention she craves and when we discuss her she gets it. Leave her be and focus on Sam and Cait. That's were the real deal is. Thank you.

Agree and happy to pass the message along. There are ways to be informed and updated that don’t count.
I always think of the example I tell my own father each time I catch him watching a network and show he hates. I tell him just imagine each second you are staring at that screen is like you are actually throwing bucks at them, one after another. Well same here, you can call her bullshit in your own space without giving them their craved attention.
Be smart, be water my friend.

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I'm so happy you seem to like leverage! How far are you and what are your thoughts so far??

just finished the first season last night! which is unusually quick for me but I guess that’s what happens when you watch seven episodes in one day cause you’re sick.

I’m just…really enjoying it. it’s fun and light-hearted and I really enjoy trying to guess how the con is going to work (I never get it right, but it’s fun to try) and the character dynamics and the…political ethics of the show itself. 

also @ameliarating and I are keeping a running count of Eliot lines that sound like Clint and so far we are at 11. 

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hi hi pipe! (totally call you pipe or pipes in my head when watching your art) i love your art so damn much, it brightness my days <3 im just starting in this fandom and just because of some of the fanarts and fanfic that people i followed did and i wanted to know if you happen to have recommendations? artist and writer to follow? favorite pieces maybe?

hi, thank you c: 
and welcome c: 
I think this is about supergirl?
probably be careful if you’re watching the actual show ‘cause…it’s kinda messy rn. 

@korrainasamisjacket is a good follow, lots of supercorp/katie content 

@sango-blep has really aamzing pieces, 
@lesly-oh i dk if she’s still drawing supercorp but follow anyway for quality content

@foleypdx has really good pieces, 

@tantoun  also does really fantastic portraits 

i’m currently making my way through @c–and–b ‘s fic collection, and i’m really enjoying them,

heroism is a full time job by @unicyclehippo is amazing

Supergirl In Training  by @wtfoctagon

The Fifth Wall by @blackteaandbones is also really good 

uhh, these are the ones i can think of off the top of my head, hopefully enough to get you started c: 


Yeah so I just watched The Gifted 1x03…


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Hi I just finished watching mindhunter on Netflix and really enjoyed season 1 of true detective. Do you know any similar tv shows? Also really great work on your new website!!!

Thank you! I just started it last night and I’m really enjoying it so far.

There’s those Law & Order episodes based on real cases as well as shows on the Crime and Investigation channel such as Killer Kids. There’s also “American Crime Story” which is based on the O.J. Simpson case but they’re not as good as Mindhunter.

Gimme Lance and Keith like I guess ringing each other up and talking to each other on like a space Skype thing or something.

Like Lance telling him about stuff that’s happening while he’s gone and just making jokes, just laughing with Keith.

Just like imagine him seeing Lance’s show and Lance joking it’s a part time thing he does for money to “fund Coran’s drugs.” (One time Lance one time)

Keith is like horrified for a second before Lance just laughs and is like “I’m joking.”

Meanwhile Keef is like they saw me watching it and think I was watching a mating dance. They think I’m in some sort of mating season bullshit. Lance is just cackling at this point

“Maybe you are. I don’t know how your Galra boys are.”

Keith just turns red and covers his face, lance just snorts and mutters a “I’m kidding.”

Just they spend the time talking and then just at some point Keith notices Lance just stop and freeze. He just asks if he’s ok and then Lance’s lip just starts trembling, tears just dribble down his face.

“I…I really miss you.” he mutters and Keith just bites his lip, He really doesn’t want to be set off here too.

Keith just mutters a “I really miss you too.”

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There's a couple of Rick and Morty porn parodies. The most recent one is called Dick and Morty. I'm pretty sure it's one of the most popular searches on PornHub right now.

dick and morty is a bit on the nose but i guess you can’t really go anywhere else with it

im gonna go have a peek for curiosity’s sake to see if it’s gay or not



that was funnier than the show honestly, i only watched the pre sex bit but it still contained the line “spray me with your testicle made szechuan sauce you sexy human genius”

love it

A little GOT fandom rant

So I’m new to the whole Tumblr Got fandom world and I love it. I love reading Metas. I love writing metas. I basically just enjoy being a fan of a show that I have grown to love so much! I ship Jonsa and I’m proud that I ship Jonsa. Before Tumblr I was your typical average viewer of the tv show who watched it for the sake of pop culture. I found out about Jonsa and GOT theories when after season 7, all I wanted to do was rewatch Jon and Sansa scenes because they were my favorite scenes on the show and I was bored out of my mind! Lol! I seriously didn’t know Jonsa was a thing until I started doing research.

I say all that to say that I literally found this ship by chance and for some reason I was drawn to Sansa and Jon’s incredible dynamic on screen. Now after a couple of months reading meta/theories, I am 100% convinced of Jonsa. (This is coming from a woman who was an average viewer and also at a time was caught up in the “Jon and Dany meeting hype”) I have conviction in what I believe in and there is no ifs ands or buts about it.

Now what I don’t understand is why would anyone deliberately go out of their way to try and convince other people that their ship is “delusional” or make rant post about a ship you don’t like? Btw I’m not talking about Metas here. There’s one thing to analyze a meta and crtique a character or a possible relationship, there’s another thing to just bitch about something you don’t like.

You will never catch me scrolling the Jonerys tag reading Metas because they’re of no interest to me. You will never find me making a rant post about Jonerys shippers because they are of no interest to me. You will definitely not find me ever commenting or arguing with someone who doesn’t like my ship because nothing is ever that serious.

The point I’m trying to make is that have conviction in what you ship! If you’re really convinced that your ship is endgame then act like it. Stop making rant post about ships in tags that you’re not apart of. Don’t read Metas you don’t agree with. Don’t comment in posts or send anon messages just to say an individual is delusional for believing what they want. Basically just stop acting pressed!

This is for both ships btw. I just wrote this because for me as a Jonsa fan I’m tired of seeing B.S in the tag but I know it goes both ways so….

This is the first and last time I’m gonna address this.

All You Need Is Love: Chapter Four “I Want to Hold Your Hand”

A Love Story Told by The Fab Four / Inspired by “Across the Universe”

Spencer Reid: a genius, hardworking, dedicated FBI profiler. Persephone “Percy” Jacobson: a passionate, brilliant, ambitious FBI specialist, and the newest member of the BAU. Spencer doesn’t believe in soulmates. Persephone doesn’t believe in happy endings. Told nonlinearly, watch as time, each other, and The Beatles, proves them wrong.

Chapter List


A/N: So glad you are all enjoying this series!! In a perfect world, I will have chapter five up sometime late next week, but I am currently in tech for a show I’m ASMing so I might not have time to write it. I’ll make sure to keep ya’ll updated!

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Oh yeah I tell you somethin’
I think you’ll understand
When I say that somethin’
I want to hold your hand

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And maybe your exams
don’t go as well as you thought,
maybe you don’t finish
that last assignment,
maybe you forget
to turn in that paper.

Maybe the best you can do
is show up each morning,
your heavy eyelids rest
half closed but open
as you see the dust motes
dance in the sun,

and the teacher drones
and drones, and drones,

and maybe you miss a class
or leave it early
or show up late,

maybe you get to campus
and all you can do
is sit on the bench
and watch strangers wade
in and out of one another,
listless as they go.

Maybe today is the day
you close your eyes to the world
that is sitting on your shoulders,
maybe you never leave the car.

But you got up this morning,
you tried this morning,
you did not give in
to everything that undoes you.

Keep going, my darling.

School will never tell you
how proud it is,

but I will, I will, I will.
And I am, I am so proud of you.

Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

This is enough for now,
but there is so much more
waiting for you.
Keep going.

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Even if you never write for Castle again. Sure, I’d be sad but I’d still love your writing and you because you gave me some of the best stories I’ve ever read. I’ll continue to read your new work even if I don’t or can’t watch the shows for new adventures. Thank you for all your time and effort in the fandom. It was and still is beautiful. I hope many get to see your writing.

You really know how to tug on my heartstrings, anon. Thank you for being so understanding and incredibly supportive. No words I say here could ever express how grateful I am.

the worst moment in all of total drama was in season 2 when leshawna said “i dont know if it was the HEAT.. or HAROLDS BURRITO BREEZE…. but seeing that boy as Captain Alberta had me a little light headed” bbnecause. Shes talkin about his farts ok SHE just watched him put on tights and shovel burritos into his mouth while he was literally farting and flying. but OH NO. no she thinks thats SEXY. leshawna this is a kids show you need to get you and your FART FETISH away from me