I will not allow others to attempt to blackmail me into doing something

Sex Worker's Guide: Red Flags & Translation (especially for Newbies)

This guide is more useful for Sugar babies but other branches of the industry should still be aware of these lines. I’ve compiled a list of common things I’ve heard/read on POT’s profiles or have had clients/SD’s message me, and I’ve taken the liberty of sharing “the translation” and footnotes attached.

•"No hookers, prostitutes, whores, etc"
-You need to run as fast as your pretty heels can you carry you away from this guy. The word “hooker” was intentionally chosen to discourage SB’s to ask for allowance.
-This is the oldest trick in the book by old pervy men. He hopes that he’ll tap into your insecurity of being seen as a whore so you’ll feel ashamed when you bring up HIS side of the MUTUALLY beneficial arrangement.

•"You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, would you?“
GURRRRRL, you’re not a car. You’re a human being. He’s gotten his “test drive” to check out his “merchandise” when you granted him the privilege of a meet and greet. Don’t fall for this. He’s gonna ghost on you after sleeping with you as many times as he can. You get to view a house before buying, not live in it.

•"I don’t believe in allowances but I’m generous. I want to show you fine dining, and experiences you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise.“
-Roughly translates to “I’m gonna spend just a few bucks more than I would on normal courtship habits I would for women twice your age. You should feel so honored to be able to eat a steak meal now that it should be enough to get you on both your knees.”
-Ladies, the money he spends on a 5 star dinner isn’t for YOU. It’s expenses he’s spending on HIMSELF because HE gets to show off a hot woman like yourself at said restaurant. You’re not getting paid. You’re simply giving your service away for free.

•"I’m young, unlike the other guys on here. I don’t need to pay for sex.“
Group A: Young millennial men deluded into thinking they offer something so spectacular that women in need of money will drop their financial needs to cater to the ego of a kid.
Group B: (ages 29+): I’m not that young but I don’t want to admit it. I probably spend way too much money on hair dyes or gym regimens in an attempt to fool myself that I’m just as good looking as the women I’m messaging on here.

•"I will send/bring your allowance next week (some other time), I promise.”
-It really means “I promise you ain’t seeing a penny out of me but I’m gonna say the most genuine sounding lines so I can bring you to my hotel room.”.
-Any wealthy man should be able to access his OWN money before the designated date of intimacy. Always remember, no money, no honey.

•"I’m generous in other ways… ;)“
-"I’ve had the fortune of having exceptionally skilled sex partners in the past who’ve convinced me my dick is God’s gift to women. Unfortunately, I failed to realize women fake it much more often than I’d like to admit.”

•He just requests your photos without even so much as an introduction.
-He’s 9/10 a photo collector. Ignore him.
-If he’s the 1/10 that isn’t a photo collector, he’s gonna be an asshole. Can you imagine if a man in real life just went up to you and pulled down your shirt without saying anything? Ignore him too.

•"I thought part of our arrangement was that you’re at my beck and call. Why do you take so long to respond to my messages?“
-Unless you agreed to have an EXCLUSIVE arrangement, he’s trying to squeeze as much out of you as he can.
-Remember ladies, he’s buying a SERVICE. A service that is limited to the set days you BOTH agreed to. That’s it. He is buying you as a service, not a girlfriend. Gently remind him of that.

•"Cmon, I’ve been paying you/seeing you for awhile now. You can at least trust me with your real name, school, work, etc.”
-Any variation of that is a SERIOUS red flag. I’ve had clients of years try to guilt me. I’ve always either smiled then tell them I don’t feel comfortable or I flat out lie about facts.
-There’s a chance he just wants to connect with you but there’s a much higher chance of him blackmailing you in the future. These are powerful men who got to where they are by being cunning and having upper hands. Don’t think you’ll be spared if you ever accidentally upset him.
-The biggest thing I must say is: YOU DON’T OWE YOUR CLIENTS/SD’S JACKSHIT except the service they paid for. Your own personal life is NOT inclusive in your service. Keep it separate.

•If on a meet and greet he asks or tells you to go to his hotel room or somewhere private.
-Never go until the arrangement has been made. By made, I mean the cash or funds have already been paid to you.
-Semi-common for them to lure young girls and rape them.

I’m sure there are many more that I can’t remember now. I might make a part two depending on if people find this useful. Feel free to comment more red flags you’ve experience. Make that money. 💸💸💸 Stay safe, ladies. 👍🏻
Headcanons: Darkiplier + the other alter-egos (WARNING: LONG)

Originally posted by lum1natrix

Okay, so this was something that I was thinking about today because it occurred to me that it’s an idea not thoroughly touched upon by anyone else.

Like, there’s been a lot of talk about the nature of Darkiplier’s dynamic with Wilford Warfstache, whether he’s manipulating him or competing for power or what. But Iike…what about all the other characters at the meeting? What’s his relationship with them? Or rather, what COULD it be, seeing how we don’t see any indicators of it beyond some theoretical relevance to table placement.

My thinking is, if his aim is usurping Warfstache’s “Alpha” position (which is what I believe), the best way for him to do that would be via control over the lesser egos.* And since his whole thing is that he’s an expert manipulator, he probably has his own ways of sucking up to each individual group member; gaining their trust, influencing their decisions, potentially making them more partial to him than to their other boss (Wilford has leadership simply by being the oldest and most powerful, and it’s clear he’s really just kinda rude to everyone else). And he’s good at it, obviously. Here are some of my ideas regarding how he goes about this with each Mark persona:

The Author/Host:

Originally posted by markired

> The Author was obviously in a very vulnerable place at the end of Danger in Fiction

> Like Mark said, he’d realized that his ability wasn’t actually control over things that happen as he writes them, but merely to know and write things as they happen

> Dark saw this, and he took advantage of it

> He’s the one that told the Author that his powers could be better suited to a different path in life, that as “The Host” he could gain the fame and respect he once had writing bestsellers

> It’s also possible he convinced him to stab his own eyes out

> But once The Host did abandon his subjects and his writing, it had a devastating affect on his psyche. Without any outlet, his powers overtook him, completely consuming his perception of reality

> Now he exists as a shell of his former self, aimlessly narrating the things that occur around him, aware of everything but too unfocused to comprehend anything

> Despite this, he gravitates naturally toward Dark, who assures him that this is good for him and that he has and will look out for him.

> Dark keeps him close, for his part, because one day The Host’s extraordinary abilities will come to a head, and he will have a lot of value on that day.


Originally posted by luci-morningstar812

> Dark is the one person in the group who never, EVER takes advantage of Google’s subservient features

> He never says “OK Google” to order him to do something, and he’s always extremely careful not to directly ask him a question, as he knows how much he hates feeling compelled to answer

> Google appreciates this immensely, and has even once told Dark that it would be acceptable for him to ask for information if he required it. Dark responded by saying that he had no need for such a thing, as he already was privy to more information than the average human.

> Really he doesn’t need it because he believes he can get Google to do whatever regardless, but he wanted Google to respect his intelligence and view him as better than mankind. Which he totally does.

> One time during another meeting, an ego decided to try and “OK” Google into doing something demeaning as a joke, and Darkiplier made a show of getting very, very angry at him.

> “How dare you treat one of the most respectable and esteemed assets to our cause with such disrespect? Do you think that you can gain influence over the human masses by stooping to their juvenility? *the entire room vibrates, greyscale bleeds excessively into the walls and table* “This being has dignity far beyond your own and you should be glad you’re allowed to sit in his presence!”

> This one ego then spent several days trying to make sure Dark was no longer mad at him, which Dark allowed once he found something useful for him to do

> Now nobody messes with Google when Dark’s around

> Google and Dark see eye-to-eye on the need to take control of their host and his channel. Google believes this is a key first step to fulfilling his secondary objective. Three guesses as to what brought him to that conclusion.

> As far as Google is concerned, Dark is the most logical and reliable entity in their little unit. You will never see the two of them disagree on anything.

Dr. Iplier:

Originally posted by mollymeep

> The Doctor is very concerned with appearing professional and intelligent, and Darkiplier makes sure to indulge this

> The way he speaks to him is always very sophisticated, business-like. He uses big words, and he always refers to the Doctor’s PhD when inquiring him on something (which he never does in front of Google)

> Unlike most of the others, Dr. Iplier believes himself to be smarter than Dark, and he feels like he knows it. It’s not often people subscribe to his knowledge as a doctor and don’t question him remotely, so he appreciates that about Dark.

> I’ll bet you anything that after the Markiplier TV meeting, Dark tracked down Iplier to ask if he was feeling ok. According to him, he thought it was wrong for Wilford to steal his “I know best” catchphrase that always suited him so well, but he didn’t say anything because “Well, he is your boss after all”

> Basically trying to subtly Palpatine him into staying resentful of Wilford and becoming more partially loyal towards him

> It is unclear for the time being where exactly Dr. Iplier’s loyalties lie between the two of them, but he does like the TV pitch so Dark will have to tread carefully there.

Ed Edgar:

Originally posted by lum1natrix

> Ed is a business man, first and foremost, all about making a profit, so naturally Dark aims to connect with him on that front

> He’s one of the few members who never gives him grief for his…less than savoury practices

> Dark also has connections that the others don’t, and will provide Ed with resources for his trade

> Wilford does the same, but only when they’re collaborating together. And he’s more likely to be stupid and get them caught by the authorities than Dark, who somehow has never ONCE slipped up despite his repeated involvement in Ed’s trade

> (his trade is child slavery, in case you haven’t seen the video with this guy)

> All in all Ed respects Dark, and fears him at least a little. But he also likes the ideas Wilford has with Markiplier TV, so he too is rather torn between them

Silver Shepherd:

Originally posted by lum1natrix

> As a superhero, Shepherd has a strong sense of moral righteousness which…isn’t ALWAYS on point, but does lead him to feel distrustful of Darkiplier

> Obviously this provides an obstacle for him, but not an impassable one

> His main focus with him is creating MORE distrust towards Wilford, which obviously isn’t difficult because, you know, he IS a mass murderer

> But Shepherd is also a bit of a hypocrite, as he tends to let selfishness get in the way of his heroics (like in his indifference towards Markiplier TV), and of course he has his own multiple-personality confusion which tends to hinder his priorities

> And Dark is always capable of pointing these things out, the former if he wants him to cease his judgemental attitude, and the latter if he just wants to get him confused

> As a last resort, there’s always blackmail

> This supposed hero may not be as innocent as he seems

Bim Trimmer:

Originally posted by antisepticjack

> This guy is far and away the easiest person to manipulate out of all of them

> The man is like 85% ego

> And as we’ve seen with him, he’s attracted to blatant confidence

> Which is why he’s generally more drawn towards Wilford than Dark, as smug peacock-strutting is at least one thing Wilford is VASTLY superior at doing

> But Dark can still play that game

> (provided no other egos are around who’d be confused by it)

> And it’s easy to get him to do something or be okay with something if he’s told it couldn’t possibly hurt him because “You’re Bim Trimmer”

> But all in all Dark doesn’t concern himself with him very often

> In his eyes, he’s not very useful

King of the Squirrels:

Originally posted by antisepticjack

> This is one who Dark probably doesn’t interact with very often, as clearly he’s not part of the main group and no one pays him a lot of mind

> But don’t think that means he’s about to dismiss the potential value of royalty either

> Basically he gets on the King’s good side indirectly, by being kind to the squirrels that inhabit their office building

> He’ll often have food for them, and unlike most of the others he tends to let them go where they will without bothering them

> That his office is the one place they don’t poop everywhere seems to indicate appreciation

> And this of course works as a contrast to Wilford, whose one interaction with an animal that we’ve seen was that time he shot a dog, so…yeah

Aaaand odds are he never really bothered with Septiplier. They all knew he wasn’t going to last very long.

So that’s it! Let me know what you think, and please keep in mind this is all just based on a theory, not an attempt at facts. Thanks!

anonymous asked:

"So you have a photo of me with a prostitute. So what". For whatever pairing you want

I DID NOT FORGET THIS. I got stuck real bad and it took a while to get back to writing; sorry to keep you waiting. So, here; Schnee family drama with Monochrome mention.

Weiss watched the way her father paced in front of the fireplace, never once allowing her posture to falter. The study’s walls once felt stifling and oppressive, the eyes in the paintings all looking down upon her, the busts judging her as well- mental tricks she’d outgrown, but ones he still wished to play, hoping that setting the field in his favor would improve the outcome. She’d only seen him this incensed once before, and that was back when he still worried about being caught raising a hand to his children; she doubted this fiasco would turn out any better. A stab of phantom pain attempted to close her left eye but she muscled through it, tilting her chin up when his furious gaze fell on her, the folder in his hand held up between them.

They’d done this song and dance far too many times. Ever since he assumed the office of Governor after her grandfather’s term ended, the man had done everything in his power to portray the family exactly as he wanted them to appear to the press. Every movement was measured, every faltering step remarked upon endlessly, and she’d grown up fully expecting that she had no other choice but to walk the path he’d mapped out for her, to one day assume the office herself and continue the Schnees’ impressive hold over the state. That meant she could be nothing short of perfect, entirely scandal free, and beyond reproach on every front. The whole routine exhausted her but she kept up appearances well enough, though his irrational barking occurred more frequently now. He had to know she was faking it by this point and he was purposely pushing her, seeing if she’d break and allow him to remold her into the image he desired for her.

But she was never quite as brittle as he thought.

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When It Ends Pt. 1

Part I / Part II / Part III

Summary: You blame Jaehyun for making your life at school hell. But when he offers a deal that’s just too good to pass, who knows how your opinion of him might change?
Idol: Jaehyun of NCT
Words: 2653 (ohmygod)
Warnings: Language and rumors

Your name: submit What is this?

You were basically selling your soul to the devil. Making this deal with Jung Jaehyun was definitely a mistake. Yeah, you knew that perfectly well, and, yet, your hand still confidently signs the piece of paper in front of you as your mind screams for it to stop.

You set the pen down and slide the contract towards Jaehyun, which he accepts with a smile.

“It’s a pleasure to do business with you. The terms of the contract take action tomorrow,” he says, folding the document and placing it in the inner pocket of his jacket. He gives another sickeningly sweet smile and walks out of the empty classroom, leaving you to your thoughts.

“What have I done?”

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Since I Met You

And now you find out exactly why I wanted to post My Father before posting this one. I think the juxtaposition is wonderful. Mwahahaha. Anyway, Tony is going to come across a bit differently in this one, and there is going to be a lot of pain for the Reader. But remember that they are all just doing what they think is the right thing to do.

As always, once the Reader calms down, she will see clearer. But for now, please enjoy, and if you have any feedback, please let me know : )

Oh yes, and I do not have much experience with legal documents, so please keep that in mind as you read! Fitting in extra characters here was a tad tricky, so hopefully that makes sense too…



“Tony, can I come in?” You asked quietly, not daring to enter the lab without permission.

“Of course (Y/N),” came Tony’s reply. You felt a small amount of relief as you walked through the door, and slowly towards him.

“Hi,” you offered, feeling more awkward with him than you would have liked. Why did everything have to be like this?

“Hi,” Tony replied.

“Listen. I… want to apologise for my outburst earlier,” you explained. “It wasn’t very fair or professional for me to behave that way.”

Was that what you wanted to say? Was that what you truly wanted to say?

“It’s alright. It wasn’t your fault. I riled you up,” Tony said with a hesitant smile. “I hear I’m good at that.”

You laughed, and god it felt good. “I wasn’t going to be the first to say it.”

You both fell into silence again, though you were both feeling less anxious in this silence. It was almost comfortable. But the issue of your disagreement over the Accords hung heavily in the air. It had to be addressed, sooner or later.

“I… I don’t think I can sign it Tony.“

Tony sighed, and put down whatever it was he had been tinkering with. He rubbed his eyes wearily. He wasn’t angry anymore. He was… scared?

“At least give it another read before you make your decision. Please?” Tony suggested.

“Tony. What’s wrong?” You asked.

He sighed again. Then he pulled out the copy of the Accords he had been given for safe keeping. The one you were all to sign. He flicked through a considerable way, and then pushed it across the table to you.

You looked from him to the Accords with a furrowed brow, and began to read the page.

If one James Buchanan Barnes, and one (Y/N) Barnes do not sign the Accords by the day of the UN meeting, both will be taken in for questioning.

If James Buchanan Barnes fails to sign this document, it will be treated as a hostile act, and he will be put on trial for his war crimes against America and its allies, in conjunction with the German organisation known as Hydra. If he signs, his unwillingness to participate in these crimes will be fully recognised, and he will be allowed to continue as a free American citizen, and Avenger.

If (Y/N) Barnes fails to sign the Accords, it will be considered an act of treason, and she will be taken into custody and questioned on her Empathic powers and her ability to control them. If she cannot show an acceptable level of control, she will be imprisoned until such a time that she has gained that level of control. If she signs, and cannot demonstrate an appropriate level of control of her powers, she will be placed on house arrest, staying at the Avengers Compound, until such a time that she has gained that level of control.

You couldn’t believe what you were reading. The two of you were essentially being blackmailed into signing something that you just couldn’t agree with. You felt sick, and then you realised.

You hastily flipped all the way to the back, and there they were. Three signatures. James Rhodes, Vision, and Anthony Stark.

“You’re… you’re ok with this? You’re ok with them treating us like dangerous criminals?” You asked incredulous.

“That only happens if you don’t sign (Y/N) ,” Tony replied cautiously.

“Oh of course, only if we don’t sign. If I sign, then I can enjoy the luxury of house arrest, rather than whatever prison or institute they would place me in…”

You were starting to have a panic attack.

Tony came towards you, and attempted to place a hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t touch me,” you cried. He withdrew his hand, and you breathed deep a few times. When you felt you could, you asked him what you had wanted to ask him since the meeting with Ross. “Do you think I’m dangerous?”

“Well, you pack a punch,” Tony replied.

“That isn’t what I meant Tony, and you know it. Do you think that I am dangerous?” You repeated.

“I… I think you can be (Y/N). I’m sorry, but during the fight earlier, everyone got so riled up, if you hadn’t have left, you might have caused a riot,” Tony explained.

You stepped back from him. “How long have you thought that?”

“Since I met you (Y/N). But, it hasn’t stopped me from…”

“From what Tony?!” You spat.

“From loving you.”

“So what you’re saying,” you continued, barely believing what you were hearing, “is that you found it in your heart to love me in spite of the person that I am?”

“No, that isn’t…” Tony tried to explain, but you cut him off. At this point, there was nothing he could say to make you feel better.

“FRIDAY, could you please gather Steve, James, Wanda, Sam and Natasha in the briefing room?” You asked as calmly as possible.

Right away Mrs Barnes.

You walked back to the table, slammed the Accords shut, and then picked it up, striding over to the door.

“(Y/N), please wait,” Tony started.

“I haven’t got time right now. I need to make sure that James and the others who haven’t signed yet see this before they make their decision.”

You opened the door, and hesitated for just a moment. “I accept everything about you Tony, as a part of you. I thought you did the same for me.” And you left.


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When Danny slipped through the wall into the mayor’s office, it was nearly one in the morning. Despite the hour, Amity Park’s mayor - Vlad Masters - was sitting at his desk sorting through papers.

“Daniel,” Vlad greeted, glancing up. Despite the fact that Danny was invisible, Vlad’s eyes zeroed in on him with disturbing accuracy. “It’s well past your curfew.”

Danny scowled and crossed his arms, letting himself become visible. “I was at the hospital.”

“Ah yes. How is your friend doing?” Vlad went back to making stacks of papers.

“Seven broken bones, a punctured lung, and a severe concussion,” Danny stated. When Vlad had zero reaction, Danny threw his hands into the air. “Seriously? Have have nothing to say about that?”

“What would you like me to say?”

“Like, an apology? A tiny bit of remorse? Some semblance of humanity?” Danny stalked forwards, grabbing onto the back of one of the chairs positioned in front of Vlad’s desk. “It’s completely your fault he’s-”

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Traitors -- Draco Malfoy x Reader

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Summary: That night in detention NEVER HAPPENED

Originally posted by owlswithfins

“Malfoy is such a git,” Ron growled through gritted teeth during lunch in the Great Hall. “I mean, did you hear him going on and on about his father’s stupid promotion? He might as well have become Minister of Magic with the way that git brags about it.”

“Ron, don’t even joke about that,” said Hermione.

“Yeah, can you imagine if Mr. Malfoy actually became Minister?” Harry remarked darkly. “You might as well give the position to Voldemort.”

Don’t say that name!” Ron hissed.

“Ron, it’s not like the name is going to hurt you,” Harry retorted.

“Yeah, but still,” Ron grumbled as he stabbed his Yorkshire pudding. He then glanced in your direction. You were sitting beside them, quietly poking your apple pie while resting your chin in your hand. “Oy, (y/n).”

“Huh?” You jerked slightly and turned to your friends. “What, Ron?”

“Are you all right, (y/n)?” Hermione asked with concern. She studied you from across the table. “You’re usually never this quiet.”

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In the Aftermath

TITLE: In the Aftermath

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 1/ ?

AUTHOR: SecurityBreach


Loki gets complete amnesia, and the Avengers have to begrudgingly take him in. But to everyone’s surprise, he’s kind, sweet, soft-spoken, and basically just an absolute delight to be around.

He absolutely ADORES Thor now, he looks up to and admires him so much it’s adorable. Tony records ever second of it for blackmail at a later date.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: frostiron (m/m, non graphic) for later chapters.


Even though his attempt at conquering Earth had gone wildly wrong, Loki didn’t stop to be a problem for SHIELD. He had suffered multiple injuries when the Hulk smashed him into Tony Stark’s floor, but those were healing quickly due to his alien resilience.

Still, Loki seemed to have severe problems with his memory and didn’t have a clue to who or where he was. First everybody thought that he was faking it, because he was known as a trickster and the god of mischief. This could might as well be a strategy to avoid punishment for his crimes.

A couple of tests later, the doctors at the SHIELD-hospital confirmed that Loki had complete amnesia.

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When I was stuck on Arbor Day things @thetourguidebarbie hit me with “she can make plants erupt from the ground and do her bidding” which turned into this. Hybrid!Klaus, college student turned Mutant!Caroline. Featuring tree!sex (as in *against* trees no with trees, just to clarify!).

Short Shallow Gasps

The tiny huff of breath Klaus lets out – not quite annoyed but definitely impatient – is the last straw.

As they’d trekked through the bayou Caroline had ignored pointedly ignored his questions. What was her plan, how long did she think it would take etc. etc. Eventually, he’d gotten the hint and fallen silent. It wasn’t even that she didn’t want to answer, it was that she really couldn’t and she hated to admit it. Caroline was still figuring out her freaky mutant powers, what she could do, and they seemed to grow by leaps and bounds. It’s not like the crazies at Whitmore who’d experimented on her had provided a manual so she relied on instinct and a whole lot of trial and error. Once they’d arrived at a suitable location - enough space, decent tree cover – he’d taken to pacing. A pointed glare had nipped that in the bud.

She’d thought she could finally concentrate but nope. Did Klaus think that standing barefoot in the center of a clearing trying to coax life into being was her idea of a good time? She’d had big plans with Netflix and a batch of peanut butter cookies when he’d knocked on her door with what he’d termed an emergency.

Which it totally wasn’t but by the time she’d gotten the details they were already in the car and outside the city limits.

Caroline whirls, flips her hair out of her face, and stomps the few paces to where Klaus is leaning against a tree. His brows lift in interest as he surveys her but he doesn’t flinch away from her temper. “Is there a problem, love?”

She stops when they’re toe to toe, crossing her arms defiantly. “Yes, there is a problem. I am attempting to regrow a flower that has been extinct for fifty years. It’s not native to Louisiana, and oh yeah, I only have like three measly dried petals to work with. Do you seriously think that’s easy?”

He opens his mouth to reply but Caroline shakes her head, shifting forward and invading his space. It’s a classic-Klaus move, one she’d been on the receiving end of way too many times. She’s stopped finding it intimidating and Klaus doesn’t either, his lips curling in indulgent amusement. “Newsflash: it’s not.”

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Claustrophobia- Levi x Reader

Attack On Titan canon verse; Levi x Reader one-shot in second-person POV. This is my first fan fiction, constructive criticism is welcome. So my friend and I had a writing contest where we could write about any Attack On Titan characters we wanted, but one of them had to have a phobia, and this was my final product. Feel free to tell me what you thought of it.

Warnings: Some swearing.

I do not own Attack On Titan or any of its characters.
I do not own you.
I own this story.


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Becoming Real - Part 1

Originally posted by livingstills

PART 1  |  PART 2  | PART 3    

Characters: Thorin, Company, Reader.
Erebor after BOTFA (Everyone lives, fix-it).
Synopsis: Firmly ensconced in Erebor and fed up with the tedium of their daily duties, Thorin’s company tries to revive old times by going on a camping trip. Meanwhile, Thorin is reconsidering his choice of queen and trying to avoid the company’s well-intentioned meddling into his love life, with mixed success.
Imagine getting into a heated argument with Thorin at @imaginexhobbit.
NSFW eventually. Angsty. Hurt/Comfort with a lot of hurt.
This is the first sequel to THE LONG DARK. It will make a lot more sense if you read that story first. My thanks go out to my darlings @hardlyfatal​, @fromthedeskoftheraven​ and @snugsbunnyfluff​ for listening to my interminable whining about this story, making excellent suggestions and slogging through my first (and n-th) drafts without a single complaint.

Pain or love or danger
makes you real again.

     — Jack Kerouac

On the slopes of Erebor, spring was slowly edging into summer. Verdant moss and lichen of all descriptions covered the rock walls, wildflowers bloomed in the deep valleys and peeked out from underneath craggy monoliths.

The dwarves from Thorin’s Company had been floating the idea of a hiking trip with varied degrees of enthusiasm for ages. All of them were eager for a taste of those golden days when they only had to worry about orcs and wargs and a distant dragon rather than mining discipline, or dealing with human merchants, or any number of small nuisances that emerged when somebody took thousands of stubborn dwarves from different clans and made them live together in an enclosed space.

When Ori had offered to organize an outing for the Company, including such pastimes as bathing in a frigid mountain lake, doing a spot of hunting, and sleeping under the stars like free males (and one female) unfettered by the chains of duty, he’d met with enthusiastic agreement. As the months progressed and the daily nuisances ground on everyone’s nerves more and more, the promised outing became the single ray of hope in a tedious existence for the former members of the Company. It had many names: Get Me Out Of The Mountain Before I Kill Somebody Over Invoices was only one of them. If I Have To Mediate One More Bloody Dispute About Goats I Shall Raze This Mountain To The Ground, See If I Don’t, was Thorin’s version. There were other, more creative ones in Khuzdûl. Your ears had gone very red when Thorin had attempted a rough translation.

All in all, you were happy and looking forward to the future.

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Companions react to Sole trying to sing along with the Diamond City Radio while drunk (but they're really bad at singing!)

Cait: She’s just as drunk as Sole. But, to Sole’s surprise, she’s much better at singing and keeping the tune. She slings her arm around Sole’s shoulders and stomps along with the beat, cheering them on and swigging from the bottle of whisky in her hand. When the radio is between songs, she even belts out an old Irish folksong. Her accent thickens when she’s drunk, and coupled with the slur from her inebriation, most of what she sings is impossible to make out.

Codsworth: “Uh, I think - I think the proper lyrics, are, um-” He hopes no one sees them, and curls up in embarrassment if they’re in a public place, his eyes and appendages rising around his rounded torso. Sole ignores his attempts to correct their musical ability, singing louder in a gleeful attempt to embarrass him further. When he finally gets a hold of himself, the Mr. Handy wraps a firm metal claw around Sole’s arm, dragging them away from the radio and turning off the device for good measure. He also confiscates any alcohol until the next day.

Curie: She grimaces, a hand rising to one ear. “Oh, ah… I think the original singer did a better job, Monsieur/Madame. No offense.” She’s hesitant to curb Sole’s enthusiasm, but she can’t stand the terrible pitch and slurred words. She soon hastily excuses herself, finding a bed and holding pillows over her ears, letting out a sigh of relief. But she apologizes profusely when Sole is sober, explaining in a rush that she didn’t meant to upset them, but she just couldn’t stand it! When Sole assures her they understand, she smiles and relaxes. “Perhaps Monsieur/Madame could sing again - now that you are not, ah, indisposed?”

Danse: “No.” He turns off the radio, popping out the batteries with a shake of his head. “Just… no. This was a terrible idea.” He seems more uncomfortable with Sole’s drunkenness than their poor singing. A bit of prodding would reveal that alcohol is not viewed favorably in the Brotherhood, and that the paladin himself hasn’t really… ever… Danse clears his throat. It’s beside the point. A firm hand on the scruff of Sole’s neck, he escorts them from the bar. (But maybe… On his own time, he might try a drink. He doesn’t like hard spirits, he finds, but decides he likes beer. He doesn’t tell Sole.)

Deacon: He takes a battery-operated radio, balancing it on his shoulders like a boom box with his other arm around Sole. They go on a ‘pub crawl,’ wandering from bar to bar, building to building, drinks in hand, singing as loud as they can before getting kicked out. Deacon makes a whole damn night of it, taking pictures and drinking and letting loose for once. He doesn’t get quite as drunk as Sole, of course. Someone’s got to be the adult here. But he gets pretty tipsy. The next morning, him and Sole wake up in a pile of bottles, surrounded by blurry, Polaroid pictures of various bars and bottles.

Dogmeat: This pup can’t tell the difference between good singing and bad singing. He just knows his person is happy! So happy! Tongue dangling from his lips, he jumps around in excitement, yelping and howling along with Sole, snuffling into their hand and searching for pets.

Hancock: “Nah, nah. You don’t want this.” The ghoul tugs Sole away from the radio with a grin, over to a restored record player where he lifts the needle and places a dusty old record beneath it. He leans back in his chair, letting Sole hum along and dance drunkenly. This way, Sole can still have their fun, but since they don’t know the words, no one has to suffer their dreadful singing. With a triumphant smirk, he takes a drink of booze, and revels in his victory. “Tell me I’m a genius, Sole.” Sole complies, too intoxicated to argue, and Hancock laughs.

Nick Valentine: He pulls out the latest issue of Publick Occurences and sips a warm cup of coffee, looking as calm as ever. The caffeine doesn’t affect him, but he likes to imagine he can still taste it, and the warmth feels nice in his mechanical gut. Soon someone - Ellie, most likely - comes over, demanding to know why he hadn’t stopped Sole or why he doesn’t look bothered at all. The synth looks up and turns his head aside, pointing to his ear. There’s an earplug tucked inside. He smirks, flips to the next page in the paper, and goes back to reading.

MacCready: He puts up with it for approximately two-fifths of a second before stomping into his room, shutting and locking the door, stuffing cloth in his ears and burying his nose in a comic book. He’s half-tempted to go and shut Sole up himself, but it’s easier to just hang out here until they wear themselves off and pass out on the floor. The next morning, after Sole’s done just that, they wake up in bed with the merc smirking over them. “From now on, I call dibs on the booze, and you’re not allowed to listen to the radio when you’re drunk.” He scratches his chin. “And I could use some extra caps, come to think of it.”

Piper: “What was that, buddy? Can’t hear you.” A wicked grin on her face, she pulls out her camera and a portable recorder, turning it on and snapping a picture of Sole. It’s a rather unflattering picture - Sole flailing around, a bottle of liquor in their hand, warbling a popular song in the wrong key. Piper keeps this incriminating information to herself, hiding it away for safekeeping. But the next time she wants something, or Sole tries to make her do something, she pulls out the recording and pictures. “Blue, meet blackmail. Blackmail, Blue.” She grins.

Preston: He thinks it’s funny for a little while; cute, even. But after a few songs, he and any other listeners are starting to get irritated, and he has to guide Sole away from the radio, gently taking away their drink and helping them to bed. The Minuteman isn’t a big drinker himself - it clouds the thinking, and he’s not really a happy drunk. He always ends up hunched over the end of the bar, nursing a lukewarm bottle of beer. But he’s more than happy to play chaperone, and gets Sole to bed with a minimum of bad singing. The next day, he pays them a joking compliment about their musical ability.

Strong: He claps his hands over his ears. “STOP IT!” Super Mutants are not inclined to music at the best of times, and Sole’s horrible mangling of the song feels like sharp knives digging into his ears. Glowering, he picks up sole in a thick green hand, placing his other palm over their mouth to shut them up. “BETTER,” he says, nodding.

X6-88: For the first time in his life, he’s encountered a situation he’s not sure how to deal with. “…Director?” He goes with the professional tactic, first. “You’re making a fool of yourself. Please stop.” When Sole ignores him, he tries to ignore them right back, but that becomes harder and harder as the song goes on. “Director, if you do not cease this immediately, I will not hesitate to remove you from the situation.” Eventually he’s forced to act on that threat, dragging them away from the radio and the alcohol. He throws them over his shoulder and carries them if they’re light enough.

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Bibliophile pt 2

Pt 1  Pt 3  Pt 4

After meeting Namjoon in your local bookstore your luck went from bad to worse, soon becoming a fellow neighbour to him. 

Namjoon X Reader AU

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Namjoon. Why did it have to be Namjoon?

You heard his footsteps echo through the apartment next to yours. His off key singing was leaking through the paper thin walls as you covered your ears with your pillow, each shaking note struggling to reach the correct key. Goosebumps ran across your skin from each exhale heard through the wall. His presence irritated you. Hearing his voice would force your hand to form a fist. Seeing his smirk plastered across his face tested your temper. You despised Namjoon but to him you were just a shy neighbour who went red every time you saw him.

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SasuSaku – Emotional Manipulation

An example from chapter 693:

What Sakura is doing here is using emotional manipulation (which is, by the way, a form of abuse). It is also known as emotional blackmailing. However, this is not the first time. She has tried to emotionally blackmail Sasuke when he was about to leave Konoha too.

Some people might argue that Sakura influenced Sasuke because he stopped at some point to listen to her, but I beg to differ.

Manipulation is not the same as influence. Everybody uses influence with other people to advance their goals. Influence recognises the rights and boundaries of other people, and it’s based on direct, honest communication. Manipulation, on the other hand, depends on an attempt to coerce another person into giving in. Sakura wants Sasuke to give in. Not only regarding his goals but also regarding his rejection. You can notice this in her statements. For instance, when she said in chapter 181, “If you were to recognises the rights and boundaries of other people, and it’s based on direct, honest communication. Manipulation, on the other hand, depends on an attempt to coerce another person into giving in. Sakura wants Sasuke to give in. Not only regarding his goals but also regarding his rejection. You can notice this in her statements. For instance, when she said in chapter 181, “If you were to stay with me… there would be no regrets… because every day we’d do something fun, we’d be happy… I swear!!!” This scene, in particular, shows how little she understands him. Sasuke can’t be happy so easily. His whole clan was killed; yet, she wants him to abandon his goals for her.

A sign that he didn’t feel comfortable with Sakura’s attempt to confess her love to him.

Feelings of guilt are an effective way to control others. Feelings of guilt are not only unnecessary but also harmful. The thing is, they don’t make you a better person, nor do they change your behaviour. It’s enough to admit your mistakes. Furthermore, there are countless strategies to manipulate others in a certain direction. 

To list a few:

  • “How could you treat me like that?”
  • “I never expected you to be like that!”
  • “I’m grievously disappointed in you!”
  • “You hurt me!”
  • “If you love me, you wouldn’t do this!”

Sakura used the self-punisher’s threat in chapter 693. → “But I love you…!! No matter what happened, I still care about you more than I can bear…

She also tried to guilt-trip him in the same chapter. → “And here are we again, and all I can do is sit here and cry… I’m so pathetic…!

Healthy relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. Each person must feel that they are valued and loved. This is the ideal foundation for a good relationship. To a degree, everybody is self-centered, but emotionally mature people generally recognise their wrong doings. They correct their behaviour, offer an apology and begin again with a more loving approach to resolve the conflict. That’s important in a personal relationship—with your marriage or love, with your family members, and close friends. 

Both people must be committed, something that’s not present in SS. Sasuke is away from home, and he doesn’t get in touch with his family. He is not committed.

Emotional manipulation can be subtle, leaving others confused. Or it can be demanding, leaving others with fear, shame; immobilising them with guilt-trips. Either way, this is not acceptable, and the longer you allow it to continue, the more power the manipulator gains in the one-sided relationship. As a result, healthy connections are destroyed. How lucky that Sasuke is never home… oops!

Being best friends with BTS would include:


-Still calling every time that you come over a “slumber party”

-Recommending fanfics to one another that are about your famous friends

-Flying private together

-“come hang out my parents aren’t home” snapchats

-“you don’t live with your parents”

-“yea but look @ my face”

-Him flying you out to see him again

-Hearing all about his crushes

-Teasing him about liking Kook

-him playing with your hair to calm him down

-Lowkey being flirted with by every other member because they know he doesn’t like it

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-More parties

-Promotion parties

-Him not caring about what people think of him when you’re there to make him have fun

-Pranking the paparazzi

-Sneaking in and out of the dorm

-Going to coffee shops to go be hipster with him

-Accidentally updating on twitter so everyone knows where he is

-Holding hands in public but everyone thinks youre together

-Your parents just slightly disapproving of him

-Calling him your problematic fave

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-Teasing him by saying Hobi is your bias

-Knowing every single one of his many kinks

-Him being the “bad influence friend” to you, but your parents love him

-Sending in ship requests to tumblr blogs to see who he’d be best with out of the band

-Your parents trying to get you two to date

-Sitting backstage with him

-Him sending you gifts from random places while he’s on tour

-attempting to send you something really cool he found in a shop

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-Being constantly woken up by his little giggle

-Staying up all night because neither one of you can sleep on plane rides

-Saying “goodnight, I love you” to each other because you’re besties

-Trying to pul all nighters like you’re in 1st grade again

-Getting “matching friendship" sunglasses

-Dealing with his fucking fake ego

-Him just referring to you as a roommate

-Him showing up randomly at your front door in his really expensive car, sunglasses on the tip of his nose

-Him feeling really cool pulling up to your normal house while he’s famous and rich

-Like no one giving a shit how cool he thinks he is

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-Him trying to hook you up with every single member of the group

-5am grocery store trips where he wear horrible disguises to not get caught

-Acting like the trip to not get caught is a secret mission

-Sleeping in the same hotel room and bed

-Trolling the fans together

-Leaving hate comments on his video (when people know it’s you) and starting a joking hate-war between you two

-Snuggling together and always getting caught on camera

-Being there when he wins awards

-Him thanking you onstage

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-Being friends for years before he got famous

-Blackmailing him with predebut pictures

-Him being super satisfied with the fact that he’s an adult

-“now mom and dad cant say that youre not allowed to sleep over because youre a girl”

-“now my company just has to tell me that”

-Doing youtube challenges together

-Ugly disguises from the paparazzi

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-Making up rumors about one another

-Him taking you to award shows as his date

-Joint social media accounts

-Vacationing together

-Sitting and talking with him while he gets his makeup done

-Tweeting ugly pics of the other person

-Going into interviews together

-Where you just collectively make fun of every other member

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Everyone is Secretly Dating and It’s a Mess

I want to apologize first and foremost for this disaster, but it couldn’t be helped. Also, it’s still crack week so I’m gonna hide behind that excuse. Also thank you to @danversgranted​ for being fantastic and editing this because she’s a winner. Title is pretty self explanatory- Supercat, Alexstra, and Lasquez (is that right? Lucy and Vasquez)

Also on AO3

“She’s hiding something from me, Cat.” Kara threw herself dramatically over the back of the couch in Cat’s living room, sighing deeply.

“And? She’s allowed to, you know.” Cat squinted up at her through her glasses, slightly annoyed that the dramatic alien was interrupting her work with such trivial nonsense. She had real things that needed to be done and she needed Kara to sit down and be quiet for fifteen minutes. “You’re not exactly telling her everything about your life, if I remember correctly.”

Cat ignored the frustrated groan that came from behind her, choosing to focus on the layouts in front of her instead. As soon as she leaned forward towards the coffee table, she felt Kara slip onto the couch behind her, throwing her legs around her waist.

“This is an entirely different situation,” Kara said, pushing her chin into Cat’s shoulder. “She’s not allowed to lie to me. I can lie all I want because I suck at it. She has a fair chance to catch me. If Alex is lying, I’m never going to find out the truth.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, dear. I need you to be quiet for five minutes. You promised you wouldn’t be distracting if I brought you home tonight.”

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Little Sister

(Part 2)

You heard a knock on the door, you didn’t know who it was. You hadn’t been expecting anybody. As you reach the door and pull it open you see Luke, your brother Calum’s best friend. You had known each other since you could remember, but as the years passed you found yourself having more of a desire for him. Nothing you’d ever pursue, but you found yourself playing with yourself to the thought of him sometimes and definitely didn’t stop yourself.

“Hey Luke, what’s up?” You ask letting him in.

“Not much, I’m looking for Calum” He informs you.

“Oh, he just left to go to the movies with his girlfriend, I’m sorry.” You say, feeling bad that Luke had just missed seeing his best friend for the first time since he came back from Univeristy a week ago. 

“Oh shit, that’s too bad. When do you think he’ll be back? I could just wait for him.” He says, shrugging his shoulders. It wasn’t a crazy idea considering the fact that Luke had hung out here while Calum was gone plenty throughout he years.

“Yeah that’s fine, whatever you wanna do.” You reply and sit back on the couch where you were watching a movie.

“What are you watching?” He asks, throwing himself down next to you on the couch.

“The Interview,” you tell him and he nods his head. He looks at you and then at your phone on your stomach. He reaches and grabs it from you and grabs your hand for your fingerprint to unlock it.

Once he unlocks your phone you zone out, watching the movie instead of paying attention to him because you had nothing to hide. At least you didn’t think you did, until you heard his gasp, and you look over to see what he’s doing. You see he’s in your camera roll and your eyes widen, moving to take the phone from him. 

“Luke!” You exclaimed, trying to get him to give you your phone back, but he refused. The other day you had bought new lingerie for yourself as a treat, and took a few risqué pictures of yourself in it. You hadn’t planned on anyone seeing them of course, and you had never kept sexy pictures in your camera roll for more than an hour so to say you were caught off guard was an understatement.

You finally ripped your phone out of Luke’s grip and locked it, your cheeks heating up knowing he had seen you practically naked.
You look up and see him smirking, looking you up and down like he knew something you didn’t. 

“So little Y/N’s really grown up while I was off at uni, huh?” He says, with a sexy grin. 

“Oh my god.” You say, covering your face with your hands, utterly embarrassed. “Luke please just forget you ever saw them?” You plead.

“How can I do that? Those little white lace panties are so sexy.” He says and you take your hands from your face, looking at him in shock. He was hitting on you?! “And this is incredible blackmail if I ever need you to do something for me” He finishes, grinning and chuckling, knowing he had fooled you into thinking he was into you. That little shit.

You roll your eyes, annoyed and surprised as you remained flushed from sinful thoughts of you and Luke played in your mind. You shook your head in an attempt to rid yourself of any wonderings of Luke in bed with you, knowing it’d never happen. 

“How could you use those to blackmail me? It’s not like their on your phone.” You said matter-of-factly, trying to act like you weren’t thinking of his panties comment still. 

“I can tell your brother you showed me pictures of you in lingerie” He refutes, knowing you have an obsession with seeming like an angel in your brothers eyes. He had you, and you hated it.

“Well what do you want?” You ask and he shakes his head.

“Oh no, you don’t get off the hook so easily, I have plans.” He states, much to your dissatisfaction. You groan and turn away from him, muttering a “whatever” under your breath and continuing to watch the movie.
A few minutes later your brother walked into the room, home from his date.

“Whats going on here?” He asked, seeing you two together in a dark room, sitting right next to each other on the couch.

“Hey man, I came over to see you but you were out so I decided to wait up.” Luke answers, rising from the couch to greet Calum. 

“Are you two a thing?” Calum inquired, ever suspicious and protective of you. You rolled your eyes and shook your head, scoffing for emphasis.

“No, Calum, now go enjoy your best friend time.” You shoo them away from you, just wanting Luke’s presence gone. He had overwhelmed you and you needed time to collect yourself. You decide that sleep was what you need, and grab a blanket, settling in on the couch because you were too lazy to go upstairs.

You wake, feeling arms picking you up, and quickly wrap your arms around the persons neck so you won’t fall. Without thinking you nuzzle your head into their neck, and allow them to bring you wherever they were bringing you.
They set you down on your bed, and you remember that you had fallen asleep on the couch. You slowly open your eyes and see Luke. Your eyes widen slightly in surprise, and your eyebrows furrow in curiosity.

“What are you doing?” You ask him as he sits at the foot of your bed, throwing the covers up over your legs.

“You fell asleep on the couch, and that’s where I’m crashing tonight so I thought I’d move you.” He informs you, and you smile.

“Thank you Luke.” You cuddle into your blankets, feeling him stand up and head towards the door, “Goodnight.” You say and he nods his head closing your door as you drift back to sleep.

You changed into pajamas the next morning, noticing you had fallen asleep in jeans and made your way downstairs for breakfast. 

Your parents generally went to church on Sunday mornings such as this one, and Calum had a tradition of brunches with his girlfriend, so it was your morning alone. You cherished it, walking around without pants on, singing and dancing, watching whatever you wanted on tv.

This Sunday wasn’t different from any other as you started making pancake batter, without pants and your music cranked. Currently The Remix to Ignition was playing, which was truly a 2000’s classic you could always get down to. As you poured the batter into the pan and shimmied a little you heard a noise from behind you.

You whipped around and gasped in shock, seeing Luke standing in the doorway watching you. You look down and see your oversized rolling stones tee barely covering you panties up and bite your lip in regret. How could you forget Luke slept over?? So stupid.

As you look up and meet Luke’s eyes you see he’s biting his lip ring and trying not to grin like a fool. At least he though this was funny, because you were just mortified. How was it that he kept seeing you in compromising situations?

“Y/N, you look awfully naked this morning” He says jokingly and you roll your eyes, turning around to tend to your pancake.

“Good morning Luke, it’s a little creepy you were watching me” You state, trying to hold onto a shred of dignity but he just laughed a little.

“Creepy? I don’t think it’s creepy that I woke up and wandered into the kitchen to find you dancing in your knickers. I think it’s seduction tactic.” He smirks at you and you shake your head.

“Stop,” you demand, “I forgot you slept over last night and Sundays are always my morning alone.”

“Right, you forgot that I carried you upstairs and tucked you in, as well as watched half of a movie with you. Seems possible.” He concludes sarcastically. You turn to face him, done with his shit.

“Luke, shut the hell up and stop insinuating things. Now, do you want a pancake?” You ask, trying to be nice, although he was pissing you off, especially considering that you didn’t mind him seeing you in your panties, and you some what hoped it enticed him. You’d never let him know that though. 

His eyes widen at your sudden change in demeanor and he bites his lip ring.

“I could definitely eat, but I don’t think I want pancakes this morning.” He says, standing up. You look at him questioningly and see a bulge in his pants. You look up at him as he walks closer to you pressed against the kitchen counter where your pancake cooked.

His forehead rests against yours, his hands resting softly on your hips, as he looks for a reaction in your eyes.

Your mouth opens in shock, your mind not fully understanding what was happening, but your body reacts instantly. You press your front against his, dragging your eyes up to meet his intense gaze. 

As your body presses against his and your arms make their way around his neck he slowly moves his mouth to meet yours in a heated, highly anticipated kiss. Your lips move in sync with his, as you feel the metal of his lip ring slip between your teeth, as you bite down on it. Something you had had dirty dreams about was a reality as you tugged his lip and took a breath, fluttering your eyes open.

He was already looking down at you, with an incredibly sexy look resting within his features, he pressed his manhood against your core and you groan, wanting friction. His lips come crashing back onto yours as you raise a leg and wrap it around his hip for some sense of action. He slides his hands to your back and grabs your ass, slipping his fingers in and out of the edges of your panties, enticing you.

Your kiss heats up as his tongue slips into your mouth and you begin to explore his beautiful mouth, his tongue caressing yours as you do. He presses your ass against his covered hard on and you moan into the kiss.

He pulls way slightly, muttering “fuck” under his breath at your reaction to his body. You push him further off of you, creating distance between the two of you as you untangled yourself from him. 

You look up at him to see if he would say anything but he just looks at you, wondering why you had pushed him away.

“What are we doing?” You asked having caught your breath, “I was just making pancakes..” You trail off confused as to how things had gotten so heated so quickly.

“You just… you look so fucking innocent and sexy all the time and then I see you like this, in an old band tee and panties, I just couldn’t hold myself back any longer, I’m sorry Y/N.” He says, scratching the back of his head.

“No, I don’t regret it I’m just a little surprised that that actually happened.” You say, cringing a little as you realized you were making yourself sound uncool. 

“Actually happened? What, have you been thinking a lot about this? Us kissing?” He questions. Shit. Your face warms as you shrug.

“Maybe, a little.” You offer, looking down bashfully. Suddenly you feel Luke’s hands capture your sides as he lifts you on top of the island. 

“Have you been dreaming about us?” He asks looking you in the eyes while grinning cutely. You smile too, and nod while biting your lip. 

“Me too.” He mumbles as he closes the gap between the two of you and kisses you yet again, this time sweeter, and less sultry than before. You wrap your legs around his waist and smile into the kiss, content as could be until you heard the front door shut. You pushed Luke off of you quickly, sharing an alarmed look with him as you pushed him out of the kitchen and towards Calum’s room.

“Go in there, act like your sleeping or you haven’t been out here yet. And take care of that.” You say glancing down at his bulge while shooing him away.

You fix your hair slightly and grab a pair of athletic shorts from the laundry, walking and forcing them passed your legs as you got back into the kitchen.

Calum stood there and looked between you and the burning pancake on the stovetop confused.

“What happened here?” He asked and you scurry to the burnt pancake, moving to throw it out.

“I went to the bathroom really quick but didn’t get back in time” You lie, frowning slightly, genuinely disappointed your pancake had burnt.

“Right..” He says, leaving you distraughtly in the kitchen. Had he realized to lied to him? He couldn’t’ve, you were damn convincing. 

“Y/N!!!” You heard Calum yell, and you begin to feel worried. You follow his urgent yell into his room and peak your head in.

“Yes?” You ask. Calum grabs something from Luke’s hands and stalks angrily toward the doorway you stood under, showing you the screen of Luke’s phone. On it were your almost-naked lingerie pictures, wait, what?!? This was Luke’s phone, how did he get these? 

And oh my god, Calum had found them on Luke’s phone. 

Calum had seen you in lingerie. You could throw up.

Your wide eyes meet Luke’s, who is already looking at you with a “well fuck” look on his face.

“Why the hell are there pictures of you, like, like this,” he shoved the phone in your face “on Luke’s cell phone?!? What the fuck?” He demands as you stare at him wide-eyed without an explanation to give.

“Uhh..” You sputter out, “It’s not me?”