I will not allow others to attempt to blackmail me into doing something

Sex Worker's Guide: Red Flags & Translation (especially for Newbies)

This guide is more useful for Sugar babies but other branches of the industry should still be aware of these lines. I’ve compiled a list of common things I’ve heard/read on POT’s profiles or have had clients/SD’s message me, and I’ve taken the liberty of sharing “the translation” and footnotes attached.

•"No hookers, prostitutes, whores, etc"
-You need to run as fast as your pretty heels can you carry you away from this guy. The word “hooker” was intentionally chosen to discourage SB’s to ask for allowance.
-This is the oldest trick in the book by old pervy men. He hopes that he’ll tap into your insecurity of being seen as a whore so you’ll feel ashamed when you bring up HIS side of the MUTUALLY beneficial arrangement.

•"You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, would you?“
GURRRRRL, you’re not a car. You’re a human being. He’s gotten his “test drive” to check out his “merchandise” when you granted him the privilege of a meet and greet. Don’t fall for this. He’s gonna ghost on you after sleeping with you as many times as he can. You get to view a house before buying, not live in it.

•"I don’t believe in allowances but I’m generous. I want to show you fine dining, and experiences you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise.“
-Roughly translates to “I’m gonna spend just a few bucks more than I would on normal courtship habits I would for women twice your age. You should feel so honored to be able to eat a steak meal now that it should be enough to get you on both your knees.”
-Ladies, the money he spends on a 5 star dinner isn’t for YOU. It’s expenses he’s spending on HIMSELF because HE gets to show off a hot woman like yourself at said restaurant. You’re not getting paid. You’re simply giving your service away for free.

•"I’m young, unlike the other guys on here. I don’t need to pay for sex.“
Group A: Young millennial men deluded into thinking they offer something so spectacular that women in need of money will drop their financial needs to cater to the ego of a kid.
Group B: (ages 29+): I’m not that young but I don’t want to admit it. I probably spend way too much money on hair dyes or gym regimens in an attempt to fool myself that I’m just as good looking as the women I’m messaging on here.

•"I will send/bring your allowance next week (some other time), I promise.”
-It really means “I promise you ain’t seeing a penny out of me but I’m gonna say the most genuine sounding lines so I can bring you to my hotel room.”.
-Any wealthy man should be able to access his OWN money before the designated date of intimacy. Always remember, no money, no honey.

•"I’m generous in other ways… ;)“
-"I’ve had the fortune of having exceptionally skilled sex partners in the past who’ve convinced me my dick is God’s gift to women. Unfortunately, I failed to realize women fake it much more often than I’d like to admit.”

•He just requests your photos without even so much as an introduction.
-He’s 9/10 a photo collector. Ignore him.
-If he’s the 1/10 that isn’t a photo collector, he’s gonna be an asshole. Can you imagine if a man in real life just went up to you and pulled down your shirt without saying anything? Ignore him too.

•"I thought part of our arrangement was that you’re at my beck and call. Why do you take so long to respond to my messages?“
-Unless you agreed to have an EXCLUSIVE arrangement, he’s trying to squeeze as much out of you as he can.
-Remember ladies, he’s buying a SERVICE. A service that is limited to the set days you BOTH agreed to. That’s it. He is buying you as a service, not a girlfriend. Gently remind him of that.

•"Cmon, I’ve been paying you/seeing you for awhile now. You can at least trust me with your real name, school, work, etc.”
-Any variation of that is a SERIOUS red flag. I’ve had clients of years try to guilt me. I’ve always either smiled then tell them I don’t feel comfortable or I flat out lie about facts.
-There’s a chance he just wants to connect with you but there’s a much higher chance of him blackmailing you in the future. These are powerful men who got to where they are by being cunning and having upper hands. Don’t think you’ll be spared if you ever accidentally upset him.
-The biggest thing I must say is: YOU DON’T OWE YOUR CLIENTS/SD’S JACKSHIT except the service they paid for. Your own personal life is NOT inclusive in your service. Keep it separate.

•If on a meet and greet he asks or tells you to go to his hotel room or somewhere private.
-Never go until the arrangement has been made. By made, I mean the cash or funds have already been paid to you.
-Semi-common for them to lure young girls and rape them.

I’m sure there are many more that I can’t remember now. I might make a part two depending on if people find this useful. Feel free to comment more red flags you’ve experience. Make that money. 💸💸💸 Stay safe, ladies. 👍🏻
“Will I Be the Lead?” (P2) || Finn Wolfhard

“Will I Be the Lead?” : Part 1

Request: many requested a part 2

Characters: Finn Wolfhard x reader, Wyatt, Josh, Jake

Tense: 3rd person

Summary: (Y/N) lives in Finn’s stüssy hoodie, Jake becomes Hulk, Finn believes he has wolf senses, Josh brings to light about a time travel theory and Wyatt would lose a race.

A/N: I’m feeling a part 3 is gonna be needed :’))) & thank you to @thelosversclubs for letting me use some ideas from your post // P.S. i’ve noticed some people using ideas from the ending of my Halloween imagine, like that’s cool and all but please credit and ask me first bc I worked really hard on it and I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to have ideas taken and not have a credit ygmmm <3 Also wanted to say I’m happy people backed Finn after the whole thing of people being horrible bc like people have said he owes no one anything, like also he’s 14 why verbally attack him, i cant comprehend honestly- but he did nothing wrong in my eyes and he was probably also pretty taken aback by the amount of people bc again hes 14 anyway enjoyyyyyy Xx

26th November, it’d been 2 years since Finn had left and none of the group had received any form of contact from him. The only time they’d heard about him was through his mum, letting them know he had arrived at his destinations and exactly what those destinations were. Other than that, the group had no replies, so they decided to just take the time as it came.

Josh and (Y/N) were out in the cold morning of the day, skating down their street. She had one of Finn’s expensive hoodies on, something she could only ever imagine to afford, that he’d been given from a photoshoot. She had the sleeves covering her hands, stopping them from freezing, yet her legs were bare. She had socks pulled up to a quarter of her calf, and knee length denim shorts on loosely; she had thought that seeing the sun through the window meant it was warm but as she got outside, she realised it was false but Josh didn’t let her change.

Throughout the day, the two were talking non-stop about films they’d seen, hoped to see and their own ideas for filming. They had skated to a local diner, seated across from each other in a two-people booth.

“Is everything okay?” she asked him, she could tell by the way he looked at his phone that he was mentally reacting to something. He didn’t hear her as he carried on reading on his phone. “Josh?” he quickly snapped his head up, trying not to indicate any sign of emotion. He just raised his eyebrows as if nothing had happened.

“Oh, yeah,” he laughed and waved her off. “Everything’s fine, so what are you having?” he asked, putting his phone on the table. The two looked through the menus, suggesting meals to the other.

“I’m thinking about having a milkshake-“ Josh’s phone vibrated and he quickly pulled it away. He replied to whatever the message had been, and then placed it back on the table before squinting, clearly thinking to himself, and putting in his pocket. He looked back up to her, clearly suspicious but she rolled her eyes and gave up caring about it.

“Good choice,” he said as she ordered, handing the two menus to the waitress. “I have a question for you, though,” she nodded for him to proceed. “If I turned out to be an alien, like this was just my human form, what would you do? Like would you disown me as a friend?”

She shook her head, laughing, looking down then looked back up at him. “Is there something I should know?” he faked a suspicious eye look and ran out from his seat, causing everyone in the diner to look at the two, not that they took any notice, and he soon walked back. Their food had come and they spent the time in silence enjoying the food, occasionally looking up at each other to give a nod of approval.

“Happy Birthday,” he said as a slice of chocolate cake for him came, putting a candle in it and using his own lighter to light it for her. “It’s my dessert to eat but you can blow out the candles,” she flicked his forehead before blowing out the light. She sighed, thinking about how Finn had now missed yet another birthday of hers, but she was soon brought out of her thoughts by Josh. “Can I have a go on your board?” he asked her, she shrugged.

“I don’t see why not,” she smiled, halving the payment with him. “Just don’t break it.”


“You fucking broke it!” she practically screamed, voice cracking as she did. “How do you fall off the board and run it right under a moving car, like, how does that just happen?” she began to pace, hands running through her hair as she began to breathe heavily.

“I fell off on purpose,” he said cautiously. “I didn’t see the car coming, though.”

She turned her head slowly towards Josh, “You have three seconds to run before I fucking kill you,” she said through gritted teeth, eyes wide and sending sharp daggers towards him.

“Look,” he said, holding in laughter, as he held his hands up in defence. “I’ll take you to get a new one, okay?” he said. “I’ll pay.”

“Yeah, you better,” she shook her head. “Like right now.”

He checked his phone. “How about in like… half an hour?” she furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

“You better not be bullshitting me, Oval,” she referenced the shape nickname that her and Finn gave to him. “You’re so dead, otherwise.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he waved her off as they began to walk on the pavement. “You never answered my question, by the way,” he tried changing the subject, hoping she wasn’t still mad at him.

“What question?” she asked, attempting to think back at their conversations. “Oh, the alien one,” he nodded, looking down at her. “I wouldn’t disown you as a friend, no,” she smiled. “But I’d probably blackmail you with it, you know, get all the shit I’ve ever wanted.”

“I see you’re still mad,” he laughed. She gave him a sarcastic smile and nod before flicking his forehead again.


The two got to the store and both looked around, Josh allowing her to pick any board she wanted. He was on his phone frantically texting multiple times to someone whenever she had her back turned.

“How about-“ she stopped, seeing Josh quickly look up and put his hand down, which held his phone, at his side. “Are you secretly breaking up with someone because you’ve been like that with your phone the whole day,” she laughed but he just ignored her comment and nodded towards the boards hung up on the wall. She shook her head and rolled her eyes. “I can’t be bothered to care if you won’t tell me,” she turned round and began to scan the prices of the boards.

“Try and go with the cheapest, please,” he chuckled. “My money is tight.”

“You’re the tight one,” she scoffed jokingly. “If Finn was here, he’d be telling me to purposely pick the most expensive because you purposely broke my board,” she tapped on the price stickers to the tune of Jurassic Park, causing Josh to smile to himself. She’d had the tendency to tap on anything with the theme tune but she was completely unaware, which made the others in the group never actually mention anything.

“That sounds about right,” she quickly flicked her head round, almost hurting her neck at how fast she’d done it. She knew that wasn’t Josh and as she looked, she saw Finn stood directly in front of her holding an obviously shaped present. She flung herself towards him, after he quickly put the present down on the table and then pulled away. “Hi,” he chuckled, smiling widely at her. “Is that my hoodie?”

She looked down and pulled at it, “Yeah it is.” She said nonchalantly, shrugging and smiling.

“Oh cool, looks cute,” she smiled even more at his remark. Josh watched as the two stared at each other, almost as if they were the only ones in the room.

“Yeah, well it’s mine now,” she hugged herself, rocking her torso sideways.

He just shrugged, “Okay, it looks better on you anyway,” he tugged at the sleeves, gently brushing her fingertips accidentally. “Jesus you’re cold,” he laughed which made her place her hands on either side of his face on his cheeks. “I missed you, Dickwad,” she laughed, pulling him back into a tight hug. He held one hand on the back of his head, seeing as he’d grown taller yet again since the last time they saw each other, and held the other around her. “You absolute, arse, though, why didn’t you tell us you were here?” she asked, hitting his arm. “Wait, this is all a bit coincidental,” she turned to Josh. “Is he the one you were-“

Josh nodded. “The one I was secretly breaking up with, yes,” she laughed. “He told me to break your board, though, so don’t keep hating me. I’m also not here to buy you one,” he nodded towards the present on the desk.

“I hate you guys,” she laughed. Finn gave her the present and she bounded like a child as she took it from him. She sat on the floor and unwrapped it, giving herself multiple paper cuts from how carelessly she was doing it.

“I bet you it’s a bike,” Josh said, nodding in anticipation. It caused her to stop and look up at him, laughing along with Finn whilst Josh just stared blankly at the gift.

She finally got to the present, not surprised that it was a new skateboard. The top was a khaki colour, “Look underneath,” Finn said excited. She turned it over, seeing that it had been custom made with a graffiti cartoon of the group. Josh was drawn at the side standing up, eyes melting black, holding the top of his skateboard with it stood on the ground. Wyatt on the other side doing the same as Josh, the two with their chins up as if like tough bodyguards. Jake was drawn as the Hulk, placed between the two boys and much taller than the rest. (Y/N) was drawn crouched down on a board, with Finn doing a leapfrog over her.

“This is sick,” she said and Josh came over to look too. He laughed at his eyes and took a photo. Wyatt came running through the door with Jake, out of breathe and leaning down. “Traffic was bad, but finally got here,” he said. The two walked over to where everyone else was stood and looked at the board.

Alright, man, I’m the Hulk,” he nodded and clapped his hands together. “What’s up with Josh’s eyes,” he laughed, holding his stomach.

“My knowledge was pouring out of me from my brain,” Josh said plainly.

“Yeah,” she laughed. “Knowledge.”


It was around 4 o’clock and the sun was still up, causing everyone to complain about how hot they were. Josh and (Y/N) were stood, boiling in the heat, as they tried to work out where Finn had taken them. They were stood still and Wyatt had decided to sit on the floor, whilst Jake lied down.

“Dude, we’re in the middle of a car park,” she said. “Where are we meant to actually be?” They had no signal on their phones and Finn was walking in circles. “You know he’s got us lost, right?” She laughed quietly with Josh.

“Yeah, but I mean- what is he doing?” He whispered and laughed. She turned her attention towards Finn, who had his fingers to his temples and looked around. He was biting his lip and was squinting both because of the brightness and because he was in so much fake concentration, almost looking constipated.

“My wolfie senses are tingling,” he said, walking towards the group.

“Wolfie senses?” she questioned.

“Yeah, like spidey senses but wolfie because I’m a Wolfhard,” he seemed impressed by himself. She nodded as he spoke. “Like a hard wolf,” she just raised her eyebrows and smirked. “It’s cool, okay?” he shouted, pretending to cry as he walked away.

He carried on with his actions of holding his fingers to his temples before abruptly pointing in a random direction. “I’ve forgotten where it is, let’s go eat,” he pointed and started walking fast, causing the others to quickly rail behind. All out of breathe and dragging their feet on the ground.

“Is a harrow a bird or a fish?” Wyatt asked. They’d all been talking randomly like they usually did, most likely having passer-by’s over hear them. They were sat on a patch of grass in a large open park, eating, (Y/N) and Finn sat next to each other and the other 3 sat opposite.

“I think you’re thinking of a sparrow,” she said, pointing at him, almost as if she was clicking on an option given in mid-air.

“Yeah and a herring,” Finn laughed, his hand on the floor behind her. She was hunched up, Starbucks hot chocolate cup in hand, her arms resting on her knees. Finn was rested back slightly, his arm behind him for support, legs out in front of him crossed and a root beerbottle in his free hand. He’d taken a swig and pointed to him with his bottled hand.

“It’s a tool,” Josh said. “Kinda like you Finn,” he nodded towards him, not even a tug at his lips to indicate that he was joking. Alike to her, his sense of humour was hard to tell, which made her laugh even more at his jokes.

“Fuck you, Oval,” he said, calling him by his nickname of a shape. “Wyatt’s the tool, we all know that, have you seen his photo shoots?” She took out her phone, laughing, in attempts to find the photos of Wyatt. Finn was leant close to her, pointing and telling her what to write whilst the two giggled.

“Shut up,” he whined. “You guys are such arseholes, just because I know how to work a camera.”

She nodded in agreement as she looked through the photos. She made “ooh” noises jokingly and was still laughing.

“You know we can technically time travel?” Josh said. Everyone looked at him, giving indications of him to elaborate. “Right, so if you go on a plane to fly to a different country or wherever with a different time span or whatever it is, you’re either going back in time- reliving a day that you’ve already experienced- or going forward in time- missing a day that you haven’t lived yet.” All stared at him, thinking to themselves and then mouth’s gaped open.

“Holy shit,” she said. Josh looked impressed with himself and brushed his hands against each other as if dusting off his knowledge on the floor.

“I know-“

“Where did you read that?” Finn spoke up. “No way did your mind function that by itself.”

“I have a lot of these things in my brain,” he shrugged. “They just pop up whenever they feel like saying ‘hellooo’, you know?” he trailed.

“You’re something special, Oval,” Finn said.

“My mum says that too,” he nodded, seemingly proud. “How funny.”


Finn and (Y/N) had gone back to her house, looking for some films to take back to his to watch. She let themselves in and the two made their way upstairs. Finn looked around as he walked, a paining feeling in his chest as he realised just how long he’d been away.

“Haven’t been in here in ages,” he smiled, wandering around her bedroom. “It’s so different- Did you take these?” he interrupted himself as he looked at her wall covered in photos. Whilst he’d been away, she found a hobby and interest in taking photographs, both digital and film. “These are insane,” he beamed as he looked in awe at all of them. His eyes were scanning each one slowly, wanting to look thoroughly and in depth.

She walked over and stood next to him, she shrugged modestly. “I don’t know,” she laughed. “I think they’re pretty average,” he shot his head towards her with a look of somewhat annoyance, thinking how can she not see it? “What?”

He shook his head, diverting his attention back to the wall. “You’re crazy talented, the fuck, man,” he chuckled. “You need to take photos of me for my Instagram, I’d get scouted as a model with your photography,” she blushed slightly, nudging his arm in embarrassment and awkwardness. She sat on her bed and he turned, leaning against her desk opposite her. “Seriously.”

They stayed in silence for a few minutes. “You’re not bullshitting me?”

He shook his head. “No, I would never bullshit you,” he said. “Ever” she smiled weakly. “How have you been, how’s your mum?”

“I’m good, like actually really good,” she spoke genuinely but avoided eye contact with Finn. He smiled, at ease to know that she was feeling better than the last time he’d seen and spoken to her. “My mum’s doing well, too, we’re a lot more open with each other now. So that’s helpful, I started to take photos because it gives me a reason to get out the house, you know?”

“You have no idea how happy I am,” he stayed looking at her, not that she knew this. She then looked up and softened his look, not as fixated on her this time. He didn’t want to embarrass himself by her catching him looking at her the way that he was.

The two had made their way back to Finn’s house and were sat downstairs watching a film whilst their parents were outside talking and socially drinking. She had her head resting on his lap, yawning every so often, and was curled up like a hedgehog. She had still got Finn’s hoodie on and had the sleeves pulled over he palms again, her hands resting underneath her head. Finn’s hands were placed on her forearms, occasionally tapping a new and made up beat.

“I feel like that’d be Wyatt,” she laughed, barely able to hear herself as she had one ear covered by the back of her hand. “Legit just trailing behind, like if we were to all race I reckon Jake would be kinda middle, Josh would be right next to Wyatt, no doubt,” she cackled. She pointed and pulled her arm back to underneath her head.

“Will I be the lead?” he joked, knowing full well she would make an excuse to make him lose, and her to win.

“No,” she sat up and looked at him, shaking her head, “I’d beat your arse,” she laughed, speaking with a confident tone.

“See,” he said, not convinced. “I think I would be, I think I’d be way in front,” she squinted at him and he copied her, mimicking, as if the two were in a western show down.

“Mum!” They both yelled in unison, eyes still focused on the other. They both ran out the room, shoving each other to get through the door first. They made their way out to the back garden where their parents were, “Who do you think-“ they, again, spoke at the same time and looked at each other.

“Who do you think would win in a race?” He asked, they all laughed.

“Don’t laugh, this a serious question,” she said impatiently, bouncing up and down.

“Okay, okay,” they waved for them to calm down.

“I think (Y/N) would win,” Finn’s brother piped up from the kitchen. “Finn would come close behind by about 3 laps,” Finn pulled a face at Nick which he gave back.

“My favourite Wolfhard,” she laughed, running in to get a fist-bump from him, causing Finn to whine.

“I would win,” he scoffed. “All of you are just jealous.”

Headcanons: Darkiplier + the other alter-egos (WARNING: LONG)

Originally posted by lum1natrix

Okay, so this was something that I was thinking about today because it occurred to me that it’s an idea not thoroughly touched upon by anyone else.

Like, there’s been a lot of talk about the nature of Darkiplier’s dynamic with Wilford Warfstache, whether he’s manipulating him or competing for power or what. But Iike…what about all the other characters at the meeting? What’s his relationship with them? Or rather, what COULD it be, seeing how we don’t see any indicators of it beyond some theoretical relevance to table placement.

My thinking is, if his aim is usurping Warfstache’s “Alpha” position (which is what I believe), the best way for him to do that would be via control over the lesser egos.* And since his whole thing is that he’s an expert manipulator, he probably has his own ways of sucking up to each individual group member; gaining their trust, influencing their decisions, potentially making them more partial to him than to their other boss (Wilford has leadership simply by being the oldest and most powerful, and it’s clear he’s really just kinda rude to everyone else). And he’s good at it, obviously. Here are some of my ideas regarding how he goes about this with each Mark persona:

The Author/Host:

Originally posted by markired

> The Author was obviously in a very vulnerable place at the end of Danger in Fiction

> Like Mark said, he’d realized that his ability wasn’t actually control over things that happen as he writes them, but merely to know and write things as they happen

> Dark saw this, and he took advantage of it

> He’s the one that told the Author that his powers could be better suited to a different path in life, that as “The Host” he could gain the fame and respect he once had writing bestsellers

> It’s also possible he convinced him to stab his own eyes out

> But once The Host did abandon his subjects and his writing, it had a devastating affect on his psyche. Without any outlet, his powers overtook him, completely consuming his perception of reality

> Now he exists as a shell of his former self, aimlessly narrating the things that occur around him, aware of everything but too unfocused to comprehend anything

> Despite this, he gravitates naturally toward Dark, who assures him that this is good for him and that he has and will look out for him.

> Dark keeps him close, for his part, because one day The Host’s extraordinary abilities will come to a head, and he will have a lot of value on that day.


Originally posted by luci-morningstar812

> Dark is the one person in the group who never, EVER takes advantage of Google’s subservient features

> He never says “OK Google” to order him to do something, and he’s always extremely careful not to directly ask him a question, as he knows how much he hates feeling compelled to answer

> Google appreciates this immensely, and has even once told Dark that it would be acceptable for him to ask for information if he required it. Dark responded by saying that he had no need for such a thing, as he already was privy to more information than the average human.

> Really he doesn’t need it because he believes he can get Google to do whatever regardless, but he wanted Google to respect his intelligence and view him as better than mankind. Which he totally does.

> One time during another meeting, an ego decided to try and “OK” Google into doing something demeaning as a joke, and Darkiplier made a show of getting very, very angry at him.

> “How dare you treat one of the most respectable and esteemed assets to our cause with such disrespect? Do you think that you can gain influence over the human masses by stooping to their juvenility? *the entire room vibrates, greyscale bleeds excessively into the walls and table* “This being has dignity far beyond your own and you should be glad you’re allowed to sit in his presence!”

> This one ego then spent several days trying to make sure Dark was no longer mad at him, which Dark allowed once he found something useful for him to do

> Now nobody messes with Google when Dark’s around

> Google and Dark see eye-to-eye on the need to take control of their host and his channel. Google believes this is a key first step to fulfilling his secondary objective. Three guesses as to what brought him to that conclusion.

> As far as Google is concerned, Dark is the most logical and reliable entity in their little unit. You will never see the two of them disagree on anything.

Dr. Iplier:

Originally posted by mollymeep

> The Doctor is very concerned with appearing professional and intelligent, and Darkiplier makes sure to indulge this

> The way he speaks to him is always very sophisticated, business-like. He uses big words, and he always refers to the Doctor’s PhD when inquiring him on something (which he never does in front of Google)

> Unlike most of the others, Dr. Iplier believes himself to be smarter than Dark, and he feels like he knows it. It’s not often people subscribe to his knowledge as a doctor and don’t question him remotely, so he appreciates that about Dark.

> I’ll bet you anything that after the Markiplier TV meeting, Dark tracked down Iplier to ask if he was feeling ok. According to him, he thought it was wrong for Wilford to steal his “I know best” catchphrase that always suited him so well, but he didn’t say anything because “Well, he is your boss after all”

> Basically trying to subtly Palpatine him into staying resentful of Wilford and becoming more partially loyal towards him

> It is unclear for the time being where exactly Dr. Iplier’s loyalties lie between the two of them, but he does like the TV pitch so Dark will have to tread carefully there.

Ed Edgar:

Originally posted by lum1natrix

> Ed is a business man, first and foremost, all about making a profit, so naturally Dark aims to connect with him on that front

> He’s one of the few members who never gives him grief for his…less than savoury practices

> Dark also has connections that the others don’t, and will provide Ed with resources for his trade

> Wilford does the same, but only when they’re collaborating together. And he’s more likely to be stupid and get them caught by the authorities than Dark, who somehow has never ONCE slipped up despite his repeated involvement in Ed’s trade

> (his trade is child slavery, in case you haven’t seen the video with this guy)

> All in all Ed respects Dark, and fears him at least a little. But he also likes the ideas Wilford has with Markiplier TV, so he too is rather torn between them

Silver Shepherd:

Originally posted by lum1natrix

> As a superhero, Shepherd has a strong sense of moral righteousness which…isn’t ALWAYS on point, but does lead him to feel distrustful of Darkiplier

> Obviously this provides an obstacle for him, but not an impassable one

> His main focus with him is creating MORE distrust towards Wilford, which obviously isn’t difficult because, you know, he IS a mass murderer

> But Shepherd is also a bit of a hypocrite, as he tends to let selfishness get in the way of his heroics (like in his indifference towards Markiplier TV), and of course he has his own multiple-personality confusion which tends to hinder his priorities

> And Dark is always capable of pointing these things out, the former if he wants him to cease his judgemental attitude, and the latter if he just wants to get him confused

> As a last resort, there’s always blackmail

> This supposed hero may not be as innocent as he seems

Bim Trimmer:

Originally posted by antisepticjack

> This guy is far and away the easiest person to manipulate out of all of them

> The man is like 85% ego

> And as we’ve seen with him, he’s attracted to blatant confidence

> Which is why he’s generally more drawn towards Wilford than Dark, as smug peacock-strutting is at least one thing Wilford is VASTLY superior at doing

> But Dark can still play that game

> (provided no other egos are around who’d be confused by it)

> And it’s easy to get him to do something or be okay with something if he’s told it couldn’t possibly hurt him because “You’re Bim Trimmer”

> But all in all Dark doesn’t concern himself with him very often

> In his eyes, he’s not very useful

King of the Squirrels:

Originally posted by antisepticjack

> This is one who Dark probably doesn’t interact with very often, as clearly he’s not part of the main group and no one pays him a lot of mind

> But don’t think that means he’s about to dismiss the potential value of royalty either

> Basically he gets on the King’s good side indirectly, by being kind to the squirrels that inhabit their office building

> He’ll often have food for them, and unlike most of the others he tends to let them go where they will without bothering them

> That his office is the one place they don’t poop everywhere seems to indicate appreciation

> And this of course works as a contrast to Wilford, whose one interaction with an animal that we’ve seen was that time he shot a dog, so…yeah

Aaaand odds are he never really bothered with Septiplier. They all knew he wasn’t going to last very long.

So that’s it! Let me know what you think, and please keep in mind this is all just based on a theory, not an attempt at facts. Thanks!

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pls remind us, is that the same dude that commissioned the King James Bible??


This is a long post, by the way - you can press J to skip if you’re not interested in queer British monarchs and SECRET TUNNELS

The dude who commissioned the King James Bible - unsurprisingly, a dude who was a king and also named James - is perhaps the best example of all time of two phenomena, depending on how you look at it. Either he’s the greatest example of twisting doctrine to fit your own agenda, or he’s the perfect proof that the Bible hasn’t always been interpreted as being anti-homosexuality. I personally like to think the latter, but people have argued the former.

I do not have the time to go into massive detail here, but essentially, James I of England (and VI of Scotland) was very much into men. He liked them quite a lot. This was not a secret, and neither is it generally considered to be up for debate, although there are many Bible scholars and religious zealots today who still hold James I up as a pinnacle of modern virtue due to his role in ensuring that the word of the Bible could be understood by the masses. There are a shit ton of poorly constructed HTML websites written by crazy religious fundamentalists about how all allegations of his conduct with men were nothing but political propaganda, and punctuate their diatribes heavily with exclamation marks. There’s a point to be made about the sexual morals of the time and the subsequent use of James’ same-sex relationships as a political tool (see the poem by de Viau below) but there’s substantial evidence that these accusations were made based on real evidence rather than a simple smear campaign.

Here is the evidence - and yes, there’s a lot of it - that we have for James’ same-sex romantic dalliances:

  • when James was 14, he grew close to the man who would later become the Earl of Lennox, whose name was Esmé Stuart. The exact nature of their relationship has never been confirmed, but even as it unfolded, James’ contemporaries were concerned about its nature. One clergyman is on the record as remarking ‘the Duke of Lennox went about to draw the King to carnal lust’, and it was often remarked that the two were openly physically affectionate, which was not hugely popular. Stuart converted from Catholicism to please James, and James made him first the gentleman of the bedchamber and then finally the Earl of Lennox. This pattern of bestowing titles upon his ‘favourites’ became a real point of contention at James’ court. Lennox was later exiled at the request of a bunch of salty old Scottish lords, and James was the definition of Not Happy. He became the definition of Even Less Happy when, after a few years of covert letters, Lennox had the audacity to pop his clogs in 1583. Rude.

  • his next affair was with a young man named Robert Carr, who impressed the king in 1607 by falling off a horse and breaking his leg. That sounds like the best meet-cute ever, but the two had met briefly in 1603, when Carr had attempted to become a page-boy for the royal coach, and the whole “oh shit, I’ve had an equine mishap and fractured my tibia” incident brought them together in true rom-com style. A courtier wrote that Carr was granted ‘all favours’, with the king ‘teaching him Latin every morning’, which is definitely a euphemism. Carr, like Stuart before him, was made a gentleman of the bedchamber, writing in a letter that Carr ‘deserved more trust and confidence of me than ever man did’. This didn’t last, though. In 1615, James wrote a letter accusing Carr - who was now the Earl of Somerset - of rebuking his advances, writing that Carr had been ‘withdrawing yourself from lying in my chamber, notwithstanding my many hundred times earnest soliciting you to the contrary’. Shortly afterwards, it emerged that Carr’s wife - who James had arranged for him to marry at Carr’s request - had poisoned Sir Thomas Overbury, who had disapproved of the marriage. Carr was also implicated, and apparently attempted to blackmail the king by threatening to reveal their relationship in court, although this may well be nothing but rumour. Carr and his wife were found guilty and sentenced to death, but after seven years’ imprisonment in the Tower of London, James ultimately pardoned them and sent them off to the country in disgrace. Also rude.

  • James’ most well-known affair was with George Villiers, who was a relatively poor and title-less man. He and James met in 1614 - which, you’ll notice, is around the time of James’ tiff with Robert Carr - and by 1615, Villiers had been made a knight, followed by the title of Duke of Buckingham in 1623. We know the most about James’ relationship with Villiers because several contemporary sources survive, including letters between the two men and satirical poems and statements written about them by their political detractors. For example, the poet Théophile de Viau wrote a poem in protest at Villiers’ dukedom:

    Apollo with his songs
    Debauched the young Hyacinthus,
    If Corridon fucks Amyntas,
    Caesar loved only boys.

    One man fucks the Baron of Bellegarde
    Another fucks the Count / Earl of Tonnerre.
    And this learned King of England,
    Did he not fuck the Duke of Buckingham?

    I have neither the status nor the rank
    Which makes a Marquis of a wench.
    And yet, you know I fuck
    As well as any Prince of royal blood.

    The original was in French, and definitely sounded 100% less immature. We also have many letters between James and Villiers, in which they address each other as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, as well as ‘sweet child’ and ‘dad’, which is honestly a bit creepy, but also somewhat homoerotic. For example, here is an example of some of the text from a letter written by James:

    I desire only to live in this world for your sake… I had rather live banished in any part of the Earth with you than live a sorrowful widow’s life without you… God bless you, my sweet child and wife, and grant that ye may ever be a comfort to your dear dad and husband.

    Kinky. Here’s another example:

    I naturally so love your person, and adore all your other parts, which are more than ever one man had, that were not only all your people but all the world besides set together on one side and you alone on the other, I should to obey and please you displease, nay, despise them all.

    Villiers also wrote in a letter ‘sir, all the way hither I entertained myself, your unworthy servant, with this dispute, whether you loved me now… better than at the time which I shall never forget at Farnham, where the bed’s head could not be found between the master and his dog’. Villiers and James were so close that Villiers was there in 1625 when James died of gout related illnesses, which really has to show something, because gout is unpleasant. James’ son, who became Charles I, also kept Villiers as a court favourite, but there’s no evidence that their relationship was anything other than mildly paternal. 

  • gossip at the time certainly supposed that James’ relationships with these male favourites were sexual. As in the case of the poem quoted above, many people believed that James was falling prey to lascivious men who wanted nothing more than to be granted favour, titles and wealth, and who knew that the best way to do this was to allow James to take them as lovers (and fuck them, according to most contemporary gossips). One account states ‘in wanton looks and wanton gestures they exceeded any part of womankind. The kissing them after so lascivious a mode in public and upon the theatre, as it were, of the world prompted many to imagine some things done in the tyring house that exceed my expression no less than they do my experience.’

    And this is where the whole thing gets a bit squiffy, actually, because all the evidence thus far certainly seems to relate to some naughty bedroom antics - and the evidence that the two were sexually involved really stacks up, especially when you consider that there was a secret tunnel linking their bedchambers at Apethorpe Hall - but the degree of their afternoon delight remains a mystery, because - 

  • James was vocally opposed to sodomy. He considered it as part of the specific list of ‘horrible crimes which ye are bound in conscience never to forgive’ as a king, singling it out as a crime that judges were never to pardon in any circumstance. However, it would be fallacious to accuse James of hypocrisy here, as many historians have done. The fact is that we don’t know that James would have been guilty of this perceived crime himself. In vocally opposing sodomy, he did not oppose any other form of sex act or relationship between men, so in theory, according to James, anything else goes. Given his reputation for piety (evidenced by THE GODDAMN KING JAMES BIBLE) it seems absolutely fair to assume that he was among those who have interpreted the Bible as being anti sodomy rather than anti homosexuality. This is further evidenced by his use of scripture to justify his relationships with men: 

    I, James, am neither a god nor an angel, but a man like any other. Therefore I act like a man and confess to loving those dear to me more than other men. You may be sure that I love the Earl of Buckingham more than anyone else, and more than you who are here assembled. I wish to speak in my own behalf and not to have it thought to be a defect, for Jesus Christ did the same, and therefore I cannot be blamed. Christ had John, and I have George.

    In other words, ‘men love each other IN THE BIBLE, they just don’t do things with their bottoms’. Which, when you think about it, is the kind of loophole that religious zealots are known for exploiting even today (’it doesn’t count as losing your virginity if it’s anal!’). So, the questions of whether or not James was overcompensating in his denouncement of sodomy or whether he truly believed that the Bible permitted same sex relationships within certain frameworks; whether he was sexually active with his male companions to any degree or whether he favoured a chaste bond devoid of sex (meaning that Villiers’ letters could be interpreted as a kind of sexual roleplay rather than a recounting of any particular sexual account) and whether or not he ever felt that his relationships with men were in any way juxtaposed or at odds with his religious convictions - all of this is open to conjecture.

So, tl;dr, the man who commissioned the translation of the Bible, which so many bigots and religious zealots now use to denounce homosexuality as a sin, used passages from that very Bible to justify and contextualise his own affairs with men. Awkward, Westboro Baptist Church. 

Rictor Norton, “Queen James and His Courtiers”, Gay History and Literature, 8 January 2000, updated 9 January 2012 <http://rictornorton.co.uk/jamesi.htm>
Bergeron, David M (1999). King James and Letters of Homoerotic Desire. Iowa: University of Iowa Press. 
Crompton, Louis (2006). Homosexuality and Civilization. USA: Harvard University Press.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7436409.stm - about the tunnel at Apethorpe Hall! See also: http://www.icon.org.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=546:gay-royal-lovenest-restored&catid=1:news-desk&Itemid=15

Ciri is Yennefer’s daughter.

I’ve seen some posts about how Ciri and Yennefer are nothing alike and takes after other people. That’s completey wrong. They even say that Yennefer only wants to use Ciri and doesn’t care for her. What the game portrays is called bad writing. Why doesn’t Ciri interact with Yennefer her adoptive mother? Why is Ciri so trustful of Avallac’h after he basically kidnapped and blackmailed her–it’s the fault of the game writers.

The posts also try to distance Yennefer and Ciri based off their apperances? CIri has freckles so she must take after someone else other than Yennefer? Ciri isn’t Yennefer’s biological daughter—trying to diminish a character’s relationship due to apperance is a nonsenical and naive notion.

Yennefer always wanted the best for Ciri and whoever denies that is delusional.

Read the two exerpts if it’s such a hard concept to grasp. 

“Thank you, Lady Philippa,” Ciri said after a few moments, squeezing the head of the sphinxes in her hands. “I also feel honoured with the proposal to take the surname de Tancarville. However, it seems to me that my new last name is the only thing that I can choose for myself, I thank the two mistresses. But I want to be called Cirilla of Vengerberg, daughter of Yennefer.”

Before you do something that could be fatal,” Triss said suddenly, “leave something behind for us…”

  “A will?”

  “Something that allows us to… continue. To find Ciri. Because we are primarily concerned for her health! For her life! Yennefer, Dijkstra has found some traces of… some traces of certain activities have been found. If Vilgefortz does have Ciri, then the girl faces a horrible death.”

  “Be quiet, Triss,” Philippa Eilhart hissed sharply. “We are not trading or bargaining.”

  “I will leave you the information,” Yennefer said slowly. “I’ll leave you the information on what I’ve found and what I plan. I’ll leave a trail you can follow to her. But not in vain. If you will not facilitate my exoneration in the eyes of the world, then to hell with you and with the world. But at least grant me exoneration in the eyes of the witcher.”

  “No,” Philippa denied the request almost instantly. “That is also not in the interest of the Lodge. You will also remain a traitor and a mercenary sorceress to your witcher. It is not in the interest of the Lodge for him to furiously attempt to avenge you. If he despises you, he will not attempt to take revenge. By the way, he’s probably already dead or will die any day now.”

  “The information,” Yennefer said dully, “for his life. Save him, Philippa.”

  “No, Yennefer.”

  “Because it’s not in the interest of the Lodge.” A purple fire kindled in the sorceress’ eyes. “Did you hear that Triss? There, you have your Lodge. You see their true colors, their true interests. And what do you think of them? You were a mentor to the girl, almost – as you put it – a big sister. And Geralt…”

  “Do not attack Triss’ relationships, Yennefer.” Philippa retaliated with her own fire in her eyes. “We will find and rescue the girl without your help. And if you succeed, that’s fine, a thousand thanks, because you will have saved us the trouble. You tear the girl out of the hands of Vilgefortz and we will be happy. And Geralt? Who cares about Geralt?”

  “Did you hear that, Triss?”

  “Forgive me,” said Triss Merigold dully. “Forgive me, Yennefer.”

  “Oh, no, Triss. Never.”

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"So you have a photo of me with a prostitute. So what". For whatever pairing you want

I DID NOT FORGET THIS. I got stuck real bad and it took a while to get back to writing; sorry to keep you waiting. So, here; Schnee family drama with Monochrome mention.

Weiss watched the way her father paced in front of the fireplace, never once allowing her posture to falter. The study’s walls once felt stifling and oppressive, the eyes in the paintings all looking down upon her, the busts judging her as well- mental tricks she’d outgrown, but ones he still wished to play, hoping that setting the field in his favor would improve the outcome. She’d only seen him this incensed once before, and that was back when he still worried about being caught raising a hand to his children; she doubted this fiasco would turn out any better. A stab of phantom pain attempted to close her left eye but she muscled through it, tilting her chin up when his furious gaze fell on her, the folder in his hand held up between them.

They’d done this song and dance far too many times. Ever since he assumed the office of Governor after her grandfather’s term ended, the man had done everything in his power to portray the family exactly as he wanted them to appear to the press. Every movement was measured, every faltering step remarked upon endlessly, and she’d grown up fully expecting that she had no other choice but to walk the path he’d mapped out for her, to one day assume the office herself and continue the Schnees’ impressive hold over the state. That meant she could be nothing short of perfect, entirely scandal free, and beyond reproach on every front. The whole routine exhausted her but she kept up appearances well enough, though his irrational barking occurred more frequently now. He had to know she was faking it by this point and he was purposely pushing her, seeing if she’d break and allow him to remold her into the image he desired for her.

But she was never quite as brittle as he thought.

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When It Ends Pt. 1

Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV

Summary: You blame Jaehyun for making your life at school hell. But when he offers a deal that’s just too good to pass, who knows how your opinion of him might change?
Idol: Jaehyun of NCT
Words: 2653 (ohmygod)
Warnings: Language and rumors

Your name: submit What is this?

You were basically selling your soul to the devil. Making this deal with Jung Jaehyun was definitely a mistake. Yeah, you knew that perfectly well, and, yet, your hand still confidently signs the piece of paper in front of you as your mind screams for it to stop.

You set the pen down and slide the contract towards Jaehyun, which he accepts with a smile.

“It’s a pleasure to do business with you. The terms of the contract take action tomorrow,” he says, folding the document and placing it in the inner pocket of his jacket. He gives another sickeningly sweet smile and walks out of the empty classroom, leaving you to your thoughts.

“What have I done?”

This all started because Jisung couldn’t find the way to his classroom, even though you had showed him five times prior to the first day of school. That didn’t stop him from wandering in the completely opposite direction, getting himself more lost by the second.

In a daze, he ran right into an upper classman, nearly falling over because Jisung was so much smaller than him.

“Whoa, careful there. You alright?”

“Yeah, I’m really sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,” he says, bowing his head in apology.

“It’s no problem, really. You look a little young to be on this side of the school, though-”

“I’m really lost,” he admits in defeat. His shoulders slump and he’s wishing Y/N was there to nag him in the right direction.

“I’ll help you. Just give me your schedule and I’ll take you there.”

“Really?” he says, eyes shining with happiness and relief. “Thank you so much-”

“Jung Jaehyun. And you?”

“Park Jisung!” Jaehyun smiles at his enthusiasm and starts to lead JIsung in the right direction. When they arrive, Jisung thanks him again and waves goodbye cutely, making Jaehyun laugh as he bids farewell.

Even though Jaehyun is incredibly late to his own class on the first day, the teacher doesn’t comment on it. Jaehyun is the school’s star, as well as the son of the Dean, and he doesn’t have the heart to scold a star. Besides, he’s sure Jaehyun has a perfectly good reason for being late, so he’s fine with not saying anything, since he might embarrass the modest, kind-hearted boy. All his previous teachers would definitely agree.

Jaehyun quietly slips into the only empty seat, located in the back of the class and looks to his left. Y/N is there, staring out the window, ignoring everything and everyone around her. Especially him. She seemed to hate him for some reason. Whenever he would ask their mutual friend, Sicheng, the reason for her disdain, he would simply just widen his eyes and claim that she could never hate him.

“I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding! Y/N doesn’t actually hate people! It’s just rumors because of her reputation, but it’s completely untrue!” he would insist. But Jaehyun knew for a fact that Y/N did not enjoy his presence at all.

“How was your break, Y/N?” he asks, as the rest of their peers talk amongst themselves.

“Fine.” she replies curtly. He’s surprised that she even answered at all.

“Did you do anything fun?” She pauses for a moment, and he watches in quiet astonishment as a small smile makes its way onto her lips. She had never smiled with him around.

“I took my brother with me to visit friends in Daegu.”

“That sounds exciting. And I never knew you had a brother.”

“It would be weird if you did know.”

“May I ask his name?” She pauses again.

“Jisung. Park Jisung. He just started school here.”

“Oh!” She jumps a little and stares at him like he’s insane for being so surprised. “I think I just met him a few minutes ago. He’s like this tall, right? And he has his first class with Mr. Lee? And kinda gives off the vibe that a baby chick does, right?”

He now has her full, undivided attention. The sky must have been falling.

“Yes… How exactly did you meet him?”

“He got lost and we ran into each other. I helped him find his class.”

“I told him five times how to get there, I even showed him how, and he still got lost?” He shrugged and she covered her eyes with her hand.

“How can he be so horrible with directions?”

“It was really adorable, though. He was so happy when he found his classroom, he looked just like a puppy.” He can’t help but smile as he recounts the events from just a few moments earlier. Y/N smiles slightly too, then goes back to her usual neutral expression.

“Thank you for helping him,” she says. The sky was definitely falling

“It was no problem. I’m glad I could help,” he responds. She nods her head, then turns back to look out the window. She doesn’t say a word for the rest of the period.

You had somewhat of a bad reputation. Okay, maybe a really bad reputation. It wasn’t your fault that you couldn’t be bothered with bullshit, though. That was other people’s problems. You stopped caring a long time ago.

It wasn’t like you did anything actually bad, either. The worst things said about you were always false, a baseless rumor that some kid had spread just to have something to gossip about with their friends.

But you were fine with that. You eventually started to enjoy the isolation. Until halfway through first semester of your second year, when people stopped talking behind your back and, instead, to your face.

“I heard you beat Jaehyun in literature, is that true?” It was such a trivial thing for people to be bothering you about, yet, there they were, stopping you every five feet to ask you about the same bull.

“What did you do to beat Jaehyun? Did you switch your papers?” For an entire month, that’s all anyone could talk about. What kind of black magic did you use to turn in a flawless paper?

And Jaehyun never made your situation any better. Always spouting some modest crap about how he was sure you deserved the grade you got, and how you were actually very intelligent. That just pissed you off so bad. All his words ever did was send more people your way, with things like “why is Jaehyun so nice to you? Are you blackmailing him?”

Jaehyun had burst your little bubble of privacy, and you despised him. The only favor he ever did you was allowing you to meet Sicheng. When you were on the brink of insanity, Sicheng had appeared in front of your desk with a tangerine in his hand and an innocent smile.

“I like eating tangerines when I’m exasperated.”

“That’s… very specific.” He nods his head, then sets the tangerine down.

“Is something bothering you?” You stare at him for a moment, unsure of what to say. You knew he was Jaehyun’s best friend, but he seemed so innocent, so pure, that you wanted to do nothing more than ease his worries.

“I’m just… not very good with people, that’s all.” It was half the truth, anyways.

“Ah,” he sighs in understanding. “If you don’t want to be bothered by other people, you can come find me during lunch. We can eat tangerines and hide from people.”

You tried to lessen your open bitterness towards Jaehyun after that day. For Sicheng’s sake.

But you still couldn’t stop your inner voice from screaming “fuck me with a cactus” when he decided to be late on the first day of school, and the only empty desk was right next to you.

When he attempts a conversation with you, you can basically feel Sicheng’s eyes burning into the top of your head, so you play along, responding to his questions in the closest to a kind manner you can muster.

While you don’t die from the brief interaction, you still book it once you’re dismissed from class, wanting to get as far away from him as possible. You can only handle so much Jaehyun per day.

You make it to your locker, taking a deep breath before pulling out your phone to text Jisung.

“You still managed to get lost, even though I told you 5 times where it was?”

“Jisung: Who told you?!”

“Who else? The person that helped you find your class.”

“Jisung: Isn’t he so cool, though? Very handsome.”

“Don’t try to avoid the subject.”

“Jisung: I love you?”

“You’re lucky you’re adorable.”

You slip your phone back into your pocket, close your locker, then turn to leave, only to find Jaehyun standing right behind you. You jump, hitting your back against your locker, then closing your eyes and bringing your hand to you temple.

“Sorry for scaring you. Again. I just wanted to give this back to you,” he says, holding a book in his hand. You eye the book, then slowly reach out to grab it.

“I didn’t even realize it was missing.”

“Yeah, it happens sometimes.” You tap your fingers on the cover of the book, trying to choose your next words carefully.

“Thank you for returning this, and also for helping Jisung today. I owe you.” You never imagined he would actually collect.

While you were forced to talk to Jaehyun more, nothing else really changed. Two months passed by, and your impression of him was still the same, try as he may to change that.

“Y/N,” Sicheng calls, putting his hand over the book in front of you. “What are you doing this weekend?”

“Nothing. Jisung is hanging out with his friends, so I’m just going to stay home and sleep.” You gently remove his hand from on top of the page and continue reading.

“Wrong, you’re going to spend time with me and Jaehyun!” You snap your head up to give him a disbelieving look.

“What?” Your eyes travel to find Jaehyun at the front of the room, talking to his friend Eunwoo.

“Statistics are hard, and both you and Jaehyun are good at it, so you guys are going to help me so I don’t fail.”

“Why not just have Jaehyun teach you?”

“Because he doesn’t understand LSRL, and you do, but you don’t understand Chi-Squared Tests, and he does. You guys can even learn from each other.” You hated when Sicheng had a good point.

“I’m not waking up before noon.”

“Jaehyun said the same thing.”

You and Sicheng were there first. He had lured you out early with the promise of ice cream, which he knew you wouldn’t be able to refuse. He quietly eats while avoiding eye contact before he gathers the courage to ask you the question that’s been on his mind for a month.

“Has Jaehyun done anything to wrong you?”

“I knew there was a reason you called me out here early.”

“You’re both very important to me, you know. It makes me sad to think that you two don’t get along.” You just shrug and give him a small smile. You don’t want to tell Sicheng. You don’t want him to try to fix anything. You were perfectly fine with never being close with Jaehyun.

As soon as he walks into the cafe, you and Sicheng pretend like the conversation never happened.You spend two and a half hours reviewing all the material, and you would have gone on longer if Sicheng hadn’t received a phone call, saying that he had to come help Taeyong with something “too important to ignore.” He bids the two of you farewell and races out the door.

“Well, at least it was productive while it lasted,” Jaehyun says optimistically. You shrug and finish the problem that he had been trying to teach you how to solve. “Like this,” he instructs, leaning in closer to write the right steps on your paper.

You shake your head and try again.

“Great,” he says, smiling at you. “You learn fast.”

He’s being kind, giving you compliments and encouraging you. But you just couldn’t bring yourself to say anything nice back.

“Hey. I’m sorry.” You freeze at his sudden apology. “I heard about what happened last year. With the whole Literature thing. I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I never meant the situation worse.”

“Why are you so nice to me? Can’t you just be normal and snap at me for being such a petty bitch?” you sigh.

“Because I like your attitude. People think it’s you being bitchy, but you’d rather just not waste your time, right? I admire that.”

“You? The dean’s son, admire me for lacking manners?” He really must have been insane.

“You don’t lack manners. I’ve seen you outside of school. You’re courteous to strangers. It’s only when someone messes with you first.” He pauses after he says this, then leans in closer. He is way too close for comfort, but you let him, curious as to what he’s doing. “Let me help you get even.”

That’s how you ended up signing this devil’s contract in an empty classroom with Jung Jaehyun.

The conditions were that, first,  no one but you and him were to know about it. Not even Sicheng. Neither of you wanted him caught up in this dirty business, anyways. Second, all actions were to be discussed and agreed upon. No rash, one sided decisions. It would just complicate things. Third, after business is done, neither party is to sell the other out. Loyalty is a virtue, after all.

And, in return, Jaehyun would make sure no one would ever mess with Jisung.

“Students, teachers, principal, it doesn’t matter. If you sign this contract, I assure you that no one will be able to touch him.” You lean on the desk and think.

“This is very beneficial for me. What’s the catch?” There’s a mischievous glint in his eyes, and a darkness that clouds his usually cheerful complexion. It almost scares you, but you have to admit. You like this dark side of Jaehyun.

“Well, besides the fact that I hate those kids as much as you, there is one other part of the contract that you may not like. You see, I’ve been having these troubles. And no matter how much I tell people to piss off, they never listen. Can you guess what they ask me?” You shake your head. “When I’ll get married. I know, I’m still in high school. But that never stops people from asking me when I’ll get with Sohyun.”

“Let me guess,” you say, smiling in slight amusement. “You want me to pretend to be your girlfriend.”

He laughs like he knows it sounds ridiculous, but he nods his head.

“I hate to take advantage of the situation or anything, but you’re the only one in this school that isn’t working for personal gain. You’re the only one I could ask.”

This was too easy. All you had to do to protect Jisung was pretend to date Jaehyun? Consider it done. You were willing to go to the depths of hell to protect your little brother.

“Give me the contract,” you say, reaching out your left hand while your right pulls out a pen from your jacket pocket. He grins and hands it over. You quickly read through its content, making sure that the only things in there were the conditions you had already discussed. A voice in the back of your mind screams that you’ll regret it. And while you can hear it loud and clear, you still sign the contract without hesitation.

“It’s a pleasure to do business with you. The terms of the contract take action tomorrow.”

“What have I done?” you sigh, leaning onto the desk again. You were definitely in for one hell of a ride. And you were just dying to see what happens when the contract ends.


You’re probably wondering “Hey, Admin Duckie, why do you keep starting new series and never finish them?” The answer is simple. I suck.

~Admin Duckie~


When Danny slipped through the wall into the mayor’s office, it was nearly one in the morning. Despite the hour, Amity Park’s mayor - Vlad Masters - was sitting at his desk sorting through papers.

“Daniel,” Vlad greeted, glancing up. Despite the fact that Danny was invisible, Vlad’s eyes zeroed in on him with disturbing accuracy. “It’s well past your curfew.”

Danny scowled and crossed his arms, letting himself become visible. “I was at the hospital.”

“Ah yes. How is your friend doing?” Vlad went back to making stacks of papers.

“Seven broken bones, a punctured lung, and a severe concussion,” Danny stated. When Vlad had zero reaction, Danny threw his hands into the air. “Seriously? Have have nothing to say about that?”

“What would you like me to say?”

“Like, an apology? A tiny bit of remorse? Some semblance of humanity?” Danny stalked forwards, grabbing onto the back of one of the chairs positioned in front of Vlad’s desk. “It’s completely your fault he’s-”

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Since I Met You

And now you find out exactly why I wanted to post My Father before posting this one. I think the juxtaposition is wonderful. Mwahahaha. Anyway, Tony is going to come across a bit differently in this one, and there is going to be a lot of pain for the Reader. But remember that they are all just doing what they think is the right thing to do.

As always, once the Reader calms down, she will see clearer. But for now, please enjoy, and if you have any feedback, please let me know : )

Oh yes, and I do not have much experience with legal documents, so please keep that in mind as you read! Fitting in extra characters here was a tad tricky, so hopefully that makes sense too…



“Tony, can I come in?” You asked quietly, not daring to enter the lab without permission.

“Of course (Y/N),” came Tony’s reply. You felt a small amount of relief as you walked through the door, and slowly towards him.

“Hi,” you offered, feeling more awkward with him than you would have liked. Why did everything have to be like this?

“Hi,” Tony replied.

“Listen. I… want to apologise for my outburst earlier,” you explained. “It wasn’t very fair or professional for me to behave that way.”

Was that what you wanted to say? Was that what you truly wanted to say?

“It’s alright. It wasn’t your fault. I riled you up,” Tony said with a hesitant smile. “I hear I’m good at that.”

You laughed, and god it felt good. “I wasn’t going to be the first to say it.”

You both fell into silence again, though you were both feeling less anxious in this silence. It was almost comfortable. But the issue of your disagreement over the Accords hung heavily in the air. It had to be addressed, sooner or later.

“I… I don’t think I can sign it Tony.“

Tony sighed, and put down whatever it was he had been tinkering with. He rubbed his eyes wearily. He wasn’t angry anymore. He was… scared?

“At least give it another read before you make your decision. Please?” Tony suggested.

“Tony. What’s wrong?” You asked.

He sighed again. Then he pulled out the copy of the Accords he had been given for safe keeping. The one you were all to sign. He flicked through a considerable way, and then pushed it across the table to you.

You looked from him to the Accords with a furrowed brow, and began to read the page.

If one James Buchanan Barnes, and one (Y/N) Barnes do not sign the Accords by the day of the UN meeting, both will be taken in for questioning.

If James Buchanan Barnes fails to sign this document, it will be treated as a hostile act, and he will be put on trial for his war crimes against America and its allies, in conjunction with the German organisation known as Hydra. If he signs, his unwillingness to participate in these crimes will be fully recognised, and he will be allowed to continue as a free American citizen, and Avenger.

If (Y/N) Barnes fails to sign the Accords, it will be considered an act of treason, and she will be taken into custody and questioned on her Empathic powers and her ability to control them. If she cannot show an acceptable level of control, she will be imprisoned until such a time that she has gained that level of control. If she signs, and cannot demonstrate an appropriate level of control of her powers, she will be placed on house arrest, staying at the Avengers Compound, until such a time that she has gained that level of control.

You couldn’t believe what you were reading. The two of you were essentially being blackmailed into signing something that you just couldn’t agree with. You felt sick, and then you realised.

You hastily flipped all the way to the back, and there they were. Three signatures. James Rhodes, Vision, and Anthony Stark.

“You’re… you’re ok with this? You’re ok with them treating us like dangerous criminals?” You asked incredulous.

“That only happens if you don’t sign (Y/N) ,” Tony replied cautiously.

“Oh of course, only if we don’t sign. If I sign, then I can enjoy the luxury of house arrest, rather than whatever prison or institute they would place me in…”

You were starting to have a panic attack.

Tony came towards you, and attempted to place a hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t touch me,” you cried. He withdrew his hand, and you breathed deep a few times. When you felt you could, you asked him what you had wanted to ask him since the meeting with Ross. “Do you think I’m dangerous?”

“Well, you pack a punch,” Tony replied.

“That isn’t what I meant Tony, and you know it. Do you think that I am dangerous?” You repeated.

“I… I think you can be (Y/N). I’m sorry, but during the fight earlier, everyone got so riled up, if you hadn’t have left, you might have caused a riot,” Tony explained.

You stepped back from him. “How long have you thought that?”

“Since I met you (Y/N). But, it hasn’t stopped me from…”

“From what Tony?!” You spat.

“From loving you.”

“So what you’re saying,” you continued, barely believing what you were hearing, “is that you found it in your heart to love me in spite of the person that I am?”

“No, that isn’t…” Tony tried to explain, but you cut him off. At this point, there was nothing he could say to make you feel better.

“FRIDAY, could you please gather Steve, James, Wanda, Sam and Natasha in the briefing room?” You asked as calmly as possible.

Right away Mrs Barnes.

You walked back to the table, slammed the Accords shut, and then picked it up, striding over to the door.

“(Y/N), please wait,” Tony started.

“I haven’t got time right now. I need to make sure that James and the others who haven’t signed yet see this before they make their decision.”

You opened the door, and hesitated for just a moment. “I accept everything about you Tony, as a part of you. I thought you did the same for me.” And you left.


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Traitors -- Draco Malfoy x Reader

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Summary: That night in detention NEVER HAPPENED

Originally posted by owlswithfins

“Malfoy is such a git,” Ron growled through gritted teeth during lunch in the Great Hall. “I mean, did you hear him going on and on about his father’s stupid promotion? He might as well have become Minister of Magic with the way that git brags about it.”

“Ron, don’t even joke about that,” said Hermione.

“Yeah, can you imagine if Mr. Malfoy actually became Minister?” Harry remarked darkly. “You might as well give the position to Voldemort.”

Don’t say that name!” Ron hissed.

“Ron, it’s not like the name is going to hurt you,” Harry retorted.

“Yeah, but still,” Ron grumbled as he stabbed his Yorkshire pudding. He then glanced in your direction. You were sitting beside them, quietly poking your apple pie while resting your chin in your hand. “Oy, (y/n).”

“Huh?” You jerked slightly and turned to your friends. “What, Ron?”

“Are you all right, (y/n)?” Hermione asked with concern. She studied you from across the table. “You’re usually never this quiet.”

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When I was stuck on Arbor Day things @thetourguidebarbie hit me with “she can make plants erupt from the ground and do her bidding” which turned into this. Hybrid!Klaus, college student turned Mutant!Caroline. Featuring tree!sex (as in *against* trees no with trees, just to clarify!).

Short Shallow Gasps

The tiny huff of breath Klaus lets out – not quite annoyed but definitely impatient – is the last straw.

As they’d trekked through the bayou Caroline had ignored pointedly ignored his questions. What was her plan, how long did she think it would take etc. etc. Eventually, he’d gotten the hint and fallen silent. It wasn’t even that she didn’t want to answer, it was that she really couldn’t and she hated to admit it. Caroline was still figuring out her freaky mutant powers, what she could do, and they seemed to grow by leaps and bounds. It’s not like the crazies at Whitmore who’d experimented on her had provided a manual so she relied on instinct and a whole lot of trial and error. Once they’d arrived at a suitable location - enough space, decent tree cover – he’d taken to pacing. A pointed glare had nipped that in the bud.

She’d thought she could finally concentrate but nope. Did Klaus think that standing barefoot in the center of a clearing trying to coax life into being was her idea of a good time? She’d had big plans with Netflix and a batch of peanut butter cookies when he’d knocked on her door with what he’d termed an emergency.

Which it totally wasn’t but by the time she’d gotten the details they were already in the car and outside the city limits.

Caroline whirls, flips her hair out of her face, and stomps the few paces to where Klaus is leaning against a tree. His brows lift in interest as he surveys her but he doesn’t flinch away from her temper. “Is there a problem, love?”

She stops when they’re toe to toe, crossing her arms defiantly. “Yes, there is a problem. I am attempting to regrow a flower that has been extinct for fifty years. It’s not native to Louisiana, and oh yeah, I only have like three measly dried petals to work with. Do you seriously think that’s easy?”

He opens his mouth to reply but Caroline shakes her head, shifting forward and invading his space. It’s a classic-Klaus move, one she’d been on the receiving end of way too many times. She’s stopped finding it intimidating and Klaus doesn’t either, his lips curling in indulgent amusement. “Newsflash: it’s not.”

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Becoming Real - Part 1

Originally posted by livingstills

PART 1  |  PART 2  | PART 3    

Characters: Thorin, Company, Reader.
Erebor after BOTFA (Everyone lives, fix-it).
Synopsis: Firmly ensconced in Erebor and fed up with the tedium of their daily duties, Thorin’s company tries to revive old times by going on a camping trip. Meanwhile, Thorin is reconsidering his choice of queen and trying to avoid the company’s well-intentioned meddling into his love life, with mixed success.
Imagine getting into a heated argument with Thorin at @imaginexhobbit.
NSFW eventually. Angsty. Hurt/Comfort with a lot of hurt.
This is the first sequel to THE LONG DARK. It will make a lot more sense if you read that story first. My thanks go out to my darlings @hardlyfatal​, @fromthedeskoftheraven​ and @snugsbunnyfluff​ for listening to my interminable whining about this story, making excellent suggestions and slogging through my first (and n-th) drafts without a single complaint.

Pain or love or danger
makes you real again.

     — Jack Kerouac

On the slopes of Erebor, spring was slowly edging into summer. Verdant moss and lichen of all descriptions covered the rock walls, wildflowers bloomed in the deep valleys and peeked out from underneath craggy monoliths.

The dwarves from Thorin’s Company had been floating the idea of a hiking trip with varied degrees of enthusiasm for ages. All of them were eager for a taste of those golden days when they only had to worry about orcs and wargs and a distant dragon rather than mining discipline, or dealing with human merchants, or any number of small nuisances that emerged when somebody took thousands of stubborn dwarves from different clans and made them live together in an enclosed space.

When Ori had offered to organize an outing for the Company, including such pastimes as bathing in a frigid mountain lake, doing a spot of hunting, and sleeping under the stars like free males (and one female) unfettered by the chains of duty, he’d met with enthusiastic agreement. As the months progressed and the daily nuisances ground on everyone’s nerves more and more, the promised outing became the single ray of hope in a tedious existence for the former members of the Company. It had many names: Get Me Out Of The Mountain Before I Kill Somebody Over Invoices was only one of them. If I Have To Mediate One More Bloody Dispute About Goats I Shall Raze This Mountain To The Ground, See If I Don’t, was Thorin’s version. There were other, more creative ones in Khuzdûl. Your ears had gone very red when Thorin had attempted a rough translation.

All in all, you were happy and looking forward to the future.

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Aleister| In The Dark |Black

Title; In The Dark

Pairing; Aleister Black/Reader

Words; 5200

Summary; He ate my heart out.

Warning; NSFW. SMUT. AU AF. Heathens!verse. Sex pollen/venom trope. Magic healing dick trope. Thigh riding, oral sex, public sex. Kinda dubcon. Persephone and Hades spin if you drink some wine and squint. morally flexible aleister. porn with the faintest traces of plot. shit editing and proofreading is shit. ye have been warned.

A/N: Repost from the old blog

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

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In the Aftermath

TITLE: In the Aftermath

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 1/ ?

AUTHOR: SecurityBreach


Loki gets complete amnesia, and the Avengers have to begrudgingly take him in. But to everyone’s surprise, he’s kind, sweet, soft-spoken, and basically just an absolute delight to be around.

He absolutely ADORES Thor now, he looks up to and admires him so much it’s adorable. Tony records ever second of it for blackmail at a later date.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: frostiron (m/m, non graphic) for later chapters.


Even though his attempt at conquering Earth had gone wildly wrong, Loki didn’t stop to be a problem for SHIELD. He had suffered multiple injuries when the Hulk smashed him into Tony Stark’s floor, but those were healing quickly due to his alien resilience.

Still, Loki seemed to have severe problems with his memory and didn’t have a clue to who or where he was. First everybody thought that he was faking it, because he was known as a trickster and the god of mischief. This could might as well be a strategy to avoid punishment for his crimes.

A couple of tests later, the doctors at the SHIELD-hospital confirmed that Loki had complete amnesia.

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Request: - @wildefire  Could you do a Bucky x female reader fluff, where he is her best friend/boyfriend and he finds out that she is super ticklish, so he ends up using that against her wherever and whenever?

Notes: I smiled the whole time I wrote this. I think it may or may not be my first non-smutty fluff piece. Let me know what you guys think.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: None really? 

           “What’s the matter, Y/N?” Bucky asked as you held in another burst of nervous laughter.

           You took a deep breath in and out through your nose, trying to compose yourself and get back to watching your favorite horror movie.

           “Do you laugh when you get nervous watching these types of movies?”

           You didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t the movie. It had nothing to do with horror movies making you nervous. It had nothing to do with Bucky making you nervous. Well…Sort of.

           See, what you didn’t want to reveal was that you were insanely ticklish. In some areas, more than others. Bucky just happened to find one of those spots without knowing it.

           “Seriously, Y/N what is it?”

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LIMIT BREAK X SURVIVOR--aka, how the Universe Survival Arc will end

(much credit to @reiujii​, who spent a LITERAL WEEK brainstorming possible outcomes with me on discord until we cracked this shit. could not have done this alone)

As of right now, we’re up to Episode 95 of Dragon Ball Super, and I’d wager near the midway point of the Universe Survival Arc. Since the U7 team roster is pretty much finalized and a lot of the groundwork has been laid for future events, I figured I’d take a stab at trying to figure out where this crazy trainwreck is going.

And you know what? I think we did it. I think we actually fucking did it. While obviously nothing is for certain, there is very strong and extensive evidence supporting a very specific ending for this arc that will, in no short words, make franchise history. And oh boy, it’s… something. Like, the writing has been on the wall for this since day one. How the hell will Universe 7 survive the tournament? How will Jiren be overpowered? What’s the deal with that weird evil Goku transformation seen in the opening? And how will you-know-who factor into this arc’s resolution?

I’m going to attempt to answer all these questions and more. Should go without saying, but there be spoilers beyond the cut, especially if any of this turns out to be true.

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Claustrophobia- Levi x Reader

Attack On Titan canon verse; Levi x Reader one-shot in second-person POV. This is my first fan fiction, constructive criticism is welcome. So my friend and I had a writing contest where we could write about any Attack On Titan characters we wanted, but one of them had to have a phobia, and this was my final product. Feel free to tell me what you thought of it.

Warnings: Some swearing.

I do not own Attack On Titan or any of its characters.
I do not own you.
I own this story.


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1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 (you are here)

Deep inside, anger coils in Harry’s stomach.

How could him.

Harry feels the numbness in his fingers, eyes glued to the ground where the tiny milky pieces of porcelain rest, untouched.

Malfoy knows.

He knew when Harry undressed him with his eyes in class. Or when Harry felt his whole body being set on fire that afternoon after quidditch.

Malfoy knew Harry touched himself to his face. And came to the shape of his name on his lips.


Hermione’s voice gets lost amidst the caos of his thoughts as Harry darts for the doors. He doesn’t have a specific destination in mind, can’t even say is Malfoy he’s looking for, but his legs keep moving him forward, outside, far away from questions.

When he stops, breathing short, he’s afraid his mind is going to betray him once again if he closes his eyes. So he doesn’t until the flow of thoughts slow down.

Still, all time in the world wouldn’t have prepared him for what he could see now.

Malfoy on his knees, shaking. A trail of tears staining his collar, the front of his shirt, the sheets beneath him. The hatred cuts through Harry’s mind, aching in his own stomach. It’s too intense, not even close to what he witnessed the day before and he wants to push it all away, that pain that isn’t his.

But Malfoy’s eyes keep him in place, watching, making him feel what the other felt like they were one.

His face is a dark shade of pink, wet and distorted in an ugly disgusted mask. He keeps pulling at the light blond strands of hair, rocking back and forth where he’s kneeling on his bed, the dormitory empty except from him.

No proper words can be understood by Harry, but he doesn’t need them to feel Malfoy’s shame and frustration.

The cause of it all, however, remains unknown when Harry comes back to his own consciousness.

That’s when he realizes he’s not angry.


He takes his glasses of, pinches the bridge of his nose.

And then remembers the last time cold sweat ran down his nape after a vision, a twisted dream that proved to be more real than anything else.

Harry blinks once, twice.

Voldemort is gone, the only one able to connect to Harry’s mind in such intimacy. Yet, there he is, feeling Malfoy’s hatred in his bones, uncontrolled and vulnerable, so much like Voldemort, so different at the same time.

Malfoy may know… but to what extent?

Harry looks up, the castle imposing, stone walls hiding it’s battle scars. He needs to find him, Harry finally decides.


'Are you going to talk to us or just keep pretending there’s nothing going on?’


Hermione’s lips form a tight line, Ron holding a slightly desperate look beside her. Harry knows his friend probably tried to dissuade her from cornering Harry like that but it was no surprise he failed.

Harry looks around, miserably searching for an excuse to avoid explaining himself. The empty corridor, just one floor below their common room, offers no help. Harry sighs, finally looking his friend in the eye.

'I need to talk to Malfoy’ Harry says each word slowly.


'It’s complicated. I promise I’ll explain, but not now’ his eyes keep searching for a way out.

Hermione opens her mouth to speak, but changes her mind before doing so, closing it again. She eyes Ron quickly, who just shrugs, and then sighs in frustration.

'If he’s blackmailing you in any way, I swear-’

'He’s- he’s not. Can I go now?’

Harry can feel his cheeks burning simply because if any of them could use what they know to blackmail the other, it was Harry.

He shakes the thought away.

'I’m going now’

He doesn’t wait for Hermione’s reply before darting past them. She calls for him, but Harry doesn’t look back.

He shouldn’t feel guilty, he repeats in his head again and again, something he’s been trying to convince himself for the past months regarding a lot of things.

Considering Hermione was the one who had dissuaded him from continuously trying to please everyone, he really shouldn’t feel bad about leaving his friends in the middle of the hallway like that.

He searches as he walks. Harry knows where Malfoy was in his vision, which doesn’t mean he’ll stay there forever. Even so, Harry chooses the dormitories as his first destination, pushing away the nervousness threatening to take over his mind.

He could close his eyes again, check one more time. Risk witness more then he had the right to.

No, he needs to speak to him, hear from his mouth an explanation. And then face his own disturbed desires, which would have to, somehow, stay out of his conversation with Ron and Hermione.

He would explain. Later, he thinks, finally reaching the portrait.


The fire burns slowly in one of the thousands of fireplaces in the impromptu common room. With its high ceiling, uncovered tapestry walls still displaying the whitish frozen bricks - something to be expected to happen in one of the highest towers of the castle, the room was clearly not the most appropriate place to house students. However, the installation of the various fireplaces and the carpet permanently bewitched with a heating spell bore a cozy and improvised air so characteristic of Hogwarts it did not take long until the eighth years adopted the room as theirs.

Harry feels his footsteps being muffled as he crosses the portrait, mentally thanking the softness of the carpet that always allowed him to arrive at his dorm without the other students - few, but present - noticing his arrival. Harry climbs the stairs to the boy’s dormitory two at a time, heart pounding in his throat the moment his hand reaches the doorknob.

He thinks for a moment to knock and before he can think better of it, the massive sound of his fist against the wood resounds in the hallway. He feels immediately ridiculous, almost turning on his heels to leave when the door squeaks open and Harry swallows hard.

'You knocked’. It sounds like a question intended to be weighed with mockery but only holding confusion. Malfoy’s gaze is sharp, filled with a coldness that can freeze the blood of any enemy. And yet, Harry holds it, noticing sparks of insecurity cross the mask of rehearsed hatred. Jaw set, his lips a thin line of a pinkish slightly lighter than his skin, his hair the only sign of imbalance.

And Harry suddenly does not know what to say.

The last time he looked into those eyes they were roaming over his body, filled with nothing more than lust.

'I don’t know what you did to me,’

It takes Harry longer than expected to focus on Malfoy’s words, unable to tear his eyes away from his mouth.

'But if i find out you talked about this with someone, anyone, Potter, I swear I’ll-’

'Wait… what?’

Harry interrupts Malfoy abruptly as his words begin to make sense. Not all the sense Harry would expect them to make, though.

'I didn’t do anything,’ he finishes, slowly. The expression on Malfoy’s face changes for a fraction of a second in which Harry can see the surprise he himself feels before it returns to the previous one. In the quiet hallway, Harry can hear Malfoy swallowing. 'You’re lying,’ he replies, his voice sharper than usual. His eyes momentarily lose focus as if the words he had just uttered were an attempt to convince himself that this was the truth instead of accusing Harry of something without feeling.

'Why would I lie?’ Harry feels lost, again as if he had been put on a game without even knowing the rules.

With the exception that Malfoy was in the same situation this time. In front of him, Malfoy remained petrified. The look of hatred he had replaced by one of open confusion. For a moment Harry thinks the boy will turn around and close the door on his face, but all Malfoy does is step back, eyes fixed on a spot above Harry’s head . His breath quickens, eyes moving from side to side looking for something seemingly invisible to anyone’s eyes, and Harry can feel his own heart racing with growing anxiety. He needs to think and Malfoy is not helping, clearly panicking without even explaining his reasons. 

'Malfoy, what do you know?' 

But his words have no effect, the panic already taking over Malfoy who does not seem to notice Harry’s presence anymore. He pulls at his hair, thumbs pressed with a brutal force against his temples as he closes his eyes. Harry takes one step closer unconsciously, an inexplicable need to calm the other down, but Malfoy’s tone makes him stop still too far.

'Do it’

With his eyes closed, Malfoy cannot see Harry’s confusion. The seconds drag on until gray eyes finally meet green and Malfoy steps forward, and then closer. Until he’s at hand’s reach and Harry can almost feel something vibrating in the air between them.

'Close your eyes, Potter’

Harry does so without thinking, and then it’s too late to turn back.

It is nerve-racking to feel the waves of unexplained anger and fear drowning him silently. For the first time, however, anger is not directed at him, as is the fear that can almost take the form of words. Suddenly, Harry witness the darkness behind his eyelids morph slowly into a murk scenario bounded by walls. Stones covered in moss, an impenetrable air, claustrophobic, reinforced by the odor of deterioration. Before Harry can take in his surroundings, the vision is ripped out of his mind and his eyes open in shock to find Malfoy’s again. His hands, Harry realizes suddenly, are leaning on the boy’s shoulders, which is paler than normal. Harry barely has time to remove them before Malfoy steps away again.

'If not you, then who did this?’

At that moment, Draco is the almost perfect copy of Lucius, the air of disgust and superiority perfectly faithful to the original. And Harry almost lets the obnoxious memory guide his attitudes before allowing himself to look into Draco’s eyes once more.

'It wasn’t me

Harry feels the need to reinforce his words, seeking at every passing second the strengh to regain control. He still feels shaken by the intensity of Malfoy’s thoughts and it is hard to think when he doesn’t even understand the extent of the connection between their minds. Malfoy, however, seems willing enough to discuss the source of the problem, the posture of someone about to bargain for something of value masking his impending loss of control. Harry takes a deep breath before continuing, briefly considering his choice of words. 

'Listen, Malfoy. I don’t know what’s happening and you, it seems, don’t either. Maybe it would be better if- ’

No’ he cuts Harry short. Harry lets his fingernails pierce the palms of his hands instead of burying his fists in Malfoy’s face.

'Do you honestly think I want to share all this with someone else? If we had another option- ’

But before Harry can finish his sentece Malfoy is entering his personal space once more, hands clenched into fists trembling by his sides. One of them holds his wand in a grip tighter than necessary. 

'We’re not going to talk to anyone about this’

His tone of voice is brutally rusty, loaded with authority. For the first time Harry feels a real threat, Malfoy’s lack of control signaling to the seriousness of the matter. So there was indeed another issue there on display, one that Harry still didn’t understand. He nods briefly at last. 

Time, Harry decides. He would give time to see how far the situation would go, even if it meant a path with no return.

anonymous asked:

"Your ‘organisation’ would fracture and turn into a blood bath with the torturers killing each other. If you like I can point to historical incidences where this happened in army units that allowed torture." I'm not the anon, but I was wondering if you mention some of the incidents, because I found it interesting.

I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

When I first read about it I found it pretty interesting too, in fact I’m trying to work it into one of my own stories.

I think in this case I’ll go for detail in one case instead of skimming over several. All of this information (for this case) I’ve got from Rejali’s ‘Torture and Democracy’. If you’re interested on more information his book is good, chapter 21 goes into the most detail. The section I’m focusing on repeatedly references M K Huggins ‘Political Policing: The United States and Latin America’. I haven’t read that book. Rejali also references some sources that I think are in Portuguese.

The basic cause, so far as we can tell, is that torture inevitably ends up becoming competitive. One torturer gets the credit for obtaining the ‘crucial’ piece of information or ‘properly’ intimidating the population. Organisations need cooperation to survive. In a police investigation several officers might get credit for finding separate, complimentary pieces of evidence. In a torture-based ‘interrogation’ the one interrogator who ‘breaks’ the prisoner gets all the praise and commendation. This encourages torturers to work against each other rather than together.

In this environment torturers develop what Rejali calls a narrow professionalism. They torture and that’s it. They subvert attempts at supervision from people higher up the chain of command. They teach the new recruits that ‘this is the right way’. They say that the bureaucratic organisation they’re technically part of is preventing them from doing their jobs. They lie and deceive officials. They become, rather literally, laws unto themselves.

Torture also results in loss of skills. It is easier to torture than conduct a proper investigation and collect evidence. Surveillance, forensics, these are hard, time consuming work. And given the choice between something easy and something hard torturers tend to turn to torture again and again, losing key skills or never learning them.

Which brings us to Brazil-

In the 1960s the military junta reorganised the police and security forces. Each had narrowly defined responsibilities, something which meant that it was difficult to get anything done without impinging on another group’s territory.

Under normal circumstances this might have encouraged a healthy competition. It could have results in the intelligence services cultivating multiple sources of information and hence better information going to their superiors.

But torture was rife in these organisations. Their immediate leadership turned a blind eye, played up the successes they had and ignored the way their people were losing skills and becoming increasingly brutal.

There were essentially two factions: the torturers and the ‘disciplinarians’, who promoted the everyday functions of the military. The torturers argued that the rules were getting in the way and stopping them from getting results. The disciplinarians were sure the torturers were destroying the army.

And the disciplinarians were right.

The zero-sum game of torture-interrogations meant different groups within the intelligence forces were conducting armed raids on each other’s prisons to find suspects, extortion and blackmail were rife.

Different parts of the intelligence services were effectively at war with each other.

The military intervened after two cases of officers torturing their own men.

The eventual conclusion?

‘The torturers were going to have to be isolated, marginalised and eliminated, so as to save the Army.’

This is an extreme case. But only because it took so long for someone to step in. It happened and on a smaller scale it happens over and over again when organisations use torture. The effect is visible in police forces when some units torture, it’s been seen in the Israeli, British and American armed forces and documented in the Japanese police (Miyazawa, Policing in Japan 1992 University of New York Press).

Torture fragments organisations. And when those organisations are already armed, brutal and encouraged to be violent they can and do turn violently against former colleagues.

I really hope that helps, again apologies it took such a long time.

The sources once again:

D Rejali Torture and Democracy

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S Miyazawa, Policing in Japan


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"So I made a porno, so what? Everyone is making them these days." (Scriddler because I couldn't help but imagine Ed)

Edward Nygma would and you know it lmao x

“So I made a porno, so what? Everyone is making them these days.”

Edwards’ tone was flooded with embarrassment as he watched his younger self roll around a luxury bed with his two old partners. The small television and its built-in DVD player had been set up for him coming home and the feral grin which graced Jonathans’ face when he answered the door had been enough to set his teeth on edge until the grand reveal.

He could not believe that Jonathan had found his porno.

“So…” Jonathan prompted, his sadistic joy at having found such a precious gem of potential shame had made his day and he was fully looking forward to exploiting it. As soon as he had noticed the blank DVD which was simply marked with the word “Eddie’s” in lurid green marker he had known what it was. 

Understanding that he could not lie his way out of this one, Edward confessed all.

“It was Query and Echos’ idea. It must have been about,” glancing at the screen again, he attempted to discern his age based on his hair style and the clothing which was dotted around the room, “ten years ago and they convinced me that it would be something fun to remember us by when we were separated by Arkham or Blackgate. They both also possess a copy.”

“And that does not concern you?” Jonathan was surprised with the lackadaisical attitude Edward was demonstrating. “They could use it as blackmail material?”

“I would be disappointed if that idea had never occurred to them,” Edward smiled fondly, “but my girls are too loyal to try that. Plus they would not like to get on your bad side and this would be a very concise way of achieving that.”

Pausing the DVD just as a very exposed shot of his ass was present on the screen, Edward rolled his eyes at it and turned to Jonathan again.

“How did you even discover it?”

“Even a genius like yourself, Edward, is still a man at the end of the day.” Jonathan accused as he smirked. “It was in that cardboard box which you have hidden at the bottom of your closet along with a host of other vintage pornography and assorted filth.”

“The wording there implies that, as a man, you also possess a box. Do you?”

“Of course.”

“Can I have a rifle through it? Do you have any questionable DVD’s featuring yourself in there?” Edward teased, smiling as Jonathan twisted his face in denial. “But I suppose in your case it is much more likely to be on a VHS or possibly a film reel?”

“Was that a dig at my age? This is your crucifixion, not mine, so as the kids would say, ‘take your lumps’, Edward.” 

Unpausing the movie, Jonathan scolded him lightly.

“We could make our own,” knowing how Jonathans’ mind worked, Edward quickly settled on seduction as being his method of escaping this embarrassment, “you, me and a HD camera set up on a tripod. Hell, i’ll even steal or build one of those IMAX cameras if it takes your fancy.”

Splitting his gaze between the thrusting Edward on the screen and the flustered Edward to his side, Jonathan shook his head as he grinned.

“We both know that I do not show up on film, Edward. You will not escape this.”

Crossing his arms petulantly, Edward faked a scowl as Jonathan started to laugh and the deep-bellied nature of it was so genuine that Edward supposed he could maybe allow him this one thing.